15 Highly Disturbing Confessions Women Posted On Reddit

Reddit's like a gateway to all things dark, spooky, scary, and...well...weird.

You go on the website looking for dating advice, and then you're caught in a subreddit about how to improve the living environments of toasters. Not all subgroups are weird, though. They can be shocking, not to mention terrifying.

Do you remember the Reddit user arrested for his provocative chat rooms? Michael Brutsch went by the name Violentacrez, the creator of several subreddits too harrowing to even imagine. From "Hitler" to "Jailbait" to "Incest," Brutsch played a big role in the chat rooms success. However, their success cost him his. He lost his job, which meant he also lost health insurance for his wife's disabilities. Aside from personal loss, Brutsch's face and name were splattered across news sites everywhere. He was outed as the guy who willingly encouraged seedy taboos.

His life was over.

However, Reddit still thrived as one of the Internet's go-to communities. Users frequent the site to either ask questions, answer questions, or troll. Trolling is quite common too. What happens when trolling goes too far, though? Like Brutsch, people go too far with their commentary. Lines are crossed all of the time, but how many of them are reported?

With the comfort and security of online anonymity, users can go undetected unless they do interviews with Gawker. Here, you'll read more disturbing confessions made by not the men of Reddit, but the women. Read with caution, though. The scandalous, shocking, and saddening will be revealed.

15 Daddy Issues


One girl's attracted to her boyfriend's dad.

However, the craziest part is that she hasn't even met the man. She's just attracted because of what others have said about him. "I'm s*xually attracted to my boyfriend's dad. I can't help it. I haven't even met him yet. I've just heard a lot about him," she relays. She's scared about what will happen once they cross paths, which is inevitable. Her partner and his dad are close.

Are you cringing yet?

14 Kissing Cousins


One woman admits she has a crush on her cousin.

According to one article, a woman wrote about what she did to her cousin. "I made out with my cousin, and I really liked it, and I soaked my underwear, and I flashed my boobs at him," she writes. Hopefully, the user was just trolling the comment section. Otherwise, the confession, at the very least, is on the disturbing side. Instead of family reunions, they could benefit from some top-notch family therapy.

13 Freaky Fantasies


Counting sheep? More like injecting sleep.

Three years ago, a woman wrote about her fantasy of someone kidnapping and sedating her. According to her, the fantasy helped her go to bed. "It's like the only way I can fall asleep now. The image of someone grabbing me and injecting something into me to make me fall asleep," she reveals. The confession's not disturbing, but it's borderline weird. Then again, you can die without sleep; so if kidnapping fantasies sedate you, then do you, boo.

12 Murderous Great-Grandmother


Here's one great-grandma whose hobbies are the exact opposite of knitting or babysitting.

An anonymous user detailed personal information about his/her life, especially the life of his/her relative. "My great grandmother from Yugoslavia most likely drowned a pair of her own twins because they couldn't afford them," they say. The source says that the time frame of the alleged murders happened in the 1920's, so her and her husband's financial situation proved to be their perfect excuse. Their excuse cost them much more than their bills, though. Human lives paid the price.

11 Bushy Bacon


Bacon is beautiful, so why would you add period blood into the mix!?

One woman thought she'd complicate her cooking skills by frying a piece of her "uterine tissue" on her kitchen's stove-top. "The Reddit user, nigabitch, shared a few photos in 2013 and the result was horrifying. She named it her 'vaginal bacon' and claimed that 'it smelled f---ing delicious,'" an article states. Instead of changing her tampon and flushing the toilet, the woman literally saved her menstrual discharge. She's making bacon look bad.

10 The Paragon Of A Crappy Day


Pus, blood, and feces.

Reddit regular banzaipanda talked about her experience with a patient in the hospital. The person suffered from anal abscesses. Since the patient shot drugs into her butthole (we know, it's gross), nurses and doctors–including banzaipanda–performed emergency surgery. "Once the surgeon made his first incision, rotting tissue, fecal matter, and pus came shooting out," an article states.

Unfortunately, sh*t happens.

9 Popsicle Propositions


No wonder people working in customer service are moody.

