15 Google Street View Sightings We Can't Believe

Most people think of Google Street View as a useful but pretty boring tool. This technology is designed to capture mundane images – basically images of streets and properties in areas around the world. While this is great for those that need to get their bearings or look more closely at an area online, it isn’t really something that gets people excited…or is it? Some pictures that have been taken by the Google Street View vehicle have made their way online over recent years. These are not the types of images we would normally expect to see from the Google team.

A number of images have emerged over recent years showing that Google Street View often manages to capture far more than just the mundane and expected. In fact, a variety of someone spooky and scary images have come to light and these really do make people think twice. Does Google have some sort of advanced technology that enables it to capture such images? Is it just a trick of the light or an illusion that has everyone fooled? Is it pranksters messing around and uploading fake images to stir up controversy? Well, take a look at some of the images and see what you think.


15 Poignant Pony

While many of the Google images are quite amusing, this one has quite the opposite effect. This is an image that is poignant, sad, and a reflection on society today. The Google Street View cameras managed to capture the image of a sad-looking pony or horse standing in a derelict area and simply nosing through all the rubbish with his head down. The horse, which is clearly meant to be white or light grey in color, is covered in dirt and looks like he has been abandoned. While many of the images snapped by Street View have a comic element about them, this one is just downright depressing. Around the poor horse, there is a lot of graffiti on the walls, which adds an even gloomier outlook to the image.

14 Goggle-Eyed In Denmark


This Street View image was taken in May 2015 in Denmark. Now, as most people know, Denmark is an attractive place with some lovely scenery and beautiful views. No doubt, much of that scenery and beauty would have been captured on this picture. Unfortunately, amongst the stunning, vibrant floral displays and the huge expanse of water is a rather peculiar sight. It appears to be a disjointed man, whose legs and the bottom half of his body are totally misaligned with his top half. Worse still, he either looks very strange or is pulling a very odd face complete with goggle eyes. While it is a shame that he got in the way of a beautiful picture, he does manage to make it stand out in his own unique way.

13 Brit Girl Playing Dead

When the Street View vehicle headed to Worcester, England in 2008, nobody expected the controversy that would arise. The picture that was taken apparently showed a young girl lying dead on the pavement where the Google Street View vehicle was operating – at least, that’s what it looked like. When the image went live, many concerned people contacted the authorities to explain what they had seen. In actual fact, it turns out that the little girl had fallen over while she was out playing and had then decided to play dead for a while. Unfortunately, she had no idea that the Google vehicle was passing by at the time and taking footage of the area so she was left feeling somewhat bemused when she discovered that people thought she was dead!

12 Horsing Around In The Sunshine


There is no indication to say where or when this photo was taken by Google Street View. However, nobody could be blamed for thinking it might be in the Land of Make Believe. The image shows a person dressed casually in jeans and a vibrant lilac top walking along the street in the sunshine. Of course, there is nothing unusual or creepy about that. What is unusual, however, is the fact that this person appears to have the head of a horse! No, not carrying the head of a horse Mafioso style – actually having a horse’s head where the human head should be. One can only assume that this was some sort of fancy dress costume but with some of the other pictures Google Street View has taken, who knows?

11 The UFO In Florida

In May 2011, it seems that the Street View vehicle was cruising around the Pine Oak Road area in Ochopee, Florida, minding its own business. Suddenly, from out of nowhere appeared what can only be described as a UFO straight out of a Steven Spielberg movie. In the image the mysterious object can be seen emerging from the clouds. It’s not a plane, it’s not a bird, and it certainly isn’t Superman. That only leaves one explanation – the aliens must have been plotting their takeover of Earth (or planning a friendly visit). The fact that we are still all here after four years suggests that, if it was a UFO, they weren’t here to create war! It has to be said, if this wasn’t a UFO then it was a very good trick of the light.

10 Gucci Gucci Coo


Everyone knows that world famous designer brand, Gucci, has something for everyone – at the right price, of course. From stunning handbags and footwear to designer outfits and jewelry, you can have it all as long as you have the money to match your tastes. However, who knew that the fashion brand had branched into designer babies. This photo shows a baby crawling nonchalantly around outside a large Gucci store with no adults in sight. While the baby doesn’t look too concerned, one has to wonder where the parents are. Obviously, the temptation of all those fabulous designer items inside was too much to resist. What is worrying is that the baby may be sandwiched on the pavement between the main road in front and a steep flight of steps behind.

9 Ghost House In New York

A number of images taken by the Google cameras have a very spooky element to them. This image, which was snapped in New Baltimore, New York, could easily be mistaken for the cover of a horror DVD case or book. This is a really creepy image that depicts what can only be described as a ghost house. In the image, the property is all distorted and it appears to be almost melting. Of course, the assumption is that there was a glitch with the Google Street View cameras, as is often the case. But what if their cameras are able to capture images that simply can’t be seen by the naked eye? Okay, that might be a bit far-fetched but this definitely does rank up there as being one of the spookiest Google Street View images around.


