15 Gruesome Facts About The Most Murderous Hitman Of 20th Century

Could you imagine someone being a serial killer and a hitman at the same time? Well, let me introduce you to Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski.

To kill another human being is the worst crime that anyone could ever do, but yet, it happens so often. Our world is full of sick serial killers who do it for the thrills and cold-blooded hitmen who do it for the money. But could you imagine someone being a serial killer and a hitman at the same time? Well, let me introduce you to Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski who found a way how to change his hobby into his lifestyle. Isn't that the dream of every one of us? For the record, we are not saying that Kuklinski was a great man. He was a sick psychopath who only brought misery to so many people. That said, he was also a true professional of his craft. The world has never seen a greater hitman. If Michael Jordan is a prodigy of basketball than Kuklinski stands on the same podium in murdering people.

It is so hard to talk about Richard Kuklinski and yet it is so interesting and fascinating. How did Richard Kuklinski manage to live this double life for so long? Why did he kill all those innocent people? What there the sickest methods that he used? We actually have answers to all those questions as Richard Kuklinski has given a lot of open interviews during his time in jail. Oh boy, it is nearly impossible to think of more disgusting things. The Iceman had an imagination of a true artist, but seeing him talk about his crimes in such a cold manner sends shivers through one's spine.

15 There's A Reason Why They Called Him 'The Iceman'

Have you ever thought why was Richard Kuklinski called "The Iceman"? If you guessed that it is because of his cold-blooded character — you are wrong. Kuklinski has done a little more to actually earn this highly recognized name. You see, Kuklinski really loved to freeze the dead bodies of his victims in order to fake the time of death. It is quite a genius tactic if executed precisely... and Kuklinski was a master of precision. If you are thinking that those frozen bodies were only kept for a week or two, you are wrong again. Kuklinski would put the bodies in the freezer for years before getting rid of them. Most of the time it was enough to deceive police and give them a completely wrong idea about the murder. That is one of the main reasons why Kuklinski managed to stay in business for over 25 years without getting caught.

14 Kuklinski Used To Butcher Animals When He Was A Kid

Well, you have to start with something, right? All the best doctors in the world start by being simple assistants... and Richard Kulinski kicked-off his hitman career by killing innocent animals. It is completely sick and must be stopped right away, but we already know what kind of family Richard was growing in. Actually, specialists say that kids who have a tendency to hurt animals are very likely to switch to people one day. The main reason for this kind of behavior is having no empathy. Richard Kuklinski had no power to hurt a human yet, so he unleashed on little and innocent animals. He was raised thinking that the only way to live on this planet is by abusing the weaker. That can only be a good reminder that kids give clues about their personalities early on and it is very foolish to ignore it. The Iceman himself told once that he could not make any difference in his life and if he had a choice, he would have liked to be normal.

13 The Iceman had a perfect all-American family

Richard Kuklinski was happily married with 3 children. His wife said that it was "an all-American family" and she had no idea what Richard was doing for a living. She knew that he was a business man... but who in the world would ever think that killing people can be called "a business"? So yeah, Richard Kuklinski would go out to blow somebody's brain during Christmas Eve, just to come back home afterward and unwrap the presents with his kids. It is a pretty divided life. Shockingly, Kuklinski managed to hide his business from the family up until he was arrested. It is really hard to imagine what kind of hell his family had to go through. A loving husband and dad, who barbecued during the weekends, ended up becoming the most notorious hitman ever. That is how a real betrayal looks like. That said, Kuklinski once again proved that he had a mastermind. Only if he could have used it for some other things...

12 Kuklinski Notoriously Killed Around 200 People!

If I asked you "How many times in your life did you eat tacos?" would you know the answer? Well, that is why Richard Kuklinski could not say exactly how many people he killed during his long career. It was such a casual routine that he did not see the point in keeping track of dead bodies. That said, Kuklinski was sure that he ended more than 100 lives and that the number is close to 200. It is roughly one body every two months. Crazy bastard. To put it in perspective, Luis Garavito is the number one serial killer (Kuklinski is not officially called a serial killer) in the world by the murdered people. It was proven that Garavito has killed 138 people in his life. Ted Bundy ended lives of 35 people. A quick reminder - Kuklinski killed around 200 people. The funniest thing is that Kuklinski gained the most joy from the hunt. The harder it was to kill, the better he felt. He's the deadliest predator of the century

