15 Freaky Images Of The New World Order

The New World Order conspiracy theory has been around for some time, but has gained increased attention in recent years. With the government taking a larger role in the lives of its citizens, it seems

The New World Order conspiracy theory has been around for some time, but has gained increased attention in recent years. With the government taking a larger role in the lives of its citizens, it seems that all of the preposterous ideas about the world’s secret elite banning together to take over the world may not be as ridiculous as we once thought. Yet, the concept of the New World Order (NWO) is more than just the changes that are proposed on the constitutional rights in the United States. This globalist agenda deals with an authoritarian world government that would entail world domination, while doing away with our current situation of sovereign nation-states.

While the idea of a secret group conspiring together for the goal of world domination may seem like the stuff that films are made of, it’s actually quite intriguing to see how many times NWO images have been found all around us. In these increasingly troubling times, people have been known to turn to the Bible to see whether or not there can be any comparisons made to what society is facing in this modern world. “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (1 Timothy 3:1-5). In a world filled with political superpowers vying for control and political candidates bragging about their exorbitant fortunes and lack of morals, there’s no wonder that people are starting to see the stark comparisons to the end of days.

There have even been a number of references to how nations will fall and superpowers will abolish the good in men. Yet, we needn’t only look at the Bible to see how these prophecies have the ability to come true. From the images we see on television to the money in our back pockets, check out our list of the 15 freaky images of the New World Order and see how this conspiracy theory has been able to gain steam.

15 The Eye Of Providence


There are a number of theories surrounding the all-seeing eye depicted on the dollar bill of American currency. While there are those that have stated this is the eye of God Almighty watching over all of humanity, those that believe in the New World Order conspiracy think it correlates with the Masonic seal of America. Not only is it used on the dollar bill, but it is also the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States. There is a Latin inscription on the bottom ribbon at the base of the pyramid which reads, “novus ordo seclorum,” which translates to “New Order of the Ages.” This translation coincides with the conspiracy theory that the United States is positioning itself to be the dominant ruling force of the world. The imagery can be dated back to the Freemasons, while the pyramid can be dated back to paganism. The pyramid was thought of as a pagan temple of Satan worship, which is another element of the conspiracy theory that the dominating world force will be about money and power and moving away from God. Yet, the pyramid is also a symbol of many nations with one superpower at the top of the base as a ruling force.

14 2014 Nuclear Security Summit


In the goal for world domination, nuclear weapons are at the top of the list in regards to containing power. Monetary situations are ever-changing due to inflation, troubled economies, and weakening currency, so the power of a nation cannot be calculated based on the riches of a country. Unfortunately, it’s the possession (or lack of) of nuclear weapons that puts nations at the top of the food chain. Yet, Obama has made a number of comments and actions that have caused many to believe that he is living in a fantasy world regarding nuclear weapons. In April 2009, Obama gave a speech in Prague where he presented a strategy on “a world without nuclear weapons.” In March 2014, the world’s leaders all came together for the Nuclear Security Summit, where Obama was in attendance. In the center of the summit, the image of the pyramid can be clearly seen, and members of the summit wore gold pyramid pins. Once the images were released to the public, many noted that Obama was not photographed wearing the pin. Perhaps it was because he was out of the nuclear weapons loop, or perhaps it was because he was spending his time contracting the Iran nuclear deal rather than securing that of the United States.

13 Ke$ha

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There have always been music artists that have resorted to face painting to express themselves or stand out from the pack. From David Bowie to the band members of KISS, the act of artistic expression has sometimes involved some makeup tricks by musicians. Yet, Ke$ha has started to make headlines due to her incredible fascination with the all-seeing eye. Oftentimes, the all-seeing eye is represented with rays emanating from it. This can be interpreted in a number of different ways, from simple rays of light to the glory of God to the symbol of power over the world. Ke$ha has consistently used this symbolism through face painting, whether it’s on album covers or walking the red carpet. Yet, the most prominent use of this image was in her music video for “Crazy Kids.” An eye is painted onto the palm of her hand, and she used light imagery as part of the dance routine. She has done this through her live performances as well, including a performance for the 2013 season of The X Factor. In the video, the eye has the same rays emanating from it, and it even looks hieroglyphic in its detail.

12 Paul McCartney Tribute Concert


The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual celebration that has only recently become a huge, televised event. Recipients are honored because of the lifetime contributions they have made in the performing arts. This celebratory event is held at the Kennedy Center Opera House, and is frequented by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood as well as some of the biggest leaders of the world. In 2012, the honor was given to Paul McCartney and the Paul McCartney Tribute music concert was televised on CBS. Images taken from the concert showed some startling comparisons to the all-seeing eye. The stage was set with a variety of image close-ups of McCartney’s face, but most centered around one of his eyes. Again, it was a simplistic design with radiating beams of light underneath. There was, of course, the CBS symbol in the bottom right corner that is very much like an eyeball itself.

