15 Gynecologist Confessions That Will Gross You Out

Of all the medical professions today, people have always been somewhat fascinated by gynecologists. It's not like brain surgery, optometry, or dentistry. There's something a little taboo about it. People's imagination tends to run wild whenever they think about what goes on behind the doors of a gynecology clinic. We have this idea in our minds that it's all fun and games, and it involves one smoking hot doctor woman doing all kinds of unspeakable things to incredibly sexy girls. But as you're about to find out, it's not really like that at all. There are many things about this profession that aren't pretty, sexy, interesting, or "risque."

Like any other medical job, it involves people of all kinds, and that's where it gets interesting. These gynecologists have seen basically everything under the sun, and while their confidentiality agreement prevents them from talking about their patients, there's technically nothing stopping them from going on a website like Reddit and starting an AMA (ask me anything) thread. Some of the questions are pretty predictable, such as "What is the grossest thing you've ever seen." Others are more specific. But one thing's for sure - gynecology is a lot more disgusting than you probably imagined...

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15 A Huge Ovarian Tumor


When gynecologists go on the Internet and ask people questions, one of the most common questions is "What is the grossest thing you've ever encountered?" This might not be the most intelligent question, and it pretty much appeals to the lowest common denominator, but one can't deny that it's the question that everybody probably wants to ask a gynecologist. So, when faced with this question, one gynecologist answered: "I have had to deal with a patient who had a testosterone secreting ovarian tumor that had her clitoris grow to a pretty large size."

Wow. I don't even know where to begin with this confession. First of all, she's talking about an ovarian tumor, which is pretty gross. Second, the tumor has caused the clitoris to grow to a huge size. Just try to get that mental image out of your head. And third, the tumor secretes testosterone? I don't even want to know what that means. And I'll probably never look at a vagina the same way.

14 Huge Warts Down There


As previously mentioned, the most common question that people ask gynecologists is "What is the weirdest/grossest thing you've ever seen?" Luckily, there were a few gynecologists that decided to spill the beans on the Internet and give us the dirty details. What this means is there are a lot of weird things being talked about by gynecologists, not just one thing. When another gynecologist was asked that same question, they answered: "I've seen a lot of bad stuff, but one of the worst was someone who had genital warts the size of cauliflower florets that essentially replaced the entire lower vagina."

This is another confession which is enough to make you barf. Genital warts are bad enough, but I've never heard of a case where they got as big as cauliflowers! That's just insane! I bet this gynecologist's eyes popped out of their head when they first laid eyes on them. Poor woman.

13 A Retained Tampon


Another gynecologist also went online to answer questions, and once again they were asked the common question, "What is the weirdest/grossest thing you've ever experienced in your line of work?" And once again, they had an answer that probably made a lot of people feel sick. Their answer was: "A retained tampon is probably one of the worst odors I have ever encountered in medicine." 

Previous to seeing these gynecologist confessions, I had no idea that odor could be such a big deal in their line of work, but it makes total sense now that I think of it. After all, there's a lot of bacteria down there, and that can cause a lot of odor. Especially if there is a "retained tampon" up there. And for this gynecologist to say that it's the worst odor they "have ever encountered in medicine," it must be a really bad odor. Because you just know that as a gynecologist, they must have encountered all kinds of odors throughout their career.

12 Persistent Arousal Syndrome


Gynecologists can experience all kinds of strange things. Sometimes, these are problems that we didn't even know existed. One example is a gynecologist who confessed "I did have a patient who complained of constantly having orgasms to the point of discomfort. It's something called "Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome" and I had no idea what to do for it. I had to send her to a specialist."

Constantly having the big O might not be something that people would consider "gross" per se, but it definitely wasn't pleasant for the woman experiencing it.  It might sound funny or even pleasurable to many people, but it's a real problem! And this just goes to show that in many cases, gynecologists see such strange things that even they have no idea how to help. It must have been something that was unpleasant for both the doctor and the patient, as having orgasms constantly must have been pretty awkward for both parties.

