15 Images Of Intruders Caught On Camera

Our homes are our castles. We deserve to have a place to call our own and feel comfortable in. If you can’t feel safe in your own bed, where can you feel safe? Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have the comfort of knowing no one will break into our home. People have taken to using security cameras in order to ensure that if someone does manage to break into their home, he or she won’t get away with it. That certainly helps some people not have to feel scared about who might break into their homes at night, but as technology advances to protect us against criminals, the thieves and robbers advance their techniques for breaking in as well.

Sometimes, the quality of the camera isn’t the greatest either, giving us only a blurry picture of a potential suspect. They often are taken at night, too, making it all the more difficult to identify who it is who's breaking and entering. Having a security camera in your home does make a difference when it comes to solving crimes and getting your things back, however. It’s always unsettling to see the burglar on the camera after the break-in occurs. Sometimes, the criminal doesn’t take anything, and there would be no way to know that someone broke in other than checking the security camera. Luckily, this technology has made things much easier for many homeowners and gives us something to look at and learn from.

Whether they were watching the homeowners sleep or just peeking on the outside to see if there’s a way in, here are 15 Disturbing Images Of Intruders Caught On Camera:

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15 Walking Around While Someone Sleeps On The Couch

The above still was taken in a Florida home. It belonged to a husband and wife whose grandchildren were staying at their home. You can see the two kids, a thirteen-year-old and a ten-year-old, sleeping on the couches. It looks like there’s only one suspect, but you can actually see on the video another man standing outside reach for his gun through the door, signaling that it’s time to go. The two kids never wake up, and the burglars got away with a purse and a cell phone. Knowing that they were both armed and just feet away from the innocent sleepers is absolutely terrifying. What would've happened had one of them woken up? The family was horrified to see the burglars on the camera, and though they haven’t been caught yet, their footage is crucial in the investigation. The couple says they're now armed and prepared if anyone comes back.

14 Multiple Burglars In One Home

The security footage shown above was taken in a home in Fremont, California. It was taken in a pretty affluent part of the neighborhood where homes averaged over a million dollars apiece. One homeowner was notified on his phone when the five armed burglars popped up on his security footage; however, they managed to escape before police got there. They showed up around 9 p.m., which isn’t very late at all for a home robbery. This makes many feel as though they weren’t afraid to use the weapons they were all carrying. They also are the suspects in another home invasion in which an entire family was held at gunpoint when their home was robbed. Having a gun held to you is never a good feeling but having it happen in your own home is absolutely terrifying! Hopefully, these five men are caught soon before they use their weapons on someone innocent.

13 Don't Wake Up

The above still, taken from a police-installed security camera, shows an elderly woman, Margaret, peacefully sleeping in her chair. She had the police install the camera after being robbed five times in one year, seemingly by the same man! She slept through while he walked through the house but eventually woke up before he left. She was able to chase him out with her cane, and police arrived in time to capture him. It’s absolutely chilling knowing that she had slept with him looking at her and watching her sleep! It’s also terrifying to know that she had gone through five robberies before this, all from him! She wasn’t even a wealthy woman, but apparently, he saw her as an easy target. Thankfully, he’s in prison now, serving a semi-short term of four years. Margaret also ended up being rewarded for her bravery and can sleep safely in her chair now knowing that he’s behind bars.

12 Running Through With Knives

The terrifying image above shows two burglars who broke into a home in the middle of the day. They crept in through a sliding glass door after they rang the doorbell and no one answered. They grabbed knives from the kitchen and began lurking through the home, searching for goods to take. They eventually ran into three people in an upstairs bedroom in which the residents were able to hide in a bathroom. The burglars eventually gave up and fled but were soon caught after. It was then discovered, once they were in custody, that they had a shocking accomplice -- the son of the homeowners! He set up this San Jose break in with two of his schoolmates. Luckily, the burglary went wrong, and nothing was lost nor anyone hurt. What kind of child does that to his family? How could any of them think it’s a good idea to attack the people who are closest to them?

11 He Found The iPad!

How infuriating is it to look at a camera and see someone stealing your things? Unfortunately, that was the case for one family after they reviewed their security footage the day after being robbed to capture a glimpse of the criminal. The night before, when the burglary was happening, the couple was awoken in the middle of the night when the suspect entered their bedroom looking for more goodies. The family actually had a gun and pulled it on the man who ended up fleeing. Unfortunately, they never caught the suspect although they got a pretty good view of him. Thankfully, he probably won’t be back at that same house since he now knows they have a gun. He was able to enter through an unlocked back door. Although the security camera and gun helped out this couple, if you don’t have that, remember to at least lock your back door at night!

10 Busted On The Baby Monitor

It’s a bit hard to see the image above, but if you can’t tell, it shows a man standing in front of a baby’s crib and looking directly into the camera. The mother of the child had a nanny cam installed in order to keep track of her baby and make sure it was okay at all times. The camera definitely worked one night when she got a text alert on her phone from the monitor stating that motion had been detected. She saw the horrifying image of the intruder and immediately called the police. Thankfully, he left after spotting the camera and didn’t cause anyone harm. If there hadn’t been a camera, what might have he done to the innocent mother and her child? He still hasn’t been caught, but knowing there are cameras in this home, hopefully, he’ll never be back. The way his eyes look in the camera is absolutely horrifying.

9 Breaking In In The Middle Of The Day!

The image above was yet another one taken from a security camera notification sent to the homeowner’s phone. The image was taken just moments after a nanny and the child left to go to the park. Because of this, authorities stated that he had probably been watching the family for some time. Luckily, no one was hurt and nothing of significance was noted to have been taken. It’s crazy that this man decided to break into this home in the middle of the day. He had to have known that the home had cameras if he had been keeping an eye on the place. Perhaps, he was looking for something other than just some goodies to sell. If nothing had been taken, why break-in in the first place? Maybe he hadn’t been watching carefully enough, and it was actually the nanny he was looking for.

