15 Hunters That Got In Way Over Their Head

Hunting is a bit of a controversial topic for some people in this country. There are a lot of people who don’t like the idea of killing animals when they don’t have too. A lot of those people will eat a $1 cheeseburger at 2 AM without thinking twice. Hunting allows people to truly understand the gravity of taking an animal’s life. Sure, it’s a sport and pastime for some, but anyone who eats meat shouldn’t feel as though they have the moral high-ground to criticize someone for killing an animal, even if that hunter isn’t hunting for food. Hunting is actually necessary in a lot of places. Population control is important. Some species would be allowed to run rampant if we didn’t keep them in check.

With that being said, hunters are not always as prepared as they should be. Hunting is as much of a getaway as anything, and while some people take it very seriously, others use it as an excuse to get away. A hunting trip, a fishing trip, and a golf trip are the stereotypical getaways for married men in this country. Because of this, a lot of hunters can often get into a situation they don't expect to be in. The wilderness is a peaceful place, but it’s not without its dangers. Here are 15 hunters who encountered situations that they were not prepared for.

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15 Prioritize Safety

via Optics Den

A young boy was hunting with his brother and his cousin one afternoon. He was paired up with his brother, and the two of them hunted until darkness started to settle in. The boy was young, so the group started to head out of the woods and go back to their trucks. They were almost to the clearing when a single shot was fired. His brother dropped, and it turned out that he had been hit by the bullet. The boy's cousin had fallen while he was trying to cross a fallen tree, and his gun had gone off and deflected against a tree. The boy's brother spent over 40 days in the hospital, as the bullet had pierced a lung and entered his spine. Unfortunately, the boy's brother was paralyzed, but is said to still enjoy bow hunting every season. Wherever you are, whoever your company is, never ever assume that danger isn't lurking around. It's always better to be safe than sorry in the end.

14 Get A Truck


One of the hunting essentials is something to transport your kill home with you. For most people, this means a pickup truck or at the very least, a car big enough to carry your kill. Sometimes, though, as witnessed above, a hunter can bite off more than his car can chew. This hunter was fortunate, but it appears he didn't consider the fact that he'd have to transport it home. There are other pictures out there of people fitting their kills into the trunks of their cars, and even bringing a camper to keep their kills in, but strapping it to the roof of your tiny car is bananas. So much could go wrong here, and these people look as goofy as two hunters possibly could after a successful day.

13 Beer Hunter

via Funny Photo

This photo perfectly encapsulates the average Joe's hunting experience. To quote Uncle Jimbo from South Park, "Hunting sober is like fishing sober." Hunting is a leisure pastime for people who don't take it seriously. Sure, there are going to be some hunting try-hards who are always on the lookout for their next big kill. But much like golf and other leisure activities, it often comes second to drinking and getting away from the wife. Am I right, fellas? If you're not taking it too seriously, you're liable to fall asleep. Having the deer come over and eat out of the guy's cooler is certainly salt in the wound here. I'm sure the deer tied the guy's shoelaces together and stuck his hand in some warm water right after this picture was taken. At the end of the day, though, isn't a lot of hunting about snapping a great picture?

12 Bigfoot Sighting

via The Inquisitr

A man was hunting turkeys in a new area. As he was setting up decoys, he saw a shadowed figure in the distant woods. The figure would peak out from behind the tree and hide itself again once the hunter began looking. At first, he just thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him, but he looked through his binoculars and saw a blurred image that appeared to be a large, upright primate. This man doesn't scare easily, as he is a regular bow hunter and has spent a lot of time in the woods after dark. He didn't bag any turkeys so he decided to call it a day and not tell anyone about his possible Bigfoot encounter.

The man didn't want people to think that he was crazy, but he couldn't keep it a secret for long. So he asked his friend if he had ever seen anything strange in those woods. His friend confirmed that he had seen something, and provided a similar story to his own. It wasn't until a couple of days later that his buddies started making fun of him. As it turns out, a farmer had raised emus around that area, but released them into the woods when he realized they would not be profitable. The locals, including the hunter's friends, all know this and like to have a little fun with out-of-towners.

11 Cape Buffalo Charge

via Pinterest

The cape buffalo is not to be trifled with. These animals are tough and can tank a few shots before going down. One hunter went face-to-face with one of these beasts during his hunting trip, and the encounter was caught on tape and posted to YouTube. This video doesn't have the best resolution, but it is good enough to see what was going on. The hunter appears to hit the buffalo from a distance and gets closer to examine the animal. When he gets in range, the buffalo gets up, turns around, and charges at the hunter. The hunter fires two shots and drops the buffalo, which is only about a foot away from him at this point. As the video's title suggests, this was an extremely close call. The cameraman was only a few seconds away from capturing a serious hunting injury on camera.

10 Don't Shoot Unless You're Sure

via Creepypasta Wiki - Wikia

This story comes from a fox hunter who came close to making a terrible mistake. The hunter and his friends were out hunting foxes and already had a fine day of hunting. It was late at night, and the group decided to practice shooting foxes by lamplight. They had already bagged a few and were about to call it a night when one of the men spotted eyes lingering in the distance. He took out his rifle to get a better look, and decided that they would take one more fox home with them. The fox was relatively far away, so the hunters waited for it to get closer and become easier to hit. One of the men holding a lamp mentioned that the eyes were high on the fox, indicating that it may be a deer they were seeing, but the man holding the rifle only knocked the safety and prepared to fire. As the eyes came closer they saw what the eyes truly belonged to. Walking towards them was an old woman holding a cocker spaniel. They were seeing the eyes of the dog, and almost shot it out of the arms of its owner...or worse.

