15 Hollywood Stars Who've Had Supernatural Encounters

These celebrities have had a taste of the supernatural, and they have some haunting stories to tell.

Paranormal experiences don’t just happen in rural farm houses, celebrities experience ghostly visits as well. Whether they’re touring through a new town, ghost hunting in cemeteries, or just going about their daily lives at home; Hollywood stars have had some freaky and weird paranormal encounters to report. All supernatural visits are always up to speculation, many people don’t even believe that ghosts are real. Some photos have been debunked and some stories have been pointed at with fault. But with this amount of Hollywood celebrities and normal people across the globe being visited by spirits, we have to ask ourselves if there’s some merit to the claims.

Though the stories in this list are about celebrities who are in the waking world being haunted by supernatural beings, there are tons of celebrities who are actually ghosts frequently spotted long after their deaths. The ghost of Marilyn Monroe is often seen at the Roosevelt Hotel and at her Hollywood Star in Los Angeles. Stagehands at the Vegas Hilton always see the ghost of Elvis in his full sequinned costume, perhaps it is their love for attention that keeps them around. These stories of real live celebrities coming into contact with ghosts sends chills right down our spines.

15 Ke$ha


In the last few years, Ke$ha has only been in the headlines regarding a lawsuit with her producer. The singer has been through a long battle as she tries to get back on the stage and perform for her fans, but in 2012 she was in the news for an entirely different reason. Ke$ha did a live interview where she claimed that she had sex with a ghost which scared her… in a fun way. The experience happened when the shock pop singer was staying in a flophouse in Rural Canyon with what she referred to as a ‘weird energy’. At first it would keep her up at night or wake her, but soon it began progressing into a dark, sexual entity. The star is fascinated by spirits and hopes to learn as much as possible about this other world that seemingly exists on top of our own.

14 Ariana Grande


This bite-sized singer with a giant voice was just 20-years-old when she graced the cover of Complex magazine. Inside of the publication Grande spun a weird tale about her experience with a demon, or a ghost, or something supernatural. But to be fair, she was seeking out the ghost during this visit. The singer and her friends were visiting a haunted castle in Kansas City and then the next night decided it would be a good idea to go to Stull Cemetery. This cemetery is often referred to as the seven gates of hell on earth. Soon after entering the graveyard, but still in their car, Grande felt a dark, ominous presence overtaking her.

After this overwhelming feeling, Grande saw a fly in the car which she knows to be a sign that a demon is present. After these signs, Grande asked that they leave but first rolled down the window and said “We apologize. We didn’t mean to disrupt your peace.” before taking a photo of the darkness. The photo revealed three very distinct faces that weren’t there in the waking world.

13 Peter Jackson


New Zealand-born filmmaker really got his start after directing The Lord of the Rings trilogy and went on to direct the critically acclaimed film The Lovely Bones. Before he reached such monumental fame Jackson was just a normal schlub who was visited by a ghost. It was while making The Lovely Bones that Jackson spoke out about his experience with the other side of death. Jackson had an experience in an old apartment across from St. James Theatre while living with his wife almost 20-years-ago.

He awoke and saw a woman, about 50-years-old, standing over him in his bed. He describes her face as accusatory and that she looked to be screaming. He remembers being terrified before she glided across the room and through a wall never to be seen again. When he called in his wife Jackson told her about the vision to which his wife responded, “Was it the lady with the screaming face?”. Apparently, she had seen her in the same place 2 years prior.

12 Patrick Stewart


As one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood Patrick Stewart has played some iconic roles from the theater to the silver screen. His ghost experience happened while the star was performing Waiting for Godot alongside his best friend Ian McKellen. After the final curtain during a performance in which Stewart looked distracted, McKellan asked Stewart what had happened. Stewart responded that he saw an apparition, it was a man in twill trousers standing in the wings.

The performance was at the Theatre Royal where stagehands believe they are often visited by the former actor-manager John Baldwin Buckstone who was said to have been a friend of none other than Charles Dickens. Appearances of Buckstone aren’t super frequent but he does like to appear when there is a comedy playing, or when he appreciates the show. Stewart wasn’t frightened but instead impressed. The last time the apparition appeared in front of an actor was 10-12 years prior to Stewart’s visit.

