15 Hot AF High School Teachers Who Scored With Their Male Students

It might be the most justifiable double-standard in modern society. A hot, female teacher, usually between 24 and 40, gets busted for having intimate relations with male students. The reaction from adult males is always the same. Where were those teachers when I was in high school? Then you hear about a similar case but with the genders reversed. And the same guys who were snickering and high-fiving before now express unbridled outrage. Let some pervert teacher put his hands on my daughter and see what happens.

And you know what? Both reactions are perfectly logical. That's because the biological differences in teenage males and teenage females are light years apart. I know that viewpoint is anathema in today's gender-fluid society. But it's the truth. The quarterback who knocks boots with the hot English teacher isn't going to have any lasting effects other than perhaps some extra swag to take to college. But the cheerleader who makes it with the baseball coach? She'll need years of therapy and probably won't ever have a healthy relationship again.

Of course, you always get the people who point out this double-standard like it's a bad thing. They're easy to recognize because they insist on calling teenage males who sleep with hot teachers "victims." But let's be real. These teachers get caught because the so-called "victim" is going around bragging. When was the last time you bragged about being the victim of an actual crime? Yeah, bro! I got my car stolen this weekend! Fist bump! The fact is, it isn't a crime if the "victim" is thinking about it later and pleasuring himself. To celebrate the chicks who make young men's dreams come true, here are 15 hot AF high school teachers who scored with their teenage male students.

15 Megan Baumann

She gained a little weight during her trial, but Megan Baumann was a certified fox when she taught at Clinton High School in Tennessee in 2009. She also liked them young. During her short tenure at the school, she knocked boots with one male student, fondled another, and sent provocative photos to a third teen. According to a Knoxville News-Sentinel report, Baumann got caught when several "concerned students" approached the school administration with what they knew. Let's be real. They were "concerned" that they weren't getting in on the action. Baumann was found guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison, a punishment that doesn't fit the "crime" of putting a permanent smile on at least three faces. She also has to register as a s*xual offender for life, which means potentially more smiles when guys get the email alert that she's moved into the neighborhood.

14 Ashley Blumenshine

Ashley Blumenshine was a 30-year-old gym teacher at Plainfield North High School in Illinois when she set up a rendezvous with a 16-year-old male student in a Kohl's parking lot. Cops got suspicious when they saw two cars parked together in the otherwise empty lot several hours after the store had closed for the night. They shined a light in the back window and saw the young man scrambling to put his pants on. The teacher then admitted that the pair had knocked boots. She pleaded guilty at trial, where she tearfully read an apology statement and claimed she regretted the incident and wished she could take it back. Wonder if the "victim" feels the same way? I'm guessing not. But her contrition worked. She got only a few days in jail and 10 years, not life, on the registry.

13 Rebecca Shea Reeves

This 33-year-old North Carolina teacher is currently on trial for an intimate relationship with a male student from her school. She's innocent until proven guilty, and even if she's proven guilty, she's still not a criminal in my book. Just ask the "victim" in the case. He's easy to find. Look for the kid with the ear-to-ear grin walking down the hall at Southern Nash High School like he owns the friggin' building. Reeves taught a class called family and consumer science. I'm not even sure what that is. It sounds like a 21st-century term for home economics. All I know is the class would've been on my schedule were I a student at that school. Like every teenage male in rural Nash County, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Reeves as her trial progresses.

12 Sarah Fowlkes

Since they don't print the names of underage "victims" in the paper, I'm not sure who the teen who scored with the gorgeous Sarah Fowlkes is. But he has to be the coolest kid ever. Not only did he knock boots with a beautiful 27-year-old teacher, but he was such a stud in the sack that the chick was still smiling when they hauled her off to jail and took her mug shot! The attorney for the (former) teacher at Lockhart High School in Texas has a different explanation. Apparently, he instructed her to smile because, in his opinion, frowning is something guilty people do. But check out that grin. Does it look manufactured or does it look like post-coital bliss? She faces up to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, the men of Lockhart, Texas, face up to 20 years with perhaps the city's hottest chick off the market.

