15 Images So Haunting You’ll Wish They Were Photoshopped

Ever since we’ve been able to snap a photograph, we’ve been able to manipulate it to look like something different. It used to be much harder than it is today. You’d have had to take multiple photographs, layer the film, and hope that your effect would actually look like what you wanted it to. Today, we have apps on our phones that can shop any image we want in a matter of seconds. This makes it extremely difficult to try and figure out what images we may be seeing that are real and what images may be total fakes.

Sometimes, it’s pretty easy to tell. Not everyone who photoshop images are true artists, so we wind up with obvious fakes that people somehow still believe are potentially real horrifying images. Even if you have no experience in faking images yourself, you probably often find yourself assuming that a scary image is fake at first. We have the technology available that allows us to determine whether or not a photograph had been doctored. Sometimes, even the fakest of pictures can still potentially pass the test. There’s always uncertainty with this technology as well. Some pictures are left only for the naked eye to determine if we want to believe whether or not the image is real.

These next 15 photographs are so horrifying that you’ll find yourself wanting to believe that they are indeed fakes and not actual evidence of something more sinister. Here are 15 Images So Haunting You’ll Wish They Were Photoshopped:

15 An Uninvited Guest

This photograph is the product of any other typical party you’ve probably been to in your life. You have the basic couple in the front that wants to show off their romance, a bunch of people holding up their alcohol to display what party-animal lifestyle they have, and a bunch of other drunk people simply enjoying their party. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary until you look all the way to the right of the photograph. Out of nowhere, you suddenly realize that this gray-faced, white-eyed man does not belong to this party! The man was only discovered after the photograph was taken and when shown to the guests of the party, no one has any idea who it might be! Could it be a party crasher who got a little too sick but still wanted to pose for the pic? Was it another friend trying to play a prank? Or is it real evidence that they had an unwanted guest from another world?

14 Lurking In The Shadows

This photograph is a cropped picture posted by a popular news anchor who claimed to have captured an unwanted guest in her home! She states she was recording her friend playing guitar when she later discovered that this creature had popped out of nowhere around the corner. Finding a picture like this later is absolutely terrifying! By the time you realize you might have an unwanted guest in your home, it might be too late! Especially if the guest is one who looks terrifying like this! It isn't wearing any clothes, has a sickly gray color to it, and is staring very creepily right at the camera. Clearly, this isn’t any normal case of a home invasion! What is it with terrifying creepy people popping up uninvited in pictures?! What would you do if you were scrolling through your pics one day only to realize you might have captured something more sinister? What do you think this creature wants, and why did it show itself for this particular picture? Is it real or just a shopped image made by someone trying to get some attention?

13 An Extra Hand

This photograph doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary until you start counting limbs and hands. If you look closely at the rightmost boy, it seems as though there’s an extra hand with the thumb pointing out behind the boy. All of the people in this picture claim they have no idea who the hand belongs to and that only those four boys plus the photographer were around at the time! You can’t see the other hands of the boys in the gray and white t-shirts, but for it to be their hand, they’d have to be some talented contortionists with extra-long arms. Perhaps the boys staged the photograph for attention and really had another person hiding behind them, or one of them doctored the photo later on. The hand doesn’t appear as terrifying as the other unwanted guests on the list, but it still gives us the creeps to think about.

12 Who's In The Window?

The photograph above looks like any other normal picture of a man standing in front of a house. The house is run down and the man looks fairly well dressed, so we can assume it isn’t actually his house. The reason why he took the picture there is unknown, but it’s surely a photo we’ll never forget. Everything in the photograph looks normal with the exception of something a bit more sinister in the window behind him. If you look closely, you can make out what looks to be someone standing in the window! The house looks rundown and abandoned, so the thought of someone living inside is absolutely terrifying! Perhaps it’s just the product of some shape in the window created by curtains or other wall pieces. However, there’s no denying that it certainly looks like someone is standing there staring back. What do you think? A trick of the eye, Photoshop, or evidence of something more paranormal?

