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15 Hollywood Divas With The Nastiest Habits Ever

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15 Hollywood Divas With The Nastiest Habits Ever

The term diva has changed so dramatically over the years that it can be tough to understand what it means anymore. For our purposes, we’re merely using the term to identify popular female singers, actresses and celebrities. We’re not necessarily speaking to their personalities, though, you might still be able to classify this list in that manner and still have it make sense. It just so happens that many of these women have extremely high levels of self-importance, which also works within the term’s definition, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Plain and simple, we are looking at the gross and the unexpected bad habits from women who are usually perceived to be models of perfection. We like to imagine that most of these female celebs go through their days without ever using the bathroom or doing anything that might be considered gross, such as farting only the most pleasant of aromas. That’s just not true. These women are humans and most every human is gross, even if in only one way.

We all have bad habits, these nasty little secrets we try to hide from everyone. No, we’re not talking about smoking, drinking alcohol, spitting or swearing– those are called normal habits. Nasty habits are the ones that you hear a celebrity has but you refuse to believe it. It just can’t be, you think to yourself. There’s no way that Cher poops on her kitchen counter each evening. Well, sorry, that one’s totally not true, but that’s the kind of thing we’re dealing with here, freaky stuff. OK, maybe we set the bar too high with that one, but the point is that celebrities are just as weird and every bit as weird as you. Maybe not counter-deuce weird, but close. Here are 15 Hollywood divas who have the nastiest habits.

15. Alicia Silverstone: Feeds Baby Like a Bird

Now that Alicia Silverstone‘s child is about five years old, we suspect that this disgusting habit is old news, but whenever we get the chance to talk about Silverstone chewing and then spitting food down her kid’s throat, we’re going to take it. Listen, we’re all for trying new things, especially when it comes to parenting, but we draw the acceptance line at regurgitating up food for your child to eat. It doesn’t matter if it’s better for the kid or whatever whacko science you’re using to pat yourself on the back with, it looks sickening. Have some respect for yourself and your child. Maybe just give him something that doesn’t involve chewing. If nature intended him to eat a steak at three months old, they would have given him some teeth.

14. Jessica Simpson: Doesn’t Brush Teeth

We’ve written about this in the past, but honestly, it’s just too gross not to discuss again. While on Ellen, Jessica Simpson admitted that she doesn’t like to brush her teeth. Sure, plenty of people don’t “like” to brush their teeth, but we do it anyway. We do this because we like clean-looking teeth, it’s healthy and it helps contain bad breath. Unlike most people, Simpson just doesn’t do this. The singer said, “Because my teeth are so white and I don’t like them to feel too slippery but I do use Listerine and I do floss everyday… but I don’t brush them every day.” She continued, “My lips just slide all over the place… I can’t catch up with my mouth… I need a little coating…” Now, when she says coating, she, of course, means plaque. She also said that she will “use a shirt or something” to brush her teeth, instead of the tool that was designed to brush your teeth and not wear on your body, a toothbrush.

13. Megan Fox: Forgets to Flush

At least she can admit to her shortcomings, but dear lord, Megan Fox, flush the damn toilet. You may have heard about this one before, but Fox has said that one of her worst habits is cleaning up after herself and that includes flushing the toilet after pooping. In an interview, Fox said, “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet. Friends will tell me, ‘Megan, you totally pinched a loaf in my toilet and didn’t flush.'” Listen, we understand a bit of laziness from time to time or blanking and forgetting to flush because something altered your routine drastically. But if forgetting to flush is a thing that happens to you frequently, that means that not flushing is part of your routine. So, therefore, we can deduce that Fox hasn’t worked in flushing her poo down to her toilet program. Someone needs to introduce her to the rhyme, “if it’s brown, flush it down.” Stop being so gross.

