15 Haunting Images Taken From The Most Disturbing Science Experiments

Without scientists performing endless experiments in an effort to get closer to some sort of truth, we’d be much less developed than we are today. There are countless medical procedures and endless products that completely change and shape the way we live our lives today. Some believe that testing on animals is inhumane and disturbing; others argue that it’s necessary in order to evolve our world. Many believe that science is the key to a better future for ourselves and more so for our future generations. Others believe that science is evil and that we should use faith in place of facts.

No matter what you believe, the truth is that there have certainly been some incredibly disturbing scientific experiments performed throughout history. Whether it’s been testing eugenics on children or making animals undergo social experiments, all of these disturbing scientific experiments have taught us something no matter how evil the procedure may have been. Everyone has performed a scientific experiment throughout their lives whether it’s mixing chemicals to get a new substance or dropping an object just to see what happens. Maybe you’ve done one without even realizing you’re doing science! Either way, there’s a good chance you haven’t done anything as disturbing as the experiments that have made the list.

The next fifteen images are pretty disturbing, so you’ll have to have a strong stomach and an open mind to make it through. Let us know which scientific experiment you find the most disturbing and share with your friends to see what they think! Here are 15 Haunting Images Taken From The Most Disturbing Science Experiments Throughout History:

15 Growing A Nose On A Forehead

The human body is pretty amazing on its own when you think about it. We have the ability to heal ourselves, clean ourselves, and even reproduce to multiply as many times as we want. Moreover, when the makeup of the body is manipulated, amazing things can happen. One situation where this can be useful is in the case of tragic accidents, which occur all the time and sometimes leave people deformed for eternity. Fortunately, through the progress made in experiments such as the one in the photograph above, those disfigured from birth or in accidents have new hope whereby parts of one's face can be re-grown elsewhere, then implanted in the right place! This man, disfigured and infected after a car accident, has a chance at a normal life when the transplant surgery of his nose is completed. Procedures like this look terrifying but are actually pretty helpful toward a new future.

14 Sewing Twins Together

As we’ve already discussed, the Nazis were some of the most brutal scientists our world has seen. They conducted painful procedures on unwilling prisoners and had no remorse for the damage caused. The image above shows one of the most haunting cases that the Nazis partook in. Twins and other sets of multiple siblings intrigued mad scientist Josef Mengele, also known as the angel of death. During his studies at concentration camps, he sewed together over 1,000 sets of twins in order to see if they could survive once conjoined. Of 1,000, less than 200 people survived. Most of the time, not many organs were meshed together and instead body parts were just sewn together, attaching two people physically but not internally. It seems as though this is one of the experiments on the list which we didn’t really learn anything from other than it should definitely never be repeated again.

13 Isolating Baby Monkeys

The image above is certainly one of the most heartbreaking images on the list. It shows a baby monkey who was taken from its mother three months after being born. In an experiment known as “The Pit of Despair,” it was determined that these monkeys underwent severe psychiatric damage after being taken from their mothers. They were taken only after a sufficient amount of bonding time had occurred and were locked in a cage alone for up to ten weeks! After just several days, the monkeys began displaying psychotic and depressive tendencies. Some monkeys would be erratic while most would just curl into a ball and lay in the corner of the cage. It’s like wondering if your dog really loves you or just wants the sandwich you’re eating. He discovered that these monkeys did indeed crave attention. Unfortunately, even after being released from isolation, most of the monkeys were never the same and displayed signs of depression for life.

12 A Step Toward Mind Control

The photograph above was actually taken during a deep-brain-stimulation procedure to treat a condition after the experiments already occurred, but it's a spine-chilling look into how scientists can go about controlling one’s mind. The object on the patient in the photograph is a stereotactic instrument that uses three key points to enter someone’s brain. This device is used to fix certain neurological disorders, although it has had a bit of a creepier past before the normal treatments it is used for today. Very little is still known about our brains and how they work, but even less was known in the early 1900s when this machine was invented. Like everything on the list and everything that exists in medicine, there was a starting point and not everything was as safe as it is today. A machine like this in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing and with evil intentions could lead to a scarier future.

