14The Ghost Of Girlfriend Past

A creepy story if I've ever seen one, in 2014, a man turned to Reddit to discuss the eerie details of a potentially posthumous conversation with his deceased girlfriend. Despite the fact that she had died a whole two years prior, Nathan began receiving sporadic messages from his deceased girlfriend’s

Facebook account. The creepiest part? The nature of the messages. At first, they began as simply copies of old messages, leaving Nathan to wonder if it was just some odd glitch. However, one night when he was feeling especially vulnerable, he decided to try to spark up a conversation with his ghostly ex. Much to his surprise, she actually began to speak back. In some cryptic messages that mentioned walking and freezing, Nathan was left to wonder whether his posthumous ex, who died in a car crash (which severed her legs) was stuck in purgatory and somehow using social media to try and “cross over”.

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