11 Peaches Geldof


Before her tragic death socialite Peaches Geldof had seemingly settled down to live a life of domesticity with husband Thomas Cohen. In 2013 she posted a selfie on Instagram that featured her and her son during bath time. His arms are in front of him and she is holding him and the camera, so how is there a phantom baby hand in the photo? After posting the photo Geldof began to look into the history of the house to find out if there had been any deaths on the property that could cause an apparition. Unfortunately, she passed away just the next year of a heroin overdose. She is survived by her two sons, husband, and father. Her mother also passed away from a heroin overdose in 2000. The young woman suffered from addiction for years but had been clean for quite awhile before beginning to battle with heroin once again. Her father blamed himself for not getting more involved, but we hope they have been able to find peace.

10 Miley Cyrus


While Miley was on tour for Party in the U.S.A. and staying in a London apartment she swears that her and her family had a terrifying ghost experience. Her little sister Noah was in the shower and then started screaming. Naturally. Cyrus went in to find her sister showering in burning water, the catch was that she never turned the handle herself. Her skin was bright red and she was just screaming, not understanding how this had happened. This was only made scarier by the fact that Cyrus thought she saw a little boy sitting on the countertop kicking his feet, watching her shower. Instead of ghost hunting and staying in the apartment, the Cyrus family relocated to a hotel, never to return again. They did find out that the apartment was previously owned by a husband and wife who had one small boy together. The mother died and eventually the father passed away too, leaving the son alone to run the family bakery. Cyrus is convinced that she and her sister were being visited by that little boy.

Instead of ghost hunting and staying in the apartment. the Cyrus family relocated to a hotel, never to return again. They did find out that the apartment was previously owned by a husband and wife who had one small boy together. The mother passed, eventually. the father passed away too, leaving the son alone to run the family bakery. Cyrus is convinced that she and her sister were being visited by that little boy.

9 Shirley Maclaine


Iconic actress Shirley Maclaine swears that Downton Abbey castle is haunted after her supernatural encounter. Oscar award winning actress and Hollywood spiritualist Maclaine claims that it was so haunted that the pictures actually moved off the walls in the castle. The actress found the energy of the space magnetic and loved the experience of being in such a haunted structure. She believes that a possible source for this immense energy could be from a time when King Tut’s tomb was stored in the basement. The estate’s former master had an obsession with Egyptian artifacts and collected many throughout his years at the castle. Whether it was King Tut himself or other entities clinging onto the historic energy of the space or they are other buzzing auras, Maclaine is positive that the castle is haunted.

8 Taylor Momsen


This young blond actress got her start as a little sister on Gossip Girl but soon she evolved into a bad girl frontman for a punk band. When the young girl was growing up her mom lived next door to an old lady who passed away. Momsen and her friends took the opportunity to ghost hunt in the deceased woman’s house, where they had some freaky experiences. Momsen claims that she got two photos of the ghost, one that features a spectral hand on a typewriter. The other, she claims, is a full figure of a woman next to the window. Momsen is a dark shock rocker who loves heavy eyeliner and ripped up leggings, so perhaps we’re not surprised that the young goth has had visits from ghosts in her lifetime. Momsen got her start modeling when she was 14 and also starred as Cindy Lou Who in the Jim Carrey film Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but you would hope there are no ghosts on her photo shoots or in Whoville.

7 Jenna Bush


While the daughter of the former president was talking to Jay Leno on his late night show she informed the audience, and the world, that she had some paranormal experiences while her family was living in the White House. Bush said that she was woken up by a noise and realized that it as 1920’s music coming out of her fireplace. At that point, she ran terrified into her sister’s room before being told that she was silly. Awhile later Bush and her sister were in her room together falling back asleep after having been woken up. They both heard loud opera music coming out of the fireplace. After this incident, the girls found out that many of the staff in the house hears those spectral songs all the time. Unfortunately, Jenna never saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln even though many think that he still roams the halls. Jenna was disappointed and had hoped to see this vision before moving out of the White House in 2009.

