15 Grotesque People You Won't Believe Are Real

There are many types of people who are weird looking. Many people don't look normal, and they get told that they are weird looking all the time, or sometimes even grotesque. It's an unusual word becau

There are many types of people who are weird looking. Many people don't look normal, and they get told that they are weird looking all the time, or sometimes even grotesque. It's an unusual word because it means a person is just different. Many times you see someone who has altered their looks or they were born that way. Someone may point out something that is strange or different about a person. Don't look at that is a bad thing. Other people might take offense at it, but it's just their opinion.

For example, someone might not like the bump on their nose because they feel it makes them look like a witch. There's nothing wrong with that person. They just look a little bit strange. People may do particularly weird things that nobody else does and it causes them to get lots of attention. Many times people purposely make themselves look grotesque. They purposely change their appearance through surgery. They might go in having a certain goal in mind and they come out looking different than they expect.

Most of them love the way they look. Some want attention and seek to become famous. Most of these people have a huge following on Facebook. Personally, one may find it puzzling and wonder why people go to such great lengths to alter the way that they look. In this article, you will see 15 of the most grotesque people that have ever been found on the Internet.

15 Burma’s Tribal Women


Burma’s Tribal Women are often referred to as "giraffe women." They are from eastern Burma. They are also known as Kayan women. In their culture, it is considered to be attractive to have a long neck. When the girls are born, they look forward to getting rings around their neck. The women start wearing these neck rings around the age of five. The rings start off as just a few rings, and then they add them as time goes on. The rings can weigh around 10 kilos. These women never take off their rings except to put more on. Wearing these rings makes the neck muscles very weak. If the rings are taken off there is a little discomfort, and the neck is discolored. The women also wear them so that they are not attractive to other tribes. Many times capture women for slavery.

14 Billy Owen


Listen up everyone, this photo is real and not Photoshopped. Billy Owen can put his finger inside the socket where his eye used to be. He lost his eye due to cancer. By the time the doctors caught it cancer had spread to most of his face. Everything had to be removed. The doctors didn't think he was going to make it and Owens was given a 10% chance of success. He kept up a positive attitude and believed everything was going to be ok. After the surgery, he was surprised. At first it took a bit of getting used to, but he decided not to hide his disfigurement but to show it off. He had to quit his job as a mechanic and now makes a living as a sideshow freak for movies and videos. You can also see him in Freakshows in Las Vegas. The whole drama brought him closer to his family.

13 Kristina “Duckface” Rei


Kristina has the world's biggest lips. She's had around 100 silicone injections. She wasn't happy with her looks and decided that she wanted lips like Jessica Rabbit. Before she had the injections, she thought her thin lips made her look ugly. It cost her over 4,000 pounds to get the procedures done. Even after all of this she still wants to go back to make her lips bigger. She is addicted to having these injections done and thinks she is very beautiful. Kristina works full time as a nail technician. If you take a look at her photo and put it up next to Jessica Rabbit you see a very distinctive similarity. She wears her hair shaved on one side and has a piercing above her lip, a nose ring and two horn piercings in her head. People make fun of her all the time and she doesn't care.

12 Francisco Domingo Joaquim


Francisco has the world's widest mouth. His mouth measures around 6.69 inches wide. He also has another nickname, the Angolan Jaw of Awe. In a competition, people tried to do what Francisco does, but they didn't even come close. He became famous by doing side shows on the streets of Luanda. Two years ago he started a YouTube channel and became an internet celebrity. He does all kind of tricks with his mouth and amazes his audience. He really went all out and entered the Big Mouth competition where they put their mouths to the test. People were putting all types of things in their mouths. Things like saucers, coffee cups and bottles. Nobody could do what Francisco did by putting a can of coke in his mouth. He won the contest.

11 Aneta “She-Hulk” Florczyk

Aneta has won the title of the strongest woman in the world 4 times. She started working out at the age of 16 and took first in most of the competitions she entered. She started off powerlifting and is a 13 times winner of the Polish Championship. She was the first woman to lift 500 kg in powerlifting. After that, she went up to 507.5 kg. She broke many records while competition for the world's strongest woman. She is the first Polish woman to hold the largest number of records. On her YouTube channel she was filmed folding a frying pan in a circular motion. That video received around 2,271,853 views. She was suspended for a while from the sport but that ban has since been lifted.

10 Valeria “Barbie Girl” Lukyanova

Valeria is 28 years old and is well known for looking like a real live Barbie doll. She is from the Ukraine. Her features are doll-like and small. She claims to barely eat or drink. She says she isn't hungry and wants to get to the point where she lives off of air and sunlight. She claims that she has only had surgery to her chest. She works out all the time. To make her looks more pronounced she wears colored contact lenses. She has over 1 million likes on her Facebook page. When she was a little girl she had a large Barbie doll collection. Back in 2007 she won the title of Miss Diamond Crown of the World. About 300 girls entered the competition.

9 Jocelyn “Cat Lady” Wildenstein

Jocelyn is 75 and is also known as a famous billionaire along with her famous cat-like looks. She was married to Alec Wildenstein and was divorced in 1999. She lives a very extravagant life. She once accumulated a $60,000 telephone bill. She also had a food and wine bill for $547,000. Clearly money is not an issue for her. Jocelyn's goal was to make her face look more feline so that it would please her husband. She hunts, flies and has had a French designer for a boyfriend. She started with her plastic surgeries about one year after she was married and began by lifting her eyes. Jocelyn loves the way she looks and has spent more than 2 million pounds on plastic surgery to please another man.

