15 Horrifying Things Caught On Dashcams

It seems that almost everyone who drives a car has a dashcam. More and more motorcycle riders are wearing helmet cams as are cyclists. They are a great idea and serve many purposes. You never know when video evidence will bail you out of a situation. Plus, you never know what kind of freaky things you might capture on film. Of course, the evidence that is provided by your dashcam can also work against you.

These devices were considered somewhat of a novelty just a few years ago but they have become very common and some people are even required to have them. There aren’t too many police cars driving around without one. Taxis, public transit vehicles, armored trucks, and commercial trucks are turning to dashcams to help bolster personal safety as well as accountability. Dashcams are definitely helpful to auto insurance companies when it comes to adjudicating accident claims and they are also helpful to concerned parents that want to be sure that Junior isn’t driving the family sedan like a lunatic.

Dashcam footage has become very popular on YouTube. One could spend thousands of hours watching various uploads of strange encounters, idiot drivers, and a variety of other random occurrences that have been captured on video. A great many of these videos are quite chilling. Here are 15 horrifying things caught on dashcams.

15 Burned Alive

This shot is absolutely horrifying. Dashcam footage shows a white van driving down a highway when a truck recklessly turned right in front of it. The collision in which the van broadsides the truck was inevitable despite the van’s driver slamming on the brakes. It was quite possible that the driver would have survived the impact but there was little chance of surviving what happened next. The van burst into flames engulfing the whole vehicle. A frantic crowd gathered and tried to douse the flames but the fire was too strong for the fire extinguishers and the driver of the van burned to death. As hard as this photo is to look at, you can only imagine how hard it was for the witnesses that tried in vain to save the driver’s life.

14 Police Brutality

As with any line of work, there are people that do their jobs well and those that don’t. That goes for the police too. There are good cops and then there are guys like this. Nathanial Robinson, a Victoria, Texas police officer pulled over 76-year-old Pete Vasquez for allegedly having an expired inspection sticker. Vasquez politely claimed that he was driving a dealer’s car and was therefore exempt. Robinson then took the senior citizen roughly to the ground and then tasered him. Not once, but twice. Vasquez suffered injuries as well as the indignity of being handcuffed when he was taken to a hospital. After the dashcam footage got out, Robinson was fired from the force. He also faced a grand jury but he was somehow cleared. He was hired by another police department in 2015. Keep a low profile if you’re ever in Beeville, Texas.

13 Fort McMurray Burning

In May of 2016, a wildfire raged out of control in Fort McMurray, a small urban area in the middle of Alberta’s oil sands. The fire continued to grow and evacuation orders were given. This dashcam shot shows some of the carnage. Flames spew far into the air on both sides of the road as burning embers fall all over the place through the thick smoke. Entire neighborhoods were engulfed in flames as 88,000 people fled the danger. It took firefighters over 2 months to finally get the fire under control. It is estimated to have spread over 1.5 million acres and destroyed about 2,400 homes. While the fire wasn’t directly blamed for any fatalities, two people were killed in a car crash during the exodus. It was estimated that the insured damage was over $3.5 billion making it the most expensive disaster in Canadian history.

12 Oregon Freeway Shooting

In one of 15 horrifying things caught on dashcams, an Oregon state trooper pulled over a man who was driving with three young children in his car. The man stepped out of his vehicle with one of his arms hidden behind his back. Trooper Matthew Zistel ordered the suspicious driver to get back in his car but the man, John Van Allen, ignored the orders and continued to approach the officer. Allen then pulled out a gun and began firing at the officer. Despite being wounded, Zistel returned fire and Allen retreated to his car and sped off. Allen was found slumped over his steering wheel with a serious bullet wound about half a mile up the road. Zistel’s shot had hit its target. Allen died at the scene while Trooper Zistel miraculously survived the cowardly ambush.

11 Cop Fatally Shot

We know that being a police officer is not an easy task. The most routine situation can quickly go sideways and end in death. Such was the case in 2011 when an Arkansas police officer pulled over a car that was suspected of having expired insurance. As this shot from the police' dashcam footage shows, the officer seemed to have things under control. He placed the driver in cuffs and began to question the occupant, Jerry Lard, in the back seat of the stopped car. Shortly after, Lard suddenly exited the car with guns blazing. Despite Officer Schmidt’s pleas, Lard shot the officer in the chin, neck, wrist, and chest. The officer died shortly after. Lard was found guilty in the killing and is currently on Arkansas’ death row although the state isn’t currently performing executions.

10 Taxi Driver Robbed In Las Vegas

Driving a taxi also comes with a lot of risks. William Demick is a taxi driver in Las Vegas and he had a scary encounter with one of his passengers in July 2016. As his dashcam showed, his passenger appeared to be having trouble swiping his card which he was pretending to pay his bill with. After a couple of minutes of waiting for the guy to figure out his card issues, Demick reached into the back seat to look at the card reader. That’s when all hell broke loose. The passenger grabbed Demick and began strangling him while demanding the driver’s money. The attack lasted several minutes before the thief finally left the scene with a lousy $38 and two cell phones. Demick was left injured and visibly shaken although he can consider himself lucky that he wasn’t killed.

9 The Ghost Car

Officer (now Lieutenant) Daniels was patrolling the highway in Garden City, Georgia when an erratic driver caught his attention. Believing that the driver could be drunk, Daniels gave chase but the driver refused to pull over. The pursuit went on for several minutes with the driver weaving all over the road and changing directions. The car then took a sudden left turn off of the highway, as you see from the image above, and, well, vanished into thin air. The police officer tried to follow the vehicle but quickly discovered a chain link fence was in the way. Daniels’ dashcam caught the whole thing and it seems quite baffling how a car could just disappear through a fence. It initially looks like some kind of supernatural occurrence but there is a simple explanation. The fleeing car hit the chain link fence, dislodged it, and drove right under it leaving the mesh to fall back in place seemingly undisturbed.

