15 Haunting Images Captured In The Scariest Places In The World

The world is a scary place. It’s a huge planet that’s one of a kind and happens to be the only planet that can sustain life -- at least that we know of. Within our waters and lands, dark mysteries hide all around us. There are obviously scary things that exist within our world, but when it comes to scary places, that’s a different story. Certain locations hold different histories that make them separate and uniquely terrifying on their own. Whether it’s an abandoned building, a rundown area, or a place rumored to be haunted, there are plenty of spooky locations out there just waiting to be explored.

Of course, everyone knows of the basic scary areas, like the locations of wars, genocides, and horrific accidents. For this list, however, we’re going to focus on a few terrifying places that you might not have heard of, and show you photographs of these locations that you’ve never seen before. When viewing the pictures, ask yourself if you think you’d manage to spend a night alone in each of the areas. Chances are, you probably won’t be able to handle even looking at the pictures alone at night!

These horrific photographs range from abandoned locations to sites of terrible tragedies. The one thing they all have in common though, is that they are terrifying, each horrific in their own unique way. Share with your friends to see if they would ever visit the locations with you! Here are 15 Haunting Images Taken From The Scariest Places In The World:

15 Abandoned Water Park

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The photograph above was taken at a waterpark that supposedly closed down after a little boy suffered a devastating accident in which he lost his arm! There’s something absolutely terrifying about abandoned amusement parks and other places meant for fun vacations. These places hold some children’s best memories filled with laughter and joy, but looking at a photograph like this quickly reminds us that many dreams have to die somewhere. When you go to a place like this, you never know what you might find. Of course, some abandoned parks eventually become underground hangout spots for skaters and other adventurous youth, but it could also be the perfect place to commit a horrific crime, as there’s no one paying for cops or security guards to monitor the area. If you stumbled upon this decrepit water park, would you ever dare to take the plunge down a slide like this?

14 Last House On Holland Island

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The photograph above is exactly what the entry's title states: the last house on Holland Island. The island was never massive, but at one point, many people were able to call it their home. Unfortunately, the Earth experienced another devastating loss as the island of Holland instead became an underground graveyard for memories. This house just happens to be the last one that's been able to hold on. Someone might have taken their first steps or said their first words in this home. Families shared dinners at the table and people slept peacefully in their beds. Now, the house has become home for fish and a place for divers to explore. Imagine wanting to go back to your childhood home only to find that it had been eaten by the sea. Besides, this house looks more like the terrifying destination for a horror movie or scary video game, rather than someone's old home.

13 Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

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Abandoned nuclear power plants sit empty and terrifying all over our world. That's because if something ever goes wrong inside a power plant, you have to leave it for nature to take over as the chance of exposure to radiation runs too many risks. The radiation from nuclear power plants can have devastating effects on the genetic make-up of humans and animals in the surrounding areas. There’s no telling what horrific nightmares might exist if we continued to explore and toy with nuclear power. But the scariest part of the photograph isn’t even the dangers that lie around the area. Instead, it’s the fact that there are bare footprints covering the dirty and muddy floor. Who in their right mind walked around an area like this without shoes on? Sadly, we'll probably never know for it's likely that this said person is today no more.

12 Underwater Statue

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The ocean is a scary enough place on its own. We’ve barely explored what it has to offer, so the majority of what lies beneath remains a mystery to even the brightest of oceanographers. Once you start adding creepy statues though, things get a lot more terrifying. The photograph above shows the statue of Christ of the Abyss in the Florida Keys. As you can see, the statue is massive at 8.5 feet. Most people who go scuba diving in this area are aware of the statue. However, imagine just wandering through the waters for a swim one day and coming across a terrifying sight like this. The bronze statue not only stands in a terrifying way, but is also covered in sea life that makes it look like some sort of sea zombie. Sure, there’s no denying that it’s a beautifully sculpted piece and for many holds a lot of meaning; however, we just can’t shake the image when we’re trying to fall asleep at night.