11 Britney Spears Meltdown


In 2007, Britney Spears seemed to be suffering from a complete mental breakdown. Many have blamed her mental instability to the fact that she achieved fame at such an early age, and the pressures of being a celebrity were just too difficult for her to handle. Yet, there are others that have tied those in the celebrity world with the New World Order. Comparing celebrities to the “false idols” mentioned in the Bible, it’s difficult to deny the fact that celebrities are indeed worshipped by many on Earth. It’s also interesting that many celebrities have started to throw their clout towards certain political giants. Presidential candidates enjoy receiving celebrity endorsements, and sometimes the right celebrities standing on the side of a politician can sway an entire nation’s opinion and ultimate vote. During the infamous umbrella incident involving Britney Spears, some have wondered why someone with so much clout and influence would choose to make such a spectacle of herself in front of the cameras. During the incident, Spears was photographed standing with the umbrella outside of the vehicle, and the image featured an upside down pyramid. Her hoodie was zipped in a way to create a focal point of the zipper, while the pearl necklace acted as the base of the pyramid. Conspiracy theorists believe that this photograph was staged to bring attention to the New World Order, and send a message to followers. For why else would she have created such a negative publicity stunt that was so damaging to her career?

10 Kobe Bryant The KobeSystem


It’s easy to believe that there are powerful forces at work when someone like Kobe Bryant can achieve worldwide success after being charged with rape. In 2003, Bryant was staying at The Lodge and Spa in Colorado, but later a 19-year-old employee of the hotel accused Bryant of sexually assaulting her. While the case was on its way to trial, the 19-year-old inexplicably refused to testify and the case moved into civil court. In the past, a scandal like this would have completely ostracized him from the sports world and fellow celebrities would have tried to distance themselves as quickly as possible. Yet, somehow Bryant came out stronger than ever, and even went on to be a motivational speaker with a hugely lucrative deal with Nike. In the Nike campaign entitled, “The KobeSystem: Success for the Successful,” Bryant reached out to successful leaders in business, entertainment, and sports to impart his wisdom on how to succeed. This 2012 campaign featured the likes of Jerry Rice, Serena Williams, and Kanye West among others. The premise revolved around a pyramid, where the top point was the focus of all things successful.

9 Jay-Z And Beyonce


While you wouldn’t immediately associate a rapper with a dominant force trying to take over the world, Jay-Z is a prime example of how his influence over the younger demographic and his stellar business savvy has helped to open doors to the rich and powerful. He’s a published author, friendly with billionaires, and has even held an audience with the President. The symbol that he constantly flashes to promote Roc-A-Fella Records and Roc Nation is the sign of a pyramid with his hands. He has previously stated that the symbol represents the shape of diamond, which is basically high hopes that his records will achieve diamond status by selling at least 10 million copies. Not only does Jay-Z flash this symbol on a regular basis, but he also encourages his followers and audience to do the same. A number of celebrities have also jumped on the bandwagon, including his wife, Beyonce. She most famously flashed the symbol when she performed during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, reaching a huge mainstream audience that wasn’t just limited to those who gravitate towards the rap genre.

8 Justin Bieber Tattoos

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There aren’t many celebrities that can reach as large of an audience with the youth as Justin Bieber. While he might have started his career as an incredibly talented young man with a deep sense of faith, that persona has since flown the coop. Nowadays, he often displays the symbol of devil horns and is practically covered in tattoos. One of the more prominent ones that seems to be garnishing an abundance of attention is the all-seeing eye. The eyelashes are done so dramatically that they resemble the rays of light that can be seen in The Eye of Providence. It is also located just above a tattoo of what looks to be a castle and king of some sort. The king is wearing a suit of armor, and the crown has jewel accents. This coincides with the New World Order conspiracy theory regarding the absolute power structure, especially considering the medieval practices of a king’s rule. Just beneath the eye tattoo is the word, “Believe” in large and looming letters above the king and castle. This gives a whole new meaning to the term, “Beliebers.”

7 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga was first introduced to audiences through her over-the-top antics, which included things like the infamous meat dress and fake blood splattering performances onstage. While it was shocking at first, soon audiences became accustomed to her way of trying to shock and provoke as a form of entertainment. During this time, she mixed in a number of imagery in reference to the New World Order. Oftentimes, it wasn’t picked up on right away because she was always doing something to try and standout from other music artists. Yet, now that she has announced that she is done with all the theatrics from her earlier years, some have started to look back at some of the all-seeing eye references she's made through her released images and music videos. While some artists would use face makeup to accentuate one eye, Gaga would go even further to draw attention to it with either a ring made with her fingers or the entire hand covering one eye.

