15 Ghosts Of Children Caught On Camera

Ghosts are scary. Whether you believe in them or not, you have to admit that at least the idea of them is scary! Whether it’s someone who already died or a demon, any paranormal presence is terrifying for anyone experiencing it. There are countless theories on whether or not ghosts are real, and there really isn’t a great way to prove or disprove them. The only thing we have are our personal experiences and, every once in a while, a picture to go along with a sighting.

The idea of a ghost is actually kind of sad. Most believe that a ghost is the soul of a dead person trapped on Earth because of some unfinished business or that the way a person died could keep his or her spirit here. Seeing the ghost of a child makes that reality all the more horrifying. Sometimes, a ghost might not be a ghost at all and rather a scary presence disguising itself in the form of a child. Ghost children shouldn’t seem too spooky, as regular kids aren’t all that scary. What makes it terrifying is knowing the evil that it might carry! Given how little we know about life after death and other paranormal activity, who knows what ghosts might actually be or whether they even exist at all?

Like we already said, the only things we truly have to tell us whether or not they’re real are the photographs on the list we made for you to read here. Here are 15 Ghosts Of Children Caught On Camera:

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15 Where's Her Head?

One young woman was startled when she was looking through photographs of her grandmother one day. She stumbled upon this one that shows what appears to be a little girl, only, with no arms or head! The photograph was taken on film so there was no way that it was altered as it was just meant to be a picture of her grandmother anyways. It doesn’t seem like it was just a shadow covering her face and arms, as there isn’t a shadow anywhere else, and it’s very specific where the shadow would've been cast. It’s truly a disturbing discovery for the girl to make, especially since her grandmother wasn’t around anymore to confirm if this was a little girl that she had known or not. There’s always a chance that there was a little girl there, but it's a creepy little girl at best. What do you think?

14 She Wants To Join The Rest Of The Kids On The Playground

The photograph above was taken by a mother at a playground. She was snapping pictures of her kids playing, and upon review, later ended up finding what looks to be the ghost of a little girl! She was shocked to see the creepy child running through the grass. She claims that there wasn’t any child at the park at the time the photograph was taken that could've been the little girl. It even looks like the little girl is a bit transparent, and you can barely make out all of her features. The way the whole image is pixelated the same way all over also makes it seem as though there was no way that it was photoshopped. What on Earth could this thing in the image have been? It’s truly chilling to think that there might be some little girl ghost looking for playmates on this particular playground. Would you still let your kids play here?

13 An Abandoned Child's Hospital Isn't So Empty

The image above was taken by a group of teens looking to tour a spooky abandoned children’s hospital. It’s always chilling to think about what might've happened in a children’s hospital to make it have closed. Thinking about sick children is devastating, whether they’re sick with a physical disease or illness or if it’s mental-health related. Either way, the group of people who went looking for something paranormal got exactly what they wanted. The took an external shot of the building, but once they zoomed in on a window, they discovered the truly terrifying sight. You can see what looks to be a little boy peering out of a window! It’s definitely a startling discovery. The boy looks so composed and very realistic. They said no one was there at the time, and who would let their little boy roam an abandoned building alone anyways? This is definitely a convincing child-ghost photograph that we’ll be thinking of in our nightmares.

12 Her Imaginary Friend Might Not Be So Imaginary

The little girl in the photograph above had told her family on numerous occasions about an imaginary friend that had been talking to her when no one was around. Little kids talk about things like this all the time, so her parents didn’t think anything of it. After snapping the photograph above and showing it to her daughter, the mother was horrified with her reaction. The little girl said that the ghostly figure in the red circle was her imaginary friend! Little kids are always saying strange things and talking about people that we can’t see. It’s really nothing new. Unfortunately, for the mom of the girl in the photograph above, this little girl’s imaginary friend was very real and would follow them around often. She was likely just another little girl who wanted a friend, as the family never experienced any harm. Regardless, it’s still chilling that she managed to capture such a haunting photograph.

11 A Child In A Place Forbidden For Children?

The image above was taken on a historic tour of the grounds but in an adult-only area. Children weren't allowed on the grounds, as it was adult-themed, with alcoholic drinks late at night. There weren’t supposed to be any kids there, and none were allowed in by the supervisors. One woman ended up being surprised after snapping the photograph above to see a child walking around freely! She stated that there weren’t any kids there when she was there and when the picture was taken, so it wasn’t likely that this was an actual living child! Perhaps, someone had broken the rules and brought a kid in; however, seeing that no one had seen the child during the tour and that it wasn’t anyone’s own kid, that explanation is pretty unlikely. It certainly isn’t photoshopped either because of the way everything in the photograph looks the same.

10 Not Happy On Her Wedding Day

The picture above is probably the oldest on the list. It was taken on two people’s wedding day. The day you marry your love is supposed to be the best day of your life. It’s when two people pledge eternal devotion to one another. All of their friends and family come together as well to celebrate the young couple in love. In the case of the couple in the photograph above, it turns out someone might not have been as excited to see the two pledge their vows! As you can see in the photograph above, it appears there’s a little girl screaming at them from the tree! This is certainly a chilling sight and one we would never have expected. It’s not photoshopped, as this image was taken on film as opposed to a digital one that was uploaded and altered. What do you think the girl in the tree is trying to say?

9 There Should Only Be Three Kids In This Picture

The photograph above was meant to be taken of the two little boys you see pictured standing in front of a window. What ended up happening was that they got photobombed by their younger sibling in the back. It’s a pretty cute photobomb and definitely not one the parents would ever be mad about. The thing that makes this a horrifying photograph is the fact that the fourth child closer to the center of the window wasn’t really there! There are only supposed to be three kids in this picture; however, there ended up being four! It’s chilling to know that the little child was alone in the house with a ghost! Some suggest that perhaps, it’s the double exposure of the camera that makes the kid in the window look like he has a twin. If that were the case, however, we should be seeing double exposure somewhere else in the pic, and we don't.