11 The Real Statistics About HPV


One of the most shocking confessions from gynecologists concern not just one particular patient, but all of women in general. Because gynecologists see so many women on such a regular basis, they have a unique insight into what kind of problems women experience on average. You might be surprised how common certain illnesses are. One gynecologist confirmed a disturbing statistic that might make you a little more cautious with your sexual partners. But at the same time, how is it possible to avoid HPV if 80% of women have it? Anyway, here's the confession: "It's estimated that 80% of women will be infected by HPV some time in their lifetime, but I'd bet that it's more than that. I pretty much tell patients that unless they are virginal or unless they and their husband were virginal when they met (and they've stayed in a monogamous relationship), they've been exposed to HPV at some point."

10 The Exotic Grossness She's Seen


One female gynecologist confessed all of the weird, gross things she's ever seen in one epic quote: "I'm going to say all patients +400 lbs come to mind, but you know, there's also some almost indescribable crap that you see in gynecology (cancer can actually be pretty disgusting). More exotic grossness would be a couple of dermoid tumors filled with jelly and hair... and a sort of mummified triplet that died in utero at about 15 weeks, that then delivered after its full-term siblings."

This is almost too much to stomach. I never really realized that gynecologists have to examine 400 pound women before. Can you imagine what that would be like? Lifting up the flaps of fat and... Ew. But there's more where that came from. She also talks about tumors filled with jelly and hair, and a "mummified triplet." I don't even want to think about this.

9 She Found An 8-Ball Up In There


When asked what the weirdest thing she's found inside a vagina, one gynecologist revealed that she extracted an "8-ball (as in billiards). The general surgeons and ER docs pull much funnier things out of rectums than we do out of vaginas."

I'm not sure how an 8-ball managed to get stuck up there. Was it a game of pool gone wrong? Was it the result of a wild night out, of which she has no recollection? And how on earth did it manage to get stuck up there? I guess we'll never know. But perhaps the most disgusting thing about this is the fact that she admits that ER doctors pull much "funnier" things out of rectums that gynecologists do out of vaginas. Weirder than an 8-ball? I guess you have to let your imagination run wild in order to imagine what could possibly be stranger than an 8-ball. But I'm sure it happens! Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have your gynecologist pull that out of you!

8 Horror Pregnancy Story


Vaginal examinations are weird enough, as we've been finding out. But gynecologists also deal with pregnancies, and that's when things start to get really gross. When asked about any horror stories regarding pregnancies, this gynecologist came up with a whopper: "Yes, and that has happened once -- a patient with a placenta previa who was hemorrhaging and was only 21 weeks pregnant. We were barely keeping pace with her bleeding. I guess you wouldn't call it a termination per se, but we delivered her by C-section even though the baby was clearly pre-viable. It was an awful case."

This is both sad and disturbing. This just goes to show that being a gynecologist isn't all fun and games, and it can lead to some pretty disturbing scenes. Many of the gynecologists who have gone on the Internet to answer questions have admitted that sometimes it's hard to get to sleep at night. Experiences like these are why.

7 Seeing Your Patients At The Grocery Store Can Be Awkward...


Being a gynecologist is probably one of the more stigmatized medical professions. Despite this, one gynecologist went online and revealed that when he tells people about his job, he doesn't really get any weird reactions. The only time it gets awkward is when he sees his patients at the grocery store or in other public places, as he admits. And he has a point. Imagine how weird that would be to see your gynecologist, knowing he's seen your most intimate parts!

Here's his confession: "Generally, I haven't had any weird reactions to it. Sometimes if I see a patient at the grocery or someplace outside of the health care setting, the patient might act a little flustered, kind of like seeing your high school teacher in the grocery store. I can only think of once where a patient said quite loudly something along the lines of 'Hey, weird to see you here since you've SEEN MY VAGINA!' That flustered me a little bit."

6 What It's Really Like


Although questions like "What's the weirdest thing you've seen?" or "What's the strangest thing you've found inside a woman's vagina?" are common, many people just want to know what it's actually like to be a gynecologist. We all have our preconceptions and strange ideas about what actually happens inside that room, but the truth can only be divulged from a real gynecologist. Well, be careful what you ask about, because this gynecologist might have added in a little too much information when they explained what life was like as a gynecologist: "...You do your ob/gyn rotation and you kinda like it because you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and then all of a sudden, you're running around a hospital at 2 a.m. covered in bloody amniotic fluid, thinking, well, crap."

