15Jamaica Inn

Purportedly one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom, the Jamaica Inn has a simply nightmarish history. Although there isn’t one particular instance that is creepier than the other, legend has it that this whole “curse” began with a stranger standing at the bar. However, unlike those funny

little “man walks into the bar” jokes, this man drank a half glass of ale and placed it on the bar as he was called outside for some reason. Oddly enough, the man never returned. His body was recovered the next day, but the cause and manner of death were a mystery, just as the identity of his assailant. These days, the place is haunted as hell! People often report hearing footsteps and have even seen lone, silent figures just hanging around the area. Furthermore, those who have tried to engage the mystery man have found that he neither speaks nor makes eye contact either anyone and routinely disappears into the night…creepy!

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