15 Images That Weren’t Meant To Be Creepy

Everything can change in less than a second. Everything you think you know, the way you live, and the people you surround yourself with can all disappear in a matter of seconds. We spend moment after moment planning our future, figuring out things we don’t know, and trying to be as prepared as possible. It all seems necessary to continue to have a good quality of life. In reality, none of that could matter depending on what we might run into in the future. Everyone has a moment in his or her past that changed everything going forward. Big or small, we all have certain things in our lives that we can look back on and remember as moments that changed what we thought we knew. Sometimes these are good things; other times, bad.

One of the best ways to remember past moments in our lives is by taking photographs. It’s a way to have a moment to keep forever, physically or digitally. Either way, having a picture to look at to remind ourselves of one specific moment is a way to help that memory live on forever. However, not all photographs end up being good memories. Sometimes, something that wasn’t meant to be scary in the first place might end up giving you chills.

Do you have a photograph from a happy moment at the time but now frightens you? Which is the most shocking on the list? Here are 15 Haunting Images That Weren’t Meant To Be Scary But Will Give You Chills:


15 A Final Facebook Post From A Murderous Husband

The happy couple above is retired war veteran Robert Giblin, 43, and his pregnant wife, 33-year-old Precious Charbonneau. The photograph of the lovebirds was posted Sunday morning; later that day, Robert stabbed his pregnant wife and threw her and himself off of the balcony of their high-rise apartment. It's unclear for sure exactly what happened, but many would assume that after serving time in the military, Robert suffered PTSD that caused him to attack his wife in a tragic murder-suicide. Precious was around 9 weeks pregnant at the time, and the couple was only recently wed. It's still unclear whether Precious threw herself off the balcony in a panicked attempt to flee the stabbing from Robert or if he wound up throwing both off the balcony. Either way, it's a horribly tragic accident. The photograph shows the couple looking happy and romantic, but moments later, both would fall to their deaths.

14 Someone's Watching Them Party


The picture above was taken of a group of friends who decided to enjoy some celebratory drinks after watching their favorite sports game. Like most youth who enjoy parties, they decided to snap a couple of pictures to remember their joyous night. It wasn’t until later, when they began reviewing the photographs, that they realized someone might have been watching them! In the top of the photograph, you can make out what looks to be a figure of someone staring down at them. It doesn’t seem all that creepy; if you heard a party going on outside your house, you’d probably peek out the window, right? What makes this so horrifying is that they were partying next to an abandoned building! They chose this spot so that they wouldn’t disturb any neighbors with their wild celebrations, but it turns out they still ended up disturbing someone.

13 Final Snapchat With The Girl's Murderer In The Distance

The photograph above is of Abigail Williams, 13, who decided to go on a hike with her friend Liberty “Libby” German, 14, on a historic trail during a day off from school. They were dropped off by one of their parents and were later reported missing when they didn’t return for pickup. During their time walking, Libby posted the photograph above to her Snapchat story. This was the last photograph taken of her. Their bodies were found near a stream with foul play suspected in their deaths, leading authorities to declare it a double homicide. Before being murdered, one of the girls had the smart idea to record the man who likely killed them, a middle-aged man wearing a hood. What’s chilling about this photograph is it looks as though you can possibly see the man following the young girls from a distance. Unfortunately, the photographs weren’t enough to capture the man so their murderer is still on the loose.

12 A Picture Of Shoes Turns Into A Picture Of A Ghost


The pair of legs in the picture above belongs to an anonymous user who decided to snap a picture of her shoes while waiting around bored in an empty classroom one day. What she ended up capturing was much more terrifying than her out-of-style shoes. Through the glass window, you can see what looks like a terrifying head poking out through the blinds! The woman who posted the picture took several photos in a row, and the girl's face doesn't appear in any other photographs that she took, making this picture all the more terrifying! She claims that the school was empty at the time she took the photograph, meaning that it wasn’t just a student passing through the halls. The color of the girl's face and the expression are also horrifying. It definitely looks like something paranormal and not just a student wandering the hallways!

