15 Ghost Sightings From Haunted Restaurants Around The World

Halloween is that time of the year when many people pick out costumes of different characters. Some costumes are scary while others are not. But Halloween is not just trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, getting free candy or going to a party. It’s been amped up even more to include haunted houses and scare zones that people pay good money to attend. Events such as Universal Halloween Horror Nights and Hollow Scream at Busch Gardens have become staples for people who are looking for a good scare. However, these scares are manufactured. They’re not real. These are actors. There are real, truly haunted places around the world where there is no acting involved. There are no scare zones. There are no rehearsals.

Among these places are haunted restaurants that the ghosts have allegedly called home. Restaurant staff and guests have reported seeing many supernatural encounters including shadowy figures, apparitions, and flying objects. These are experiences that would scare the most skeptical believer. Many ghosts or spirits still have not made their exit and are still among the living. If you’re superstitious, check out these creepy photos taken at real haunted restaurants around the world. Be forewarned that these are real photos taken by real people.

15 The 17 Hundred 90 Inn - Savannah, GA


14 Ghost Lounge - Phoenix, AZ

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13 Muriel’s Restaurant - New Orleans, LA


12 Catfish Plantation - Waxahachie, TX

via:Angels & Ghosts

11 Billy’s Bar and Grill - Aberdeen, WA

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10 Jean Bonnet Tavern - Bedford, PA


9 St. James Hotel and Restaurant - Cimarron, NM


8 The Brentwood Bistro - Little River, SC


7 Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar - Luton, U.K.


6 Maria Teresa’s - Albuquerque, NM

5 Chuck and Edna’s Maid-Rite Restaurant - Cascade, IA


4 The New Talbot - West Bromwich, U.K.


3 Yamashiro - Los Angeles, CA


Yamashiro is an exquisite restaurant with spectacular views of Hollywood. Many people are able to use this as a venue for events such as weddings and other parties. This place is perfect to the point that you wouldn’t want to leave and apparently, the ghosts don’t want to leave either. The ghost of a former bartender was allegedly seen a few times in the bar area. People have also heard crying sounds from a bride in the bridal suite. Carradine said, “A woman in white has been seen up there.” It doesn’t stop there. It is believed that the previous property owner, Thomas O. Glover, still watches over the building and his ashes are buried in the courtyard.

2 Clifton’s Cafeteria - Los Angeles, CA


1 Child Ghost In Restaurant - Location Unknown


Although the name of the restaurant was not specified, this is another restaurant that is apparently haunted. The person in the photo, whose name is Chris, did not disclose his location, but claims that a child made an appearance in the restaurant bathroom. There were no other people in the bathroom at the time the photo was taken. Chris said, “The picture is of me fleeing from the restroom, trying not to have a picture taken of myself. When the person who took the picture showed me the result the next morning, I was shocked to see a figure in it that could not have possibly been there.” In fact, the restaurant was not opened to the public yet. Chris said, “It was just him and I in the restroom of a restaurant that had not even opened its doors for customers.”

Sources:  GhostsnGhouls, WeekInWeird, HuffingtonPost

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15 Ghost Sightings From Haunted Restaurants Around The World