15 Hot Stars Who Were Skinny Shamed

We’ve all heard about fat-shaming, leading to a body-positive movement for “curvy” girls (and guys) seeking acceptance of their bodies. More and more advertisers, television shows, and the like are seeking “plus size” folks to represent their brands, and most folks are quite pleased with the newfound delight in the larger (some may say, more realistic) body.

But for every “yin” comes a “yang” and just like that it’s the skinny celebs who are being shamed. Shocking claims of eating disorders, illness, starvation, and more are posted by people who have no idea what they are talking about and they strive for attention at other peoples’ expense.

Most don’t realize or care that skinny shaming is just as cruel and unacceptable as fat shaming, yet the world hasn’t seemed to have caught on to this notion.

These 15 celebs have been skinny shamed at one point or another. Some clap back while others take the high road and ignore or school the fools who want to make fun of their bodies.

Telling someone to “eat a sandwich” or that “0” isn’t an actual size is no way to spend your time online. Why don’t these shamers take a look at their bodies and decide if they really look any better than the stars they are ridiculing? If they only took a moment to think of something more useful to post online, the world would be a much more tolerant place. But alas, the shaming exists, so let’s see who’s getting the brunt of the bad behavior.

15 Angelina Jolie

Even one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars can’t seem to escape the wrath of online skinny shaming. True, over the years, Angelina Jolie has seemed to become thinner and thinner, and now she, too, is the object of shaming for what many consider a “less sexy” look due to her thinner limbs and protruding bones. Jolie has claimed to have lost weight for movie roles, but it seems like stress is more likely the cause of her lost pounds. Having all those kids to tend to, travel, and a failing marriage could take a toll on anyone, no matter how rich and famous they are. Of course, haters love to hate, so the online bullying aimed at Jolie is plentiful… unlike her derriere. Who knows if Brad preferred her with a little more “cushion for the pushin’,” but it’s unlikely that Jolie’s thinness was the cause for their breakup. Perhaps with some time to reflect, Jolie will boost her calorie intake and pack on a few healthy pounds. ‘Till then, she’s still one of the hottest babes to walk the planet.

14 Kendall Jenner

via Fox News Magazine

Perhaps the issue lies in the fact that Kendall Jenner’s famous sisters are all “bootylicious,” but many folks have skinny shamed the young model even when she was only a teen. Tall and svelte, Jenner’s body would be considered ideal to many, but not to the online skinny shamers who think she ought to gain a few (or many) pounds in order to satisfy their standards of what a woman should look like. Jenner has a naturally thin and athletic build and her figure has helped her land a lucrative career strutting catwalks and posing for photos in some of the world’s most coveted magazines. While her photos may never “break the internet” like her big sister Kim’s can, Jenner is becoming one of the most popular supermodels of our time. She may be too skinny for some, but some of the top brands in the world find her body to be pure perfection.

13 Tara Reid

The tanned and blonde Sharknado star has been through the ringer when it comes to years of cruel social media shaming for her often “alarmingly” beyond-skinny physique. Not only have they picked apart her perceived “skin and bones” body, but her less-than-perfect plastic surgery blunders have been shamed relentlessly – from her bad boob job to her lumpy and dimpled belly. While Ms. Reid is still quite the beauty, her thin looks are always being commented on… but she gets right into the mix and boldly blasts the haters right back. Reid claims she eats well (and plentifully) and is perfectly healthy, despite what the unretouched gossip rag photos may suggest. It seems that Reid has had some of her imperfect plastic surgery redone quite satisfactorily, but her thin looks haven’t changed much. Heck, as long as she is pleased with her looks, those online commentators may as well stuff it.

12 Macaulay Culkin

Via inquisitr.com

The former child star, Macaulay Culkin, was considered one of the most adorable celebs in Hollywood. But as he got older, and especially in more recent months, Culkin’s appearance has become downright scary. He’s become super thin and looks drugged out some may say. He was fairly reclusive for some time and when he reemerged into the public eye, fans were in a frenzy due to the actor’s frail frame and bony appearance. Some shamers thought he was on heroin and even near death. Perhaps the actor spent too much time Home Alone and didn’t realize how he looked these days. Or maybe he was prepping for a role. Whatever the reason, let’s hope Culkin is healthy and not taking drugs. We all want that “boy next door” to be the star he really is. Of course, skinny shamers just love a good person to pick at, but when a star goes from cute to creepy, it’s something to be alarmed about.