8 Triple The Fun, Triple The Mystery


Taken earlier this year in an unknown location, this Street View image is something of a bizarre one. Why? Well, people cannot for the life of them figure out whether the Street View camera has snapped identical triplets or whether it was simply a problem with the camera. The image shows three men all looking identical and dressed exactly the same. They are all walking in a line and they look the same from head to toe. However, what does differ is the positioning of their arms while walking. Maybe one of the triplets (or the single man who has been turned into a triplet) will come forward one day to confirm one way or the other. It does seem a little odd that they would be walking in a line directly behind one another so a camera glitch could be the most plausible explanation.

7 Wreckage On The Road

It is likely that Google’s Street View cameras do pick up various images of wrecked cars and accidents from time to time. However, for many people this was one of the worst images of this kind that they had ever seen. The cameras captured this shocking image of a car that was so wrecked in an accident that the front end has crumpled inwards completely. As a result, the red vehicle appears to have no front end – just the back and then a heap of crumpled metal at the front. There is no information given as to what may have happened to the people inside the vehicle or how the accident occurred in the first place. However, this is another of those poignant and frightening images that depict real life.

6 The Mooning Man


When Google Street View headed to Rockaway Beach Boulevard outside Manhattan to capture some street shots, this picture was the result. It was discovered by an unsuspecting member of the public who was conducting a search on Google Maps at the time. The photo shows a man outside a thrift store on the street and it looks as though he is trying to moon at the Street View cameras. However, upon closer inspection it becomes obvious that he is busy doing something else. In fact, the man has his back to the cameras with his pants down because he is busy peeing up the door of a local thrift shop. It goes without saying that the employees probably weren’t impressed with the puddle they faced when they got to work the next day!

5 The French Crypt Keeper?

Anyone that has every watched the horror/comedy/tongue in cheek series, Tales from the Crypt will know what an odd looking creature the Crypt Keeper is. Well, those wondering why he hasn’t been gracing TV screens across the world for while will be interested to know that it’s because he is apparently living it up in France – at least, that’s what one of Google’s Street View images seems to indicate. When the Google Street View vehicle was in the Nancy, Lorraine area of France, a rather strange and disturbing image emerged. It appears to show a balcony on which there is a pink-framed bicycle. Stood right next to the bicycle is what can only be described as the Crypt Keeper himself (either that or his doppelganger). Ooh la la boys and ghouls.

4 Part Of A Skater Boy In San Diego


It’s not unusual for various Google Street View pictures to capture kids playing around in the background. However, capturing half a kid is unusual even for the Street View gang. This is exactly what happened in 2016 when Street View snapped an image in San Diego, California. In the picture, there appears to be half a skater boy looking directly towards the camera. It looks as though he is either rising up from below ground or that someone has managed to get hold of a magical eraser and rubbed the bottom half of him out of existence. Even the bottom of this poor guy’s skateboard appears to have been rubbed out in this photo. Of course, it was clearly a camera glitch but it still makes for a creepy photo.

3 Unknown Splat Onscreen

There is literally no other way to describe this image other than an unknown and mysterious splat that appeared onscreen. It doesn’t state where or when this picture was taken by Google Street View although it is clearly close to a large expanse of water. Some believe that the image is actually that of a frog jumping up at a particularly opportune moment (for the frog not for Street View). However, it also looks alarmingly like the creature on the wing of the plane in the 1980s Twilight Zone: The Movie. For now, people will have to remain in the dark with regards to where this was taken, when it was taken, and even what it is. One thing is for certain – it is certainly not something we’d expect to see on a Street View image.

2 Capturing Crime On Camera


While taking snaps in Detroit, the Street View cameras captured an image of a gang of youths standing outside a property. That might seem all very innocent if it wasn’t for the fact that one of the young men was pointing a gun toward the camera – and it was quite a sizeable gun at that judging by the image. What makes this particular picture even worse is that, according to reports, this was the same property where authorities later found the body of a dead 17 month old baby in a closet. This is an image that reflects the high level of street crime that we now tend to see in areas all around the United States – and the world. There is something quite poignant about it but also rather frightening given how young some of the youths are.

1 Flipping Off The Camera In Massachusetts

This picture is not so much a scary or creepy one as downright rude. The Street View vehicle clearly received a frosty welcome in Boston, Massachusetts in May 2014. One man seems to have been surprised by being caught on camera when the vehicle arrived. However, his response was not to look the other way or walk off like anybody else would if they didn’t want to be photographed for the world to see. Instead, the man uses both of his hands to flip off the camera in the middle of the street in broad daylight. It’s anyone’s guess what the other passerby in the photo thought when they saw him doing that. The man himself, however, looks as though he really couldn’t give two hoots what anyone else thinks.


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