11 Not A Ghost

The photograph above looks like a night-vision camera that captured some horrifying paranormal activity. The picture is indeed horrifying, but it is certainly not paranormal. The image is a still taken from Joe Cumming’s security camera he had set up in his kitchen. After he noticed food going missing and things being moved around, he decided to set up the camera to figure out what was happening. Much to his horror, he captured a woman crawl out of his cupboards, pee in his sink, and eat his food. Everyone knows rent in NYC is pretty high, so this woman thought she had the perfect solution by just living in someone else’s apartment, making sure to hide from the actual man paying the bills. Luckily, she was nonviolent, and the man wasn’t harmed. Photographs like this remind us that terrifying scenarios like these are possible for anybody who has extra storage space in their home they may not be using.

10 What's Wrapped In The Mat?

Everybody remembers the gym class mats and having to roll them back up once the class was over. Unfortunately for the students at Lowndes County High School, these mats were used to hide a dead body. When the body of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was first discovered, it was determined that he had suffocated after crawling inside the rolled up mat to retrieve a sneaker. His family was unhappy with the declared cause of death and launched their own investigation. It was then discovered that he had suffered a blunt force to his neck. After a long investigation claiming conspiracies to cover up the brutal homicide of Kendrick, it’s still an open case to this day, with most believing it was still an accident. The trauma found on his neck was not enough to be the cause of death. Unfortunately, this seems to be just the tragic result of an accident. Kendrick's tragic case is a reminder that asphyxiation is a common cause of death in situations you wouldn't think possible. He had simply been reaching in the rolled up mat to grab shoes he had hidden during gym class, found himself stuck inside, and due to the probable panic in his breathing, suffocated.

9 Something Lurking Outside

This picture was taken by a man who was enjoying his stay with a friend in a cabin. He wanted to capture the beauty of the cabin in a panoramic photo, but in reality, he captured something much more sinister. If you look out the sliding doors on the left, you can make out a small creature just outside. It’s hard to tell exactly what it is, but it's certainly terrifying nonetheless. It doesn’t look large enough to be a human but also doesn’t look small enough to be some sort of animal. Everyone knows that if you get a cabin in the woods, you have to expect some freaky stuff like this to happen. However, the photographer was not expecting this to occur! The figure was luckily only discovered later, or else those boys would've surely bolted out of the cabin. Whatever it may be in the picture, we’re hoping it’s Photoshop!

8 A Man Staring At The Hand And Foot Of His Daughter

When most of us don’t perform our best at work, we get simple punishments to remind us to try harder next time. Usually, this consists of a strongly worded email, a write-up, or at the worst, unpaid time-off. For this man who worked for a rubber company in Congo, he got the worst punishment possible. After failing to meet his daily rubber quota, his wife and daughter were murdered and then cannibalized, the only remaining parts being the hand and foot of his daughter, which he stares at above. There’s no denying that that is actually her hand and foot and not just the product of Photoshop. A horrifying photograph like this is a reminder of the terrible conditions in certain countries and how lucky we are to have our conditions in our country, though they’re still not ideal. It also serves as a haunting reminder of how vicious some leaders can really be.

7  A Face In The Background

This photograph was a selfie taken by a mother who wanted to snap a picture of her and her child. It looks pretty normal like any other photograph that pops up often on your Facebook or other social media feed. However, there’s something a bit more sinister about this particular photograph. If you look to the left of the mother, you can see a sinister face staring back! The face looks like it belongs to a bald man with white eyes, and there's no indication of who it might be or where his body is! The woman claims she didn’t see the face, too, and confirmed it was not the father, a relative, or anybody else she knew. Hopefully, for the sake of the mother and the baby, this was nothing more than a Photoshop edit to gain some attention! If not, who knows what kind of horrifying things happen in their home!