8 Taking Pictures Of The Ponies And Capturing Something Else

A couple was driving through the country one day when they stumbled upon a group of wild ponies. There was no one around, and they sat peacefully in the car for several minutes just taking pictures of the cute little ponies. They thought their beauty was strange, but the ponies were also too timid to be approached. It wasn’t until they were reviewing photographs later that they realized that they certainly weren’t alone when viewing the ponies. The little girl didn’t pop up anywhere else except one of the photographs; she wasn’t seen in others. The couple was horrified with their discovery and claim they, for sure, never at all saw a little girl there when they were snapping pictures. That's certainly a chilling discovery for anyone to make! Who was that little girl and did the ponies know that she was there? She doesn’t look like a ghost, but that she's one seems to be the only explanation.

7 This Haunted Lighthouse Is The Site Where Several Little Girls Drowned 

The photograph above is of a lighthouse in Florida. Unfortunately, before the construction of the lighthouse, four little girls had drowned in the area at different times. Since the lighthouse was put there, fewer drownings have occurred, as people have been able to keep a better watch of the area. Unfortunately, there have been countless ghost sightings after the girls had drowned. People often see little girls playing around at night and can hear their laughter and cries at all times. Most of these might seem like urban legends from people who live in the area. However, once this photograph of the lighthouse surfaced, many people started to think that the rumors might be true! If you look at the top of the lighthouse, it looks as though a little girl is sitting there. There’s no way that it was anyone else as there’s no way for strangers to get up there!

6 A Little Girl In An Abandoned Cemetery 

One photographer was startled when he ran into an abandoned cemetery in the middle of the woods one afternoon. He was never expecting to find an entire graveyard left to the wild, but the discovery he later made when searching through pictures was the truly horrifying part. If you zoom into the dark picture, you can clearly see what appears to be the figure of a little girl! It’s truly a chilling discovery made by the photographer. Not only was it scary to find the cemetery in the first place, but to see a picture of a little girl is even scarier! Is she someone who was buried in the graveyard? Did something else happen to her that caused her death? The mystery will probably never be solved, and the only thing we’ll have to go on is this photograph.

5 Trying To Pull Him Under With Him

Sometimes, we wonder why people take ghost photographs in the first place. When it’s just a picture of a field or an empty room, we ask why they even took it in the first place. It makes it more suspicious as to why it was taken, and we can assume it was taken to intentionally serve as the background for a shopped image of a ghost. When it comes to vacation or family pictures like the one you see above, however, it makes it more believable that someone actually did take a scary picture and not one just to fake! The image is of some kids tubing on their vacation. You can see, coming from the water, a strange and scary boy who looks as though he’s pulling the real little boy down under the water! It was a truly chilling discovery on the part of the photographer! Luckily, everyone is okay, but who knows what might be lurking under the water?

4 A Little Girl Haunting A Glasgow Museum

The image above was taken by a woman who was visiting a museum in Glasgow. She was snapping pictures of different exhibits when she accidentally captured what appears to be the ghost of a little girl! She had her two children with her; however, both were little boys! The image appears to be a little girl wearing a floral dress. You can also almost see what looks to be one of her eyes! It’s a blurry image but a chilling one nonetheless. Even the woman who took the photograph felt as though there had to be a logical explanation. She posted the picture hoping to get some feedback and answers as to what this could've been. But with no one else in the museum and her claiming it’s a legitimate photograph, there really isn’t an explanation that tells anything other than the story of the presence of some type of paranormal activity.

3 An Extra Swimmer Joins The Family

The picture above is a group of moms who decided to go for a swim with their kiddos. Unfortunately, before the photograph was taken, one of the moms had recently suffered a miscarriage a bit far along in her pregnancy. It’s always devastating to lose a child in the womb even though it hasn't been born yet. Knowing what could've been and what will never be is absolutely devastating for any parent. This mom felt a little bit of closure when she saw what she believes to be the ghost of her baby in the picture. At the end of the red arrow, you can kind of make out what looks to be a small child swimming behind the rest. The people in the picture claim that there was no one else there with them and that this was definitely proof that someone else was there with them. It could be a glitch; however, the figure is too oddly human-looking to just be a mistake.

2 The Girls Are Standing In Front Of A Lake Haunted By A Little Boy

The picture above was tweeted by one of the girls in the group photograph. They were all gathered together and decided to pose for a picture. What they didn’t know was that they were posed in front of a lake that was apparently haunted by a little boy! They stated that the photograph was taken with a timer and that in the other photographs, the little boy isn’t there! Some have claimed that it was photoshopped, but it looks very realistic, and it would be hard to find a picture of a little boy like that to perfectly fit into the scene. Knowing what happened at that lake also makes it more believable that there would be the ghost of a child walking around. Knowing that all of those girls also agree that this is legit makes it feel more believable, as that’s a lot of people to agree to lie about something if they had just made it all up!

1 Ghost Girl In A Rebuilt Hall After The Building Had Burned Down

The photograph above was taken at a town hall in Spain. Apparently, the town hall had partially burned down at one point and had been rebuilt. There was even a sighting of a little girl during the fire. Once this photograph emerged, even skeptics started to believe that something sinister might be going on. Most just believed it to be an urban legend, and being the professionals they were, they brushed it off as some office rumor. However, a photograph like this emerging changes everything. How could anyone look at this and think that it’s faked? There’s always a chance of photoshop, but you would have to be a pretty skilled shopper to pull it off! Knowing the story that happened in the building makes the story more believable as well. What do you think?

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