15 Haunting Last Phone Calls That’ll Give You Chills

As children, we’re all trained to call 911, or the emergency phone number in our country when we’re in danger. But sometimes the emergency operator on the phone isn’t able to get help to the caller in time, and in those cases, the last phone call can be quite eerie. Whether it is an accident like the family who flew 100 feet in the air over the guardrails of the highway before lighting on fire or a horrific, bloody murder, sometimes these last 911 phone calls are all the family has left to mourn with.

While the United States has often released phone calls to help solve a case, places like Canada rarely do this. These haunting last phone calls are all chilling for different reasons. A lot of people picture their last words being to their children and grandchildren gathered around their death bed.

Very few people ever imagine that their last words being with an emergency dispatch operator while they’re begging or scared for their lives, but sometimes that is the case. In these stories we explore the chilling last calls that terrify us, all for different reasons. Read on for tragic tales that always end in death.

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15 Lisa Flormoe

The engaged 22-year-old woman was excited for her future on the night that she was staying with a friend in Wilsonville, Oregon. She was alone at the house when a 16-year-old boy knocked on the door looking for a teenager that lived there. Flormoe informed him that the girl wasn’t home and shut the door, calling to check in with her fiance. At that point, the young boy, Todd Davilla, decided to rape Flormoe.

He went home to get a Boy Scout knife that featured a short, dull blade and forced himself into the house while Flormoe was still on the phone. The last words that her fiance heard on that chilling phone call were “What do you want? Please don’t hurt me.” before the phone went dead. At one point 16-year old Davila put the knife down to take his clothes off and Flormoe took the opportunity to slash his hand and tried to stab him in the chest.

To keep her from reporting the crime Flormoe decided to kill her. He repeatedly stabbed her in her throat so much that she was almost decapitated. Her fiance called 911 but it was too late, Flormoe didn’t live.

14 The Saylor Family

Via dailymail.co.uk

On Highway 125 in San Diego back in 2009 a family made up of four people called 911 as they lost control of their car. The car eventually flew off of the embankment where it flipped over and burst into flames. The whole family was trapped in the overturned vehicle and burnt to death in the accident. Witnesses of the accident report seeing the car weaving at super high speeds through the highway. When the driver attempted to make a left turn he misjudged and hit a Ford Explorer which caused the Lexus to spin over the guardrail to the embankment.

After investigating the accident police believe that the floor mat got stuck on the gas pedal causing the car to continue accelerating until the crash. A horrifying 911 call features the family telling each other to pray and hold on before the line cuts off and the car flies up to 100 feet in the air.

13 Amber Tuccaro

For two years the 20-year-old mother had simply vanished, she disappeared and the police on the case wrote her off as partying. After her case, the police department disposed of her belongings without informing her family and removed her from the missing person's list, also without telling her family. They later apologized for this mistreatment of their power. But the real issue is that for two years Tuccaro’s final phone call, a call that captured the voice of her kidnapper, was not released to the public. Just four days after the phone call was released by the police department the bones of Amber Tuccaro were found by horseback riders.

They later apologized for this mistreatment of their power. But the real issue is that for two years Tuccaro’s final phone call, a call that captured the voice of her kidnapper, was not released to the public. Just four days after the phone call was released by the police department the bones of Amber Tuccaro were found by horseback riders.

Her last phone call can be heard and the woman sounds scared. Investigators found over 10 missing person cases involving indigenous women that were left unsolved. A month or so later the remains of another woman who was involved in the Edmonton sex trade were found nearby. After that, local law enforcement worried that there was a serial predator on the loose.

12 George Michael

Via thesun.co.uk

Though this last phone call wasn’t from the deceased themselves it is still so relevant because the loss of pop icon George Michael sent ripples across the nation. On Christmas Day, 2016 the pop star's lover called emergency dispatch claiming that he had been trying to wake the man up for about an hour but he’d gone blue.

FadiFawaz, George Michael’s lover, was shaking and too terrified to give the cottage number to the emergency dispatcher on the call. Fawaz also gives the wrong birthdate for the ex-Wham! Star because he found the situation so upsetting.

The 43-year old man told the dispatcher that he had waited for hours that Christmas morning in hopes of George Michael coming down to celebrate. Instead, he found the 53-year old unresponsive and not breathing in his bed. Police questioned Fawaz for hours to find out if there had been any wrongdoing, eventually finding that there had been none.

