15 Freaky Ocean Stories & Mysteries That Can't Be Explained

Dominated by water, the earth might as well be one large ocean, with approximately 70.8% or 361 million square kilometres (139 million square miles) of the Earth’s surface covered in the blue stuff. Plus, with the average depth around 3.8 kilometres (2.4 miles), some places can even reach 10 kilometres (6.2 miles), eerily known as ocean trenches. So, with all this water around, it is no surprise to hear of some odd stories with regards to what's beneath the flowing surface. Incredibly, we've only explored less than five percent of the ocean! Just think about it. That's 95% of the underwater world yet to be discovered, leaving all sorts of things roaming around, ready to pounce, or blow your mind with respect to science. In fact, scientists and divers regularly embark on a variety of missions under the sea, trying to solve a large number of mysteries that have haunted the deep sea for some time. With ocean trenches spotted all over the world, mankind has no idea what lurks inside, with new species and freaky objects discovered each year. But, like most things, we will have to wait, with only our imaginations left to rely on...

So, to celebrate the wonderful world of the ocean, as well as its haunting nature, here are 15 freaky ocean stories and mysteries that just don't have a clear explanation.

15 Salish Sea Feet Mystery

Not for the fainthearted. Known for its glorious mountains, beautiful scenery, and chilled liberal schmoozing, British Columbia, Canada is rarely on the map when it comes to dangerous and dastardly things. However, proving us all wrong, it seems the coast of Salish Beach is the exception, with a number of detached human feet found washed up on its sandy coastline since 2008. That's right, now reaching a whopping sixteen, the feet include a couple of sneakers, regular shoes, and a human leg encased in a high boot. With it not known who most of the feet belong to, the case remains a mystery, with the sole purpose of the severed feet left for the ocean to decide. Plus, as well as the real deal, hoaxers have now gotten in on the act, planting several fake feet in and around the area in order to attract tourists. Gross!

14 Saved By A Message In A Bottle

We've all done it. Written a heartfelt note, stuffed it inside a glass bottle, and thrown the object into the ever-endearing ocean. However, what you don't expect is a reply, especially when it involves saving your own life. That's right, saved by both UK and US forces, 23 crew members were found locked in a secure compartment on their ship as Somali pirates hijacked the boat. Sending a message via bottle from a porthole inside their sealed space, the message alerted nearby ships where they were located inside the vessel, as well as their well being. As the rescue team moved in, the Somali pirates immediately surrendered, realizing their game was up yet failing to figure out how. With all hostages safe, and the pirates arrested, the story ended happily. However, with Somali pirates increasing in numbers as of late, the situation is dangerously out of hand, with a number of reported cases each year.

13 The Mary Celeste

Ghost ships are always good for a scary story, with the Mary Celeste no different. Discovered adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in 1872, the ship was found to be in a bad state, broken and disheveled, with no sign of any crew members. With the life boat also said to be missing, it was suggested that the crew had jumped ship, yet all the crew's personal belongings and a large amount of cargo such as alcohol and food was still intact. Never finding out what happened, a large number of theories have been attributed to the ship and crew's demise. From ocean earthquakes, paranormal activity, and insurance fraud, it is likely that the answer will never be found. However, with recent stories that a gigantic sea monster was to blame, it seems anything is possible in the darkest depths of the ocean.

12 SS Ourang Medan

With ghost ships somewhat of a fascination, the SS Ourang Medan is probably the most mysterious. A legend in its own right, the SS Ourang Medan has produced a number of theories with regards to its demise, with all of them hotly debated, and never actually proven. The story goes that a radio message was received off the coast of Sumatra and Malaysia in or around the year 1948. Divided into two parts, the transcript said, "all Officers, including the Captain, are dead. Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. … I die". Picking up the message, two American ships set out to investigate, stumbling on the disheveled Ourang Medan. Stepping on board the crew were in for shock, with the ship scattered with corpses, all displaying the same frozen expressions...terror. Generating its own versions, the crew's demise has been put down to biological warfare, scientific experimentation, chemical weapons, and of course, paranormal activity. Spooky.