11 Alcatraz 

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Alcatraz used to house some of America’s worst prisoners. The prison sits on an island off the coast of California, adding extra assurance that even if someone would've been able to escape their cells and the protective fences, they would've had to face the deep waters and dangers of what lay in the deep sea. The prison was known for its brutal treatment of the criminals that sat inside its wall, but currently, acts only as a tourist destination. There are many rumors and legends surrounding Alcatraz, mostly people stating that the building is infested with paranormal activity. In the picture, it doesn’t seem all that far from the coast, as you can actually see the city sitting along the shore. However, if you managed to find yourself stranded on the island one day, you’d surely be absolutely petrified. Even the bravest of souls would've had trouble spending a night alone on this island.

10 Palestinian Taxidermy Zoo

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Taxidermy is the process of preserving an animal’s skin, hair, fur, teeth, and sometimes eyes once the animals had passed. It’s a common practice and isn’t always so terrifying. However, from the photograph above, you can clearly see that this type of taxidermy is very unsettling. The picture comes from a “zoo” in Palestine that features terrifying-looking preserved animals like the lion above. It all comes from the mind of one man, who even though he exhibits extreme passion, seems to lack talent. Many of the animals in his “zoo” are variations of what they actually were when they were alive. They have mangled skin, fur, teeth, and eyes, making them look like mutated zombie animals ready for attack. It doesn’t feel right to critique someone else’s “art,” but when the intention is to not be so scary and rather honor the animal, we have to put in our two cents.

9 Abandoned Cooling Tower

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The photograph above looks like it was taken from a sci-fi or alien movie. The massive dome is neither of those things, however, and is instead an abandoned cooling tower. The purpose of this was once to serve a nuclear power plant that is no longer operating. If you know anything about nuclear power, you know that it can cause some strange activity to occur if not properly managed. This image may be beautiful to some, but if you were actually in the scene, you might feel a bit different. The layout can be difficult to manage, and there aren’t many easily accessible entrances and exits. Imagine being trapped inside with your only way out being the top hole. The dome shape would make it nearly impossible to be able to climb out, meaning there’s a good chance you could be trapped inside forever. That’s not even the scariest of holes, either. Just imagine falling into the one in the middle of the room.

8 Decrepit Dock

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The dock above doesn’t seem like it’s a real place, but it absolutely is. Once someone gives up on a certain property and leaves nature to clean up, things can get pretty eerie fairly quickly. It looks as though sea creatures and Jason-like killers are just waiting to come out and grab anyone who might attempt to walk across the broken boards. The only thing that would make this photograph scarier is if someone were standing at the very end of it. The foggy water and gloomy tone of the area only add to the terror of the location. What would have to be at the very end of this terrifying dock for you to try and make your way across? A massive amount of money? A loved one calling for help? We’d imagine it’d take a bit of persuasion to get anyone in their right mind to take a step onto the terrifying dock.

7 The Door To Hell

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The photograph above depicts “The Gate of Hell,” a name given to a hole of fire for obvious reasons. It sits in the middle of the desert of Karakum. The hole started after a crew drilling for natural gasses set the pit on fire, hoping it would burn away poisonous gasses instead of releasing them into the air. They expected the fire to burn out in a couple of hours, but instead, it’s lasted over 40 years. The pit has yet to stop burning and reminds us that things don’t always go as planned, even for the supposed experts. Instead, what happened is we’ve created a sort of entrance to hell and all it took was one quick light. The pit might look a bit small, but it’s actually the size of a large gym. The fact that it still manages to burn is a mystery, and unless you’re immune to fire, this is a terrifying place you certainly wouldn't want to end up in.

6 Snake Island

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It seems as though humans have explored almost all the land the world has to offer. Even though we know an area exists, however, doesn’t mean we can live there and that it can sustain life. That's true for the island of Ilha da Queimada Grande, better known as Snake Island. At one point, this island was connected to the mainland, but rising waters changed that quickly. This caused the endangered golden lancehead pit viper to quickly flee to the island, quickly taking over this tiny piece of land. This island is now the only home to the snake, and because they're endangered, the island is closed to the public to protect the creature's status. And even if they weren’t endangered, the island is so overrun with these deadly snakes that it’d be hard to stay alive just for a night! Even someone who isn’t afraid of snakes would be stupid to try and visit the island. Just imagine being shipwrecked with this as your only option.

