15 Ghostly Photos That Will Keep You Up At Night

Have you ever witnessed a ghost lurking about in the dead of night? Was it something that thrilled you or made you run in terror? Either way, ghosts have been seen by many people throughout the world for thousands of years. Even people from ancient times have accounts of spirits and demons causing trouble in their stories. Of course, people would often argue that these stories were simply myths conjured from a time when people didn't know what the world truly consisted of. Even so, we can observe the experiences we now have in today's world.

For instance, the noises you hear late at night are probably just the house settling. Perhaps the pipes are making a noise in the walls. But somehow our minds know when a spirit is here with us. We get an inkling or a feeling leading us to know that spirits are very real. Unfortunately, these feelings and experiences aren't enough for those who demand proof of such things. In this case, photos are provided to try and prove that what we think could just be our imagination might actually be something more. In these photos you will find ghostly beings. Some of them are simple pictures with just an apparition making its way up the stairs or a lonely specter sitting at a pew in a church. Others are ghastly photos of dark-looking beings that only belong in our nightmares. One thing is for sure: these photos are going to keep you up all through the night.


15 The Ghost In The Church

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Plenty people have a fear of ghosts haunting their home, but what many don't stop to consider is the possibility of hauntings in places we feel spirits cannot visit. Take a church for example. The ghost in this picture appears to be sitting in a pew. A quick glance at the white cover around his neck indicates that he was once a priest. He is also wearing a dark shirt just like many priests throughout the world wear. With the way his hands are resting, he appears to be holding something underneath. Perhaps he once used a cane? The ghost is obviously a male who still feels connected to the church in one way or another. The picture was taken in 1956 at England's Eastery Church in Kent. Kent is located in South East England and is considered one of the home counties. England is known to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It's no surprise this photo was taken in such a place. Whether this photo is real or not, it's safe to say that spirits can be lurking in churches as well.

14 Heading Up The Stairs


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It is believed that this photo was taken sometime during the American Civil War. While the location is unknown, the ghostly man appears to be making his way up a set of stairs in what looks like a basement. However, his step up seems rather high considering how the stairs are situated. This might be because the ghost is seeing the stairs as they once were. Many ghost experts have stated that sometimes spirits are trapped in a loop after they die and see the world like it used to be when they were dead. If that's the case, the man might be stepping on the stairs in a different way. If you're a fan of American history then you have probably heard about the many ghost experiences from people who have visited locations where the civil war took place. It's hard not to come across such stories as there are so many in circulation today.

13 Skinwalker Caught On Camera

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In 2014 people in New Mexico started hearing about a strange creature being spotted in certain areas, but no one had come forward with any further information or pictures that could prove there was such a thing roaming around in the wild. Not long after the sightings were reported, a photo surfaced on Facebook of a bizarre-looking creature that many called a skinwalker. The individual who posted the photo claimed that it was taken close to Lybrook and Counselor, which is just moments away from the Jicarilla reservation. The story that was circulating with the photo stated that a geologist was working in an oil field in the same area. When he noticed something very weird, he used heat signature to capture an image. What he saw terrified him and the next day he supposedly quit. A skinwalker is a supernatural being who possesses the ability to shape shift into any animal. Fortunately, the photo was quickly debunked and people could finally rest easy knowing the picture was a still from a movie called Xtro, which came out in 1982. However, people still don't know why Lybrook and Counselor were mentioned as the location of the photo. Could it be that something still lurks in the area? Perhaps the legend about the geologist holds some truth.

12 The Black Mass of Willard Library


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In this photo we can see books and shelves lining the walls of this children's room in a library. There in the middle of the photo, a black mass that looks like a person crawling on the floor is coming towards the camera. As scary as this is, it's supposedly a very real picture. It comes from a place called Willard Library located in Evansville, Indiana. The entire library experiences various hauntings all throughout the year. The staff decided to put up special cameras to capture the ghostly excitement. Some of the experiences have been quite entertaining, while others are terrifying and creepy. Take this photo for example. The black mass you see crawling is a well known ghost that frequents the cameras along with another ghostly form known as the Grey Lady. Both are very well known to those who work at the library but the people who work there are not phased by the presence of the ghosts. In fact, they promote it on their website.