11 Zendaya

The young singer and actress is barely out of her teens, but Zendaya is still fair game for internet shamers who have suggested that she’s far too skinny and may even starve herself or have an eating disorder in order to achieve her ultra-svelte frame. Zendaya is mature beyond her years and never lets the trolls have the last word and has defended her naturally thin appearance. She was also outspoken when a less-than-positive conversation took place on Fashion Police in regard to her hairdo, so that may have prepped her for defending herself against the shamers seeking to put down her looks – particularly her thinness. Zendaya knows she’s hot, so those comments don’t likely bug her, but it would be nice if people could keep their thoughts to themselves, especially when you’re dealing with such a young woman. If she ever gets a bit curvy, those losers will probably spray the hate in the other direction.

10 Giuliana Rancic

The E! News bigwig and Fashion Police host may be in fashion, but she’s surely sporting a size 0. While always vivacious, active, and seemingly healthy, online abusers have a field day commenting on Giuliana Rancic’s body and weight. She’s been bullied for her skinny appearance and clothing choices which reveal her slender frame, but Rancic could care less about what trolls have to say. She beat cancer and must take care of her body – perhaps she’s naturally thin and cannot gain much weight. Whatever the reason, skinny shamers should take a look in the mirror and see if their looks would get past the Fashion Police’s scrutiny. Rancic has an enviable career, a great sense of style, a super cute kid, and a doting husband who seems to adore every inch of his wife’s tanned body. If those shamers had any happiness, they’d leave Rancic alone and find something more productive to do. Perhaps go on a diet!

9 Miley Cyrus

She may have felt like a beast on her “Wrecking Ball,” but when it came to internet haters mocking her frame, Miley Cyrus told ‘em, “Nobody’s Perfect.” Far from voluptuous, Cyrus has no problem expressing her sexuality and love for her body, but trolls considered her body shape to be that of a boy, particularly when she chopped her hair off. Boyish or not, Liam Hemsworth obviously likes what he sees, and big boobs and an apple-bottom booty are apparently not his thing. Not to mention, even with her “boyish” tush, Cyrus is overly proud of her twerking capabilities. Both of Cyrus’ parents are relatively slender, so it’s not a big surprise that she’s on the thin side too. At least Cyrus’ body is “Real and True” and not plumped up with silicone and fillers. If that were the case, the internet losers would call her out on that. Fat or thin, the girl wouldn’t win.

8 Ariana Grande

With a last name like “Grande,” the superstar pop singer is far from large, aside from her powerhouse vocals, of course. Grande’s petite frame and youthful looks make her the target for skinny shaming regardless of her undeniable beauty. People have said she looks sick, anorexic, frail, and like a child. She was a bit plumper before her current rise to fame, but her fast-paced schedule, dance moves, and touring could be the cause for her trimmed-down appearance. Making her look even smaller, Grande has a fondness for sporting big hair which overpowers her small stature as well as skimpy clothing which exposes every inch of her svelte physique. And on those huge stages in the impressive concert halls and stadiums Grande performs in, she looks even tinier, especially from a distance. Those skinny shamers may feel big behind their computers, but they will never be as grand as Grande!

7 Emma Stone

via Daily Mail

The lovely red-headed, porcelain-skinned lady of La Land may be an A-list beauty, but that doesn’t mean skinny shamers will let her thin frame escape their nasty online wrath. Actress Emma Stone has been repeatedly ridiculed for her “boyish” body and less-than-ample derriere and bust line. She’s been rudely and stupidly instructed to “eat a sandwich” but clearly Stone’s had a ham on rye or a PB & J in her day. If Spider-Man finds her irresistible than Stone must ooze some sort of sex appeal despite what the online trolls have to say about her looks. It’s been reported that Stone took their words personally at one point, but gained confidence in knowing she’s a unique stunner with healthy habits and an enviable figure. Those rude commentators should take a page from Stone’s resume and get The Help they need to stop bullying others, especially such a down-to-Earth gal.