6 The Real-Life "Conjuring"

The Conjuring was a 2013 horror movie that gained popularity for the fact that it was “based on a true story.” The movie followed a couple that investigated paranormal activity. The movie was so popular that a sequel was made and revolved around a family that was yet again terrorized by ghosts in their home. The photograph above is allegedly from the real case that the second horror movie was based on! If you haven’t seen the film or don’t remember what happened, there’s a scene in which the young girls are in their room and are being lifted and thrown by a ghost. The photograph above allegedly captures the real-life instance that was happening. It doesn’t appear to Photoshopped, but like all paranormal cases, it’s hard to determine if the young girl is faking or not. What do you think? Real or fake?

5 A Monster Enjoying A Swim

This photograph shows a woman seeming to be enjoying her time in the swamps. If you’ve been in a swampy area, you know that alligators and crocodiles are certainly a dangerous threat that can affect anyone who decides to get near. For this swamp woman, that was no exception. To her left, our right, below the surface of the water, you can see a dinosaur-like beast lurking around. When investigating the photograph, there’s no evidence that the woman was harmed, and there’s a chance that the alligator just swam away without her ever even noticing just how close she actually was to it. There’s also the chance that nothing was ever there at all and that someone added in the image of the alligator as a joke. Why someone would do that is unknown, but it’s hard to determine if this is a horrifying picture or a horrifying fake picture.

4 Someone Wandering The Dark Halls

Most everyone’s taken a selfie, but not everyone has had something as horrifying as this girl pop up in the background! The origin of this photograph and the reality of what lurks in it are unknown, but either way, it’s pretty terrifying. Was she simply taking the picture for herself, or was it a planned prank to try and get attention? Is the girl behind her lurking in the dark someone she knows, maybe a sister or a friend trying to get a good scare? Or is this photograph actual evidence of a really terrifying ghost haunting this poor girl? We may never know, but regardless of what the truth is, this photograph is absolutely terrifying. Taking pictures of the dark is always scary because you never know what might show up. Next time you go to take a selfie, try to make sure the background is well lit so as to not capture anything you aren't hoping to.

3 An Unexpected Face Behind Him

The photograph above looks to have captured a happy family about to chow down on a tasty meal. Before they dig in, the photographer decided to snap a pic of the little boy trying to look tough and strong for the camera. What the photographer additionally captured, however, was a terrifying demon face lurking right behind the boy. It takes a bit to find the terrifying image in the photograph, but when you do, there’s an instant feeling of fear that overcomes you. Out of all the photographs on this list, this face is probably the scariest of all the faces that have popped up in the background. Unfortunately, it also happens to look the fakest. If this is really a scary demon face captured on camera, then we’ll certainly believe that the rest of these pictures on the list are real as well. We certainly still have our doubts, however. What do you think?

2 The Hands Don't Add Up

This photograph is similar to the one of four boys, as when you start counting the hands, you start realizing something is certainly off. It’s supposed to be just another innocent family photograph with all the members lined up. The scariest part? The little girl on the left has an extra arm around her! It appears to be a child’s hand, but the hands of the other child in the photograph are all accounted for. The child who is subjected to the ghost hand also has one of her limbs hidden, but like the other photograph, she’d have to be a serious contortionist for it to look that way. It’s less likely that this family would shop their photograph for attention like the boys above, but of course, it's not out of question. What do you think? Ghost hand or just another shopped picture?

1 Something's Wrong With This Reflection

Like we’ve already discussed on this list, taking selfies can get a bit creepy every once in a while. That is certainly the case for this image above after a couple attempted to take a cute picture of themselves while waiting for the train. If you look at the woman, you can see that her own reflection is staring right back at the two of them. If this was a photoshopped image, whoever the artist might be is surely a talented one. It looks extremely real and doesn’t hint much that it might be fake. Some suggest that perhaps because of the shutter speed, it captured the woman as she was turning around after looking at her reflection. But she would've had to have turned around faster than the blink of an eye if that was the case. In both photographs, she also looks composed --no hint that she had just turned her head incredibly quickly. What do you think? Shop or not?

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