15 Hot Celebrities With Nasty Personal Habits

None of us are perfect. Despite this, sometimes it’s possible to believe the clean and flawless images that celebrities project. We see them retouched in magazines, or with perfect hair and makeup in movies. It can be possible to believe that they are just like the characters they portray or their PR team wants you to think they are – without any bad habits or flaws that might put you off.

But that’s far from the truth. Any celebrity out there has flaws, just like the average person on the street. Some of them can get downright nasty, even though they should know better. It turns out that even when you have as much money as you could ever possibly spend, and an army of helpers to get you through the day, it still won’t be enough to buy you some grace. You’d think that you might want to shape up your act once you get into the public eye, but apparently that just isn’t the case for these examples that we dug out.

These 15 celebrities might be some of the hottest in the world, but that might all change if you get close to them. Ever wonder why some of them don’t seem to be able to hold down a relationship? Well, it’s probably because they just aren’t able to shake these nasty personal habits. Even with the knowledge that they are totally disgusting, most of them don’t seem to care – and that’s with them getting caught by the press, too.


15 Snooki's Cat Litter Facials

The Jersey Shore star has exhibited a lot of bad behaviour on the screen, so it’s perhaps no surprise that she should be up to something odd. But there’s no excuse for just how bizarre her beauty routine gets. Snooki doesn’t go for expensive facials or invest in beauty products to keep her skin in perfect condition. Instead, she rubs cat litter all over her face to exfoliate. She claims to have seen it once in a YouTube tutorial, and adopted it as a method for herself. This just seems a little too gross to do, even if it works. After all, this is literally a cat’s toilet. It’s like deciding to use toilet water for your bath because it saves money. You just wouldn’t do it even if you were too poor to afford food. This is one celebrity who apparently will believe anything she sees on YouTube, no matter how nasty.

14 Halle Berry's Chewy Habit


Halle Berry is one of the hottest actresses out there, and has received a lot of critical acclaim for her performances on the big screen. But if we were to see her up close, we might start to spot a few flaws. One of the biggest is a nasty habit that she is trying hard to break, but apparently to no avail. She chews her lips constantly, and especially when she is feeling stressed or anxious. She has said that she uses lip balm to try and stop herself from doing it, as the moisture or the feeling of the balm stops her from chewing. However, she still can’t stop if she doesn’t use this technique. We wouldn’t want to have the job of her makeup artist getting those lips ready for a close-up or a red carpet moment! Halle definitely needs to kick this habit before it starts to ruin her looks.

13 Megan Fox Forgets To Flush The Toilet

Here’s a woman who proves that being considered one of the hottest people alive really doesn’t guarantee anything about your personal life. Megan has admitted that she really isn’t a fan of cleaning, which is bad enough. Luckily for her, she can afford a maid, so we doubt that her house is all that disgusting. But she has one other nasty habit which means you probably don’t want her coming around to yours. She has admitted that she often forgets to flush the toilet, even doing so at her friend’s homes. And she doesn’t stand on ceremony when it comes to using those toilets, either. She’s openly said that friends have called her to complain about the “bricks” she leaves behind when she visits. There’s definitely a point where not cleaning goes beyond lazy and into just plain nasty, and Megan has crossed it. No one wants to see that!

12 Jessica Simpson's Tooth Rot


Jessica Simpson may have proven time and time again that she isn’t the brightest spark in the world, but that doesn’t stop her from being hot. Although once you read about her nasty habit, you might not see her in the same light again. Jessica freely admitted that she doesn’t really care about brushing her teeth. In fact, she only does it a couple of times a week. She instead will wipe her teeth on her shirt to make them feel a little cleaner, but she doesn’t like them feeling slippery and clean. She does use mouthwash and floss regularly, but the bad news for her is that dentists know that those things are useless unless you are also brushing. So, unless you like your ladies to lose their teeth to rot and gum disease before they hit middle age, maybe Jessica isn’t so much of a catch after all.

