15 Horrifying Confessions From People Before They Died

When you are about to die, there may be many thoughts that are racing through your mind. You need to hope that you aren't going to be filled with regret, but that was definitely the case for the 15 people you're going to read about.

Such as the individuals who admitted to crimes on their deathbed that sent innocent people to jail for years. Or thieves who waited until the very end for them to finally admit the extent of their crimes.

The supernatural world is also looked at and the legacy of the Lochness monster and the infamous UFO crash at Roswell will never be looked at the same way once you read these confessions. There's even someone who confessed to a murder thinking he was about to die, only to then make a healthy recovery. Oops!

With no shortage of variety, we assure you there are plenty of things that will leave you entertained and shocked when you read 15 horrifying confessions that people made before they died.


15 Tor Hepso - Murdered 2 Men That Sent Another Man To Jail For 18 Years

Fritz Moen was unfortunately struck with several things that impeded his ability to communicate. Along with being deaf, Moen also suffered from a speech impediment and was partially paralyzed.

These all may have played a role in his inability to prove that he did not murder Torunn Finstad and Sigrid Heggheim which led to him spending 18 years in jail.

At least until another convicted felon, Tor Hepso, confessed prior to passing away that he was actually the person behind both incidents. Moen was later set free and awarded 20 million NOK (Norwegian currency). Not a bad payday, but definitely not worth having to spend years of your life in jail for crimes that you know you never committed.

14 Walter Haut - Admitted He Had Seen Aliens


When it comes to the debate on if Aliens exist and have visited earth, you'd be foolish to not at least factor in the story of Walter Haut.

Haut was the man who drafted the press release on July 8th, 1947, the day of the Roswell UFO incident. In the release, Haut admitted that the government had attained a "flying disk"; a claim that was later retracted and changed to a weather balloon.

But prior to Haut's death, he wrote that there were actually 2 crashes at Roswell, not 1 as reported. Haut also admitted to seeing canvas-covered bodies with large heads, as well as an egg-shaped craft that he described as being 12 feet long and 6 feet high.

Haut clearly knew this information would have led to him getting pestered by reporters, which is why he made sure the information was only released after he passed away.

13 Geraldine Kelly - Murdered Her Husband

Geraldine Kelly was in a constant state of fear from her husband (and father of her children) John Kelly who was physically and verbally abusive.

Which is why in 1991, she shot him in the back of the head and then shoved him in a freezer. Telling their children that he died in a car accident, Kelly kept the secret until her passing when she informed her children; who promptly had the police involved and confirmed Kelly's grizzly tale. Here is hoping none of her children grew up with a fear of driving due to thinking they lost their father in an accident.

We also can't help but imagine how bad that freezer must have smelled when it was opened in 2004. You also need to at least hope that the police officer that dealt with it was able to take the rest of the day off!

12 Alice Monk - Confessed To Lying About A Crime That Sent A Man To Jail For 12 Years


One of the most frustrating feelings in the entire world is to be accused of something that you didn't do. It may ruin your day if it's something minor, but for Wayman Camille Jr., Alice Monk's decision to lie led to him spending 12 years in jail.

Monk lied about Camille Jr. raping and robbing her in 1975, with the truth actually being that she had robbed Camille Jr. after they got drunk together and he passed out.

Monk only admitted to the lie on her deathbed, which at least prompted the release of Camille Jr.. Camille Jr. pleaded guilty and received 15 years out of fear that if he was convicted of first-degree rape that he would have served 45 years.

11 Naaman Diller - Stole Marie Antoinette Pocket Watch (Valued At Over $30 Million)

It's always devastating when a piece of history gets stolen. Such was the case in 1983 when several pieces disappeared, including the pocket watch belonging to Marie Antoinette.

It was taken by professional thief Naaman Diller who prior to dying, told his wife about his crimes and urged her to try and sell them. Call us crazy, but that probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world. But I guess he figured, hey, I'm dying, who knows how this will turn out but at least I won't be around to see!

Not shocking to anyone, except perhaps Naaman's wife, the person who bought the watch informed police who were able to link the crimes and trail to Naaman.

10 Naomi Shemer - Admitted One Of The Biggest Songs In Israel's History Was Plagiarized


One of the most famous songs in Israel is Naomi Shemer's "Jerusalem of Gold", but we won't blame you if you don't know it. We also won't blame you if you don't know the Basque lullaby that Shemer plagiarized when creating her song.

A fact that Shemer denied her entire life, but prior to her death of cancer she wrote the truth,

"I consider the entire affair a regrettable work accident – so regrettable that it may be the reason for me taking ill," as well as admitting that perhaps the song just went in one ear and out the other and she wasn't aware of her actions until too late. While we don't think the decision to steal the song is why she had cancer, at least she clearly felt terrible about her decision.

9 Diane Crawford - Murdered Her Two Co-Workers

Back in 1967, Diane Crawford really didn't want to work her upcoming shift at an ice cream store. Unfortunately, her two co-workers Constance Smootz Hevener and Carolyn Hevener Perry were unwilling to cover her shift.