6 Madonna


Madonna is another music artist that has made a name for herself by creating a spectacle of herself. Never the one to shy away from being in the spotlight, Madonna has often gone out of her way to be noticed and stand out from the pack. While people tend to focus on her most recent stunts, Madonna has leaned towards exhibition long before she showed up on the red carpet with duct tape holding up her naked butt cheeks. In fact, her most famous film, Desperately Seeking Susan, depicted Madonna wearing a custom-made jacket featuring The Eye of Providence, complete with pyramid and Latin inscription. Since then, Madonna has incorporated this symbol into everything from red carpet photographs to her Super bowl Halftime Show in 2012. Her performance began with ancient roman and Egyptian motifs, she seemed to be worshipped as a God, and the all-seeing eye was depicted on the stage.

5 EU Tower Of Babel Poster


The European Union has dominated international news in recent years due to all of the back and forth on whether or not the UK would vote to leave the EU. While the votes are in and the decision has seemingly been made, the former prime minister, Tony Blair, recently released a statement saying that there could still be a change regarding this decision. The European Union is governed by the European Parliament and has come under fire numerous times for the exorbitant amount required by nations. Yet, that’s not all. The EU Parliament released a promotional image as their official poster, and the outrage was so great that it had to be withdrawn. The poster depicted the EU continuing the work of constructing the Tower of Babel. This structure dates back to the book of Genesis after the Great Flood and tells the story of a world uniting many different people through a single language. The poster depicted the slogan, “Europe: Many Tongues One Voice.”

4 Georgia Guidestones


In 1980, a monument was erected in Georgia entitled, The Georgia Guidestones. The monument consists of five different slabs, with a slate atop the center slab. The way the slabs are positioned provoke many to compare it to the prehistoric Stonehenge site in England. Yet, unlike Stonehenge, the message is clear and concise with the Georgia Guidestones. The structure is inscribed with four ancient texts, and eight current languages, with 10 new “commandments” laying out the guideline to be adhered to. Some of the guidelines aren’t too far-fetched, like the statement, “Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.” However, there are some that have caused many to create links towards the New World Order. The first two guidelines reference population control, which is something that the global elite have encouraged in this conspiracy theory. How better to rule the lower class than to limit their numbers? Yet, the most damaging comparison can be made with the guidelines, “Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.” This hints at an authoritarian world government and the wish to do away with localized politicians in favor of a dominant political force.

3 World Bank Artwork


The World Bank works under the World Bank Group that is intrinsically connected to the United Nations. It includes the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association. The goal of this institution is to provide loans to various countries, promote foreign investment, and even provide Capital investments. It’s a little difficult for people to wrap their heads around a bank that is funding countries and providing investments to the world’s leaders. Yet, no one seems to ask where the money is coming from and where it is precisely going. At the World Bank Headquarters, there is artwork hung on the walls that depict a one-world-currency bill. The entire globe is represented on the bill, along with a number of other questionable images. On the bill, it states, “Federal Reserve Note.” This insinuates that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank will have the lead role in providing this one-world-currency. This tugs at the very fabric of the New World Order conspiracy theory, since it would mean that each nation would no longer have their own currency (or perhaps, not even their own financial institutions).

2 Pink Floyd


There is a special place in music history for bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. The fact that they are mentioned among the company of some of the most iconic bands in history shows that this English rock band has been able to reach millions of people from all over the world. Their eighth album entitled, The Dark Side of the Moon, featured an album cover that had many conspiracy theorists talking. There is a plain black background with a triangle in the middle. There is a rainbow stream through the back of the triangle and a single streak coming out of the front. In regards to the New World Order, the triangle makes an obvious comparison to the pyramid. Yet, the rainbow has a comparison as well. If you think of the rainbow as an entity with many different parts and then entering the pyramid only to come out as a singular entity, this is very much the concept behind one dominant world power.

1 Mear One’s Brick Lane Street Art


Mear One is an American artist based out of Los Angeles that specializes in street graffiti art that often focuses on all things political. In 2012, Mear One was responsible for a large mural on Hanbury Street in bohemian east London. The mural completely embodied the New World Order mentality, with a plethora of different images that were meant to provoke thought. On the far left, a man is seen holding a sign that reads, “The New World Order is the enemy of humanity.” A group of older white men are seen sitting around a board (very much like a Monopoly board), which is being held up on the backs of a representation of the poor. On the right, there is a somber woman holding a child. The background of the mural shows images of big business and industries that promote pollution, while the pyramid and all-seeing eye looms over all. Local politicians and community activists began expressing outrage over the mural, saying that the men surrounding the table were bankers that were caricatures of older Jewish men. The mural was repeatedly bashed for being anti-Semitic, even though the artist maintained that there was no intention to depict an anti-Semitic message.

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