11 Marilyn Monroe's Breakfast (And Lunch And Dinner) In Bed

She may be the only celebrity in this list who isn’t around anymore, but Marilyn deserves a mention for the fact that she is considered to be one of the hottest women ever to have existed. We also know that she was very troubled, but that makes a little more sense when you find out about what she was really like behind the scenes. Clark Gable’s biography spilled some of her secrets: her former lover admitted that she had a whole range of nasty habits. She apparently had irritable bowel syndrome and farted constantly, as well as never bothering to bathe. Which she should have been doing more regularly, considering that she also liked to eat in bed – and leave the leftovers under the covers for later. So her sheets were probably covered in grease and crumbs, which she then slept in, and didn’t wash off. Not so glamorous, really.

10 Britney Spears' Bloody Nails


Britney reportedly has a lot of problems with eating bad food and failing to wash, but for the sake of variety, we’re going with another of her nasty habits. No, we’re not talking about reckless child endangerment. Just how many bad habits does Britney have? Well, at least one more – she also bites her fingernails constantly. This is somewhat of a normal habit, but she takes it to the extreme. It’s not unusual to find photographs of her hands with damaged and even bloody nails, as she bites them right down to the skin. Not only does this look nasty, but it’s also pretty bad for her health. Having cuts on your hands constantly can lead to infections, and of course there’s no telling what kind of bacteria lives under your nails. When that is going into your mouth constantly, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.

9 Cameron Diaz Wastes Her Clothes

Here’s another hot Hollywood woman who refuses to wear deodorant. What is with all of these women and their poor hygiene habits? Anyway, Cameron makes her dirty habit even worse with the fact that she also doesn’t change her clothes very often. She will wear the same outfit up to 4 days in a row. It might make sense if she had super deodorant and it was a one-off situation, but that’s not the case at all. Not only that, but she must seriously ruin those clothes, because she doesn’t even try to wash them. She just throws them away. Out of all the nasty celebrity habits we’ve heard, this one has to be the one that smacks the most of privilege. When there are people out there who can’t afford new clothes, throwing away your designer togs because you can’t be bothered to wash them is just ludicrous.


8 Charlotte Crosby's Horrifically Stained Bed Sheets


Charlotte is one of the stars of Geordie Shore, and she has revealed some pretty nasty habits as part of her appearance on the show. Still, it wasn’t until she took part in Celebrity Big Brother that one of them came to light. After getting drunk, she famously wet the bed, live on television. But it apparently isn’t the first time she has done it. Fellow Geordie star Vicky Pattison claims that Charlotte and Holly Hagan’s bed in the house was just disgusting. It was covered in urine stains as well as smudges of fake tan, which made it look bad enough. The icing on the cake, however, was the half-eaten takeaways that they would leave littered all over it. Pattison described the bed as being “worse than a horror film”. This is one reality star that you would not want to be cuddled up next to for the long nights.

7 Ke$ha Drank Her Urine To Get Fit

Apparently, Ke$ha is game for trying anything once. She actually drank her own urine on television, giving full consent to be filmed doing so. Why on earth did she develop this nasty habit? Because she believed that it would be good for her body. She was of the opinion that it would help out while she was trying to get fit, or as she put it, into “kick-ass shape”. After trying it for a while, she soon realized that it was doing literally nothing to help. She ended up stopping, but this habit was nasty enough to put us off her for a very long time. And if she would try something like that, who knows what else she would be willing to try? All we know is that there are some things you just aren’t supposed to be into your mouth except in the most desperate of circumstances.

6 Jennifer Aniston's Makeup Hoard


Some readers might be able to identify with Jennifer Aniston. Having made a career out of playing girl-next-door types, it turns out that her nastiest habit could well be something that anyone is guilty of. She has a habit of hoarding her cosmetics, rather than throwing them away and buying new ones. She has even admitted to having some makeup in her possession that is more than 10 years old. This is awful because makeup does spoil over time, and it is recommended that you throw it out after a year. Even if it hasn’t gone bad, it will have been in contact with areas such as her eyes and lips, which are chock-full of bacteria. Instead of going in the bin, that bacteria has spent up to 10 years festering, ready to be applied right onto those delicate facial areas again. This could cause eye infections as well as other problems. Nasty!

