15 Haunted Places You Should Never Search On Google Earth

For some reason, some of us love looking up terrifying stuff. Something about the macabre makes us intrigued. Perhaps, some of us love to torture ourselves, and maybe, others like to explore the dark side of their thoughts. You clicked on this list, so part of you must be interested in some pretty terrifying stuff, right? It’s always fun to get a little scared, and it’s hard to figure out why sometimes. However, there are some things that should just be left alone on the internet.

The world is full of some pretty horrifying sights, but for many of us, we're only surrounded by beauty. When it comes to Google Maps, we now have the technology to look up any place in the world whenever we want. This means you can see real-life sights of other countries, cities, states, and anywhere you could ever want all from the comfort of your home without having to spend a dime. Aside from the beautiful sights, however, there still exists a horrifying number of terrifying places that you would never want to travel to.

Some of those places are so disturbing, however, that you shouldn’t even look them up on Google maps! We’ve put together a list of places you shouldn’t go on Google maps to spare yourself from some spooky sights. If you’re brave enough and can handle it, however, feel free to do whatever internet exploring you want. Here are 15 Scariest Places You Shouldn't Look Up On Google Maps:

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15 Abandoned Gas Masks After The Chernobyl Disaster

Several decades ago in Russia, there was one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in history at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant that's remembered to this day as being a complete disaster. It caused severe radiation in anyone who didn’t evacuate the area, and the levels of radiation are so high now that it’s not safe enough to live in now until the next several decades. The entire city around the plant is completely deserted, and though dangerous, it doesn’t stop people from exploring the desolate area. If you’re interested in visiting the site but don’t want the radiation risk that comes along with it, you can view it on Google Maps. However, only horrifying sights like the one above are waiting for you. There's a gymnasium of abandoned gas masks, and it looks like someone decided to set up the horrifying sight you see above.

14 The Gate At Auschwitz And Everything Behind It

Auschwitz is probably one of the most haunting places in our world. The things that occurred at these concentration camps are something that only seems real in nightmares. Unfortunately, it's a very real place that you can visit now. Most of us will never get to experience viewing these concentration camps as it’s pricey to travel to places like these. It’s also not an ideal vacation spot, so many people wouldn’t take the time to travel here in their time off. Because of Google Maps, however, we all have the chance to peek into this world even though we really shouldn't. Right away, at the gates that you can see in the image above, chills already fill our bodies. The thick fog over the area makes it all-the-more haunting. You can also see the train tracks that brought people into the camp like cattle. It’s truly devastating imagining what's happened here.

13 This Random Spot In Brazil Goes Black And Reveals A Demon

There's one spot in Brazil where as you're beginning to walk around, all of a sudden, everything goes black. There’s nothing particularly scary about the spot, and it seems normal, but once you get to a certain point, everything disappears, and it all turns black. It seems like a normal thing; maybe they just lost the footage for a brief moment and this spot is undocumented. However, if you turn around on the street, you’ll see the horrifying shadow of a man standing right behind you! It’s a disturbing sight and one that would keep us off of Google Maps for sure. There’s just something about how dark it gets and the fact that you only see one man standing alone that make this particular spot so incredibly horrifying. It’s fun to explore Google maps alone in the comfort of your own home but not when you might run into something as scary as this.

12 Bogota Colombia, Where Torture Chambers Hide Underground And People Live In Filth

The image above is a still taken from Google Maps located in Bogota, Columbia. It's known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and from the image above, you can tell that it certainly doesn’t look like a safe place to be. Apparently, there were recently several warehouse basements found that had substituted as torture chambers. Crime and gang-related activity are rampant here, and more live in poverty than not. The streets are filled with the homeless, and garbage is littered everywhere. It’s a tragic sight thinking about how humans have to live in a place like that. No one deserves to have to sleep on the street surrounded by garbage. For those who live here, however, that’s exactly what they have to endure every day. It’s hard to navigate around the city, even just on a computer screen.

11 Slovakia, A Place With 100% Unemployment And No Running Utilities Anywhere

The image above was taken in Slovakia in one of the poorest cities in the world. The people are living in so much poverty, in fact, that the unemployment rate is at one hundred percent. That means that there's no one in the entire city with a job. Clearly, it’s not the ideal place to live, but with no access to making money at all, how is anyone supposed to leave? There are no utilities left on for anyone either, meaning people are living in terrible conditions. It’s like a post-apocalyptic world here. The worst part about making your way through the city is seeing all of the children playing around. Knowing a child has to live like that is absolutely heartbreaking. They’re chasing the car in most images, probably shocked to see something like the Google Maps car driving through their area.

10 The Once Beautiful Aleppo Destroyed By Civil War

Aleppo was a once stunning place filled with beautiful views and stunning sights. Torn apart by a brutal civil war, it’s now a destroyed place filled with empty buildings and crumbling structures. We hear about war often and definitely see some pictures of the aftermath that we didn’t want to see. There’s something way different about actually being able to feel like you’re in the area. You can get a perspective as if you’re standing on the street and can walk around like you would if you were really there. It’s chilling to see just how much damage has been done. All of the schools where children learned, stores where happy people bought presents, and homes where people created loving families and memories are destroyed. They’re crumbling to the ground and will never be the same. The results are absolutely haunting but can all be seen on Google Maps if you can stomach it.

9 A Ghost Town In Belgium That's Waiting To Be Destroyed

The image above was taken in an abandoned town in Belgium. It’s set to be destroyed soon but not before Google was able to take several chilling images, one such still you can see above. The pictures are taken during the day, but being in a literal ghost town is scary no matter what time it is. Knowing that there’s no one living here but that all the buildings are still set up and standing there every day is just plain scary. Who knows if someone might be hiding out here or what might happen when no one is around. It seems like a movie set the way everything is just deserted. It’s a really lonely feeling to wander around the streets on maps and wonder what it was about this place that just made everyone up and leave.

