15 Horrifying Confessions From Teachers

Being a teacher is a very hard job. Nobody in the world will call that into question. Dealing with classrooms full of students all day long, five days a week has got to take a toll on a teacher. You a

Being a teacher is a very hard job. Nobody in the world will call that into question. Dealing with classrooms full of students all day long, five days a week has got to take a toll on a teacher. You always wonder exactly what’s running through the mind of the person that stands in front of a classroom every day. Well, now we know.

Teachers have taken to the sharing app called “Whisper” to share their deepest and darkest thoughts. Believe me when I tell you that some of them are a bit more than disturbing. The appalling confessions that are on this site can easily give someone a new lack of respect for those that mold our children. If you have ever wondered why kids sometimes don’t want to go to school, a quick look at that site will answer plenty of questions for you.

Teachers have a thankless job and these confessions are more than likely not the thoughts of the majority of the teachers in the world. A lot of them are great people that play a part in molding the children into the people they will become.

Keep this article in mind the next time your kid tells you something about their teacher. They may not be lying or exaggerating. I promise that when you get finished reading about teachers that want to punch students, throw away their hard work or have sexual desires about their students, you’ll be a little more concerned than you are at this moment.

15 Teachers Throw Away Work


“My students have no idea how many of their papers I throw away.”

Remember those lame excuses that used to be offered for failing to turn in homework? The dog ate it, I lost it or it fell into the sink and got all wet were all great, yet unbelievable excuses for not getting work turned in on time. Maybe they were on to something, though. As it turns out, this teacher actually admitted to throwing away a lot of their students’ work.

That’s just not right. There are a lot of students that work very hard on their projects and those that put in the effort should not have to face such a horrible act by their teacher. In cases like these, all of the time the student put into their work was nothing more than a huge waste of time.

When students enter or leave a classroom from now on they should get into the practice of checking the trash can. Apparently, you never know what you might find there. Gum wrappers and broken pencils may not be the only thing in there. It’s too bad that hard work can end up with such an inconsiderate fate.

14 Teachers Conduct Human Experiments


“I’m a high school teacher. I sometimes pair my students into groups with people I know they have crushes on. It’s hilarious to watch.”

Any teacher that has been in the profession for a good number of years has got to get bored. When you teach the same thing year after year the end result is actually teaching the same class over and over again maybe hundreds of times. That’s got to wear on the mind of teachers. Just as anything else in life, though, when someone gets bored they usually do something stupid to kill time. Teachers are no different.

When the boredom sets in why not conduct some human experiments right there in the class? Teachers deal with the same kids every day all year long and they know them pretty good. They know who has what type of personality and who likes or dislikes other students. When they pair up students that have crushes on each other the results could be good. As a matchmaker, it could have good results. But it could also have disastrous results for those that aren’t mature enough yet to be able to handle such a situation. It’s certainly not something that a teacher should be doing on purpose.

13 Teachers Punish Students For Being Right


“Whenever I'm wrong and a student corrects me, I find a way to punish him or her without letting it be obvious.”

For years there have been rumors that some teachers don’t like some students or treat some of them in ways that aren’t deserved. This teacher’s confession is not good at all. Punishing a student for being correct and pointing out that a teacher is wrong is just not right. That is, as long as the student does it in a respectful way. We will go with that thought process for this. If it’s respectfully pointed out the teacher should realize that they have done a good job in teaching that student. They should admit the mistake and reward the student for taking the initiative to correct the teacher. Then again, some people can’t handle being corrected, even teachers.

It’s appalling to hear a teacher actually admit to this kind of treatment. If a teacher doesn’t want to teach and give accolades when a student is correct when the teacher is wrong, why even go to work in the morning? If you ever wondered why your kid doesn’t want to go to school, a quick look into their teachers might get you the answer.

12 Teachers Don't Pay Attention


“I’m a teacher and I hate when my students tell me about their lives because I honestly don’t care.”

A lot of students think they are friends with their teachers. This makes them feel comfortable enough to share things with them. In a lot of cases, this is a good thing because the teacher can learn things that will help the student outside of the classroom. It can also be a window into any trouble that student might be having.

When a student looks for someone to talk to they usually look outside of their parents. They just aren’t comfortable sharing certain information with their parents and you can’t blame them. Teachers are a good outlet because some of them really do care. However, the person that wrote the above quote obviously doesn’t care and any student that talks to them is just wasting their own time.

Another way that students look at teachers is that they have experience in life and the student will trust them to give good advice. After all, they are a teacher. If the teacher is just looking for a job and not a career, they should choose a different profession. I’m not saying that they have to take a major interest in every student, but at least care a little to try and help.

11 Teachers Make Up Wrong Answers

“I’m a teacher... Sometimes I make answers up just so that my students will stop asking questions.”

Are you kidding me? Students ask questions to teachers. It happens every day because the teachers are the ones with the answers. That’s why they are there. To teach the students what they know about a certain subject. The students are there to soak up that information and become a smarter person. This absolutely cannot happen if the teacher is giving the wrong answers to students purposely.