11 The Iceman once killed a stranger just to see how a crossbow works


Richard Kuklinski loved to do all sorts of experiments. After all, if you want to keep up with your industry, you have to adapt. So, Richard Kuklinski once took a crossbow and went to the streets. He randomly picked a stranger and viciously put an arrow through  the poor man's head. When asked if there was any motive for this kill, Richard replied "I just wanted to see if it works," and added later "It sure did." Strangely, it was not a passion crime. Kuklinski felt no emotion when killing this innocent man. A sane person would do this kind of research on a mannequin, but The Iceman took his game to another level. That is probably one of the reasons why he was so feared and respected in his business. The Iceman had no moral code to guide him through life. This man was simple - if he wanted to see how a crossbow works, he just tested it out.

10 Kuklinski Gave A Chance To His Victim... Almost

By now you already know how cold-blooded and damaged was Richard Kuklinski's mind. However, even this man could show some twisted mercy sometimes. When one of his victims started begging for forgiveness and praying to God, Richard Kuklinski gave him a chance. He said that if God will come in 30 minutes and change all the circumstances, he will have mercy and let his victim go. Believe it or not - God did not show up and circumstances stayed the same. Kuklinski had to kill the man after 30 minutes. Actually, The Iceman stated that he should not have done it this way and it was the only time that he thinks he acted wrong... Because all the 200 hundred dead bodies are nothing wrong, you know... So that was pretty much of how reasonable Kuklinski could be. To be completely honest, he gave his victim exactly what he was asking for. If only he prayed to people instead of God this time.

9 He Would Kill You For Challenging His Authority

Annoying Richard Kuklinski was equal of walking the green mile. If you think your girlfriend acts irrationally when you say something wrong, you might want to skip this one. Richard Kuklinski said that he once killed a guy just because he did not like how the guy looked at him. That might be the worst reason to kill I have ever heard of... if you can even call it a reason. Anyway, Kuklinski had some issues with arrogance and hated when someone would challenge his authority in front of other people. So saying "Man, I disagree with you," could easily get you killed. That is probably a lesson to all of us - we must treat everyone with respect and humility. Not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because you never know when you are speaking with a psychopath.

8 By The Age Of 50, Kuklinski Started To Make Mistakes

Even the best of us get old and clumsy. However, there are some professions, which cannot forgive mistakes. Kuklinski had to learn it the hard way as he was caught by the police after making some serious mistakes. He killed a man with cyanide and then strangled him on top that. It was totally unnecessary and the marks on the victim's neck led police to Kuklinski's door. Another time when Kuklinski completely failed was when he took one of the many frozen bodies and dumped it a little bit too fast. You see, it was the middle of the summer and forensics showed that the man had a lot of ice in his body. That was suspicious, to say the least. All those little mistakes ended up with police gathering enough evidence to handcuff The Iceman and put him behind the bars. After all, Kuklinski was not smart enough to retire when he still had the chance. Or maybe he just didn't care anymore.

7 Criminal Penalty — 2 Life Sentences

Apparently, Richard Kuklinski has done just a little too many crimes to be sentenced for life, so he was sentenced for twice as much. If reincarnation exists, The Iceman's next life will be a very hard one before he repays all the crimes that he has done. However, this penalty might be a little misleading, because Kuklinski was only charged with 5 murders instead of those 200 that he committed. The most chilling fact is that The Iceman showed zero emotions in the court and was completely fine with the decision to send him behind the bars forever. He even smiled to the undercover cop, who betrayed his trust. In those moments it is hard not to think that Kuklinski thought that life is anything more than a silly game. He had pretty much zero emotions, felt no guilt of killing all the people and even openly confessed that he has killed many more times. The Iceman's heart was too cold to care.

