15 Haunting Images Of People Before They Became Evil

Looking into the eyes of someone young, it’s rather hard to tell what they might grow up to be. Perhaps you can tell early on when a child won’t be as successful as their peers, but usually, we try to avoid that thought process altogether. We like to tell children that they can be whatever they want when they get older, but unfortunately, we forget that includes turning evil.

It’s hard to decide if a child is born evil or if something happens throughout their life to turn them into the monster they might become in the future. Does one turn to the dark side overnight, or does it take years of buildup to truly bring the evil out that sits inside of them? It’s certainly hard to pinpoint when these next few evil people on the list did decide to turn to the dark side. Some of them were destined to grow up to be evil just by looking at the family they were born into. Some had promising careers that we thought could only lead to greatness. Unfortunately, all of the next fifteen people on the list ended up in this article for a reason.

When looking at the pictures of these youngsters, try to determine if you can see their evil future in their eyes or if they seemed pure and good from the beginning. Not all the young photos are of them when they were children, but it still offers a chilling perspective into a more innocent time. Here are 15 Haunting Images Of Evil People Before They Went To The Dark Side:


15 Hitler

When you think of the evilest person in the world, one of your first thoughts surely went to Hitler, right? This man was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, all murdered in gruesome and brutal ways. Of course, this is not the only genocide that has ever occurred in our history, however, we can easily point the blame all back in one direction, towards the tiny little baby that you see in the photograph above. If you could go back in time and got the opportunity to meet this tiny guy, what would you do? Perhaps a proper home and upbringing could have changed him and made him a good person, but would you risk that in the case that he was born with evil inside of him? It’s hard to imagine the innocent baby turning into the monster in the other photograph, but it’s surely the truth.

14 Kim Jong-Un


Kim Jong-Un has a pretty tragic life if you really think about it. He was born into the evil world that he creates today in North Korea, not really having any other option. He’s been brainwashed his entire life in the same way that the prisoners in his country have been. That being said, he still holds the power and could hopefully realize at some point that what’s going on under his rule is completely messed up. Although he is the son and grandson of some powerful leaders, he still was robbed a normal childhood like most of us had the pleasure of experiencing. For that alone, we can somewhat understand what lead him to remain on the dark side. In the photograph above as a young boy, you can see in his face already that he wasn’t the happy child that most boys his age might’ve been.

13 Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar is now known as one of the biggest criminals the world has seen. He was responsible for most of the cocaine that was coming into the U.S. during his reign and has been able to remain one of the highest grossing criminals the world has seen compared to the criminals at large today. At what age does one realize they might be becoming the next big drug kingpin of the world? Pablo was rumored to have begun his career as a criminal sometime after becoming a teenager, surely a bit later than when the photograph on the left was taken. As a child in a house of 9 people, Pablo surely experienced life low on cash. He began his career as a criminal by selling fake high school diplomas, only to grow into a larger criminal than he had ever imagined possible.

12 Saddam Hussein


Saddam Hussein is known to many Americans as one of our biggest enemies in recent history. We found him guilty of crimes against humanity, executing him just a little over ten years ago. But what made this man so evil? When looking at the picture of the child, you can’t really see much that might suggest the frightening person he’ll soon become. When you’re talking about an evil leader, it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly when the evil actually started. Many people rise to power because they mask the evil behind sincerity. That is certainly the case for Saddam Hussein. Just like we asked when it came to the first photograph of Hitler, what would you do if you went back in time and met this little boy? Do you think you’d have a powerful enough statement to change the way he thought?

11 Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony easily became one of the most hated women in America after being suspected of killing her tiny daughter several years ago. She was painted as a party mom who didn’t care for her child, but still pleaded her innocence throughout the trial. As we still don’t know exactly what happened, most of us can assume that Casey had some involvement in the death of her daughter. Although she was found innocent, the public has still been giving her a lifelong sentence. But what happened to Casey to turn her into an accused child murderer? As you can see in the photograph, she doesn’t look like she totally hates her daughter. Was her murder an accident or was Casey really not involved in any way? We might never know the truth, but looking at a photograph like the ones above are truly chilling.

10 Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby is probably one of the biggest disappointments in Hollywood. He had a promising career as a comedian, becoming America’s dad in his very own sitcom. We loved watching him in some of our favorite shows and were always excited to see his new projects. Then the allegations started. Cosby has never been convicted of sexually harassing any women, yet, however, after over 50 women came forward telling their stories of abuse, it became clear that Bill Cosby was certainly not the man we thought he was. When did the abuse start? Surely we can make a timeline based on the women who have come forward, but what others are still hiding in the shadows, fearing their reputations should they tell the truth? Was Bill Cosby destined to be an abuser of women, or did this happen because of the world his fame created?

9 Charles Manson

Charles Manson is known as being the evil leader of The Manson Family, a murderous cult responsible for the deaths of several people and an even longer hit list. Before he became the evil Charlie Manson, he was a family man and had a seemingly picture perfect life. However, a desire for crime and attempt to make money and gain power led him down a path of destruction. When you look at the photograph before he turned to the dark side, he seems like any other normal family man. He doesn’t have anything that might suggest he’ll turn into an evil leader in the future. As he turned to more criminal activities and began to have a following, however, that is exactly what ended up happening to him. He went from the guy next door to the murderer next door. Was it destiny or had he had a different life, would he be normal?


