15 Gross Things Guys Do In The Bathroom...That Girls Also Do

Out of all the rooms in a house, there’s no other that provides the feeling of security and privacy as the bathroom. This part of the house is filled with germs and bacteria but despite knowing this, we’re all still pretty eager to spend most of our days inside this tiled safe haven.

Out of the two genders, let’s all face the fact that men are the least pleasing. They’re disgusting and unclean most of the time and they aren’t too ashamed of that as well. When men step into the bathroom, their gross levels increase tenfold as there’s no one around to witness whatever it is they plan on doing.

Men and women are the same in several ways. Men will admit to doing some crazy stuff inside bathrooms but some women aren’t too open about it. There are a ton of gross things that men do inside the bathroom that women do as well and it’s time we look at what makes both genders tick. Here are 15 gross things that men do in the bathroom, that girls also do!


15 Experimenting With How We Pee

Whereas poop comes in all shapes and sizes, our pee tends to look the same. The only difference is the color. That doesn’t mean peeing is a boring deed in the bathroom. What makes peeing so much fun isn’t the surprise in how it looks, it’s in how we deliver the pee that brings in the fun.

Guys pee standing up and as disgusting as this sounds, many guys do experiment with the way they pee. Especially when they’re all alone. Some guys like to see just how far they can pee from and this leads to horrible consequences for the bathroom floor.

Women are guilty of this as well. While they can’t do much since they pee sitting down, this doesn’t mean that women can’t experiment. Some try to control the strength of their pee and others even try to squat down the toilet instead of sitting down. There are a ton of methods to try and one thing they all share in common is that they’re all pretty disgusting.

14 Marvel At That Poop


Everybody poops. It’s just a matter of when. Poop comes in literally all shapes and sizes and what we can produce while doing number 2 is left to the imagination. While poop is still pretty disgusting in itself, some guys love to flaunt whatever it is they manage to make in their time in the bathroom.

Some poop is bigger than others and it’s a wonder how a person managed to get that one out. Both men and women are definitely guilty of looking at their poop to marvel at whatever it is they pushed out of their bodies. We’re all innately competitive and sometimes, we take this competitiveness to another level by thinking highly of our poop.

It’s a rather disgusting act to do but it’s something both men and women are very guilty of. All it takes is one nicely shaped poop to keep us gazing into the toilet.

13 Popping Zits And Pimples

While we were still going through adolescence, the chances of getting zits or pimples are remarkably high. Guys are very curious and experimental about their body and that’s why whenever there’s a zit or a pimple in sight, they’ll pop it without hesitation in front of the bathroom mirror.

Women are very caring for the skin but sometimes, pimples get through even the most expensive skin care products. At worst cases, women are tempted to pop their huge pimples and the safest place to do that is in the bathroom. At least there, it’s easy to wash off the blood and pus.

Popping zits and pimples are always disgusting and it’s an act best done in private. The bathroom is the best place for this and the mirror is always a good companion. Just try not to make the pus hit the mirror because that makes things even more disgusting.

12 Staying In The Bathroom For Long Periods Of Time


The longest time a person should spend in the bathroom is whenever he or she takes a bath. Pooping and peeing are quick deeds so there’s no reason to prolong the stay. In recent years, time spent in the bathroom has increased dramatically and this applies to both men and women.

Thanks to an array of interactive media devices like video games, smartphones, and tablets, people are more prone to staying for extended periods of time in the bathroom. Both guys and gals are guilty of these as no one can simply put down their gadgets nowadays.

What makes this so disgusting is that the bathroom isn’t really that clean. There are a lot of factors that make bacteria and germs more likely to thrive in the bathroom and it really isn’t nice to stay there for too long.

11 Literally Playing With Our Privates

We’re not talking about pleasuring ourselves. We’re talking about literally playing with our privates. Why people do this, we’ve yet to know but it seems like there’s an unstoppable force that’s making us want to fidget with our body parts every once in awhile. We gotta keep ourselves entertained every now and then.

For men, playing with our privates is basically like an instinct. Once we get naked and we see it there dangling freely, we can’t help but get the urge to shake it all about lightly. As for girls, they love to shake “the girls” about in a playful manner. Both genders basically have a fidget toy once they get to the bathroom naked.

10 Eating While Inside


Drinking inside the bathroom is already disgusting as it is but some take it a step further. Bringing a hotdog sandwich or a burger inside a bathroom is a norm among men as they just can’t stop themselves from eating. Women are very guilty of this too as we all need our snack fix every once in awhile.

Women love food just as much as men do and there’s no surprise anymore that ladies aren’t too shy or picky about where they eat. And yup, this includes the bathroom. They are in the part of the house that’s riddled with germs and bacteria. But hey, if they don’t place the food down on any surface then it’s still good. That feels impossible though.

In extreme cases, some eat while relieving themselves of what’s already in their bellies. Food is life, right? There’s no bathroom that’s going to stop us from it.

9 Pleasure Ourselves

The bathroom is one area in the house that feels more private and secure than the others. No one wants to simply barge in inside a bathroom especially when the door is closed. It’s this feeling of security and privacy that gives both men and women the chance to pleasure themselves.

Let’s get the cat out of the bag first; men aren’t the only one who is guilty of pleasuring themselves from time to time. It’s a good feeling and our bodies deserve a treat every once in awhile and especially if we’re not in a relationship for months.

As said, the bathroom is a secure and private place. Just like our own bedrooms, bathrooms are a great place to pleasure ourselves without the trouble of being caught. Both men and women partake in the fun so let’s not point fingers on who’s doing what where.