11 Triffie Wadman

Via cbc.ca

Triffie exchanged sporadic text messages for two hours with her ex-boyfriend Trevor Pardy starting at around 11 pm on enight. By 1 am Pardy had parked down the road to give her money that he owed her and talk about their relationship.

Wadman dialed 911 after Pardy shot her, a recording that was played at his trial after she bled out in the road where the man left her. The eerie phone call ends with Pardy’s voice in the background saying “All this for what? Triff, look at me! Triff, look at me!”.

When the recording was played in the courtroom half of Wadman’s family left and the other half stayed with their heads hung low in despair. When police arrived at the scene that night they dragged Wadman to the side of the road and then attempted medical attention before declaring her dead on Boggy Hall Place.

10 Nicole and Caleb Blansett

Lindsey Nicole Blansett identified herself as Nicole on the 911 phone call that she made after she stabbed her own son repeatedly in the chest.

On the call, she realizes what she has done but first, thinks of herself instead of her dying young boy on the floor. At that point in the call, Nicole says “I’m never going to get out of jail. Never.” The woman goes on to say “I thought I was saving him from the pain that was coming.” alluding to the fact that she might be dealing with some serious paranoia that led her to this place.

Many of her neighbors spoke with authorities after the accident, they informed the public that the mother was worried about paying bills and providing Christmas presents for her children that year. She was unemployed and supporting her children on her own. Earlier in the month child services had also been alerted about non-abuse neglect regarding Caleb, the young boy that Nicole stabbed to death.

9 Don Spirit

When he was 51-years old Don Spirit shot his 28-year old daughter and her children before calling 911 in this absolutely strange and horrifying call. Spirit tells the emergency dispatcher

"I just shot my daughter and shot all my grandkids. And I'll be sitting on my step so that when you get here I'm going to shoot myself."

Minutes before this last phone call Spirit had murdered his grandchildren Kaleb Kuhlmann, 11; Kylie Kuhlmann, 9; Johnathon Kuhlmann, 8; Destiny Stewart, 5; Brandon Stewart, 4; and Alanna Stewart.

The grandfather was a convicted felon living in a mobile home with his entire extended family. Since he was a convicted felon police were very concerned how the man was able to get a gun. When they arrived, they found the children’s bodies strewn about the inside of the trailer and his daughter’s body outside by his own. Their small town of 500 citizens was heartbroken over the loss.

8 Thomas Ray Walker Jr.

Via wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

In 1980, the time of payphones, Thomas Ray Walker Jr. called KDFW-TV and told them that he had quite the story for them. Then, in gory detail, the father of four described how he had just shot his wife and four children. It is proven that he lured at least three of the kids into the house with the promise of surprises.

He shot his wife while she was in the shower and pulled his kids out of school that fateful Monday morning. All of them were shot directly in the face except for one of his sons who was shot behind his right ear. In this somewhat calmed rampage Thomas Ray Walker Jr. shot his wife, 35, as well as Traci, 14, Tammi, 11, Tommy, 9, and Nicholas, 7.

Walker cited depression as his reason, he claimed that his family couldn’t go on living without him if he committed suicide. After a while on the phone with the news station police located where he was calling from. Walker hung up the phone and walked out of the phone booth screaming “Shoot me!”. He died that same day in the hospital

7 Angela Marie Hammond

Via blogspot.com

Angela Marie Hammond was calling her fiance, Rob Shafer, in a Food Barn Store parking lot on the payphone April 4, 1991. On the phone conversation, Hammond let her fiance know that she was tired and instead of coming over she wanted to go home and take a bath. She then told Shafer that a strange man was circling the parking lot in his truck, she described him as a “filthy, bearded man”.

Hammond was four months pregnant at the time of her abduction and for some time police focused on Shafer until he was cleared through a polygraph. While still on the call with Shafer Hammond informs him that the man is approaching her before the phone call cuts off. Shafer immediately began driving to the location where Hammond was on the phone when he saw a white 60-70’s Ford pickup like Angela had described he turned around and tailed the truck for some time before he lost it. This case remains unsolved and Hammonds body was never found.

Shafer immediately began driving to the location where Hammond was on the phone when he saw a white 60-70’s Ford pickup like Angela had described he turned around and tailed the truck for some time before he lost it. This case remains unsolved and Hammonds body was never found.

6 Laura McComb

It was May 23, 2015 when a very violent storm hit Wimberley, Texas where the McComb family was vacationing. Within just one hour of the storm, the water had risen a massive 26 feet, Laura McComb and her family were forced to huddle in the second floor of the cabin at 11:11 am. This is when Laura called 911, the dispatcher told them help was on the way but did not give a time frame.

