15 Haunting Crimes That Could Be Paranormal Activity

Crime is continuing to happen all around us, at every hour of the day. Luckily, because of the intelligence of so many great people before us, we have a pretty good way of determining who caused what crime at what time. This allows justice to be served and some order to be maintained within our society. There is certainly a fair amount of chaos that still exists in civilized society, however, and many mysteries as to who caused what crime still remain unsolved.

There are so many cases that seem to have simply no explanation at all. People vanish without a trace and people die in ways that we can’t comprehend is humanly possible. When we’re baffled by these situations and even experts are scratching their heads as to what the answers and realities of the situation might be, we sometimes turn to the paranormal world hoping to get a little more clarity. When we talk about paranormal activities here, we’re talking about something beyond human and phenomena that science simply cannot explain. It doesn’t always mean a ghost is the murderer, but for us, sometimes that’s the only way we can seem to describe it.

It’s easy to believe that something isn’t real, but if you can’t prove otherwise, how do you know anything actually exists? If you think you have a scientific explanation for any of these crimes and cases on the list, please let us know! Share with your friends to see if they have the answers. Here are 15 Haunting True-Crime Cases That Could Be Linked To Paranormal Activity.


15 First His Son, Then His Wife

At one point in her life, Rebecca Zahau was just another housewife of a pharmaceutical millionaire. She wasn’t his first wife and helped care for his children from previous marriages. She found herself the target of an unfortunate accident after her husband’s 6-year-old son fell off the balcony of their beach house and accidentally died. Just two days after he fell, Rebecca was found with her hands tied, a t-shirt over her face, and hanging from the balcony. Although her death was ruled a suicide, upon further investigation, however, this ruling is very unsatisfactory for those involved in the case. One medical examiner stated that her stepson likely suffocated before he was thrown off the balcony, contrary to the belief that he had tripped and fallen off the edge. If her hands were tied, why would her own death be ruled a suicide? Could something a little more paranormal be the cause of both of their deaths?

14 She Was A Heartbreaker 


Terry Cottle met the love of his life, Cheryl Sweat, while he was still married to his first wife. Their love knew no bounds, however, and he chose Cheryl over the woman he originally pledged his love for. They lived almost happily ever after, but like many couples, things went south. When times got a little too difficult for Terry, he decided to take the gun from his shed and shoot himself. He didn’t die immediately and was able to be put on life support. This allowed him the chance to donate his organs to someone in need. That person was Sonny Graham. Thankful for a second chance at life with his new heart, Graham decided to reach out to the man’s wife who gave him his heart. Once Sonny met Cheryl, he knew it was love at first sight. They too had a good marriage for a while, but things eventually went sour. Sonny, just like the man who gave him his heart, also decided to take his own life with a shotgun. Could something paranormal be the cause of the double suicide, or is it all just a coincidence?

13 Sleepover With Ghosts 

Robert Laursen was just another ghost hunter who decided to investigate an infamous house known to have some paranormal activity within. The house he was choosing to stay in overnight had been the brutal crime scene where six people were butchered with an ax. There had never been any violence recorded since the original incident until Robert decided to stay there one night. He found himself the unfortunate victim of a knife attack. The main suspect? Himself! Robert claims he has absolutely no idea what on earth compelled him to stab himself, and he believes as though someone in the paranormal realm of the house caused the accident. Some could say that it was just a stunt to get attention as a ghost hunter, but you have to be pretty insanely dedicated to your role to fake your own ghost stabbing. What do you believe?

12 Vanished Into Thin Air


There wasn’t anything that really stood out about Jason Jolkowski before he went missing. He was just another recent graduate working at the local fast-food restaurant to make some money. Unfortunately, he ran into some car troubles and had to ask a coworker to pick him up. He asked to meet at the local high school rather than his house. Perhaps it was an easier landmark for the coworker to know how to get to, but the reason Jason asked to meet there really isn’t very clear. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t show up at the high school when his coworker did to pick him up. The last time Jason was seen was by his neighbor who was taking out the trash. There has never been any trace of Jason since then and no one has any idea what could have happened. He has no enemies and wasn’t involved in anything that could get him kidnapped or killed. There was no sign of any abduction and no witnesses saw him with anyone else. It was as is if he disappeared into thin air.