11 Vanishing Submarines 

With ghost ships taking the credit for the spookiest ocean secrets, submarines are also high up on the list with regards to what they get up to under water. That's right, when three Dutch WWII shipwrecks were found to have vanished from the bottom of the Java Sea, authorities became confused to what had actually happened. The wrecks, which were first found in 2002, were the product of the Battle of the Java Sea. A disastrous defeat for the Dutch, British, American, and Australian forces; the Japanese well and truly beat their asses, resulting in one of the costliest sea battles of all time. Plus, as well as costing a fortune, the battle was also one of the deadliest, with almost 2,200 people losing their lives. Now, considered a sacred war grave in its own right, the wrecks were left to lay peacefully and undisturbed. However, with no clues as to what moved the missing wreckage, the mystery lives on in the vanishing submarines.

10 Cuban Underwater City

An interesting place beneath the surface as well as on top, Cuba has become the talk of the town once again with regards to its mysterious underwater city. That's right, first recorded in 2001, at a depth of between 600 meters (2,000 ft) and 750 meters (2,460 ft), a number of strange and symmetrical rock statues were found resembling a past place of living. Discovered by a husband and wife who were working on an exploration and survey mission with the Cuban government, the ocean city was captured using an underwater robot. Recording images that depicted pyramids and circular structures made of stone and granite, the structure was indeed once a place in which people lived, yet when and who resided there still remains a mystery.

9 The Kaz II

Found drifting along the coast of Australia in 2007, the Kaz II is one of the most modern ghost yachts of today. Compared to the Mary Celeste, but more modern, the yacht was apparently heading upstream to the glorious sunshine of northern Australia. Worried, a rescue team climbed aboard, but noticed that all those on board had seemingly vanished. With no sign of the missing three men, which included two brothers, people were at a loss as to what had happened. Making it that much creepier, it was then revealed that food and cutlery had been laid out, as well as a laptop that was turned on. The engine was still running, and the boat's emergency systems, including the radio and GPS, were all in working order. Plus, with all life jackets still intact, as well as an even smaller boat still hoisted on the stern, rescuers were dumbfounded, with the fate of the three men still unknown today.

8 Cannibal Shark

As mentioned, scientists are constantly intrigued by what lurks beneath the ocean surface, with more and more experiments launched everyday. With one such experiment being that of the constant tracking of 9 foot great white shark, Australian scientists got a bit more than they bargained for. That's right, tracking the healthy and humongous sea predator as part of a program, the shark was later found half eaten, washed up on a beach. Dumbfounded as to what could eat such a huge animal, scientists began wondering if there was something else out there that could match the ferocity of a great white. Believing that a super predator had attacked the shark, it was then theorized that the other animal could have also been a shark, a cannibal shark. However, with the mystery still unsolved, it seems there is much more left to discover with regards to what lays inside the darkest depths of the ocean.

7 Japanese Atlantis

Much like the underwater world discovered near Cuba, Japan has its own Atlantis type city, discovered off the coast of Yonaguni. Named the Yonaguni monument, the ruins are constantly debated with regards to how it was formed. With some claiming they were man-made, to some claiming they are natural, it seems the Japanese don't really care either way, with the site not recognized as anything culturally important. However, important to some, the site has a number of strange and interesting monuments, with the main feature known as "The Turtle." Thought to have been used by humans in the past, the rocks also display a large amount of unidentified scrawling, leading some to point towards paranormal activity. Strange to say the least, here's hoping the Japanese government becomes more involved with what's down there, if only to find out more details with regards to where it actually came from.

6 Underwater Aliens

First spotted in 1995, on the ocean floor of southern Japan, underwater crop circles are now a common occurrence. Deemed an enigma by local divers, the rest of the world soon caught wind of the mystery circles, with the reason to how they came about unknown to the world. However, with many attributing them to that of the extraterrestrial, theories began to appear, claiming that aliens were in fact living under water, rather than above us like originally thought. Thought to be made by the UFOs in which they travel, underwater crop circles were generating a lot of heat, appearing in the media all over the world. But, as the mystery persisted, the answers were finally revealed in 2011, when scientists put them down to a single male puffer fish, who at just five inches long, created the elaborate circles in order to impress the ladies. Dismissed by those who truly believe them to be the work of the extraterrestrial, the puffer fish theory has been lauded as a ruse, designed to deter those from finding out the truth.