8 That Moment When You Spot The Security Camera

The shocked man in the image above is a Wimbledon resident known as the area’s cat burglar. He’s robbed an estimated of 400 times, sometimes robbing the same house a few times each. He’s gotten away with it for so long because most people didn’t even know they were the victims of robberies. He’ll usually make his way inside a house and only take a thing or two, most of it being cash. He won’t take all the cash either so as to not make it obvious that anything was taken at all. For several years, nannies, maids, and kids had been blamed for his small theft. Since the homes weren’t broken into and only a few bills were missing from wallets, most blamed someone who already had access to the home. However, several residents installed cameras, and after comparing footage, they all found that they were being robbed by the same unidentified man!

7 A Man Wearing A Reagan Mask

Danielle Yancey is a cast member of some other reality show called Jersey Belle. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry; most didn’t either until the story broke of the strange intruder outside her house. The image above taken from her security camera shows a naked man wearing nothing other than a Reagan mask and a sock to cover his dirty bits. The man didn’t do anything other than run around her yard and was seemingly unarmed. She was still terrified enough to call the police, who still have yet to find out who the man is. Some think it was just a prank to mock the reality star, while others believe it to be a crazed man on the hunt for a victim. No matter what it is, it’s chilling to see someone like that running around outside. It seems a bit funny since he's naked and wearing a ridiculous mask, but it's spooky nonetheless.

6 Wearing A Raincoat... When It's Not Raining

The picture above was taken from someone’s security camera that was placed outside the homeowner’s front door. You know who wears raincoats when it’s not raining? Serial killers! He left once he spotted the camera and ended up never making it inside. Why was he looking around the house? What was it he was looking for? There were children in the home, so imagining what might've happened had the camera not been there is absolutely terrifying. The way he looks in the camera is demonic as well. The night vision on cameras always makes people look pretty terrifying, but there’s just something extra chilling about this photograph. The camera on the outside might've saved this family’s life. Having your possessions taken is horrifying, but it’s thinking of what a sadistic psycho might do to you that can really make things scary. Hopefully, this man went home and decided to never rob anyone’s house again…

5 Watching Them Sleep On The Couch From Above

The photograph above was taken inside a Chicago man’s home. Earlier that night, he and his girlfriend had a quiet dinner, did some laundry together, and eventually fell asleep on the couch. That sounds like a normal night for the most part. The next morning, however, his girlfriend realized her purse was gone. He insisted that she had left it at the restaurant they went to for dinner, but she knew she hadn’t. In order to prove her wrong, he pulled up the security camera from the night before but was, unfortunately, the one who was wrong. He watched until he saw the burglar you can see in the image above at the top of the stairs. The burglar stared at the sleeping couple for more than ten minutes until he decided to make off with the girlfriend’s purse. What might've happened if they had woken up? It’s horrifying to think that he was watching them for so long.

4 What Does That Clown Need That Knife For?

The image above was taken from the security cameras of a Texas man’s home. He randomly decided to check his security footage, only to find that, at one point, a clown holding a knife had decided to try and break into his house! The clown had gone to the front and back door and all the windows to check if any were open. Luckily, the house was all locked up, so the clown fled. The footage was caught on camera, however, and will always be a reminder to the resident what terrifying thing could've happened to him. Some have criticized the video, however, and stated that it was a hoax by the man for attention. They state that since the clown left because the doors were locked, there’s no way he was a legit burglar. There are plenty of criminals who are just looking for an unlocked door, however, so make sure yours isn’t that door.

3 Greeting From The Front Door Camera

The image above was posted to Reddit by a man who had alerts sent to his phone if anyone approached his front door. He stated that he wasn’t home at the time he got the notification of the creepy face above! He was out with friends when his phone buzzed to let him know that someone had rung his doorbell and was standing outside his front door. He has no idea who the man is and has never seen him again. His house was empty, and nothing was taken, but he’ll always have this chilling image of the smiling man to remind him that someone creepy was on his front porch at one point. What could the man have wanted? He obviously knows the camera is there since he’s looking right into it. Was it a prank by a friend or a seriously scary psycho looking for his next victim?

2 Carrying A Knife In His Mouth

The image above was taken from a camera that had been intended to be a nanny cam. What the owners didn’t suspect is that their nanny cam would actually capture a knife-wielding man who broke into their home! The suspect was caught on camera crawling around on his hands and knees holding a knife in his mouth for forty minutes! He eventually made his way into a room where the family was sleeping. He tried to grab one of their phones, which woke the father up. He was able to chase the burglar away despite him being armed. Luckily, the suspect was a coward and fled instead of using his knife! It’s terrifying to know how often things like this are happening. This particular image was taken from Queens, New York. The burglar in the picture has still not been identified, meaning he could be breaking into more people’s homes at any moment.

1 Watching The Baby Sleep

When a man noticed his empty laptop bag was missing, he decided to check some nanny cams he had set up just to ensure no one had broken in. He had probably just misplaced it at some point, right? To his horror, he ended up discovering that someone had indeed taken the bag, probably expecting a laptop to be inside of it. During the burglary, the criminal also made his way into the baby’s room where he found a sleeping toddler in the crib. He ended up staring at the toddler for minutes without moving! He just stared at him sleep! The family was absolutely horrified but was thankful that their baby hadn’t been hurt. Imagine what might've happened if the baby had woken up. The burglar left and made his way to the neighbor’s house, where no one was harmed again. The man is still out there, and who knows whose babies he might be staring at!

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