Queen_James wrote about her time working in a gas station, which was located in a low-income area. During her employment there, she witnessed plenty of suspect behavior. Her job demanded her attention in more ways than one. Not only was she worried about average drunks or shoplifters, but she was also worried about chaotic activities. When an old patron peed on the gas station's sidewalk, wiped herself with newspaper, and stuck a cold Popsicle up her vagina, Queen_James was both shocked, stunned, and appalled. After all, what type of heartless woman would violate such an innocent ice cream?

8 Foot Fetish


A certified freak-feet in the sheets.

KerryAnne4488 told her own story about her friend, a young woman who worked as an atypical prostitute. At first, the said friend asked the Reddit user to drive her to clients' homes. While KerryAnne4488 thought she chauffeured her friend around for marijuana, she was really driving her to see men interested in the woman's feet. "Her friend was working as a foot prostitute," an article states. From sniffing feet to beating his meat, her friend helped the man fulfill his dreams, not to mention desires. Hopefully, KerryAnne4488 got paid in gas money.

7 Cousin Went Bananas


The apple pie scene in American Pie was funny, but only on screen.

According to Reddit user haziee, her cousin reenacted the scene with a banana. He left her with a memory she'll never forget, so she shared online her unfortunate recollection. "The user relayed a story about witnessing a male cousin trying to have s*x with a banana. The cousin tried 'to take it to downtown pound town,'" she reveals. He created a ratchet dildo out of saran wrap and fruit, which probably ended in a banana split gone wrong.

6 Secret Sexual Assault


Silence s*xual assault, not the survivors.

Reddit user purrattack shared a heartbreaking message on the online website. When she was just 15 years old, three boys almost raped her. Even though she escaped their clutches, she was raped a year later. She never told anybody, and the only person who knows is her boyfriend. "I never told my family at the time because I was dealing with mental health issues. I just never thought they'd believe me," she expresses. Hopefully, she's in a happier and healthier headspace. She deserves peace and prosperity, and her abusers deserve very lengthy prison sentences.

5 A Potential Psychopath


When you enjoy distressing others, then maybe you should consider spending $20 on therapy.

An anonymous user posted how much he/she enjoyed watching people in pain, specifically his/her loved ones. "I love scaring people, and I love creeping people out. I want people to feel uncomfortable, shaken, invaded, violated, anything that provokes days to weeks of fear," the person details. While everybody laughs at a good jump-scare, jump-scares are only recommended in small doses. The user seems less like a comedian and more like a psychopath. Hopefully, that person gets professional help.

4 Abusive Boyfriend


If you're in a relationship, always heed warning signs and red flags.

A woman who goes by the username whyamidrunk, delved deep into her personal life, specifically her love life. According to her, her boyfriend is a mean-spirited man. She's in constant fear of him, and she feels powerless in his presence. "My boyfriend of six years was mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusive," she explains. They were a couple, yet his behavior drove a wedge between them. However, there's still a silver lining to their story. They're now actively engaging in therapy.

3 Intimate With Inflatable Dragons


While inflatable dolls are a thing, inflatable dragons? Not so much.

Reddit user ItsMinnieYall says differently, though. According to her, she found one guy who was very s*xually attracted to dragons, so he actually spent thousands of dollars on inflatable dragons. He had s*x with them, which spooked the other members of the subreddit. When they asked the man if he truly violated said dragons, he seemed taken aback. "I'm offended by this question. Of course I do," he states. ItsMinnieYall was disgusted, and the rest of the community shared the same sentiment. However, on the bright side, at least the guy's not making love to his car.

2 Bug Love


Here's literally the only person in the world who actually loves roaches.

Even though the Reddit user is a man, his confession is too disturbing to not be included on this list. He wrote paragraphs about his own s*xual fantasies involving a gigantic roach. "Ever since I was a teenager, I have had very intense fantasies about having s*x with a giant roach named Ogtha," he writes. The anonymous profile even told his girlfriend of several years about his taboo fantasy. Obviously, the bombshell detonated her spirits. After all, how could she ever compete with a mythical roach? She's a woman, not an insect.

1 Killing Animals


A Reddit user, whose name has since been deleted, admits how he/she used to kill animals.

Three years ago, a person wrote that he/she took pleasure in playing god with his/her various pets. "When I was a child, I would kill small animals," they admit. The truth is absolutely unnerving, but what's even more unnerving is other individuals normalizing the situation. From dissecting a hamster with a toothpick to drowning lizards, people explained in depth about their own killing sprees, which is both disheartening and spine-chilling.

We warned you these would be disturbing.

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