6 Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey wasn’t only visited by a ghost, he knows her name. Madame Bleu was an elderly woman who haunted McConaughey’s former Los Angeles County home. In his first nights in the house, the actor slept in a tent in the middle of his bedroom floor with his dog, and in the middle of the night, he heard a strange loud sound. It sounded like a dime being dropped from 10 feet in the air. McConaughey stood his ground and told the woman to move, that he wasn’t going anywhere. He said that the ghost stuck around for awhile at the end of one specific hallway and none of his guests liked to be down there. But eventually she left, and that became one of the favorite area’s of the house for guests. Though we like his ghost story we still prefer this hunk in romantic comedies to horror films.

5 Kate Hudson


In an interview on the Alan Carr Show in 2014, Kate Hudson not only admitted that she saw ghosts but also that her mother was a medium of some kind. The actress explained that her gift isn’t about seeing a spectral vision but instead the art of feeling energy. She explained it as a fifth energy and that the brain manifests things. She also added some advice for anyone being visited by a ghost, apparently, most of them are just confused. Hudson said that when we see a spirit we should let them know what year it is and that they don’t belong in this world. In the same interview, Hudson revealed that she once saw a ghost that was a woman who had no face and described this experience as “Really freaky”. Hudson is most known for her acting but she also runs a moderately successful workout clothing line called Fabletics.

4 Meatloaf


Singer and former star of the original Rocky Horror Picture Show claimed on the Lifetime Movie Network series The Haunting Of that he had a paranormal experience while recording the album Bat out of Hell with Jim Steinman and Todd Rundgren. He was staying at a house adjacent to Bearsville Studios when the ghost (s) appeared to him. First, Meatloaf saw a woman in a white dress walk past his window and assumed that it was a Rundgren groupie. This was the less malevolent visit. Meatloaf later had an experience with an entity that slammed his doors and ripped the covers off of his bed. To get through it, he popped way too many sleeping pills as he explained on the Lifetime original series. It should be mentioned that during the time that this took place Meatloaf was in the middle of what many would refer to as a drug addiction and he never mentioned what else he was on when he was ‘visited’.

3 Keanu Reeves


In 2014 Jimmy Kimmel was interviewing Keanu Reeves when the Matrix Trilogy star told the funnyman a surprising story about his childhood experiences. Reeves was visited by a ghost as a child living in New York. He was about 6 or 7-years-old in a new apartment after his family had just relocated from Australia. Describing the scene, Reeves and his nanny were in the bedroom and suddenly a jacket that appeared to have a person in it that nobody could see walked into the doorway. The animated actor was horrified and claims to have asked his nanny if it was a ghost or just a weird floating jacket. Reeves continues to wow us on screen in action films like John Wick: Chapter 2 and equally wows us with his storytelling in interviews. He also reveled in the fact that he’s never met another Keanu outside of his family, what a shame.

2 Demi Lovato


The former Disney star, singer, and actress is a firm believer in ghosts and thinks that her house in Texas is haunted. She knows that the spirit isn’t malevolent, it is actually a little girl named Emily. When Lovato was only 3-years-old her mom found her talking to herself and asked who she was speaking to. Lovato responded, “My best friend Emily,” and said she is probably around 12-13 years of age. Later on during her “Neon Lights Tour” fans went crazy thinking they had captured a photo of the singer with a ghost waiting in the curtains. Though it’d be fun to think that this was actually a real ghost fan watching Lovato perform, we are led to believe otherwise. This ghost face is exceptionally similar to those that are added to photos using the ‘ghost photo app’.

1 Carrie Fisher


This beloved actress recently passed away but her fans will continue to remember her legacy in the years to come. She was eccentric, hilarious, and full of spunk until her dying day; and apparently she believed in ghosts. Fisher once thought back to the death of her friend Greg Stevens, a Republican operative who overdosed in her mansion many years prior. She told Vanity Fair in 2006 that lights in her house would go on and off. There was also a gag toy that Fisher had in her closet that said things like “Eat s--t!” and “F--k you!”, that would go off in her closet while it was all by itself. After enough weird occurrences Fisher and her friends banded together to arrange an exorcism in her house. Once that was done the actress didn’t have any more issues. Worst case she always could have called up Luke for some help!


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