12. Snooki: Cat Litter Face Rub

When Snooki first got loose from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, she moved to Jersey Shore and got a TV deal. Ever since then, we’ve had to put up with her nonsense, thankfully less so in recent years. Still, going long past her 15 seconds of fame didn’t stop this little Oompa Loompa from sharing beauty tips on Conan O’Brien, as if people had been dying to know how you keep your skin looking so orange and leathery. It was there that Snooki divulged that she rubbed kitty litter on her face as a cheap substitute for an exfoliant. No, the litter wasn’t used that we know of, but still, the association is enough to make it weird. When a cosmetic expert was asked about this makeshift tip, she said, “Some brands of kitty litter contain aluminum silicate, the same ingredient used in glass-making as well as housing insulation. Plus, it’s a known neurotoxin for humans.” So, no kids, don’t listen to little orange-faced leprechauns. Kitty litter is for your kitten to pee on. Keep it in the box.

11. Lady Gaga: Pees in Waste Baskets

Remember when Justin Bieber peed in a janitor’s bucket that one time and everyone freaked out, as they should have? Well, apparently Lady Gaga pees in her dressing room dustbins on the regular. She said, in an interview, “I do quite often pee in the dressing room, in the trash can.” She went on to explain that a trip to the restroom would take too long and keep her fans waiting, so she does her business quickly in a garbage can in her dressing room. Here’s a crazy idea: if this is something that you do often, why not bring a portable toilet into your dressing room so that you don’t have to pee in a frickin’ garbage can? You would think with all the money Gaga makes, she could hire someone to give her good ideas and stop all the brainless ones from coming out.

10. Britney Spears: Major Nail Chewer

Yeah, yeah, plenty of people chew their nails. It’s actually quite common when you’re a nervous person. But have you ever seen Britney Spears‘ nails? She would chomp them right down to the nailbed if the fingertips weren’t stopping her. There are plenty of pictures and videos out there of the star gnawing on her digits, including several that show the bloody aftermath. For a normal person, this isn’t even a nasty habit, but c’mon, this is Britney b*tch. She’s got to continue being a positive role model for our youths, just like she has been for all these years…

9. Shailene Woodley: Eats Clay

If you’ve ever heard about Shailene Woodley‘s weird eating habits, you would know that she has, well, weird eating habits. Every interview, she talks about some new stupid diet she’s on, such as those days when she swore by eating clay. No joke. This young woman eats clay. Well, she probably heard about this from a doctor or a nutritionist, so it’s likely good for you. Nope. She heard it from a taxi driver. Seriously. She got her dieting tips from a guy driving a taxi. This is what she said about the diet: “Clay binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that aren’t necessarily the best for you.” So, does it work? Who knows. It’s not the like the clay picks and chooses which metals it removes, so there’s a good chance that Woodley is now anemic. On top of that, there is little if any scientific evidence that proves clay-eating is good for you. You’re probably best to avoid it.

8. Jennifer Lawrence: Has Toilet Hands

While many of her newfound haters would like to think that Jennifer Lawrence‘s honesty is all a plot to make her more personable, we like to think that she just doesn’t care to pretend she craps flower pedals. Speaking of crap, once she finishes going to the bathroom, Lawrence admits that she doesn’t wash off the fecal matter that may have landed on her hands. “[One of] my gross [habits], is probably … I don’t wash my hands after I go to the bathroom,” she said. Her Hunger Games co-star then added, “And then she likes to come back and literally puts her hands all over your face or in your mouth,” which makes the whole thing even worse. If nothing else, Lawrence seems determined to be more casual than the most casual, though having toilet hands is nothing to be proud of.

7. Suzanne Somers: Extreme Hormone Injections

Have you ever wondered how Suzanne Somers avoided menopause and keeps from looking like a normal 70-year-old woman? No, us neither. Still, she goes to insane lengths, like really insane. Every single day, the former actress rubs a full syringe of estrogen on an arm. For half the month, she rubs progesterone on her other arm as well. Then she injects estriol into her v-gina and takes 40 pills, all before starting her day. It’s not done there. Before bed, Somers takes an additional 20 pills. When asked why she goes through all this, Somers said, “I wanna be there,” pointing to her head, “until I’m 110. And I’m going to do what I have to do to get there.” Ok, but that’s another 40 years of vaginal injections Suzanne. Are you sure it’s worth it?