11 Bloody House

Minnie William Winston was surprised to find a large amount of blood throughout her home after waking up one morning. The blood was found on the floor and walls of the hallways, basement, and four out of six rooms in her home. Neither she or her husband experienced any cuts or accidents that might have been the source of the smeared blood, and no one had taken anything or broken in. The blood was still tested by authorities and it was determined to be a different type of blood than the couple. It didn’t match any criminals in the system or missing persons, but it was still determined to be human blood. So what could have caused the bleeding? Was it just the house that was bleeding its own blood? Was it a sort of projection of something from the past? What could it have been?

10 Who Is The Real Pauline?


Pauline Picard’s parents were terrified to discover one day that their little girl was missing. Search parties ensued and people did as much as they could in 1922 when Pauline went missing, but there was seemingly no sign of what had happened to her. That was until a little girl matching Pauline’s description was found wandering a neighboring town. She was taken to the Picard’s and they were elated to find that it was their little girl, or so they believed it was. Several days after the reunion, another little girl was found, this time dead and unrecognizable. Although she was unable to be identified based on her appearance, her family was shocked to discover that the clothes Pauline had been wearing the day she went missing were folded neatly next to the little girl. So, which little one was Pauline? Why had her face and head been destroyed?

9 Summer Of Hell

Glenna Sue Sharp had rented a cabin for her and her children to enjoy the summer. Unfortunately for them, their cabin became the target for some seriously sadistic killers to attack. Inside the house was Glenna, her son John, his friend Dana, and Sue’s young daughter. Glenna, John, and Dana were all brutally tortured in their cabin and eventually murdered. The crime scene was an intense one that has been known in infamy for the brutal nature and disturbing acts inflicted upon these innocent people. Sue’s young daughter was also missing for three years until her remains were discovered in a location two hours away from where the cabin was. There has never been any leads on the murders and not even the slightest bit of clues as to who or what tormented those people in the cabin.


8 Toxic Blood 


Gloria Ramerez was suddenly rushed into the emergency room one day after the symptoms of her advanced cervical cancer sent her to the hospital. She was hysterical from the effects, so doctors sedated her. While they were getting her set up upon arrival, the nurses began taking blood and doing examinations to see how to help her. They noticed that she suddenly got an oily sheen and was releasing a garlic sent from her mouth that wasn’t initially there. Her blood also smelled like ammonia and had yellow particles floating around. Suddenly, several of the nurses around her fainted. Over 20 hospital workers became ill after coming in contact with Gloria. Five of them got so sick, they had to be hospitalized. Since the incident occurred, no one knows what happened to Gloria that made her toxic to everyone around her. She eventually died from kidney failure, and no one knew why she had such toxic symptoms in the first place.

7 Dyatlov Pass Incident

Nine hikers set off for a journey they thought would be one of the greatest of their lives. Instead, it turned out to be a horrifying event now known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. At one point during their hike, they decided to set up camp and get a good night’s rest snug away in their sleeping bags. Unfortunately, something occurred in the middle of the night that caused them to rip their way out of their tents and flee through the snow in their pyjamas. Experienced hikers like these guys would know better than to brave the harsh cold without proper gear, but something caused them to be so terrified, they decided to get out of there as fast as possible. All nine were eventually found dead, six from hypothermia and three from physical trauma. The scary thing about the ones who died from physical trauma is that their fractures were internal and were consistent with an extreme force similar to car crash victims. Who, or what, caused these mysterious injuries?

6 Unidentified Bones  


In Bear Brook State Park, four different victims were all found in the same metal trash bins between 1985 and 2000. The first two victims to be discovered in 1985 were a woman and child. Fifteen years later in 2000, two more young women were found, this time just little girls between the ages of 1 and 4. It was hard to determine their exact ages since the only remains were bones. One thing that was known about them, however, is that they were all somehow related. No one had come forward to claim these girls as their missing family members, so it was hard to even start an investigation not knowing anything about these dead bodies. To this day, their identities still remain unknown, making us wonder what kind of paranormal business might have occurred within this park to cause these unidentified women’s bodies to be discovered.