5 Hashima Abandoned Island

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Although coal is not the greatest option when it comes to using energy resources, it can certainly help the economy. Coal mines give massive numbers of jobs to people, as dangerous as they are. However, once safer and more environmentally friendly fuel options became easily accessible after the industrialization of Japan, the demand for coal rapidly declined. The island you see above was mainly created for the purpose of coal mining. Once that became unprofitable, the people who lived on the island fled in search of new and better jobs. In doing so, they left behind an entire city and let nature begin to take over. Decades later, however, the island has become a sight for tourists to explore. Abandoned cities like this are haunting. They’re reminders of how quickly the world is evolving and how something that seemed the world to us at one point can soon become nothing more than a photograph on a list of scary pictures.

4 Abandoned Home In Finland

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The photograph above looks like it was ripped straight from a Halloween horror movie. If you walked down the long path and knocked on the door, it seems like a witch, goblin, or gremlin would surely meet you! Or it may appear like a cozy little cabin if you’re someone from an urban legend! The appearance alone seems sinister to even the bravest readers. As we’ve already discussed, abandoned locations can be pretty scary. Though we usually understand why something was left behind, when it comes to individual houses, we can’t always know the exact history behind it. Did it belong to a family who wanted to flee their area? Did something so terrible happen inside that no one wants to live there ever again? Or perhaps someone simply fell behind on their payments, and the bank didn’t want to put in the effort to attempt to sell it. Either way, a true horror story lies within the decrepit walls of this tiny house.

3 Paris Catacombs

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Some consider Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. They certainly have a good argument. But the only thing that keeps that statement from being absolutely true is the terror that lies beneath. Under the city of Paris lie miles of bone-lined tunnels, displaying the remains of over six million people. There is no natural light that exists within these dark and terrifying tunnels, meaning the loss of your light source would mean losing your ability to see anything. The last place we’d want to be stuck in the dark in is one surrounded by the bones of people! The catacombs were created when Paris saw an increase in dead people who needed to be buried and a decrease in a place to bury them. The solution was to dig up the already decayed bodies in the old graveyards and replace them with the newly dead who needed a home. They then put the bones in the catacombs, resulting in something we thought only existed in nightmares.

2 Antarctic Shipwreck

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Shipwrecks are the abandoned houses of the sea and are horrifying in their own uniquely scary way. The photograph above happens to show one of the most eerie-looking cruise shipwrecks off the coast of Antarctica. It truly does not look like a shipwreck and just looks like a ghost ship waiting to surface to take its next victims down to the dark floors of the ocean. Water is terrifying for the fact that things don’t move like they do on land. If we were fish, something like this might not be so scary to us. But when you have something with the potential to house dangerous sea creatures and even paranormal activity, thinking of being around this ship is nightmare-inducing. What was supposed to carry happy people on an exciting cruise is now a place for fish to hide and for us to be absolutely terrified of.

1 England Sea Forts

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We’ve had a lot of scary places that happened to be in or on water, but what do you expect when the majority of the surface of the Earth is covered in the mysterious blue liquid? These sea forts located in England are no exception. They are just what they’re called, sea forts -- intended to protect the coast against enemy attack during the second world war. They have since been abandoned, as they no longer serve a purpose. However, instead of being torn down, they’ll remain preserved as a post-war relic. Nevertheless, they still manage to terrify anyone who lays eyes on them. They are reminiscent of a War of the Worlds-type alien that rises from the ground only to come and attack us. They offer no simple way to enter and exit either, and a boat is required to get to and from them. Just imagine randomly waking up one day only to realize you’re stuck in one of these. Out of all the locations on the list, which would you want to visit? Which one do you absolutely refuse to go to?

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