8 Aokigahara Forest

The Suicide Forest in Japan has to be one of the scariest places in the country. It’s a notorious forest where people travel to commit suicide. It’s heavily regulated so as to save as many lives as possible. However, there’s no denying that it’s still easy to break past security, and many people are still able to take their own lives in the wooded area. Because of its notoriety, many people travel here to visit the lands and see what secrets the woods are hiding. For those of us not brave enough or wealthy enough to travel to this forest, there’s the online tour that allows us to get a terrifying peek. However, it really doesn’t seem like a place that we’d want to spend looking around alone! Because of all the suicides, not everybody is found and removed, meaning you might run into a corpse! Enter at your own risk, in real life or online.

7 Abandoned Building In Desolate Alaska

Alaska is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The mountainous views and icy waters make it a destination spot for those looking for breathtaking views. There’s no denying that’s the truth. Being in a wooded area so secluded is tranquil and relaxing. Not every part of Alaska is as peaceful as the rest, however. When walking through a pretty abandoned area, this is one building that you might stumble upon. It’s very rundown and looks terrifying. This is definitely not a building that we’d want to run into in the middle of nowhere. Even when we’re on Google Maps and doing some virtual sightseeing, it’s still absolutely terrifying to run into something that looks like it was taken straight from a horror movie. Who knows what kind of horrors await behind the terrifying black walls and rundown doors and windows?

6 Nagoro Japan Where A Woman Makes A Doll For Everyone Who Dies

Dolls are mostly intended to be toys for children. They’re supposed to be cute playthings, not something made for nightmares. There's a city in Japan, however, where one woman takes it upon herself to make a doll for everyone who dies or moves away. She creates the dolls to remember them by. All of her effort and time that go into making the dolls seems sweet; however, the way they’re arranged around the town makes it absolutely horrifying. It seems like a normal village until you start stumbling upon the creepy mannequin-sized dolls lined up outside everywhere. Eventually, everyone in the town will be turned into a doll! Some joke that the woman murders people herself and turns them into dolls, but her intentions are really mostly sweet. At least, we hope they are.

5 The Fully Deserted Gunkanjima - You Never Know Whose Face You'll Find In A Window

Deserted places are always terrifying to run into, but this one is especially horrifying. It’s an island known as "Gunkanjima" in Japan. It was originally an industrial town with most of the residents working in underground coal mines. As the coal became depleted, the town became abandoned. The current population is zero, but because of its close proximity to the ocean and the lack of nature, the buildings are still sitting there fairly preserved. There are definitely still signs of wear and tear on the outside, however, and it makes it look absolutely haunting. It looks like a town created for a post-apocalyptic video game! You can tour the entire island on Google Maps, but be careful of what you might find! Who knows when you might see a window with someone staring out?

4 Colorado City, A City Rampant With Polygamists

The picture above was taken in Colorado city. It looks like a fairly normal picture, but what you’re actually seeing is a graveyard. The headstones are rather small because most of the residents in the area live in some degree of poverty. This is a graveyard unlike any most of us know, however. All of the deceased buried in the graveyard are stillborn babies who died due to incest. In Colorado city, many polygamists take up residency. They're part of a group known as the FLDS, in which women are basically forced to worship the men in their lives. Young girls are married off to relatives, and because of the small community but need for plural wives, there's definitely some incest. Because of this, many women lose their children because of incest-related complications. The entire city is a pretty haunting sight, but this is certainly one of the most disturbing.

3 The Killing Tree

One sight that isn’t for everyone is that of The Killing Tree. It’s a place where children were taken, tied to trees, and beaten to death. The tree is in Cambodia, and the children were thrown against the tree and beaten for their parents' crimes. It’s a popular tourist destination for some reason, but looking at the tree captured in the photograph above is enough for us to want to stay far, far away. Knowing what went on here gives us a horrible feeling staring at a tree that was right next to so many children who had their innocent lives taken away. Although it’s just a normal-looking tree, it’s a horrific reminder of the brutality of humans.

2 The Dangerous Ghost Town Of Gary Indiana

It’s always sad to see a city that’s crumbling. When the first houses go up, the stores and shops are built, and the streets are first paved, everyone’s always hoping that the city will only get bigger. No one ever thinks that maybe, one day, it’ll all be gone. Unfortunately, that’s what ended up happening in Gary, Indiana. It was a rich city at one point, booming with industrialized factories that employed everyone in town. However, businesses slowly moved out, but the people didn’t always follow. Those still living in the town are now living in extreme poverty, and everything seems to be crumbling. In this post, we’ve already seen some abandoned places that are chilling to view. The thing that makes Gary even scarier than the rest is the fact that people are still living here. It looks like a deserted place filled with empty houses, but creepily, there are people living in those rundown places.

1 The Completely Undeveloped Sentinel Island With A Random Shipwreck

Sentinel Island is probably the least developed island in the world that's actually inhabited by a group of people known as The Sentinelese. They're an indigenous tribe and are among the few people left in the world untouched by modern civilization. They maintain their lifestyle much like our ancestors did: by hunting wild animals and eating whatever they can find. They've been contacted by outsiders before; however, they violently reject anyone who tries to make contact with them. They’ve made it dangerously clear that they’re happy the way they are and don’t want any visitors. Unfortunately, in the image above, you can see that they probably did have some visitors at one point. When you zoom in on the island, you can see the image of a wrecked ship on the coast. Who the ship belonged to is unknown, and it’s likely the passengers met a brutal fate when they tried to get help from the people of the island.

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