11 A Hooded Figure Watches From The Window

This picture was taken at a historic building that Catholic priests used to use as a means to escape religious persecution at a time when it wasn’t OK to be Catholic. The photographer snapped the picture as a way to remember the historic site that they were visiting that day. What they ended up capturing was a terrifying hooded figure posted up in the window! It doesn’t seem very clear what the figure might be, but they stated there was nothing there, at least that they noticed, at the time when they originally took the photograph. Whatever it is, it doesn't look friendly! Nothing with a hood would look very good peeking out through the house. Some spooky stuff might’ve happened behind the four walls of the seminary, so who can say for certain whether or not this is evidence that the place is haunted or just someone trying to get attention from a viral photo.

10 Two Lovers Who Survived Katrina Together Couldn't Survive Real Life


The two people on the left in the photograph above are Zackary Bowen and Addie Hall, two lovers who decided to stick out Hurricane Katrina together instead of evacuating like they had been advised to do. Many lives were taken in the hurricane with many more homes destroyed, but Zackary and Addie avoided both. They made it through the storms together, often being featured in various news articles for their decision to stick it out. What they couldn’t survive was life post-hurricane. Maybe it was going back to reality instead of drinking boredom away during the storm, or maybe it was an accident waiting to happen, but several weeks after the storm, Zackary took both his life and Addie’s. He strangled Addie and then dismembered her body, cooking some parts to get rid of the evidence. The guilt ate him away, and he eventually threw himself off of the balcony. If the two in the photograph knew what was ahead of them, would they still have stuck out the storm together?

9 A Final Photo Before She Slipped And Fell

The photograph above was taken by Colleen Burns, an inspiring woman who enjoyed exploring and living a full life. She decided to take a trip with a group of friends to the Grand Canyon where they spent the day Instagramming pictures of each other and the beautiful sites that the canyon has to offer. At one point, Colleen stepped off of the trail for only a moment to let another hiker walk by. After tripping over her own feet and losing her balance, Collen slipped off the edge, falling over four hundred feet to her death. Her friends, as well as the man who had asked her to move in the first place, had to watch this happen. One moment, Colleen was sitting pretty on the edge of a cliff gazing at a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, she didn’t know at the time that this would be her last moment. It’s a tragic reminder of how quickly things can change.


8 Someone Extra Who Wasn't There In Real Life


It’s hard to see what exactly is going on in the picture above, but it was an attempt to capture two girls who were going door to door to sing various songs to residents who were interested. The father of the two girls snapped some pictures to remember the kind moment between the sisters. However, he ended up capturing something much more frightening. Standing in front of the two girls, you can see a third person much shorter than them. The father stated that at the time, there was no one else around when he snapped the pic. You can clearly see, however, that there's indeed someone else around. It’s hard to tell if it’s a child or a little person, but a third being is certainly there with the girls. Perhaps something they were singing awakened a spirit that followed them? Or maybe it’s just another elaborate hoax to get some internet attention. What do you believe?

7 Something Sinister Caught On Snapchat

Snapchat is a wonderful way to share quick moments with your friends through an easy-to-use social media app. Just like taking regular pictures, Snapchat users can record moments and memories in a quick and easy way. The girl above decided to just capture a quick mirror selfie to show off herself and her outfit, but she accidentally captured a second party who she didn’t realize was watching her! If you look closely at the window, it looks as though someone is peering in! They look rather ghastly and have a transparent appearance, hinting it may be something paranormal. There’s also a chance that it’s just the lighting making them look so ghoulish and that it could very well be a dangerous peeping tom. Either way, it’s something this Snapchat user was NOT expecting to catch! Luckily, her friends could point out that she may not be as alone as she thinks she is!

6 A Ghost Photobombs This Pop Star's Post


Melo Lv is a Canadian pop star with roughly 60,000 Instagram followers. It was these followers who found something frightening after she posted a video to her account while enjoying a warm poolside one summer day. They quickly realized that someone might be staring back at her from the side of the pool! The figure only pops in for a moment, but the still above shows the exact second that a ghoulish-looking ghost totally photo bombed Melo’s video! She states she had no idea that the ghost had popped into her video when she posted it to her account and thanked her viewers for pointing it out! It happened so fast, it’s a wonder anyone was able to see it! She stated also that she definitely believes in ghosts or spirits and that since she hadn’t noticed anyone lurking in the bushes around the pool, she assumes that it was likely some sort of spirit following her!