5 Baltic Sea Mystery 

First spotted in 2011, the mysterious object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea baffled scientists all over the world. Aptly named the "Baltic Sea Anomaly", the monument has been likened to that of the Millennium Falcon, piloted by the handsome Hans Solo in the popular movie franchise Star Wars. Thought to hold magical powers by some, the theories were backed up when it was claimed that the diving equipment would suddenly stop working when divers approached the large object. Plus, as well as being said to have magical powers, a number of other theories have been lauded in an attempt to figure out what exactly the thing is. That's right, from being called a giant mushroom, a ship wreck, or indeed an alien spaceship (of course), experts still to this day have no idea what on earth the "Baltic Sea Anomaly" actually is. Spooky!

4 Manfred Fritz Bajorat

Found aboard his drifting yacht off the coast of Barabo in the Southern Philippines, German sailor Manfred Fritz Bajorat was not your average looking dead body. Described as being in a "mummified state", an autopsy later revealed that Fritz had only been dead a mere seven days. Terrifying those who found him, the body was a shock to the world, especially when photographs were released revealing the extent of his mummification. With some suggesting that the dry and salty conditions could have impacted the body in some way, it is still a mystery as to how fast Fritz's body became mummified, with other cases seemingly happening over a longer amount of time. Found slumped over a chair, with his head resting on his arm, forensic criminologists have suggested that the death was unexpected, attributing it to a possible heart attack or stroke.

3 Julia

Usually as human beings, we tend to rely on our vision, therefore, it’s what we see that often frightens us the most. However, what about sound? With a number of strange and terrifying sounds captured beneath the waves, the recordings can sometimes be just as frightening as the video themselves. That's right, described as one of the most powerful sounds captured underwater, scientists recently revealed that "Julia," was also one of the most mysterious. Recorded in 1999, "Julia" was originally thought to be an iceberg that had run aground. However, lasting for around 15 seconds, theorists have decided that it's the work of a humongous sea monster, yet to be pictured with scientists even having no idea of its existence. Listen at your own risk!

2  2. Bermuda Triangle

Known worldwide, The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most popular creepy bedtime stories of all time. But what exactly is it? Also known as the Devil's Triangle, the area is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Responsible for a large number of airplane crashes, as well as ship wrecks, the triangle is said to be cursed, or at least involved in some kind of paranormal activity. Still a mystery to why so many wrecks have occurred there, a number of documentaries have been made on the subject, with reports also documenting evidence almost every year. With the supernatural often coming into the mix, it has been suggested that a mythical connection is also apparent, especially with that of the lost city of Atlantis. Plus, with movies, books and even songs all reinforcing the regular conspiracy theories with regards to the creepy tales and stories, it seems the mysterious context that surrounds it will surely live on forever.

1 Sea Monsters  

Think about it? If 95% of the world's oceans have yet to be explored, then surely there has to be something just as mind blowing as a living sea monster lurking under the waves. From the Loch Ness Monster, to giant squids, sea monsters have been talked about since time began, believed to be hiding among the darkest depths of the ocean, preying on what we believe to be giant predators. Often thought of as sea dragons, serpents, or huge scaly beasts, sea monsters are, according to some, very much real. That's right, with a number of paintings and pictures depicting the gigantic beasts, there have also been a variety of eyewitness accounts, with one particular monster often seen roaming the coasts of Greenland. Said to be as large as a crow's nest on the mainmast of a boat, the monster has been described as having an abnormally small head, giant fins, and a long and protruding tail, lager than a whole ship. With sightings of such scary beasts spotted all over the world, there can be no doubt that they are lurking beneath the blue stuff, with it only a matter of time until they are unearthed for everyone to witness.

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