6 The Iceman Was Abused By His Alcoholic Father And Religious Mother

Richard Kuklinski had a very rough childhood and many specialists believe that it was one of the main reasons why he became a man that he was. Richard had 3 siblings, an alcoholic father, and rigorously religious mother. Both of his parents would abuse him on regular basis. On top of that, his oldest brother has died because of the injuries suffered from his father. Richard's mother would also beat him heavily as she thought that extreme discipline and religion is the best way to raise children right. Well, it is safe to say that she was completely wrong. We already know much about Richard, but sadly, his brother was also sentenced to life for raping and killing a 12-year-old girl. Kuklinski's only comment was that "we both grew up in the same family." Kuklinski's wife said many times that Richard felt no love during his childhood and was surprised to see that people can actually be kind to each other. So, in a way, The Iceman's parents are responsible for all the crimes that their son has committed.

5 His First Kill Was At The Age Of 14

At a time when most teenage boys are normally falling in love with girls, Kuklinski found his love for killing. He said that at the age of 14 when he killed a bully, he understood that is much better in life "to give than to receive." Yup, that is one sick way of using this inspirational phrase. Kuklinski was bullied a lot in his childhood years and the only way he saw to shut up those bullies was by force. He felt that no one will ever mess with you if you show them your power. And that is how The Iceman was born. Richard Kuklinski has said numerous of times that he felt empowered by killing people. That once again proves to us that hate only summons hate. It is hard to imagine that a loved 14-year-old kid would go on and smack someone to death with a metal stick. Sadly, Kuklinski was not loved.

4 Hollywood Has Made A Movie About Kuklinski's Life

You know that you have done something outside of the box if you have Hollywood making a movie about your life. However, when the genre of this movie is crime... you also know that "outside the box" thing was not necessarily inspiring. This was the case with The Iceman in 2012 when Ariel Vromen has directed a movie depicting him. Michael Shannon starred as Richard Kuklinski. This movie also featured Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, and Ray Liotta. If you are interested in Richard Kuklinski and his crimes against humanity, "The Iceman" is a highly recommended movie to watch. It was said that all the events are depicted accurately and it received good ratings both from viewers and critics. So it is pretty safe to say now that Richard Kuklinski earned his spot among the most notorious crooks of all time.

3 The Iceman Was An Usher At A Church

Remember when we wrote that The Iceman was living a normal life with his beloved family? Well, he was also an usher at a local church. How twisted and sick it is? Not only he dared to come to the house of God, but he also served in the mass as a religious and respected man. It is hard to imagine how all the people had to feel when they realized that this same man has killed hundreds of people and was involved in businesses like pornography, drugs, and guns. Oh yes, Kuklinski has spat into the face of God and no matter if one believes in religion or not - it is not the right thing to do. But once again, Kuklinski is not known for his right decisions... On top of that, when Kuklinski was a kid, he was forced by his freak mother to be an altar boy. Tell me more about trusting those people with honorable hobbies...

2 The Iceman Had Paranoid And Antisocial Personality Disorder

After having tons of interviews with The Iceman, specialists diagnosed him with antisocial personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder. That means that he could not feel any empathy for a living creature and thought that everyone was always trying to hurt him. Oh yes, it is a deadly combination for any person to acquire and we already know where it leads. So, Richard Kuklinski was abused by his parents, had various of personality disorders, and never felt what love is in his life. That does not mean that we can excuse his crimes, but it surely gives us a really good explanation why The Iceman did what he did. From his point of view, it was nothing wrong. In contrary, he has seen it as defending his own safety and some extra cash to bring to his family. Kuklinski actually admitted that he has killed all of his friends except one... and that one put him in jail. So maybe he had a point after all?

1 Kuklinski Only Regrets One Thing

Thousands of people lived in misery thanks to The Iceman but there is only one thing that he truly regrets. And no - it is not smashing someone with a metal stick or blowing an innocent man's brain with a crossbow. The only thing that Kuklinski regrets is that he disappointed his family. Richard "The Iceman" Kuklinski even shed a tear when talking about this matter. It clearly meant a lot to him because his wife and kids were the only people that ever loved him. It was pretty silly for him to expect that his family would not condemn him when all the truth was revealed. Of course, it never happened and Kuklinski's wife divorced him the minute she learned the truth and said that she was disgusted even to think about his ex-husband's actions. And we cannot blame this poor woman. So, possibly the most notorious killer of all times had his weak spot - his family. That was the only thing that The Iceman ever loved but he had to spend his last days completely alone.

Sources: The Guardian; RTE News.

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15 Gruesome Facts About The Most Murderous Hitman Of 20th Century