15 Hideous Secrets The Russian Government Doesn't Want You To Know

We need to talk about Russia! Without any doubts, it is one of the most controversial countries in the world. I would compare the country to Justin Bieber — a lot of people hate him, a lot of people love him, but most importantly — he is still on top. The only difference is that Russia has enough power annihilate the world. Of course, it would be nice if the Russian government would choose a path of eternal greatness, but the situation is a little different in reality.

You would not believe how many crimes the Russian government committed against the entire human race. Do names like Lenin or Stalin ring a bell? Well, those guys are responsible for the death of millions of people from all over the world. They also annexed all the countries in Eastern Europe to create a destructive machine called the Soviet Union. Of course, it is hard to hear the Russian government talking about those crimes nowadays.

They pretend as if nothing has ever happened. Yes, if you read any form of Russian propaganda you will see that all the crimes of the Soviet Union are non-existent. To be completely honest, the government of Russia still denies they invaded Ukraine, and that is quite disturbing.


15 The GULAG

Russians will never want to talk about the Gulag. Millions of people were killed in the Gulag, and it was no better than concentration camps in Germany. However, one event stands out with its cruelty. The Soviet Union decided to build a huge, 227 kilometers (141 miles) canal from the White Sea to Lake Onega. Of course, the work had to be done by all the political prisoners of the Gulag. Needless to say, they were not very motivated to work, especially, not under those terrible circumstances.

So, the results were pretty terrible — in 20 months of the project, 25,000 to 100,000 people died of starvation, cold, and torture. Did the canal function? Obviously not. By the time when the last few kilometers of the canal were finished, the canal was already falling apart. So, the Soviet Union never used this canal, but so many innocent people had to suffer and die. Tell me more about unproductive work...

14 Russia Ruined Hillary Clinton


Remember when Hillary Clinton was the favorite to win the election, but someone hacked into the DNC and leaked thousands of her emails? Well, even though it is not yet completely proven, all the eyes are on Russia. Most of the evidence of the hack against the DNC points right to Moscow.

What is the point for Russia to interrupt the U.S. elections? Some people believe that Putin likes Trump more than Clinton, but it's too early to tell. Whatever was the reason for Russia hacking into the DNC, it must have been pretty big. Most likely, we will never find out the exact truth as these political games are just too shady to be discussed publicly. One thing for sure, though — it is only Hillary's fault that she had those emails. The Russian government might admit it publicly, but they are damn happy to see Clinton down.

13 Sexiest Spy Alive - Anna Chapman

Have you ever thought how James Bond would look like if he were a woman? Well, look no further. Anna Chapman is a stunningly looking redhead spy from Russia, who was spying on the U.S. back in 2009. To be completely honest, I think I would tell Anna all my secrets even if I knew that she is a spy. Just look at her! Anyway, the U.S. did not care that Anna is a real hottie and charged her for working with a spy ring run by the Russian Federation.

Don't worry; this beautiful body was soon deported back to Russia as part of a prisoner swap program. Anna Chapman came back to the Russian Federation as a big star. She has even posed as a cover face of a famous Russian magazine. Anna is also walking down catwalks in huge fashion shows and is even hosting a TV show. She is a big celebrity in the Russian Federation, and the whole country is in love with her. I think I understand why. Still, the Russian government wants you to forget about all the evil things that Anna did. So be cautious when falling for this woman's charisma.

12 People Sent To Siberia To Die


When the Soviet Union started their expansion, no one expected that it would be so uncontrollable. However, in no time they invaded and annexed all the little countries in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, and much more. Sadly, that was not enough. The Soviet Union soon started to deport all the "dangerous" civilians out of their countries to the freezing labor camps (different than Gulags as the exiled ones were not considered criminals) in Siberia.

What did you have to do to become dangerous? Well, having some money or being at least a little patriotic was enough. For instance, in the 50's, 130,000 Lithuanians were forcibly transported to Siberia. 70 percent of those people were women and children. 28,000 never made it back home. And we are only talking about one small country with no more than 2-3 million people. And we are only talking civilians here. That is pretty disturbing, right? The Russian government will never admit doing it, but they are responsible for so many crippled lives that my soul hurts even to think about it.