Teachers are not perfect. Nobody is. But if they are asked a question that they don’t know what the answer is they should at the very least look it up. Making up an answer because they don’t know the answer is inexcusable. If the teacher does actually know the answer and purposely gives the wrong answer, well that’s doubly inexcusable.

If a teacher is having a bad day or just wants to not be bothered at the moment, they should never give a wrong answer to a question purposely. There are lots of ways to handle those types of situations. Sure it’s a good way to have all of the questions stop but at what cost? I guess school isn’t for learning anymore.

10 Teachers Don't Care Like They Should


“As a teacher, I'm not supposed to have favorite students, but I definitely do.”

We have all heard the term “teacher’s pet”. It’s hard for an entire classroom of students to not notice one student getting more favorable treatment than the rest. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be but it happens in classrooms all over the world each and every day. The main difference is that most teachers won’t own up to doing it. On Whisper, however, one actually does confirm it.

Lots of things can be affected by this favoritism or to the opposite. A favorite may get a better grade than they actually deserve and another student that the teacher may not think too highly of, may get a worse grade than they actually deserve. That is just wrong on countless levels.

Another teacher admitted on the website that they treat the popular girls in their class poorly. Why does she do this? Because when she herself was a kid the popular girls weren’t very nice to her. She actually wrote this on the website.

It seems to me that she went into the wrong field of work. Unless of course, it was a carefully thought out plan that started when she was a teenager. What a disturbed individual that teacher is.

9 Teachers Adjust Grades


“I’m a teacher, and I hate to admit it but if I hate a student, I drop their grades by 5-10%. All those assumptions kids have that their teacher hate them are true.”

Well, at least we now have verification of something that has been long rumored. Students try to be nice to their teachers because for the most part kids aren’t that stupid. They know that the teacher holds their success in their hands and to treat them poorly would be nothing more than a very bad decision. But it doesn’t do any good apparently if the teacher doesn’t share the same level of respect.

This act itself is a natural part of life. We tend to look down upon those that we don’t think too highly of and seem to put those that we do like up on a pedestal. But in several aspects of life, this kind of action isn’t applicable and one of those is the teaching profession.

A teacher should be able to check those negative feelings at the door when he or she enters the classroom. It’s just like a professional referee should when they enter the field of play. A teacher is supposed to be neutral in the classroom and teach everyone equally.

8 Teachers Have Violent Thoughts


“I’d like to punch a kid right in the face and laugh.”

Oh really! Let’s face it, teaching is a hard job and it’s also thankless. Most people don’t approach a teacher after graduation and thank them. They are all too often forgotten about. That’s got to wear on them at least a little bit. But most don’t do it for the accolades.

Being in the classroom every day has got to be pure hell sometimes. All of the students aren’t angels and quite a few of them look down upon teachers and are only in school because they have to be. Any teacher that continues to show up for work day after day when they are subject to abuse from students has got to be given a little credit at the very least.

You can’t hold a person’s thoughts against them. Thoughts aren’t a crime, but sometimes they lead to actions. Whichever teacher admitted to these kinds of thoughts should be carefully watched. Sure their job is hard. Some days it’s probably much harder than others but these thoughts shouldn’t be entering the mind of a teacher. They should be able to control their thought process. If they can’t control their own thoughts, how are they supposed to be able to control a classroom full of students?

7 Teachers Purposefully Do Harmful Things


“I’m a teacher and when two students hate each other I pair them up.”

Is that so? The teacher that admitted to carrying out this action should be held responsible for anything negative that comes out of it. Why would they do something so horrible you ask? Well, another quote that was taken from the website just might sum that up for you. Another teacher wrote, “I'm a teacher and I hate to admit that I hate these kids sometimes... and by sometimes I mean usually.”

There you have it. Someone with that mindset would be the one to pair up student’s that don’t like each other much. That same teacher would probably be the first one to lodge a complaint against the students if they got into a fight in the classroom. Some of these confessions are amazing but they certainly answer a lot of questions that have been asked for a long time now.

Some people may look at this as sort of a positive reinforcement exercise. The kids learn that later on in life they may be forced to deal with someone they don’t much care for. If this is the case it could be considered a good exercise to do. But from these quotes, it’s hard to believe that’s what the teacher has in mind.

6 Some Teachers Have Positive Thoughts and Intentions


“I'm a teacher and the biggest way I could let my students down is if they don't see how much I care about them. I worry about that more than anything else I teach.”

This quote should be included in this list for the simple fact of showing that all teachers aren’t bad people. There really are some that do care about their students and it’s refreshing to read after everything that has already been exposed, and what’s still to come on this list. Another teacher wrote that “My students put me in a better mood. This is why I teach.”