6. Julia Roberts: Bushy Pits

Back in 1999, Julia Roberts took the world by storm, not with her acting but with her nasty hairy armpits. Oh, it’s natural. Why can’t women have hairy armpits but men can? Shush. Women can have hairy armpits, and people will call it gross. And we did. And we will continue to do so. Either way, Roberts showed up to the London premiere of Notting Hill with a big bundle of hair bulging out of her armpits. It didn’t help matters that she seemed to wave to everybody that evening as well, flaunting the fact that she could do whatever she liked. It wasn’t long after that she won a Best Actress award. Maybe the pits were good luck, disgusting-looking good luck.

5. Adele: Nose Picking Addict

Adele admits that picking her own nose is her worst habit, which is pretty normal, but then she got into talking about her kid’s boogers and things went downhill. As soon as she switched from her bogeys to her son’s, she even changed the description of the habit from talking about “bad habits” to “the best thing,” describing how she likes to “pick my own kid’s bogeys, roll them in my hand and then flick those ones.” She continued, “When he was a baby and had his first cold — yes, we’re getting really gross now — I sucked the snot out of his nose because he was so congested. He was my baby, he was my first born!” Adele, you know they make nasal aspirators now right? You don’t need to manually suck out boogers with your own mouth. Ugh. She didn’t say what she did with them once they were in her mouth either. Please sweet baby Jesus, tell us she didn’t swallow them back.

4. Jane Lynch: Guzzled NyQuil Nightly

Although she’s kicked this habit by now, for a long time, actress Jane Lynch was addicted to drinking cough syrup before bed. Initially, Lynch was an alcoholic, but she overcame it. Still, she felt she needed something else to fill the void before bed, that and it helped her sleep. “Though no longer drinking Miller Lite I was in need of something to soothe me,” she said. “‘The fact that NyQuil had alcohol in it was not something I acknowledged at all. I still considered myself on the wagon.” You’ve got to wonder if an addict like this keeps colds away. Like this is debilitating disease, but if it keeps stuffy sinuses, coughing and sneezing away, it might be alright.

3. Olivia Munn: Rips Out Eyelashes

Actress Olivia Munn has a compulsive disorder shared by many that causes them to pull out hair on their body, often eyelashes as is the case with this beautiful actress. It’s called trichotillomania and when asked about her bad habits, the Ride Along 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse star said this: “I don’t bite my nails, but I rip my eyelashes… It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying. Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.” We agree that calling it a nasty habit is pretty insensitive, but it is a very strange disorder for a celebrity to have, and definitely a habit we’re glad we don’t have.

2. Kesha: Eats Beards

You ever wondered what a dirty old beard smelled like? No, probably not. Well, we can guarantee that it would taste worse than it smells, and they don’t smell too great. Well, Ke$ha isn’t someone who we would ever think would make good decisions, but her weird habit of chewing on random beards was, by far, the weirdest thing this weirdo has ever done. In a Tumblr blog, Ke$ha glorified her quasi-trichophagia disease (the compulsive eating of hair), by posting numerous photos of her chewing on gross beards. Not surprisingly, this weird photo blog was called putyourbeardinmymouth. Dude seems okay with it.

1. Marilyn Monroe: Very Gassy In-Bed Eater


In Clark Gable’s biography, some less-than-flattering information about the sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, came to light. In that book, the author revealed that Monroe had the nasty habit of eating in bed. Now, before you get all judgy because you’re reading this while scarfing down a bowl of ice cream in bed, Monroe didn’t just eat in bed, she stored leftovers in bed, too. The story goes, “She rarely bathed, slept in the nude and ate a lot in bed – shoving what was left on her plate under the sheets before going to sleep.” If that wasn’t scathing enough, the book went on to describe that “she suffered from what today would be described as irritable bowel syndrome,” which apparently led to extreme gas. Not what you pictured from her is it?

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