8 Bringing A Drink To The Toilet


Oddly enough, men love to do a host of things inside the bathroom. These things range from the common deeds such as urinating, pooping and taking a bath. Apparently, for some men, being inside the bathroom is a painstaking experience. As such, a bottle of water or any beverage is a must bring in bathrooms.

Both men and women do get thirsty from time to time and as disgusting and gross as it sounds, both men and women are guilty of bringing a beverage inside the bathroom from time to time. We’re not blaming them though, some bathrooms aren’t well ventilated so a drink is a must.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a drink inside the bathroom but let’s all agree that it isn’t the cleanest place inside the house. It’s riddled with germs and bacteria and placing a drink inside it doesn’t sound too sanitary or safe at that.

7 A Pep Talk Before Getting Down And Dirty

It takes a ton of courage and preparation to get sex done right especially if it’s with a new partner. Men are ambitious and their goal during sex is to of course provide their partner with the best night of their life. Before the deed, some guys tend to give themselves a little pep talk to ensure that things will go smoothly.

Even gals partake in a little pre-sex pep talk because they want to give their partners the best night of their lives as well. Pre-sex pep talks are done on really special nights. It could be with a partner you’ve been on several dates with already.

A pre-sex pep talk isn’t exactly gross but you may agree that it’s weird and the fact that you have to go to such extents to prepare for sex somewhat scares off potential partners. Luckily, the bathroom is a safe haven and is just the perfect place for a pre-sex pep talk.

6 Checking Out Our Goods


For men, their privates are something very special and more often than not, men love to do regular self-checkups in front of the mirror. From the package up front to the one behind, men will grope themselves for any problems or improvements. Some men even do it just for the sake of checking themselves out.

Women are very guilty of these also. Appreciating or criticizing one’s own body is very common and it discriminates no gender. Women grope their bodies just like men do to check for anything wrong or anything new in our bodies. While this isn’t exactly gross, some people tend to go too far and try to improve their private parts even for just a bit. Then again, we’re all just human and we’re all just curious about our bodies in general so let’s not judge ourselves. Just make sure to lock the doors.

5 Armpit Washing In Public Restrooms

A ton of deodorant products boast 24-hour protection from sweat and odor but sometimes, those are just false promises. Either that or we just sweat and smell a lot. While doing tiring activities, we can’t help but sweat and smell sometimes and since we’re far from the comfort of our own bathrooms, the best we can do is rush to the public restroom and do a quick power wash in the sink.

Men and women both sweat and smell, one more than the other of course. Public restrooms have probably saved countless men and women who suddenly needed a little wash in the sink. While it won’t offer a permanent fix to the other, it at least lessens the smell even for a short while. It’s even refreshing at that. In worst cases, some even run to the hand dryer after a quick wash.

4 A Check-Up Before Doing The Nasty


We’ve got to be at our cleanest whenever the time for sex arrives. It’s for the good of ourselves, our partners and our egos. Pre-sex check ups are definitely required and it’s grosser to not do that actually. Be it in a motel or in the comfort of our homes, we need to rush to the bathroom for a pre-sex check up first.

Guys aren’t the only ones guilty of this as they aren’t the only ones who are conscious about the hygiene and condition of their little friend below. Some of the things that guys look out for during pre-sex check up are lint and residue tissue. What women look out for during their pre-sex check ups are more or less the same but if it is their time of the month, it may create other hazards to be aware of. And of course, a little wash down during this check up wouldn’t hurt as well.

3 Fart… Super Loud

Farts are a magical thing. Every once in awhile, our bodies decide to release gasses kept without our belly. What comes out is the sound of flatulence that’s more often than not accompanied by a terrifying odor. For men, loud farts are a thing to boast. For women, loud farts aren’t a thing you’d show off to friends and family. That’s why women prefer to do it in the privacy of bathrooms.

Once inside bathrooms, all shame from bodily functions goes away. Both men and women fart very loudly once there’s no one to hear the feat. The only thing bad about this is that since bathrooms are enclosed spaces, the smell doesn’t die out too quickly!

2 Holding The Bowl While Puking


When parties get a bit too rough and the booze starts pouring left and right, men and women can’t help but get overwhelmed by the insane amount of alcohol they’re going to face. Those who get a little too much to drink get drunk and the urge to vomit our guts out begins. When that time comes and regardless of where we are, the place we’re going to go to is the bathroom.

Both men and women puke alike in the toilet. Head down and very close to the bowl with both hands holding the rim. It’s not a pretty sight and it’s an even uglier thought to think about just how dirty the toilet bowl is.

It’s very surprising but yes, women do this too. Despite being the cleaner one of the two genders, women do hold the toilet bowl to puke. In worst cases, women are without a companion inside the bathroom and no companion means no one to hold back the hair.

1 Looking Stupid In Front Of The Mirror

The privacy and security that the bathrooms in our homes provide make people do crazy stuff in front of the mirror. We can’t be at our ugliest in front of others so when the bathroom door closes and the mirror is crystal clear, men and women spend a few seconds to see just how stupid they can look.

Men do this even without the benefits of privacy. While out in public, men aren’t too shy about showing off their ugly and stupid sides by making the wackiest faces they can. As for women, most aren’t too keen on turning on their crazy side in public so the bathroom is the only safe haven for them to do this weird deed. It’s not exactly gross per se but we dare you to do this in public and trust us, there are a handful of people who are going to call you gross.

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