5 Possessed By A Demon Or Tortured By Parents?

The case of Annelise Michel is a controversial one, splitting the opinions of scientists and and religious people. Annelise was a 23-year-old woman who underwent a Catholic exorcism in 1976. She eventually died for what some believe to be the result of her exorcism. The actual cause of death was malnutrition, as her family kept her mostly hid away while they performed the exorcism. She had a history of depression, psychosis, and seizures, but no matter how much medication and therapy she received, she never got any better. Her parents then turned to their Catholic priest who determined that she must be possessed by some sort of demon. They then began an exorcism that lasted almost a year before Annelise lost her life. Do you think any paranormal activity actually happened with Anneliese or was she just the unfortunate victim of religious nuts?

4 Nightstalker Crimes


The original Nightstalker was a killer in the 1970s in California that still has yet to be caught or even identified. After his notoriety, another man named Richard Ramirez was caught for similar crimes and was eventually given the name of The Nightstalker. The original Nightstalker got away with raping 50 women and killing 6, all the while never once being caught. The only information anyone has on this Nightstalker are sketches from the victims. He was said to have traveled through tunnels and had secret passageways he used throughout the city in order to go unnoticed from victim to victim. The way he was able to get away with so much while so little went unknown about who was committing the rapes is certainly something people believe to be paranormal. Whoever did this much evil while going unnoticed the whole time has to be someone more than human.

3 The Hinterkaifeck Mystery

The Hinterkaific family consisted of the father Andreas, 63, his wife, Cazilia, 72, their daughter, Viktoria, 35 and Viktoria’s two children she cared for alone, Cazilia, 7, and Josef, 2. They also had a maid that lived on their family farm known as 44-year-old Maria. Maria had only recently started after the last maid of the farm stated that the house was haunted. On Maria’s first day of work, the Hinterkaific family was lured into the barn while Viktoria stayed in the home with Josef. Andreas, his wife, and grandaughter were all murdered with a mattock, a tool similar to an axe. Viktoria and Josef were murdered as well. The strangest thing about this situation is that there was never any suspect and never any motive. They stuck around for a couple days after the murder as the cattle had been fed and the food was freshly eaten in the kitchen. Nothing was taken either, so it couldn’t have been a robbery. Who or what killed them and why?

2 From Fight To Fright 


Ted Loseff and his wife Wilma were like any other couple. They decided to get married, but only if Wilma signed a prenuptial agreement so that if they divorced, she would get none of Ted’s money. Things started to go downhill in the marriage and they eventually got into a heated fight. Wilma claimed Ted had a gun and asked her housekeeper for help. They went to the housekeeper’s home and waited for Ted to calm down. When she couldn’t get a hold of him, she started to worry since the phone line had been disconnected. Eventually, it had been reconnected, but he still wouldn’t answer. Wilma decided it was time to call the police. They went to Ted and Wilma’s home to find him dead in the garage with the car running. Ted’s mother didn’t buy his suicide and started to see how things didn’t add up. He had been wearing different clothes earlier in the day and rarely parked in his garage. His death was eventually ruled a homicide, though, with no suspects, this one has us turning to the paranormal for an explanation.

1 JFK Assassination

Although a shooter was arrested in the assassination of JFK, many people believe that it was set up. As unfortunate as it was, there are always people who would benefit from the death of someone in high power in politics. It was later determined by some experts, though still highly controversial, that perhaps there was a second shooter involved in the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald was only a coverup for a much darker intention in murdering JFK. There are countless theories involving the paranormal, aliens, and even lizard people in trying to determine who might have been the second shooter in the JFK assassination. When such a high-profile murder continues to remain unsolved, there will always be conspiracies about what might have happened. Do you have any explanation for the mysteries on the list? Which one do you find most baffling?


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