Soon the cabin broke away from the foundation and began floating down the river eighteen minutes after that 911 call. McComb called her sister in Austin to inform her that they were in a floating house, asked her to call their mother and father, and told her to pray. The cabin continued to float holding the family for some time but it eventually broke apart. There was one survivor that day, McComb’s husband Jonathan who was pulled from the water with broken ribs and a punctured lung.

5 Jonathan Hoffman

This young high school senior had a really rough year before his ultimate demise. Hoffman’s little sister got a brain tumor and then his parents split. The parental unit still wanted to support their ill child and decided to move from Michigan to Arizona for treatment. The young man wanted to stay and finish his final year of school so he moved in with his grandmother and her husband. Unfortunately, what grandma didn’t know was that Jonathan was a drug addict.

On March 12, 2012, Jonathan overdosed, he was put into mandatory recovery and had to undergo court-mandated drug tests. The day of his death, not long after the overdose, Jonathan failed his court-mandated drug test.

While driving him home his grandmother Sandra had to stop the car in order to calm him down three separate times. What happened next is between them. On May 18, 2012, 17-year old Hoffman called 911 and frankly stated ‘My grandma shot me,’ he gasped. "I’m going to die. Help!". The grandmother shot 10 times, hitting the boy six out of those 10.

4 Gil-Ad Shaar

Via timesofisrael.com

A partial recording was released in the Summer of 2014 that was terrifying, the call featured a teenage boy attempting to report his own kidnapping to Israel’s emergency number (100). In the call, a teenager whispers “They’ve kidnapped me,” to the operator while in the background men are screaming at the three young people to keep their hands and heads down.

Seconds later there are some loud gunshots and then groans followed by someone saying “Take the phone from him”. The full call lasted for 2:09 minutes and featured a conversation between two of the kidnappers that was not released to the public.

The father of Gil-Ad Shaar reached out and told the world that it was his son who made the call. The bodies of his son, EyalYifrach, and Naftali Fraenkel were found on June 30 just north of Hebron in a field. Military sources believe that the kidnappers realized that the call had been made and shot the three youths dead at that moment on the call.

3 Kevin Cosgrove

Cosgrove lived with his family in West Islip, New York and worked as an insurance business executive in the South tower of the World Trade Centers. He died the day of the attacks on September 11, 2001. His 911 phone call became famous because it was used in the prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui. The last moments of the call feature Cosgrove screaming as the South tower finally collapses.

To be specific about his location, Cosgrove’s office was on the 105th floor of Two World Trade Center located in the Northwest corner of the building. They later found Cosgrove’s remains in the rubble. On the call, he told the operator that he had lied to his wife, that he told her he was safely walking out the doors. His family has suffered greatly since the attacks with his son having issues with the law and his daughter struggling with self-mutilation.

2 Amina and Sarah Said

New Year's Day is usually a time for celebrating with family or nursing hangovers with friends, but for the Said sisters New Year's Day in 2008 had none of these things. The pair were shot to death by their father, 11 times, as a part of an honor killing. Their bodies were left abandoned in the back of his taxi. There is a documentary about their tragic death called The Price of Honor where it speaks about their Egyptian fathers need for control.

In the documentary Amina’s boyfriend and his mother are interviewed, she speaks about how Amina knew that her father would kill her eventually it was just a matter of when. Both of the young girls had boyfriends but tried to keep it from their fathers. The documentary also tells of how their father took them to Egypt to find husbands when they were only 14 and 15-years old.

At one point her father tried to talk Amina into marrying a 50-year old man but she begged and pleaded to go home. More came out after that horrible phone call and their death about molestation from their father, it truly seems that those girls lived a hard life.

1 Omar Mateen

Via s-nbcnews.com

The 28-minute phone call that Omar Mateen carried out with Police while shooting up Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida was one of frantic hope that the police officers could save the lives of some of the people inside of that nightclub.

Forty-nine people died that night and 53 others were wounded in the mass shooting that devastated the country. On the phone call, Mateen told police more about why he was there and even claimed that the bomber from the Boston Marathon was his ‘homeboy’. In 2013 and 2014 Omar Mateen was investigated by the FBI for having terrorist associations but nothing was evident.

What is evident is that Mateo walked into Pulse with the intent of doing damage holding a 9mm and a semi-automatic rifle. He fired at least 110 rounds during the event that is being described as the most devastating act of violence in the United States since 9/11.

Sources: nydailynews.comwashingtonpost.com

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