So naturally, Crawford then pulled out a gun and killed them both at close range.

Confessing 2 months prior to her death of chronic kidney disease, Crawford also defended her actions by saying the women had taunted her for being a lesbian.

The case is also not devastating for the loss of lives, but also as a reminder that taunting someone for their sexual orientation is an awful thing to do and while it is not as rampant in North America as it may have been in 1967; it is still completely unacceptable.


8 Christian Spurling - Lied About Lochness Photo


There are plenty of reasons as to why you may believe in the Lochness monster. But if one of your reasons is the photo that Christian Spurling famously took, we have some sad news for you. The photo which ran in several newspapers and was for a while considered the biggest proof many people had, was admitted to be a fake by Spurling prior to his passing.

Spurling had wanted to get revenge on a local paper that had mistreated his father-in-law. While there have been other reasons over the years that people have given for why they believe in Lochness, we're sure Spurling's confession towards the end at least made them reconsider their thoughts.

7 Mark "Chopper" Read - The Murder Of 4 People

Mark Read spent part of his life writing children's books. Sounds wholesome and fun right? But Mark also spent a large portion of his life engaging in various criminal activities, including once claiming that he had murdered 19 people; which at least he later said was an exaggeration.

One thing that most likely was true was his deathbed confession that he had killed 4 people in his life. At the very least, one of his victims was a convicted child-killer who he murdered in jail.

Read's life was turned into a movie entitled Chopper that starred Eric Bana and was released in 2000.

6 Christopher Smith - Murder And Assault Of Joan Harrison


Christopher Smith was no stranger to a jail cell, having been arrested throughout his life for a variety of charges. But the most serious thing that he ever did, he only admitted to on a notepad shortly before passing away. Also in the confession was Smith admitting, "I can't go on with the guilt. I have lived with it for over 20 years."

Smith had raped and murdered Joan Harris back in 1975, a case that was never officially solved. Which at least means Smith didn't help send an innocent man to jail, something that is not the case for some other unfortunate people on our list who spent years in jail for crimes they didn't commit.

And while he may have written over 20 years, the reality is that it had actually been 35 years.

5 Janet Lawson - That Frank Thorogood Murdered Famed Musician Brian Jones

The night that musician Brian Jones was found dead in a pool was one that was steeped in mystery for decades. One of the founding members of the Rolling Stones, Jones had been sacked from the band due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol earlier that month.

The night of his death, Wilson was hanging out with Janet Lawson, Tom Keylock, Frank Thorogood and Anna Wohlin.

And while Jones' death was ruled a suicide, Janet admitted close towards the end of her life that she felt Thorogood was responsible for the murder, saying in an interview

"I went into the house to look for Brian's inhaler. Frank jumped back in the pool, did something to Brian and by the time I came back, Brian was lying peacefully on the bottom of the pool with not a ripple in the water."

4 Julian Altman - Solved The 51-Year Mystery Of A Stolen Million Dollar Violin


There aren't many violins in the entire world that are considered to be more valuable than the Gibson ex-Huberman Stradivarius which was made back in 1713 and has been played by some of the best musicians of all-time.

But in 1936, the violin was stolen and vanished for over 50 years. It was only on Julian Altman's deathbed that he admitted that he had been in possession of the violin this entire time. Though he claimed he didn't steal it, but instead bought it off someone that night for $100.

Once recovered, the violin was sold for $1.2 million.

3 James Brewer - Killed His Neighbor

James Brewer has the fun distinction of being the only person on our list who gave a deathbed confessional and then managed to stave off death.

Following a stroke suffered in 2009, Brewer admitted that he had killed his neighbor back in 1977 and was even arrested. Unfortunately for police, Brewer was able to pay his bail and then fled the city and took on a new identity alongside his wife.

Fearing that death was just around the corner, Brewer asked for a police officer to come to the hospital where he gave his confession.

Guess we know how he's spending at least the next few years of his life!

2 Margaret Gibson - Killed Silent Film Era Legend William Desmond Taylor


William Desmond Taylor was a fantastic director and actor back in the silent era of films. Sadly for Taylor's family, however, the punishment for his murder was also silent.

That's because the person who logically did it, Margaret Gibson, did not admit to the murder until moments before she died. The two had also previously starred in 4 films together prior to Taylor's switch to directing and it was also rumored that they may have had a romantic past that turned sour.

There has been no shortage of feuds between co-stars and actors/directors in Hollywood, but we can be grateful that there aren't any murder stories associated with them!

1 Unnamed Man - The Murder Of 16 Year Old Emma Smith

When Emma Smith went missing back in 1926, her family had thought feared she may have been murdered, but no trace of her was ever found. You can imagine that state of not knowing what had happened to her must have made moving on all the harder.

But back in 1953, her family got a sense of closure when a man approached a family member of Smith's and admitted to the murder shortly before his own death.

The real shocker of the story may come from the fact that the family was then sworn to secrecy and kept it that way for decades until 2009. We hope at least they informed other family members if they inquired about Smith's death.

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