8 Tran Van Hay


Tran died at the age of 79 and was known as the man with the longest hair in the world. Before he died, he wanted his family to keep his hair as a keepsake. People have offered up to $2,500 for his hair, but the family refused to sell it. His hair was always brown, but his beard was white. He never had it measured and it was never recorded it for the Guinness Book of World Records. Tran went 50 years without a haircut. He never combed his hair and rarely ever washed it. After he had started to let his hair grow, he became a Buddhist and an herbalist. They measured and weighed his hair after his death, and it was 6.8 meters long and weighed about 10.5 kilograms.

7 Grace “Mule Face Woman” McDaniels


Grace arrived in this world in 1888 the same year that Jack the Ripper roamed London. In 1935 she was awarded the prize for the world’s ugliest woman. Shortly after that, she signed up to be featured in the FW Miller's sideshow. Back then she made $175 for being in the sideshow. Grace had Sturge-Weber Syndrome, which caused the distortions in her face. At first, she hated the way she looked. She didn't like to be known as a freak. Over time she started to make a lot of money with the sideshow, and she began to convince people to call her Grace McDaniels the mule-faced Woman. When she was young she had a hard time speaking and hated having her picture taken. Grace came to accept her appearance later on in life.

6 Abigail & Brittany Hensel


Meet Abigail & Brittany Hensel. They are twins that are joined together with one body. When they were first born the doctors didn’t expect them to live very long. But now they are 26 years old. They have a show that broadcasts to the world on how they live. Their condition is very rare. The twins share everything from the waist down. They look like they share one body but they have 2 hearts, 2 stomachs, 2 spines and 2 sets of lungs. Each twin controls their half of the body. When they were young, they had to learn how to coordinate with each other to move. They can still do most things that other people do. When they were born they had 3 arms and one was removed.

5 Julia “The Illustrated Lady” Gnuse

Julia is a woman that has the world record for the most tattoos on a body. The tattoos cover 95% of her body. She began getting tattoos because of a skin condition called porphyria. Before she had the tattoos, her skin would blister when exposed to the sun. She used to get 3rd degree burns where the sunlight hit her skin. A plastic surgeon first covered the scars with a tattoo that was the same color as her skin. The skin color was hard to match so she decided to get a real tattoo, and she was hooked. That gave her the idea to get tattoos over her entire body. The tattoos protect the skin because they are aesthetic. She always tried to get colorful tattoos. She has her favorite cartoon characters, her favorite actors and even a self-portrait.

4 Mayra “Mountain Dew” Hills

If you think having a big chest is sexy, then you should meet Mayra. She has the biggest chest in the world. Nobody else has ever had implants like these in their body. The size of her chest is 32Z, and one weighs 20 pounds. That is 40 pounds for the both of them. She is not ashamed of them and often shows them off in the buff. She claims they don't hurt, and she has to sleep on her back. Mayra is an actress, adult film star and erotic model. She is the most frequently tagged girl on certain sites. She models under the name of Beshine. She is also 5-foot-6 and weighs about 130 pounds. At first she just wanted a big chest. After they reached a certain size, she began to have a large following all over the world, so she just made them bigger.

3 Nick Stoeberl


Nick has the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue. It is 3.97 inches from the end to the lips. It is all natural and sometimes he paints with it and sells his artwork to people. He currently is 26 years old and from Santa Cruz.

Nick started painting with this tongue and painted a picture of a beaver that is pretty good. It took him about six hours to do and plans to make a series of paintings. His work is inspired by Andy Warhol. That isn’t all that Nick does. He is also a comedian. His father’s favorite band was Kiss and he always looked up to Gene Simmons because he had the longest tongue in rock history. Then came Nick. His father is really proud of him.

2 Mikel “Datass” Ruffinelli


Mikel is 42 years old and has the world’s biggest hips, according to the World Record Academy. She is 5 foot 4 and weighs over 420 pounds. Amazingly she has a 40-inch waist. It was recently announced will be the main character for a new documentary which is named The World's Biggest Hips. Her hips measure 8 feet in circumference. She is married, has children and lives in LA. It is hard for her to get around the house. She was not always this way. Mikel was normal when she was in her 20s and weighed around 180 pounds. She put on almost 60 pound with the birth of her first child. Then her hips just got bigger as she had more children. She eats around 5,000 calories a day.

1 Jasmine “Total Recall” Tridevil


Jasmine, which is not her real name, recently had surgery to get a third breast. She is 21 years old and is hoping to start her own reality TV show and is trying to pitch it to MTV. Jasmine has been on many talk shows and had to contact 50 doctors before one would finally give her what she wanted. She had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to have the surgery done. Many people are sharing her videos, and she is becoming very popular. Her parents didn't take her transformation very well. It cost her $20,000. She first made an appearance in Total Recall. She also said that she didn't want to date men anymore and wanted to become unattractive to them. When Total Recall was remade, she made another appearance.


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15 Grotesque People You Won't Believe Are Real