15 Freaky AF Things You Can Find On The Black Market

The world is full of criminals and creeps, who live for the thrill of doing illegal and disgusting things. Gladly, we have the police and other legal institutions which catch all the bad guys and make our lives safer. So, there is no point to be scared of anything in the world, or is there?

The Internet is one of the best inventions in history, but it also opened a lot of opportunities for criminals to make some extra money without getting caught. I mean, before the Internet, crooks had to risk it all and sell illegal things on the streets in front of the police. It was a very risky business. However, things have changed now, and it is barely possible to catch people who sell things on the black market. The governments all around the world have no idea how to control Bitcoins and track down all the illegal transactions. The golden age of black market has only begun, so we can get ready to see more and more people getting into this tricky business. I mean, as long as a person has no morals, selling freaky stuff on the black market is the easiest way to get rich fast. You would be surprised to see how many disgusting things can a person buy on the black market. It makes me sick only to think about that. Anyway, enjoy this list of the scariest things which you can buy on the black market... but, please, don't buy it.

15 Slaves

Anyone who has some Bitcoins but fails when it comes to finding a girlfriend can just buy one. Even better, people can buy themselves wives on the black market. I don't understand how the bride reaches the customer, but in the end, all the customers end up with an Indian or Chinese slave-girl. It is disgusting on so many levels, but it is still happening. Slavery is far from over and millions of poor people, mostly young girls, are being sold against their will on the black market every day. Some estimations show that people spend $32 billion a year in human trafficking, which is equal to the budget of a small European country.

So yeah, next time when you laugh from the fact that it is possible to mail a bride to yourself, remember that people actually do it. It isn't that funny anymore, right?

14 Souls Of Dead Children

When I told you that there are way too many freaky things on the black market, I meant it. For example, you can log into the black market and buy yourself the soul of a dead child. I have no idea what the hell should one do we such a thing (if it is even a thing), but it freaks me out. I mean, how do people collect the souls of these dead children in the first place? Also, how do they determine the price of one soul? Yeah, these are some stupid questions, but please, let me know the answers. On top of that, I would love to know how do the criminals transfer the souls. It would be way too odd to do it via mail. I only know one thing for sure - people who end up buying souls of dead children have serious problems and should contact their doctors.

13 Breast Milk

I cannot imagine the situation when someone decides that he or she needs to buy some breast milk from a stranger on the black market. It just sounds way too disturbing to be true. There are even some special sites on the internet dedicated only to selling breast milk.

This phenomenon can be explained with a shortage of breast milk all over the world. However, if you have a baby, you must have a breast full of milk as well, or am I missing something? Anyway, people are buying breast milk from the black market all over the world despite the fact that it can carry all sorts of diseases. I mean, it is the black market after all, and people who deal with it don't follow any rules or ethics.

12 A Hitman

People must be very cautious joking about their mothers-in-laws on the black market because someone might see these jokes as a job opportunity. Oh yes, there are plenty of hitmen on the black market, who are ready to grant your darkest wishes.

Black market or no black market, hiring a hitman to kill someone is wrong and should not be happening in real life. However, the black market makes the process so much easier. I could actually hire a hitman first thing after writing this article. Well, ok, I don't have enough money yet, but you get the point. Sadly, it is pretty much impossible for the police and other institutions to track down all the criminals, so this business is thriving.

11 Lifetime Netflix Account For 1 Dollar

This one is exciting, isn't it? Yes, I know that you are now tempted to join the black market to buy yourself a lifetime Netflix account for just one dollar. It sounds like a dream come true to me as well because Netflix has saved me from so many boring nights in the past. However, we must think about our actions. I mean, someone still has to pay Netflix the rest of the money when people buy a lifetime account for a dollar. So who is paying? Well, most of the time, it is innocent people whose credit cards were stolen or duplicated. So, instead of buying yourself a never ending Netflix subscription, log in to your bank and check if you are not paying for one already.

Cheap Spotify accounts are also for sale on the black market. So, you can use all the most popular apps basically for free, but remember that karma is always watching from down under.

10 Rhino Horns

I hate to see that animals must suffer because humans are vain and evil. Sadly, rhinoceros around the world, especially in Asia, are facing extinction because people have some sort of strange fetish for their horns. It is extremely easy to buy a rhino horn on the black market, and many people in Asia believe that it can cure cancer and other deadly diseases. Sadly, it is a hoax because a rhino horn is basically the same as a human fingernail. Have you ever heard of people healing cancer with fingernails? Anyway, rhinos will soon die out because some people are stupid enough to believe lies and other people are vicious enough to kill innocent animals for money. Someone should teach people in Asia that a rhino's horn has no actual magical powers before it is too late. In the meantime, poachers are making millions on the black market, selling horns.

9 Your Favorite Drugs

Buying drugs has never been easier. All you need is an Internet connection and some extra money. For everything else, there is a black market. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to advertise the use of drugs, but it blows my mind how simple and fast you can get some cocaine, weed, or heroine without even leaving your house. A friend of a friend once said that he mailed himself some weed of the highest class.

And it is not only weed, cocaine, meth, or opium that you can buy on the black market. There is one drug in particular that scares the living hell out of me - Devil's Breath. This drug comes from Columbia (surprised?), and it is so powerful that one dust can turn a person into a zombie, who unwillingly follows every command. Criminals mostly use it to rape women and steal stuff, but there are also many cases where it was used to murder people.