8 Head-On Crash Kills 5

In one of the 15 horrifying things caught on dashcams, cars were driving down a two-lane highway. Faster cars were passing the slower ones without incident. That was until a group of cars attempted to overtake a slower moving semi. Two cars made their move into the oncoming lane and then it happened. The first car managed to barely make it past the semi but the second vehicle found itself face to face with another semi that was traveling at a pretty good clip in the opposite direction. There should be no doubt as to who got the worst of this crash. The car was reduced to a crumpled mess and the 5 occupants were killed. This shot serves as a reminder to be extra careful when passing on a two-lane highway.

7 Passenger Killed By Brick

A man and a woman were in their Audi A4 on a highway in Russia when tragedy struck in the form of a loose brick. Olga Gaikovich was riding shotgun as the car cruised down the highway. The dashcam video shows no signs of danger until a truck with a load of bricks came from the opposite direction. A loose brick was ejected from the truck’s box and crashed straight through the Audi’s windshield and right into Gaikovich’s head splitting her skull wide open. You don’t have to worry about seeing the gory mess because it is off camera but that doesn't make this any less horrifying. The 29-year-old woman was taken to hospital but succumbed to her injuries a couple hours later. Coincidentally, the driver of the truck that was carrying the loose bricks didn’t realize what had happened and kept driving.

6 TransAsia Flight 235

A TransAsia ATR 72-600 took off from Songshan Airport in Taiwan in 2015. Minutes after becoming airborne, one of the pilots issued a mayday saying that the turboprop plane was suffering engine flame out. The pilot lost control and narrowly missed several buildings before the aircraft went vertical, hit a bridge, and slammed into the shallow Keelung River below. The terrifying dashcam footage showed the aircraft as it flipped causing its left wing to hit the bridge as well as a taxi. The taxi driver survived but 38 of the 53 passengers and crew on the aircraft lost their lives. Over 170 rescue workers were sent to the scene to rescue those who could be saved. Tragically, human error was cited as a cause of the crash. The airline ceased operations in 2016.

5 Fatal Crash

Be warned that this truly is one of the 15 horrifying things caught on dashcams. In this shot, a car full of young people attempted to pass on a two-lane highway in Russia. The vehicle lost control when the driver hit the brakes. The car skid sideways and was absolutely destroyed when it was hit by an oncoming truck. It’s not so much the impact that was horrifying as much as seeing the bodies being ejected from the wreckage. Two bodies flew straight into the car with the dashcam rolling while another was thrown like a rag doll to the side of the road. We probably don’t even want to know what those green globs on the windshield were. Despite the violent carnage, only one person was reportedly killed. Buckle up, buckaroos!!

4 Truck Driver Crashes Into Accident Scene. Kills Cop.

You shouldn’t need to be reminded that driving while distracted is very dangerous and many times ends with fatal consequences. Jorge Espinoza was driving his semi down an Arizona highway when he approached several emergency vehicles that were attending to an incident on the right side of the road. Although Espinoza had intentionally placed his wallet in front of his dashcam to obscure the view of him checking out his Facebook page and surfing porn on his cell phone, the forward-facing cam caught the entire terrifying scene. Espinoza was so engaged with his phone that he had no idea what was in front of him. He plowed into 3 police cars and 2 fire trucks killing one police officer. Espinoza was found guilty of negligent homicide and six other charges and sentenced to 6 years in prison.

3 Road Ragers Get Served

There is a certain satisfaction that some people get when they see bullies get their comeuppance. In this incident of road rage which is caught on dashcam video, a young punk got out of a car and retrieved what appeared to be a billy club out of the trunk. He was obviously a little upset at the driver behind him because he threatened him and proceeded to smash his car with the club. The man immediately got out of the damaged car and approached the young thug. The kid swung his club at the man but the man ducked and came back up with a vicious right that knocked the club-wielding idiot out as seen in this image. The kid’s friend then got out and went after the man too but he was efficiently subdued. The guy then got back in his car and drove off. Justice served!!

2 Tiger Woods’ John Daly Impersonation

This shot, that was recorded by a police dashcam, isn’t horrifying in the macabre sense. It is, however, horrifying how wasted Tiger Woods was when he was arrested for DUI recently. The footage started out with Tiger trying to appear in control as he struggled to tie his shoe laces. He obviously failed because he didn’t have them on in the next scene in which he was performing the field sobriety test. His speech was quite slurred and when he tried to walk a straight line he couldn't even walk two paces without stumbling off to the side. He barely even seemed to understand the instructions. What a mess!! He almost poked his own eye out trying to touch his nose. The police wanted him to close his eyes and tilt his head back? That’s a laugh!! Amazingly, Tiger aced the alphabet but it wasn’t enough.

1 Ghost Caught On Dashcam

This dashcam shot will have you scratching your head just as it must have had the police officer that witnessed it scratching his. The officer was driving down a dark road at night. It appeared to be quite foggy which makes the whole scene a little spooky. What’s even spookier is that some kind of ghostly figure came out of nowhere. The officer swerved to avoid it but he appeared to have driven right through it. Afterward, he stopped his car and turned it around to go back for a second look. There was definitely something there. The dashcam shot above something crossing the road but what the heck is it? It obviously had the officer a little spooked as he slowed his car to a stop not wanting to get any nearer. The ghost-like creature seems to come out of nowhere, cross the road, and then vanish.

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