11 Sandy Binkley

This former math teacher at Portland High School in Tennessee isn't the hottest chick on the list. But she might be one of the coolest. She knocked boots with her teenage male paramour in a volleyball closet on multiple occasions. Then, information surfaced that she possibly also had relations with the student's younger brother. And then, check out what another male student wrote in Binkley's yearbook, which the cops seized as evidence: "I appreciate you letting me talk about you, and smack your butt. I hope to see you some next year when I'm a big sophomore. Stay cool and kinky. It was nice getting to know every inch of you. Tap that a** later." Wow! I wish I could have learned about the y-axis from this math teacher!

10 Laura Rich

Laura Rich wasn't a full-time teacher but a substitute. She'd pop in from time to time to pick up dudes while their regular teacher was out with the flu or food poisoning. Rich thought that Georgia's liberal age of consent laws had her covered. The age of 16 is considered legal for knocking boots in the state. Rich snagged at least two lovers from the local high school, a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old, and scored with both guys repeatedly. But unfortunately for Rich, a provision in the law states that a teacher-student relationship is a crime regardless of age. She faces up to 12 years in prison.

9 Pamela Rogers

No wonder they call it the Dirty South! It seems like every teacher on the list hails from Tennessee, Georgia, or North Carolina. And don't worry. Florida is coming. Pamela Rogers was a gym teacher from McMinnville, Tennessee. Back in 1997, she was Ms. Monday Nitro in a WCW spring break event. She became a teacher in the early 2000's, and in 2005, had a three-month relationship with her student. I'll spare the dirty details, but let's just say they did the deed in every way imaginable. She was 27 and he was 13, so she violated the law as well as the ‘divide your age by two and add seven’ rule. After pleading no contest, she accepted a suspended sentence and was out of jail by 2012. But she got arrested again in 2015 for conspiring to sneak cellphones back into the prison for those still incarcerated.

8 Tiffany Michelle Geliga

BREAKING NEWS!!! Imagine you're writing an article about hot teachers who score with their teenage male students when you get a news alert from just up the road that a hot teacher scored with her teenage male student. Tiffany Michelle Geliga, 35, a teacher at Port St. Lucie High School in Florida, was arrested literally 27 minutes before the writing of this sentence for knocking boots with a 17-year-old student. Since the story is so new, we only have a few details: 1) Geliga is hot, 2) She's accused of doing the deed in a car with her male "victim" on at least two occasions, 3) The school resource officer set up a controlled call between the teen and Geliga, and the ensuing conversation provided the proof they needed to arrest her. That's why teachers and their male student lovers should establish a safe word to be uttered on a phone call to let the other party know the cops are listening.

7 Haeli Wey

Haeli Wey might have gotten away with scoring with teens had she not gotten wrapped up in a love triangle with two of them. The 28-year-old math teacher from Austin, Texas, met her first "victim" through a school ministry program. She even accompanied his family on a mission trip to Africa. Talk about dedication to get in a 16-year-old's underwear! They started knocking boots shortly after returning from the trip. But then, she took another male student on a private hike in a secluded location and got down to business. The first student got mad and spilled everything to his father. Personally, I'd have just high-fived my kid and told him all good things must end. But this dad went to the cops and they arrested Wey, charging her with more than 10 counts of improper relation between educator and student.

6 Kara Loofborough

You know how gentlemen's clubs always advertise "50 beautiful ladies and one ugly one?" That's because everyone has their fetish and for some people, it's that they find ugly chicks hot. Who says teenagers are any different? So if you're the kind of high school kid who gets turned on by homeliness, then Kara Loofborough is your girl. A teacher at Fees College Preparatory Middle School in Arizona, she got arrested in April for reaching second base with a 13-year-old male student and sending him pictures of her lower half. I actually feel sorry for this chick. She lives in Tempe/Scottsdale, where the hottest females in the entire country reside. Even an average to slightly above average chick is ugly there. So an underage dude, sadly, is probably the best this poor chick could do. Maybe when she gets out of the clink, she should consider relocating to Detroit or Cleveland.