11 Nuclear Disaster In Chernobyl

The biggest nuclear disaster in the history of the world happened in the times of the Soviet Union. The world will never forget when Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded on 26 April 1986. What bugs me the most is that the actual cause of this disaster was caused by carelessness and a lack of functioning security systems. The government of the Soviet Union had this massive ticking bomb on their hands and did nothing to avoid the explosion. And that explosion ruined lives of countless individuals. 4,000 have officially died due to the Chernobyl disaster, but millions more suffered from the radiation.

At least 330,000 people were evacuated, but only after they realized the highest levels of radiation. It is impossible to count how many people were crippled due to the exposure. Also, thousands of babies were born with severe damages. The area is still barely livable, and the Russian government will do it all to avoid this topic. After all, it was their ignorance that caused it.

10 The First Dead Cosmonaut


Have you ever heard of Valentin Bondarenko? Of course not, because the Soviet Union did not want you to. Valentin Bondarenko was the first cosmonaut to ever die in pursuit of exploring the outer space. His death occurred in 1961, and it was a brutal one. The poor guy accidentally set himself on fire in a room where the atmosphere was 100 percent oxygen. This tragedy occurred during the training, but it still took at least a couple of minutes for the help to come.

Medics could only recognize Valentin's feet. Before dying, he said "Too much pain." We can only feel sorry for the guy. However, the government sealed all the documents and the world only found out about this tragedy after 20 years. Of course, the Russian government would still deny it if asked, but we all know that it happened for sure.

9 Secret Cities

What if I told you that there are a lot of secret cities in Russia, which are impossible to find on any map? I know that it sounds like a plot of a terrifying horror movie, but it is all real. Thousands of people are happily living in those cities. These people receive much higher salaries, better living conditions, and tastier food. Why are these cities hidden then? Well, apparently the Russian government is keeping builds their naval fleet in these cities while also producing plutonium in nuclear fuel reprocessing plants.

Of course, many of the secret cities have been exposed when the Soviet Union was destroyed. The Russian government denies any accusations that the cities are still functioning. However, it would be foolish to believe them.


8 Warring Inmates In The Gulag


It is foolish to think that thieves have no morality or some sort of code. In contrary, thieves have so many rules that anyone who is not willing to follow them, should never start breaking the law. So, Russian thieves had one important rule to avoid connections with the government or the police. If anyone broke this unwritten law, they would become unpopular among other inmates, so to say. Anyway, during the World War II, The Soviet Union suffered so many losses that they needed some help from the criminals as well. In exchange for some help in the war, prisoners were offered some years off from their sentences. Naturally, a lot of crooks used this chance.

However, when they got back to prisons or camps, other inmates called them "b*tches" for helping the government and brutally killed them one by one. Sadly, prison guards and the government did not do anything. So, inmates were killing each other in "B*tch Wars", and that made the life in the Gulag even worse. Did I already mention that those deaths were usually extremely brutal? Well, just imagine a skull crushed with a brick. Enough said.

7 Soviet Famine Of 1932-33

The Soviet Union is responsible for so many crimes against humanity, but this one might be one of the grossest. 1932-33 were the years of the great famine in the USSR. This famine killed six to eight million people. What were the main reasons for this disaster? The outrageous and stupid decisions of the government, of course. They forced the collectivization of all the farms, forced grain procurement, and repressed all the people from the countryside. Theoretically it could work, but in reality, the Soviet Union was not ready to make those decisions, so things started to fall apart.

The areas of Ukraine, Northern Caucasus, Volga Region, Kazakhstan, the South Urals, and West Siberia suffered the most from this tragedy. People did not have any food, but the government did nothing to help them. They kept following their five-year plan, which was failing, obviously. Some people even think that this tragedy was a well-thought genocide against Ukrainian people. It does not matter now if stupidity or cruelty caused this famine. Millions of people died, and you will never see the Russian government talking about this disaster.

6 Nuclear Spies


Julius and Ethel Rosenbergs were citizens of the United States, but their hearts were always with the Soviet Union. From a first sight, it was a perfect American family — Ethel was an actress and singer, Julius was working as an electrical engineer. Sadly, ruthless spies were hiding behind those masks. This couple was the reason why top-secret military technology and prototypes of mechanisms related to the atomic bomb were leaked to the USSR. And oh boy, this information was game changing to the Soviet nuclear weapons program. Of course, espionage cannot last forever. Rosenbergs were eventually caught by the U.S. government and sentenced to death.