6 Taylor Swift

She may be able to take a hateful comment and “Shake it Off” but even a pop princess like Taylor Swift can fall victim to online acts of skinny shaming. Even with an A-list “squad” backing her up, the skinny shamers still have plenty to say about Swifts waif-like frame and beanpole figure. Jokesters even went as far as to create a Kickstarter page to fund the purchase of a “booty” for the singer, but with the mere $45 it collected, that would barely be enough to fund a ¼ of a cheek. Plus, if Swift really wanted to get herself a Brazilian butt lift, she certainly makes enough dough to buy a behind herself. The “Bad Blood” between Swift and the online trolls doesn’t seem to go away, even though she’s got plenty of fans on her side. While there may never be a “Love Story” between online shamers and Swift’s body, we all know that plenty of male suitors have found and continue to consider her looks perfectly gorgeous.

5 Bethenny Frankel

The creator of Skinnygirl must have known that she’d one day be the focus of online skinny shamers looking for their 5 seconds of internet fame. Bethenny Frankel, best known as one of the Real Housewives of New York, is always in the press and oftentimes it’s due to her looks, particularly her thin physique. She's been accused of doing drugs, having anorexia, and overworking herself to the point of it taking a toll on her body. Frankel has always had an outspoken perspective, so her shamers never got or will get the last word. Even when Frankel posted a photo of herself fitting into her young daughter’s pajamas, she still fought against the backlash from trolls telling her to “change into something more appropriate,” or the ever popular, “eat a cheeseburger.” As long as the Skinnygirl brand is around, its founder will be the queen of all skinny, despite what the scale says.

4 Jules Wainstein

In more Housewives news, one of the more recent additions to the cast, Jules Wainstein, has taken over as the reigning princess of petite ever since her tall and tiny frame made its way onto the TV sets of reality show viewers nationwide. And with that comes rude online commentary, mostly having to do with the slender shape of Wainstein’s body and her issues surrounding food. She has said herself that she suffers from an eating disorder, making the online shaming all the more inappropriate. Sure, Wainstein put herself in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean online trolls have any good reason to ridicule her body. While even she realizes that she is super-thin, the meanness never gets any easier. To make matters worse, she’s divorcing her husband and has to put up with the shenanigans of her cast mates. On one hand, the show likely isn’t helping her issues, but the money may be the draw for this wannabe celeb. Isn’t that what the Housewives franchise is for anyhow?

3 Lea Michele

The former Glee star and accomplished Broadway and recording songstress, Lea Michele, is no stranger to being in the limelight, and with that comes online attention which is not always of the positive nature. Lea Michele has what most would consider a fabulous figure, but she, too, has been shamed for being “too skinny” particularly after the death of her co-star/boyfriend, Cory Monteith. Give the girl a break! Part of the mourning process could be weight fluctuation from the lack of appetite or the onset of stress. She’s a fit and healthy gal with a small frame, so any weight loss can be very noticeable. When these online shamers look as half as good as Michele, then they can have a leg to stand on. Until then, they ought to admire Michele’s legs ‘cuz they look pretty darn sexy to most people! Who wants to sing an “amen” to that?

2 Calista Flockhart

Remember the popular television show, Ally McBeal? The lawyer-themed drama was a huge hit with audiences, but as good as the program was, there was equal, if not more attention placed on the weight and shape of the show’s lead actress, Calista Flockhart. Granted, she was, and is quite thin, but the frenzy associated with her body was off the charts. People claimed she must be ill, starving herself, etc., but who’s to know or say why Flockhart looked the way she did. Perhaps she’s naturally slender or has a fast metabolism? In any case, skinny shamers had it all out for Flockhart, sometimes overpowering the magic of the show and the talent of its roster of stars. Today, Flockhart is a bit off the radar, but she is married to one of the most famous men in the business, Harrison Ford. Surely he finds her body to be quite attractive.

1 Rachel Zoe

Fashion designer and stylist, Rachel Zoe is no stranger to being called out as too skinny by internet trolls seeking attention. Sure, Zoe is thin, but that doesn’t give strangers the right to poke fun at her body. Zoe has been called every derogatory skinny name in the book and some claim her thinness makes her look far older than her years. While Zoe is dressing some of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood, she often covers up in all black. When she does expose her body in more revealing frocks, online shamers have a field day coming up with hurtful comments about her barely-there body. It seems Zoe has always been relatively thin, but over the years, it looks like she’s gotten even smaller, despite being pregnant twice. Let’s hope Zoe’s thinness isn’t due to any health issues, and her small frame can be chalked up to a busy lifestyle. She’s certainly not shy to dismiss the haters and rarely gives them the time of day anyhow, so it’s a wonder why anyone bothers to discuss the size of others online to begin with.


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