11 The Courthouse Ghost

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The area you see in the picture is located inside the Lincoln County Courthouse in North Carolina. At first glance, this picture doesn't seem to have anything weird or strange in it. But if you take a closer look, you'll notice just above the right computer, there is an apparition of a girl standing and writing something down in a notebook. The girl appears to have black hair and looks rather young. When the employees were questioned by local news about whether or not the courthouse had a history of violent deaths or murders, they said nothing of that nature had ever occurred there. Many people who worked there didn't seem bothered by the fact that a spirit was walking their halls. However, they did say it made sense considering strange noises had been heard previously along with weird sightings throughout the courthouse. Perhaps the young lady's spirit was there long before the building had been built. It's definite, though, that the camera did indeed catch sight of a ghostly being.

10 The Masked Specter


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Commonly known as the Specter of Newby Church, this picture has struck fear and terror in the hearts of many due to one simple fact: the picture is considered real by photo experts who have sworn multiple times that the photograph was not tampered with. It was taken in 1963 by a Yorkshire clergyman named K.F. Lord at the Church of Christ The Consoler in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The clergyman swore at the time of the photo that he had not interfered with the picture when it was taken. At first glance, the photo does appear a little ridiculous and fake with the figure appearing to have covered its face with a sheet with two eye holes, accompanied by a black shroud. Experts say that if the figure was real, it would be at least 9 feet tall. However, few people have speculated that the face appears to be covered by a leprosy mask. Whatever the case, the photo still reigns as authentic, making us wonder what the spirit was trying to get across by appearing in such a form.

9 Mary Lee's Ghost

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In this very popular photo, we see a dark and crumbling hallway. As you trail over the various spots of the dark area, you notice little things that make your eyes play tricks on you. However, the one aspect of the picture you will no doubt notice is the girl standing just to the right of the hall in a doorway. This photo was taken in 2006 at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Tom Halstead, who worked with Missouri Paranormal Research, was conducting an overnight investigation when he captured the famous photo. The woman is standing on the 4th floor, looking out towards the camera. Many people believe this to be not a woman, but a young girl by the name of Mary Lee. There have been websites that claim she is the infamous nurse who hanged herself in room 502 after she learned of her pregnancy. Other stories say she killed herself after learning she had tuberculosis, which was a common lung disease at the time. While we may never know who she really is, much can be said about the impression she has left on those who see her picture. It's a face no one can forget.


8 Trail Cam Figure


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The photo above has been in circulation for quite some time. Many have speculated as to what this creature could be and whether or not the picture is just a guy in a strange costume or an actual creature yet to be discovered. The picture is commonly being called the Wisconsin Wendigo. A wendigo is a cannibalistic monster that preys on humans. According to many legends, the wendigo were once human. Some lore states if you devour human flesh you will turn into a wendigo. This was an Algonquian belief that many people today believe was put into place when cannibalism was becoming a problem in the tribe. However, there are still those who believe they exist. Wendigo lore has shown up frequently in popular TV and movie culture, giving a rise to the knowledge of the creature. Could the being in the photo be a cannibal monster out looking for its next target?

7 The Mist On The Stairs

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This photo of a girl in a strange mist was taken in 1959. The type of camera used was a Polaroid land camera. It shows a girl standing at the top of some very old stairs. Along the stairs sits a mist that appears to be flowing out of the stomach of the dress. The house itself was very old at the time the photo was taken. A site known as My Paranormal Podcast supposedly interviewed the girl in the photo, and she painted a very interesting picture regarding the photo: "My parents had bought a real old mansion that had been turned into a roomy house at that time. The rooming house was located on Damen Ave across the street from Wicker Park in Chicago. There were all kinds of stories about things in that old mansion. Someone had hanged themselves in the basement a long time before we bought the mansion. The basement had a dirt floor it was so old. The dress I was wearing was found in a old trunk in the basement. It had been left there by a woman who did an old vaudeville act. My mother used to let me play with lots of old stuff that I found in that old building. There were secret passages, going from a room to another room. It was a very interesting place to live.”