5 Madonna Pees On Her Feet In The Shower To Try And Get Rid Of Her Athlete's Foot

Madonna has never been one to stay away from controversy, and that is perhaps why she was happy to admit one of her own nasty habits to David Letterman. She told him that she suffers from athlete’s foot, and she found an ingenious way to cure it. She urinates on her own feet in the shower to make the symptoms go away. As if that wasn’t nasty enough, she has also been rumoured to drink her own urine in an attempt to stay young. So far, she happens to be the highest scientific authority to claim that urine can clear up athlete’s foot – which is another way of saying that there’s no proof at all that it works. It’s best to stick to the medication on this one and follow your doctor’s advice. It’s a much better option than developing a nasty habit like this, even if you’re following in Madonna’s footsteps.

4 Angelina Jolie's Roach Snacks


She is often voted as one of the hottest women in the world, but Angelina Jolie has had her fair share of wacky moments. She used to go around wearing a vial of blood, for example. That was in her past, and you could perhaps say that it was when she was too young to know any better. But that doesn’t explain one of her more recent habits. After spending some time in Cambodia, she picked up an eating habit which most of us would find absolutely disgusting. She loves snacking on cockroaches! Hopefully served dead, the roaches are apparently high in protein. She says that they are good for her health, and help her to maintain a great body. We say that no body shape is desirable enough to justify eating cockroaches like they’re slices of fruit. This one definitely has to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

3 When Nervous Olivia Munn Plucks Out Her Own Eyebrows... By Hand

While it’s hard to control your actions when you are suffering from anxiety, there are therapies available and ways to help get your nerves into check. That’s why it’s so bizarre that Olivia Munn hasn’t yet had help for her nasty habit, which appears when she is feeling nervous. She actually plucks her own eyebrows out by hand! This can be quite a serious condition, leaving you with bare eyebrows and even damaging the area with scarring. It can also make it harder for the brows to grow back over time. While she often looks totally flawless on the red carpet, we’d have to bet that there is a makeup artist out there who has grown very skilled at painting eyebrows back on to make it look like they don’t have any bald spots. With the money she has, Olivia should be able to invest in a therapist and kick this habit for good.

2 Courteney Cox Refuses To Wear Deodorant


Most people don’t enjoy smelling bad, but apparently Courteney Cox is not one of them. Multiple people have said that she can often get pretty funky, even while working on set. She is not a fan of deodorants and has refused to wear them, meaning that her natural body smell and sweat make a daily appearance. Her ex-husband, David Arquette, didn’t actually mind. He said that she sometimes “smells like a truck driver, and I like it.” It’s a shame that they split up – we can’t imagine it can be easy to find a partner who loves you even when you smell like you’ve been sweating in a cab for a few days straight without a wash! Even if she doesn’t care for herself, you’d think Courteney might consider freshening up for the sake of her co-stars. She can’t be the most pleasant person to have around on set with you.

1 Christina Aguilera's Hand Washing Habits

Multiple people have come out and said that Christina doesn’t tend to smell too good. Hannah Hooper from Grouplove claimed she smells like hot dogs, while a reporter from Arena Magazine also backed her up. But Christina’s real nasty habit was spotted by a bathroom attendant at LA Bar Belly. They noted that Christina used the bathroom and then left without washing her hands. She then went back out and continued eating her meal. This is not the first, or the last, time that she has been spotted eating without washing her hands when using the bathroom. She has even been accused of doing this in other places, and going out to shake hands and sign autographs for fans. That’s truly nasty, because it doesn’t just affect her, but other people as well. Having dirty hands from using the bathroom, and then eating with them, can cause food poisoning very easily. It can also lead to a number of other diseases.

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