5 Amy Lynn Howell

They don't call Tennesseeans "volunteers" for nothing! Here we have yet another resident of the state, Amy Lynn Howell, a former English teacher at Chester County High School who volunteered her services to a 17-year-old male student with whom she worked on a school play. If you're down with a cute face and a few extra pounds, you could do way, way worse as a 17-year-old theater nerd. So, props to the kid. Howell was convicted of aggravated statutory r*pe in 2011 and must register as a s*xual offender for life. I'm not sure why it was aggravated if the kid was less than a year from being legal and the encounters were consensual. The only people who should be aggravated are the jocks and cool kids who let a nerd from the drama club beat them to the DTF teacher.

4 Brandi Lynn Vaughn

With a name like "Brandi Lynn," you just know she has to be DTF. A former science teacher at Madison Southern High School in Kentucky, Vaughn knocked boots with a 16-year-old male student, once at a state park and once at her home. She was charged with two counts of first-degree s*xual assault AND two counts of first-degree sodomy, so you know she was showing this kid ALL the ropes. Prosecutors dropped the most serious charges, but she still got a couple years in jail and has to add her name to the dreaded registry. In a statement through her attorney, Vaughn claimed to have "nothing but remorse" for her behavior. (Meanwhile, her 16-year-old "victim," when asked about the incidents, dapped and then brushed imaginary dirt off his shoulders.)

3 Tiana Sanchez

Here's another hot-off-the-press story. Sanchez, a teacher at Silver High School in Silver City, New Mexico, was arrested the day before this article was written. She's accused of knocking boots with a 16-year-old male student. The kid's mother turned her in. That's why you brag to dad...not mom. So if you're keeping count, a teacher was arrested for scoring with a male student yesterday and another teacher was arrested for scoring with a male student today. These teachers are just out here left and right scoring with male students. I know we hear about more now because of social media and 24-hour news and everything. That can warp our perception of how prevalent certain things really are, but it really seems like more hot teachers are getting down with their students than when I was in high school. What a time to be young!

2 Shelley Dufresne & Rachel Respess

Why are two teachers occupying the same heading here? Because some lucky 16-year-old in rural Louisiana managed to have a NINE-HOUR THREE-WAY with not only the two hottest teachers but possibly the two hottest chicks period in the tiny town of Destrehan, Louisiana (about a half-hour from New Orleans). Yes, you read that correctly. A high school kid got down for nine straight hours with both of the hot chicks pictured above. This was in 2014, so you know that the kid is now at some SEC school just running through hot coeds like a chainsaw through hot butter. And get this: his parents sued the school over the incident, claiming among other things, "reputational damage" to the kid. Hilarious! When I think about what a nine-hour three-way with two smoking hot teachers does to a 16-year-old male's reputation, "damage" is literally the last word that comes to mind.

1 Debra Lafave

The number one spot is reserved for one woman and one woman alone. If you're a fan of hot teachers scoring with teenage male students and you aren't familiar with Debra Lafave, well, you're not a fan of hot teachers scoring with teenage male students. The former teacher from Tampa knocked boots with a 15-year-old student in the back seat of an SUV while the kid's 17-year-old cousin drove them around the city. I always felt as bad for the cousin as I felt envious of the "victim." When you're 17 and your cousin is 15, he's supposed to look up to you and want to be like you, so not knock boots with a hot teacher while you dutifully cart him around like a $7-an-hour chauffeur. According to the Google rabbit hole I just wandered down, Debra's now out of jail and married to some dude who sells RVs outside Tampa. She also has a kid and isn't nearly as hot as she was in 2005. But even if she balloons like Kirstie Alley and gets hooked on flakka, she'll always top this list.

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