8 All The Guns In The World

The black market wouldn't be the same without guns. Nowadays, people can buy anything from a pistol to an AK-47, to a rocket launcher. It is terrifying on so many levels that criminals on the black market don't care about the safety of the world and sell guns to anyone. The only positive thing is that most of the organizations on the black market refuse to make deals with terrorists. It makes me feel at least a little safer. That said, any psycho who wants to shoot his classmates in school can press a few buttons and get a f*cking gun delivered straight to his house. It is wrong, and I don't even know what to say. Well, just check 'The Armory,' one of many companies that deal with gun-selling on the black market, and make up your own mind.

7 Sperm

If you thought that breast milk was the grossest human liquid that you can buy on the black market, you were wrong. In some countries, there is not enough sperm available in the sperm banks, so people are ready to take the risk and buy it on the black market. What's the risk? For example, people can never know if the sperm that they bought is STD-free. There are plenty of cases already when sperm shoppers got themselves an STD instead of a healthy baby. I know that it sounds disgusting, but it kind of makes sense as well. I mean, do people actually think that someone who is selling sperm on the black market is a genuine person who cares about the happiness of other people? I guess people should know that everyone who is selling stuff on the black market, is doing it for the money. Yeah, they don't care about any kind of quality whatsoever.

6 A Passport Of Your Choice

We must agree that nationality means way too much in our world. We can talk about equality all we want, but having a U.S. or British passport will make your life much easier compared to someone's, who has a passport from a third world country.

Gladly, people on the black market found a way to solve this problem. Anyone can buy themselves a fake passport of any country in the world, including the U.S., for as little as $1,000. It is also perfectly safe as everyone's identity on the black market is top secret. On top of that, the quality of those fake passports is pretty good, so it might actually work when crossing the borders. Of course, identity theft is one of the worse crimes, so people who buy fake passports also put themselves in a lot of danger to get caught and locked up for good.

5 Message On A Hot Body

Well, this particular service might be the funniest thing ever. People can actually pay $20 to some spicy women on the black market just to see them write any kind of message on their hot bodies. It sounds so innocent and fun, but it is also kind of creepy. I mean, those women go as far as writing on their boobs just to make that extra dollar. It is quite sad when we put it this way.

Anyway, this might be the most original way to propose to your significant other. Just imagine how crazy would it be if your lover would read "will you marry me, Jane?" on a naked body of some hot Asian girl. Oh, wait... it might not be the best idea. Still, a message on a hot body might be one of the best things that you can purchase on the black market. At least it is not that harmful and only a little bit freaky.

4 Human Hair

Apparently selling human hair is a very legitimate and profitable business. Beauty salons charge something from $100-$1,000 for a pack of human hair. Wigs cost even more. So, people on the black market seized the opportunity and started stealing hair from beauty salons and selling it on the black market for much cheaper. People from India are the leading suppliers of human's hair. I don't know why but it sounds hilarious to me. I mean, imagine a guy breaking into a beauty salon just to steal some human hair in order to sell it on the black market to a bald dude in his 50's. Yup, people are prepared to do any freaky stuff for some extra money. So, if you needed some new human hair for your wig, don't hesitate and join the black market today. The only thing you have to know is that no one takes responsibility for the quality of the product on the black market.

3 Cheap Uber Drives

The black market can sometimes come in handy. I bet that we all love Uber, but sometimes the prices might be a little too high. However, that is when we can turn to the black market for some help. For example, today I could purchase 10 Uber drives for as little as $10. However, I would have to use a hacked account, which is an illegal practice anywhere in the world. Also, I would know that someone else is paying for my Uber drives, which would make me feel evil.

Of course, there is always a possibility to ignore the facts which make us sad and buy ourselves a nice present. Sadly, many people actually take this opportunity. I know that it doesn't sound so serious now, but imagine if someone used your credit card to pay for their rides with Uber. I know that I would get mad. And believe me, credit cards theft happens way more often than you could imagine.

2 Credit Cards

Well, there are plenty of variations to choose from when it comes to buying a credit card on the black market. People can buy only numbers of credit cards, they can buy stolen cards, and they can also purchase duplicated cards. Yeah, it is super convenient, and everyone can find exactly what they are looking for in the black market.

For example, you can buy a bulk of 100 stolen credit cards' numbers for as low as $35. Of course, it is a lottery buying those numbers, because many cards might be blocked already, but that is the reason why vendors on the black market are selling 100 numbers in one bulk. Yes, they care about their customers. Anyway, you can imagine how many credit cards the criminals steal each day if they can sell 100 numbers for $35 and still make huge profits.

1 DIY Vasectomy And Dentistry Kits

It looks like the world faces a new stupid trend - it became extremely popular amongst some people to perform medical procedures, which require highly trained professional, on their own. I mean, what can possibly go wrong? Anyway, even those stupid people who try to fix their teeth or sterilize themselves know that they need some tools. That is where the black market joins the party.

There are plenty of different kits for all sorts of DYI procedures for as little as $20 on the black market. Naturally, the quality of the tools is pretty poor. One person who actually bought the set, commented: “It was a kit of weird dentist tool looking hooks and some tube thing.” Now I am convinced that nothing can go wrong when people call medical instruments "some tube thing." After all, it is a hoax that only doctors can successfully perform surgery, isn't it? So, whenever you need to fix your teeth, just buy a kit for $20 on the black market and DIY!

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