11 Bringing A Decapitated Dog Head Back To Life

The photograph above may look like just a normal dog laying on a table, but the reality is much darker than that. What you might have trouble realizing upon first glance of the picture is that the dog’s head is actually decapitated. This experiment was one performed in Russia and took a look at what might happen to an organ, specifically the brain, after it dies and is brought back to life using air and water filtered in artificially. Once the dog’s head was decapitated, it was able to listen to its surroundings, look around, and even use its tongue to taste. It’s actually pretty tragic, as the dog had no idea what was going on or why its head was detached from its body. A scientific experiment like this may seem grotesque and inhumane, but it really brings us closer to attempting to bring people back to life, especially after decapitation.

10 The Stanford Prison Experiment

The photograph above was taken during what is known as The Stanford Prison experiment. This experiment involved taking willing participants and separating them into two groups: the prisoners and the prison guards. This study was conducted in order to determine if it was true that the personalities of real prison guards and prisoners are what causes certain issues to arise in real prisons. What they found, in reality, was that those assigned to be the guards took advantage of their roles as authority figures, and the prisoners were submissive. The power was given to half the group of the participants and completely taken away from the other half. What was discovered was that the personalities of the participants had nothing to do with how they acted. When given too much power, all of them abused it, with some even showing sadistic tendencies. The prisoners followed what the guards were doing and saying proving that once your power is taken away, there’s little left to do.

9 Growing An Ear On A Rat

Seeing ears on arms and noses on foreheads can be pretty alarming to us. However, this photograph of a rat with an ear growing out of it takes it to an entirely new level. This is the first stage of the process and gave the first look into potentially growing new body parts using a subject that’s already alive. Rats are pretty freaky as they are without having to think about them running around with human body parts attached to them. The image above truly looks like something ripped straight from a horror movie. However, this is a very real photograph that displays a process that can actually potentially save lives one day. Most of the procedures so far have been mostly cosmetic, however, knowing that it can be done on a small scale gives us an idea of future potentials. This information is exciting for some yet still terrifying for others.

8 Agent Orange

Agent Orange is an herbicide used by the U.S. military in warfare. The results are devastating, which is intentional on the enemy. However, many innocent people have been subjected to the damaging chemical years after it was used. It was introduced during the Vietnam War as a weapon but has also been used agriculturally to clear out the land. Ever since its introduction, it has affected millions of people and caused devastating deformities. These are genetic mutations that can cause all sorts of problems, mostly physical but internally as well. No matter what your feelings on war and the necessity to harm other countries using dangerous chemicals may be, looking at a picture like this is devastating. This child did not ask to be born in a war-torn country, nor did he sign up to have physical deformities leading to a lifetime of pain.

7 Changing The Color Of Children's Eyes

Most of us are aware that Hitler and his Nazis often practiced eugenics on unwilling participants. If you’re not familiar, eugenics is the process of breeding in order to pass on only the best qualities in the subjects being bred. For Hitler, this meant making an Aryan race, only people with blonde hair and blue eyes. Trying to create a race where everyone looks alike is difficult, so many of the scientists spent time trying to see if they could alter the genetic makeup of a person in order for them to fit the desired race. This included using lights, surgeries, and dangerous chemicals to change the color of one’s eye. Unfortunately, children were not safe from these horrific experiments, and as you can see in the photograph above, they were subjected to the terrifying eugenics tests.

6 Mind Control In Monkeys

One of the scariest sorts of dystopian worlds that have been imagined are ones where we lose control over our consciences and minds and are controlled electronically by another person. One scientist, Jose Delgado, made this sort of mind control closer to reality in the 60s. By implanting electrodes in the brain of primates, a bull, and over 20 women, Delgado was able to control their minds through a remote control. He couldn’t sway the way they thought or alter their memories or morals, but he could control most of their physical activities. In one scenario, he was able to stop a bull seconds before the bull charged at him. The human participants were harder to control, though he was able to manipulate their movements and even raise their levels of aggression. The image of the primates with the mind-control machines popping high out of their heads is truly terrifying.