Kudos are to be given to whoever wrote that. But in reality, they shouldn’t have to be given. Most of this list shows you just how bad a lot of teachers actually are. These two quotes are proof that there are still some good ones left. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to call out a teacher, or anyone else for that matter, for doing what they are actually supposed to be doing. That’s not how things are supposed to be but I guess in this life now, there are plenty of things that aren’t the way that they should be anymore.

5 Some Teachers Live an "Adventurous" Bedroom Life


“My secret: None of my students realize my husband and I are fully bisexual swingers and we are nudists as well. Teachers have lives after the last bell rings you know.”

Back in the day teachers used to be very conscious about what they did when they were away from school. They knew that their actions outside of the classroom could directly affect what they are trying to do inside of it. Those days, however, are now long gone. Teachers do whatever they want to on their own time and to a certain degree, they should be allowed to do so. Depending on what it is they are doing. You don’t want someone teaching your kids during the day that’s committing murder once the sun goes down.

This teacher admits that she lives her life with her husband outside of the classroom, as they see fit. That’s just fine as long as they take the needed precautions to protect their secret. Some may agree with the lifestyle and some may not. But we may all be in agreeance that we wouldn’t want our children learning about it and talking about in class. Some things are best just left where they are.

4 Teachers Fall Asleep In Class

“I’m a teacher and I fall asleep in class regularly.”

This is a very bold admission from one teacher. We all have those weeks that just won’t end or that long, hard night. The next day can be pretty rough but you have to find a way to get through it or just stay home. Obviously, the students aren’t learning anything if their teacher is sleeping during class and what kind of example does that set for them?

It teaches them that sleeping on the job is acceptable and it can be done without any repercussions or loss of pay. This is absolutely ridiculous when it happens and no teacher that does this should keep their job. Not only for the bad example that it sets, but because it’s actually an act of theft. It could be considered stealing from the school as they are getting paid for this downtime.

It has got to be a very tiring job standing up in front of a classroom day after day. I’m sure there is a lot of stress and drama that comes along with it as well. The bottom line is, however, that if a teacher can’t stay awake during class then they need to be at home taking the day off.

3 Teachers Blame Students For Their Own Actions


“I’m a kindergarten teacher. When I fart in class I blame it on my students.”

OK, you can stop laughing now. While this might seem to be a bit funny at first, when you think of everything that can come out of it, you will realize that it’s actually not funny at all. First of all, kids that young are very fragile and impressionable. By actually doing something like this it shows the youngsters that placing the blame on someone else is actually ok and that not owning up to your own actions is an acceptable procedure.

To take it a step further, if blame is placed on a young child by the teacher, other students could see that and see the teacher laughing. They then might get the thought that it’s ok to pick on or bully another student if they do something wrong.

You also have the case of another student’s actually believing the teacher placing the blame and then continuing to harass that one child about it. Something like that could be continued for years to come, all the way through high school.

A more appropriate action, in this case, would be to just laugh it off with the kids. They find it funny most of the time anyway. Hell, most adults still find it funny. Placing the blame on a young kid in a classroom is not a proper way to handle things at all.

2 Teachers Think Their Students Are Stupid


“I’m a high school teacher and I wish I could tell my students how dumb they are being. Seriously, I don’t know what they are going to do in life.”

Isn’t it a teacher’s job to help the student find their way and what they might want to do down the road in life? To at least lend a hand in this growth process? If a teacher is wondering what their students are going to do later on in life that teacher is not very good at their job.

If a student has a learning problem where the teacher thinks they are stupid, they should take it upon themselves to fix that issue. Isn’t that their job as a… um, you know, teacher? Anytime a teacher thinks their students are stupid they should take it as a direct result of their job performance, and nothing else.

Granted some are much harder to teach than others, that’s a given. If you are going to give up on them and just write them off as stupid, you the teacher have chosen the wrong profession to collect a paycheck from. Then again, maybe that’s the only reason you show up to the classroom every day anyway.

1 Teachers Have Sexual Thoughts About Students


“I’m a college professor sleeping with a student. If anyone found out I could lose my job.”

This confession isn’t really that shocking. There isn’t a single one of us that doesn’t realize this happens every day. The main thing to keep in mind is that the student is of age. While it may be against the rules it’s certainly not illegal. However, if a college professor is admitting this on the website, you just know that there are plenty of other teachers that have the same thoughts on lower levels on the education ladder. That’s the main issue. If you don’t believe me just read the news. Countless times of it happening is all of the proof you need, if you needed any at all.

In these cases, the loss of a job is the least of the worries for anyone involved. Jail time and possibly ruining a child’s growth process and mental status should be the most important factors to worry about.

Quite obviously this should not ever be something to enter the mind of a teacher on any level of education. Just because it’s legal in the eyes of the law at the college level doesn’t mean that it’s ok to do. On lower levels of school, this is something that parents should be very concerned about. No parent ever wants to find out that their 16-year-old (or younger) daughter (or son) is the desire of their teacher’s sexual fantasies. Wrong isn’t even the right word to describe that.

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