5 Beautiful Vacation Photo Seconds Before A Deadly Tsunami

The photograph above was taken by John and Jackie Knill, a loving couple who often traveled to Thailand, a vacation spot they dearly loved. One afternoon, they decided to stroll the beach, snapping several pictures including the one above. It looks like a scenic view, blue skies, and even bluer water. What they didn’t see in the picture, however, was a looming tsunami that would take the lives of over 170,000 people, including their own. After the deadly tsunami settled, one man found the memory card from a camera, which included the images the late Knills had taken on their vacation. Determined, he was able to track down the family of John and Jackie, giving them some final closure from such a tragic natural event. What was meant to be another gorgeous vacation equipped with scenic photographs turned out to be an absolute tragedy. Luckily, their family will be able to remember their beautiful lives through these photographs.

4 A Man Enjoys Vacation While His Daughter Is Held Captive In His Basement


The Fritzl case has to be one of the most tragic captivity horror stories in history. It began in 1977 when Josef Fritzl began molesting his 11-year-old daughter. After years of abuse, Elisabeth eventually tried to flee from her family. When she was 18 years old, her father lured her into the basement, locking her in a dungeon in order to keep control over what he claimed was a wild girl. For the next 24 years, he sexually abused Elisabeth roughly every three days, fathering seven children with her, one of which died from complications after not properly receiving medical care.

The entire time, his wife lived upstairs with him without any idea that her own daughter was locked in the basement, believing that she had run away to join a cult and that he spent hours in the basement working on sketches. The photograph above was one taken by his wife while on vacation. It looks like a happy old man enjoying a trip when, in reality, he was a disgusting evil human with innocent people being held captive in his basement.

3 The Last Picture Before This Innocent Boy Went Missing

Terri Horman took the photograph above of her stepson Kyron Horman during his science fair before regular school started. This was the last time Kyron was ever seen since 2010. When he didn’t show up when his father went to pick him up at the bus stop after school, he was reported as a missing person. Kyron’s stepmother claimed that she had seen him walking to his first class before running errands, which included driving the car for several hours while she tried to get her toddler to fall asleep. It was later revealed by the Horman’s landscaper that she had offered him a massive amount of money to kill both Kyron and his father. There was never enough evidence to prove this claim, so Terri is out free, and Kyron is still missing. It’s likely that she had an involvement in his death, however, seeing as how she was the last person to see him and also had intentions to kill him before his disappearance.

2 A Journey They'd Never Return From 


The Dyatlov Pass incident has to be one of the most chilling mysteries to occur in the past few decades, happening in 1959. About nine hikers decided to go on a ski trip, all of whom you can see looking excited above. They began their journey and eventually found a spot to set up camp for the night. At some point in the middle of the night, something caused them to rip their way out of their tents and flee the site, all while wearing only their pajamas. This caused six of them to die from hypothermia, while the other three died from unknown trauma. The tongue was also ripped out of one of the female victims' mouth. It is still unknown to this day what on earth could've possibly caused such a tragic event. Some claim it was government testing that caused them to flee; others believe supernatural forces. What do you believe?

1 Practice Landing Went Smooth, But The Real Mission Was Deadly

Apollo One was an exciting expedition by NASA to be the first lunar landing. From the photograph above, you can see that these men were very excited and hopeful about the mission. The picture above was taken from their testing mission in which they landed smoothly in a pool of water. The three men in the space suits are the ones who were supposed to go on a mission. Unfortunately, during a test launch, a fire broke out in the cabin, killing all three men. It’s such a tragedy whenever people lose their lives on the job, but during a time when history was to be made, it’s all the more heartbreaking knowing what could've been. These men gave their lives for curiosity, for the hope that something greater awaited them in space. They didn’t even make it to the actual mission before burning alive in the cabin that was built to keep them safe.


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