9 Literally In Over His Head

via National Geographic Magazine

A video was uploaded to YouTube of some friends on a hunting trip. They saw their prey in the distance (unclear what they were hunting) and fired at it, missing their target and prompting it to run away. The hunters ran in the direction that it was going, and one of them was fortunate enough to have a GoPro attached to his head. He reached a point of land that looked a bit fishy. The man with the camera even seemed to pause before he considered stepping on it. Of course, he went right through it like it was ice on warm lake. He stopped himself from going under, but his "oh no" as he gets out says it all. His gun was wet, his phone died, and his clothes were drenched. It turns out that another one of his buddies fell into the same trap. Looks like it's Mother Nature=1, Hunters=0.

8 Rustling Leaves

via Dissolve

One man was finishing a bow hunt in Louisiana, but got a scare as he was heading to his truck. It was dark and hard to see what was behind him, but the man heard a rustle in the leaves every time he started moving. When he stopped, the sound stopped, and he became worried that he was being stalked by a predator. He heard coyotes howling in the distance, and began to walk faster in an effort to get to his car. When he walked faster, whatever was behind him walked faster. By the time he reached the end of the woods he was almost sprinting, and fumbled for the pistol he had in his truck. He scanned the woods with his flashlight when he saw it, the rope he was using for his bow came loose and was dragging behind him.

7 Sub-Par Dog


This hunting dog could be better. This dog could be a few different things, but looks more like a Beagle (to this uninformed writer). I don't know much about dogs or hunting in general, but I'm pretty sure that the dog is supposed to be the one stalking the potential prey. Not only did this dog blow up the hunter's spot, but it is on the verge of becoming the one that is being hunted. I'm usually on the dog's side when it comes down to it, but it's hard to root for this little dummy. The dog probably thought that it was so tough coming out to the woods with its human who had a gun. This little fox is about to show him what's what.

6 Bear Hunters

via Newsiosity

Hunting a bear with a bow is quite an accomplishment. There aren't many people who can say that they've successfully taken down a bear without the use of a firearm. Unfortunately for these two hunters, it looks like this bear has some backup. Bears don't typically like to attack humans but if you start messing around with them, then you'll get a dose of your own medicine. This bear didn't take it too kindly that the two hunters killed his buddy. It looks as though he's about to take matters into his own hands. Somewhere in the woods, you can bet that there's a bear cave with a rug made out of these two hunters. Maybe before taking a celebratory photo, get out of the woods and make sure you're not being stalked by one of your victim's homies.

5 Hunting Etiquette

via 1859 Magazine

A man tells a story from back when he was 18 and still hunting deer. He was perched in his new 8-feet ladder and scoping out a deer. He saw a fellow hunter coming along, appearing to be stalking something, so he kept quiet. Soon after he saw the man, he saw a squirrel run by and then heard a shot. The shot startled him and it seemed to hit the squirrel, but then he felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell to the ground. He lifted up his shirt to find a led pellet stuck underneath his skin, just below his heart. He dug it out and went looking for his dad, but was lucky the fall or the shot didn't seriously injure him.

4 Wild Boar Truck Stick

via Boar Hunting Tennesee Hog Hunting Lodge

A wild boar is an example of an evasive species that needs to be hunted in some areas in order to maintain a natural balance. A lot of people go boar hunting, and dogs are particularly useful during these hunts. In this short clip uploaded to YouTube, there are two dogs attacking a wild boar while a hunter holds a gun a bit farther away. The boar runs away from the dogs and right into the woman holding the gun, sweeping her legs, and making her double-over. She fired the gun as she fell, and was lucky that she wasn't terribly hurt in the encounter. Boars are not the most dangerous animals to come across, but they can certainly hurt when they're running at full speed towards you.

3 Hunter Becomes The Hunted


Luckily, this man was not injured during this shot. However, he was seconds away from becoming a meal. The hunter had set up his camera on a timer, and took this photo of him and his kill. It wasn't until the next morning that he saw what was lurking behind him, as a mountain lion stood there admiring the hunter's handiwork. You can almost see it contemplating its next move. Mountain lions don't like to mix it up with humans, but that much meat would feed the beast for a week, and they are not used to turning down free meals. The hunter was lucky that the cougar wasn't starving, or else he could have found himself seriously injured or even killed over his buck.

2 Elephant Charge

via Mkulu African Hunting Safaris South Africa

A grainy, 47-second clip of a hunter being charged by an elephant was uploaded to YouTube by AfricaHunting.com. Hunting animals like elephants is generally disliked, and not many people would have been too broken up if the hunter got tossed by an elephant. Unfortunately for the viewers at home, the elephant didn't survive the encounter. In the clip, you can see a group of elephants about fifty yards away from the camera and the hunter. It's unclear if the hunter was planning on killing one, but when one of the elephants snorted and began to charge at the crew, the hunter fired a shot. After the camera steadies, you can see the elephant lying in a heap only a few feet away from where the hunters stood.

1 Leopard Attack

via DispatchLIVE

A clip of some leopard hunters being attacked by their prey has been making the rounds on the internet for some time now. It's unclear what the context of the filming was, as there was a narration at the beginning. But, the hunt took place in Africa. The men who were hunting the leopard took a few shots but then missed. The leopard makes one of them pay dearly. While the video itself isn't too graphic, you can see the leopard attacking the man and dragging him to the ground. The man screamed in pain as he was tossed around by the defensive leopard. The man was only released when the other hunters unloaded their weapons into the animal. He walked away with deep scratches and bites, but I'm sure he considered himself lucky.

Sources: youtube

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