8 Brock Turner


Brock Turner hasn’t done as much evil as many of the men on the list, but he’s certainly made a name for himself as one of the most hated men in America in recent times. After brutally raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, he was given the light sentence of just three months in prison. Much like Casey Anthony, he’s still found himself being punished by the public for all of eternity. What caused this young man with such a hopeful future to commit such a brutal crime. On the left, you see him excited as he announces his acceptance into Stanford. On the left, a broken man with nothing left in his future. Is he an evil man who was destined for failure, or was he just a dumb kid who thought he could do whatever he wanted? Many of us probably know someone like Brock Turner, hopefully just the photograph on the left.

7 Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is the corrupt leader of Russia who’s known for his strict policies and shady side businesses of murdering journalists and anyone else who might speak out against him. He’s done little good in his life and will die leaving a legacy of evil behind for the people he’s most affected. When you look at the picture on the left, however, it’s hard to see that evil inside the innocent child’s face. If you saw this picture in a different context, would you be able to tell that it’s the future Vladimir Putin? So much more innocence lies in the face of the child than it does on the face of the old leader. You can still see some sort of sternness in the child’s eyes, however. Perhaps the images we see are only in place because of what we already know to be true.

6 Warren Jeffs


Warren Jeffs is the disgusting leader of the FLDS church, one of the biggest polygamist cults in the world, the biggest in our country. Jeffs is currently serving life in prison because of the molestation of young girls that he claims were his wives at the time of the abuse. He has a long history of marrying young girls and recording their sexual activity together. All of this is hidden behind extreme religion in which they look to the word of God as an excuse for their horrific acts. What happened to Jeffs to turn him from the geeky looking teen he used to be to the pervert that he is today? It’s likely his father has had a pretty negative influence on him, as he was also known as an abuser of young women. Many people, as we’ve seen on the list so far, also don’t know how to handle the power they’re given and often end up abusing it.

5 O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson used to be America’s athletic hero. He dappled in the world of advertisement and film as well, making him a well-rounded entertainer for years to come. That is until he was suspected of brutally murdering his wife as well as another guest that was at Nicole Brown-Simpson’s house at the time of her murder. Think of the biggest names in sports right now, and imagine if any of them were suspected of murdering their wife. It would be pretty hard to believe, which is likely why O.J. got off and was found innocent. What happened in O.J.’s hopeful life that led him to be so evil? He could easily be retired on an island with his family somewhere enjoying their millions and millions of dollars. Instead, he turned to the dark side and ended up leading a life of brutal crime and greed.

4 Gaddafi


What we have here is the Muammar Gaddafi with his wife and kids. Seems innocent here, right? But that's what is so haunting about a peaceful image such as this. Known as "Colonel Gaddafi," the man seen in this image staged a coup, seizing control of oil-rich Libya in 1969. His people loved him, at first, because he expelled outside forces out of the country. But, like many dictators, his corruption and human rights abuses caught up to him. Finally, during what is known as the "Arab Spring" in 2011, NATO troops-supported dissidents drove Gaddafi out of power.

He was finally killed in his hometown of Sirte on October 20, 2011.

3 Jim Jones

Jim Jones is the evil leader of the Jonestown cult, known for one of the largest mass suicides in our history. Using evil tactics, Jones was able to convince a large group of people to take their own lives. At first, many people fell for his antics, believing he held the answer to a utopia when they were living in poverty and looking for help. He convinced many that he had the key to going against the establishment when in reality, his answer was death. Looking at the photograph on the left, you can see some of the charms he was able to use to get so many people to fall for his lies. On the right, he appears overwhelmed with misery and has a much scarier look. He lost many followers before the mass suicide because they could begin to sense that the group was falling apart.

2 Jeffrey Dahmer


Before Jeffrey Dahmer was revealed as one of the most brutal serial killers of all time, many people thought that he was a handsome bachelor who just liked to keep to himself. On the photograph on the left, you can sense a bit of the goofy personality many people thought he carried. He was always physically fit and conventionally attractive, so no one would have ever expected him to be such a brutal killer. When you look at the picture on the right, however, you can start to sense some of the evil that lies within him. If you peer into his eyes, you can’t help but get chills all over thinking those are the very eyes his victims had to peer into as they felt the life leave their bodies. There’s nothing in the picture on the left that would ever hint or give clues that he might turn into the evil man on the right.

1 Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is another man known as one of America’s greatest enemies. Stricken with grief over the affairs of his country, he decided to strike back by orchestrating one of the worst attacks the U.S. has ever seen on September 11. He then went into hiding for some time, only to eventually be caught and murdered. Before all the terrorism, he was just a normal guy like you and me. He had a large loving family, even having children of his own. As you can see, he also enjoyed partaking in karate, making it as a black belt. At what point did he turn to the dark side and decide that he wanted to murder so many innocent people just to prove a point? We may never know, much like we may never know when the rest of the people on the list decided to turn so evil.


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