Suddenly, being a gynecologist seems a lot less sexy and glamorous, what with all the bloody amniotic fluid and stuff...

5 The Highs And Lows Of Being A Gynecologist 

Being a gynecologist has its ups and downs. There are some days when you feel like you're making a real difference. Other days, the work totally defeats you. One gynecologist who went online to answer questions was asked about their best and worst experiences throughout their career of being a gynecologist. The best experience was predictably heartwarming. But the worst experience was both sad and gross. "Best experience... saving a 17-year-old's life sans hysterectomy after she showed up bleeding in my EC after a botched abortion...Worst experience(s)... delivering women w/ a full-term stillbirth."

There probably isn't much else more disturbing than a stillborn child. Imagine seeing that with your own eyes. It must have been so disturbing. I doubt she ever got that mental image out of her mind... I know that this confession alone is enough to put a lot of people off becoming gynecologists.

4 A Terrible Pregnancy 


Some of the more elaborate procedures used by gynecologists to deal with pregnancy complications are a little disturbing. One gynecologist detailed her preferred method of dealing with a certain type of complication. Her method is the "laparoscopic salpingostomy," which is just as gross as it sounds. While it usually isn't too bad, this gynecologist admits there was one instance when things got a little...messy...

"Usually I can do a laparoscopic salpingostomy, which is a minimally invasive procedure that opens up the tube and takes the pregnancy out. Sometimes if bleeding is severe, you have to do an open procedure to save time. One time, during my training, we took out the embryo totally intact in its little sac during a emergency surgery for someone who was bleeding badly. It was kind of sad."

Kind of sad? Isn't that a little bit of an understatement? But I suppose these doctors are used to these sorts of things happening.

3 Some Women Can't Reach The Big O


Gynecologists have seen it all, including some things that a lot of people would rather not even think about. In the case of this confession, it's something that would make women in particular uneasy. She explains the case of a "cystocele repair," something that women often get if they've had their g-spot removed. She is of course referring to the barbaric and senseless practice of female circumcision, which is still common in many countries. The aim is to prevent a woman from experiencing any kind of pleasure while they have sex. Here's the quote from one gynecologist who talks about this practice: "I just hate to think of women who have, say, a cystocele repair thinking they can't ever have an orgasm again because their G-spot got removed. There are nerves that run in the area... beneath the vaginal mucosa/muscularis... that are very sensitive and can effect orgasm, no doubt."

2 Tearing During Pregnancy 

Another thing that women would probably rather not think about is tearing during pregnancy. As many of you are probably aware, it's pretty common during pregnancies for this to happen. The details of such a thing are enough to make people shudder, even if they'll never have to actually experience pregnancy. But there's light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. According to this gynecologist, there's a few ways to reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth: "As for tearing during delivery, there are several factors that will determine if you tear and any one of them can make a problem. 1. natural elasticity 2. size of baby 3. skill of delivery provider 4. speed of delivery. Prebirth stretching, olive oil, primrose oil are all common, but there are no scientific studies to demonstrate effectiveness. It is unlikely to cause harm, so do it if you feel it will help."

1 A Rusty Safety Pin Got Stuck Up There


Of all the things gynecologists confess, one of the most common things that they talk about are forgotten tampons. This is probably because it's one of the grossest things they experience throughout their career, but it might also be due to the fact that they're actually pretty common occurrences! That's right, according to this gynecologist, women tend to have a nasty habit of forgetting about their tampons! And as the others have noted, the smell is one of the worst things imaginable.

But that's not all this particular gynecologist found. As it turns out, the strangest thing they ever came across while doing an examination was a rusty old safety pin. Wow. "Forgotten tampons are not rare. I see this once or twice a year. You can imagine the embarrassment of the patient. It doesn't smell very good. I once removed a closed safety pin from the vagina of a 4-year-old. It was quite rusted and must have been there for at least a year."

Source: reddit.com

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