5 Head Transplants In Rats

So far on the list, we’ve seen a dog head come back to life and an ear grown on the back of a rat. This scientific procedure mixes the two, and the result is a smaller rat’s head sewn onto a larger rat’s body. The procedure was mildly successful by using a third rat to help circulate blood while the decapitation and surgery occurred. Some see an image like this and think it’s absolutely horrifying and that perhaps science has gone too far. Others believe it’s a beautiful example of how far we’ve come and the promising results of the future. What do you think when you see an image like this? Should we continue to use animals as test subjects in order to find safe and healthy treatments for sick patients? Should we abandon sadistic studies like this and just let nature run its course?

4 Manipulating Facial Expressions

The man in the photograph above looks to be in a bit of pain. Though we see no incisions or openings that would suggest he’s undergoing surgery or some other sort of painful procedure, he is indeed in pain. This is because he’s undergoing the practice of using electrical probes to see what might trigger different facial expressions. The scientist in the photograph is Duchenne Boulogne. He believed that the facial expressions put forth by a man were the window into his soul. By using tiny probes of electric shock towards the face, he could manipulate one’s facial expressions by using pain alone. This is one of the lesser terrifying procedures on the list, but it is still quite chilling to imagine your face being poked and prodded in the hopes of getting a specific facial expression. Normally, expressions are social reactions depending on the situation we’re in. Boulogne proved that these expressions could be made entirely by poking around one’s head no matter what the scenario may be.

3 Allowing Others To Shock Patients

This photograph is probably the least terrifying aesthetically, though it’s certainly one of the more horrifying experiments on the list. The experiment being demonstrated is known as the Milgram experiment. This process involves three subjects, someone controlling an electric shock machine (person A), a patient attached to the machine (person B), and the doctor telling person A how much electricity to deliver to the patient. During this study, the doctor told person A how much electricity to send to person B. Throughout the experiment, they told them to raise levels to a lethal level, putting person B in so much pain that he or she almost died. In reality, person B was actually an actor, and no pain was felt. It was a study just to show how easily whoever person A was could be manipulated by authority figures into doing something that would normally be against his or her moral principles.

2 Growing An Ear On An Arm

As we’ve already seen, we’ve discovered a way to grow a new nose on one man’s forehead. This procedure above is similar in that it involves growing an ear on a man’s arm! We often just assume that if someone loses a part of his or her body, it can be replaced with a prosthetic or implant that acts similar to a real organ but is still artificial. While that's definitely possible and helps the patient, this innovative new way to actually grow the organ helps reconnect the patient with their own body and makes them feel more like themselves rather than someone with an artificial limb or body part. Using a place like a forehead to grow a nose or other limb is risky because the skin is thinner and more sensitive. However, once the body part is transferred to its proper place, the patient greatly benefits due to a low chance of the body part being rejected by his or her body.

1 Japanese Experiments On Prisoners Of War

During WWII, unit 731 was known as experimental grounds in which the Japanese army used prisoners of war to test various scientific experiments. Although the photograph above simply shows several of the soldiers carrying a patient around, you can still get a sense of how truly terrifying the grounds were. Their outfits look like something straight out of a horror post-apocalyptic world! What happened on these grounds is pretty private, so a photograph like this is the best we could get. Talking about what happened in there is terrifying enough to make you glad you haven’t seen more photographs. One of the procedures that occurred at these camps was vivisection, which means performing surgery for the sake of science on a live subject, most commonly without any sort of numbing medication. Patients were also injected with diseases and forced to undergo various experimental treatments and surgeries, all without pain medication. They were also often used for frostbite testing and had many limbs frozen just to see what would happen.

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