6 Ghost At The Altar


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Here we have a photo of a beautiful altar in the church of St. Mary and All Saints, taken in 1964. In the village of Woodford, Northamptonshire, a man by the name of Gordon Carroll snapped the picture and it has slowly become something of a spectacle. They soon realized after their pictures were developed that the figure was there. It showed up only at the altar. Out of all the other photos, this one proved the creepiest. The figure appears to be kneeling at the altar, ready to give thanks or pay his dues. But what makes this photo so eerie is that the figure seems to be lacking a head. Many believe this is because he/she is kneeling down before the altar. Others have also said that the figure could be a knight of some sort, lost in a loop of praying or paying his respects. Another story states that what looks like a bucket located next to the figure could mean that the ghost is a housekeeper who lost her life long ago.

5 Body From The Ceiling

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In this picture we see a happy looking family sitting at a dinner table. The two young boys are sitting in the laps of family members and life seems to be going well for them. The dinner table is neatly set and things are pretty much normal...apart from the body that seems to be hanging from the ceiling to the left of the family. The story goes that this family decided to take a picture the first night in their new home sometime in the 1950's. After they had the photos developed, they noticed this strange man hanging from the ceiling. Of course the family was shocked but they couldn't figure out how the man got in the photo. He wasn't there when they were taking the picture, so what was it? Many people have speculated that the story attached to the photo is actually false. However, the origin of the photo doesn't seem to be traceable. Some have said the hoax started in 2013, but the photo is clearly older than that.

4 The Black Specter


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This picture seems rather normal apart from the strange looking orbs of light at the top. On the right there is a woman standing to the side in the middle of the night. To the left of her, there is what appears to be a dark figure standing and looking rather ominous. At first it looks like someone in a dark robe. But on further inspection, you can tell that this is a black mass with a shape. The photo was said to be taken in 2009 and was posted on a site called Paranormal360. The caption under the picture states that a few friends were outside smoking in the dark when they snapped the picture. They couldn't see very well but when they went back through the photos, they saw this figure. It was captured at Blackhead Lighthouse in Whitehead County, Antrim. If the photo is indeed real, these friends stumbled onto something dark.

3 Ghosts On The Stairs

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In this odd photo there appears to be a figure ascending a winding staircase. These white and ominous stairs are situated within the National Maritime Museum located in Greenwich, England. The man who took the shot was Ralph Hardy. He was a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia. He intended to take the photo in 1966 for the simple fact that the stairs were gorgeous and deserved to be photographed. However, when he had the photos developed, something else surfaced entirely. Ralph said the being in the photo never showed up in real life, only in the photo. After being examined by various photo experts, it was declared that the captured moment was indeed authentic. People have also reported seeing strange things on the stairs as well as hearing weird noises around the area. However, this comes as no surprise considering the entire building's history with the supernatural. The building itself is over 400 years old, leaving one to imagine what history could have unfolded behind closed doors.

2 Scary Figure On Trail Cam


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There is very little that's known about this photo, if anything at all. People all over the internet have speculated and proposed fake stories to accompany it. However, no one seems to know if it's real or where it came from. What we do know is that the photo was taken sometime in August of 2012 due to the time stamp on the photo. The picture was obviously taken with a trail camera, which detects motion then takes of picture of whatever triggered it. In this case, it looks like a man who is leaning down has been bound by something, his arms wrapped in and around himself. But what we have to consider is why this person was out in the woods at this time of night. With some people stating that the photo's location is far from any houses, could the photo have captured a moment or spirit from the past?

1 The Hampton Court Ghost

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Just one glance at this photo and you're ready to look away. It's eerie enough that a mysterious figure is opening up the doors of this place, but what's happening in the photo? It was captured in 2003 at the Tudor castle located outside London known as Hampton Court Palace. A Hampton Court spokeswoman named Vikki Wood stated that they had no idea what they were looking at. They were trying to figure out who was leaving the fire doors on one side of the building open. After they looked at the footage they couldn't believe their eyes. A man in a dark robe with a very pale face appeared to be opening them. What was so unsettling was that the employees stated that the face in the picture simply didn't look human to them. They spoke to the costume guides, but none of them had anything like what the figure in the picture was wearing.




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