The execution took place in New York on June 19, 1953.  The Soviet Union just pretended this didn't happen. There are a lot of people who claim that Rosenbergs were innocent victims of Cold War paranoia. One way or another, better don't talk about Rosenbergs while in Russia.

5 Nedelin Catastrophe

On October 24, 1960, the biggest rocket disaster in our history happened in the Soviet Union. It was an average day in the office — many military people and technical workers gathered to the Baikonur Cosmodrome to test a prototype of a newly built missile. Sadly, things started to get out of control when the engines ignited accidentally. Naturally, all of us would think that the officials ordered all the workers to evacuate, right? Well, not in the Soviet Union.

So, general Nedelin told all the people to go close to the missile and start repairing it. Sadly, it was too late. The explosion killed around 100 militants and technicians. How did the Soviet Union react to this tragedy? Well, they went silent for 29 years. Oh yes, first official reports about this catastrophe were released only in 1989. Do I still need to prove that the Russian government does not want you to remember this "little" incident? This is still the worst rocket disaster in human history.

4 Falsification Of Gulag Records


People used to live with the idea that "there are no deaths in Soviet Russia." They thought that life in the Soviet Russia was perfect and only fools questioned the status quo. Those "fools" usually ended up in the Gulag, where they were treated like slaves. Sadly, it is very hard to find any official information about the Gulag or any other controversial projects. That is why it is almost impossible to tell how many people died in the Gulag. The most accurate number is probably 50 million people.

However, declassified Soviet data says that only 1,053,829 people died in the Gulag between 1934 and 1953. We might never be able to tell which number is closer to reality. To be completely honest, many people believe the figures might be even higher because many prisoners would get 'released' when they were about to die. Why? It was easier for the government to get rid of a dying person than having to deal with a dead body.

3 John Birges — The Man Who Brought Down The Gulag

You do whatever you like in Russia as long as it matches with what the government wants. This system was inherited from the Soviet Union. So you can imagine how pissed must the officials be when John Birges, a war prisoner from Hungary, escaped a Siberian gulag. I bet that many heads rolled after this incident that took place in 1957.

John built himself a bomb and set his gulag on fire. He was one of a very few people who managed to escape the Gulag and immigrate to the U.S. On top of that, Birges became a millionaire from his landscaping business. Sadly, his time spent in the Gulag had a lot of influence on John Birges' personality. In 1980 he constructed one more bomb and tried to rob a casino. Apparently, he was much better as an escape artist rather than a criminal, so the police arrested him in no time. The Poor guy died in jail. Apart from all the difficulties that John faced in his lifetime, he was a man who proved that the Soviet system had many flaws.

2 Russian Military Intervention In Ukraine


If there are people who think that Russia became a peaceful country after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I must tell you — think again. Oh yes, nothing much has changed since. Maybe the methods became a little more democratic, but the goal is still the same — to annex any territory around Russia's sphere of influence. So, in 2014, the Russian military invaded Ukraine without any particular reason and annexed Crimea. It is very disturbing to think about the fact it all happened three years ago.

It is even more disturbing to realize this intervention is still going on. Of course, the Russian government denies having any connection with all the separatists in Ukraine, but one has to be blind to believe it. I mean, all the separatist movements in Ukraine are pro-Russian and are using expensive Russian military equipment.

1 The Death Of The Polish President

Do you remember when the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski died in a tragic plane crash near Smolensk, Russia? Many people forget that his wife, the president of the National Bank of Poland, 18 members of Parliament, and half of the most important military personnel also died in the crash. In a few words — the people that ruled Poland happened to die in one plane crash.

How did the plane crash? Well, the official version states that it was the pilot's mistake, but many people believe that it was a planned attack by Russia. Why would someone want to kill the president of a peaceful country? We already know that Russia can get a little aggressive from time to time for unknown reasons. The shadow of Lech Kaczynski's death will forever fall under the Russian government. Of course, we will never know for sure what happened that day, but we can be certain that Russia is capable of acting out of malice and revenge.

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