15 Freak Accidents That Almost Killed These People

Some people like to believe that death is predestined; if it’s your day to die you will die no matter what (kind of like Final Destination) but if it’s not your day you can survive even when the odds are stacked against you.

No matter what you believe these stories will still surprise you. These are people who faced dire situations, endured near fatal injuries, and somehow still managed to pull through. Most of these were freak accidents; parachutes that didn’t open, dangerous equipment that malfunctioned, plane crashes, and skiing accidents. Their injuries were so bad that people believed that they couldn’t possibly make it, but somehow these folks beat all the odds.

It’s inspiring to know that no matter how bad you think things are, you can survive if you have the will to do so. We may think of the human body as a fragile thing, but these stories prove once again just how resilient human beings can actually be. If you have the desire to live you can pull through and have the best bar story ever – bonus!

Here are 15 incredible stories of people who survived freak accidents and injuries, and lived to tell the tale…


15 Umm…Where Is This Patient’s Heart?

It turned out that his heart and the major blood vessels that connect to it had moved as a result of the accident. He had a ruptured lung and the air leaking into the chest cavity had caused his ticker to relocate. Once the air was drained everything returned to its normal position and he made a full recovery.

14 Struck With A Proton Beam


Science can sometimes be dangerous and Anatoli Bugorski will certainly agree with that.

In 1978 Bugorski was working as a researcher at the Institute for High Energy Physics in Russia. He was working with a particle accelerator similar to the one used today at CERN. One morning he was leaning over the machine checking on a piece of equipment that had malfunctioned when the safety mechanism failed. His head was directly in the path of the proton beam at the time and he received a direct hit. He felt no pain at the moment the proton beam struck him, but said he saw a flash “brighter than a thousand suns”.

He had received more than 400 times the lethal dose of ionizing radiation and scientists were convinced that Burgorski would die. But somehow he managed to pull through and he is still alive today.

13 Chainsaw Lands On Man's Neck

Murff was an avid lumberjack, but it was his trusty chainsaw that almost took his life. While out cutting down trees on his own one day in 1984 a heavy branch landed on top of him, breaking his leg and pushing him into a ditch. But the worst was still to come. His chainsaw, still running, landed on top of his neck. This tough as nails man managed to free himself, drive to a neighbors house and get to the hospital. Doctors found that the chainsaw had severed his windpipe, esophagus, and major veins. Thankfully it had not cut into his aorta or spine.

It was a long road to recovery and he could only speak and breathe through a tracheotomy but Murff pulled through. He lived another 18 years before dying at the age of 92.

12 The Exploding Toilet


Michele Pierre, a resident of Brooklyn, New York, had a serious run in with a toilet. A contractor had been installing a backflow prevention valve and the water to his apartment block had been switched off during the day. When the water was turned back on later that night Michele went to use his loo. But when he flushed, the toilet exploded into thousands of pieces of razor sharp porcelain. A large piece of the bowl hit him in the head and the shards lacerated his face, arms, and legs. He was rushed to the hospital where he received a total of 30 stitches. Had he been sitting on the toilet at the time of the explosion, he would have almost certainly been killed.

11 Shot Through The Head With A Fishing Spear

Yasser was 16 years old when he went on a fishing trip with a group of friends. During the trip he had a freak accident – while messing around with a gas-powered fishing spear he triggered it and shot a 3ft spear into his head. Although he has no memory of the accident itself, he remained conscious all the way to the hospital.

The spear had not exited out the back of his skull, but the doctors found that it was just underneath the skin. They operated to carefully remove the spear and although it has affected his motor skills they anticipate that Yasser will eventually make a full recovery.

10 Run Over By A Train


While moving a train to a repair dock, he slipped and fell onto the tracks. Before he could push himself away 9,000 kilograms of train rolled right over the middle and lower part of his body. Unbelievably Truman remained conscious and managed to use his cell phone to call for help.

It took more than 23 operations to repair the damage and in the process, he lost his left leg, a part of his right leg, his pelvis, and one kidney. But the point is that he lived to tell the tale – not something many people who have tangled with trains have been able to do.

9 Trapped Under The Ice

Rescuers didn’t give up on Anna and rushed her to the hospital where doctors slowly began to warm her body again. After nine hours of methodical work, Anna came back to life. Doctors credit her survival to the extreme cold, which slowed her metabolism, allowing her cells to survive with very little oxygen.


8 A Metal Rod Right Through The Head


Gage was a railway worker and his job was to clear rocks away so that the tracks could be laid. He did this using an iron rod to squeeze explosives between the rocks and then lighting a fuse to ignite the explosives. But one day this process went terribly wrong.

The explosives went off sooner than expected and the blast drove the metal rod (which weighed approximately 6 kilograms) into his face, through the left side of the brain and out the top of the skull. He lost the eye, but was able to recover, although it did cause lasting personality changes.

7 Paraglider Sucked Up Into Powerful Storm

On Valentine's Day, 2007 Ewa was training for the Paragliding World Championship in Australia and despite a severe weather warning, Ewa decided to go ahead with her practice.

A short while into her training Ewa got trapped in the updraft between two thunderstorms and became trapped. The storm lifted her to a maximum height of 32,634ft (higher than the summit of Everest) in freezing conditions with heavy winds. The lack of oxygen caused her to pass out for more than an hour. With lightning and hail all around her, she drifted through the storm and finally regained consciousness and was able to land about 3.5 hours later. She survived with no serious injuries and continues to paraglide.

6 Freefall To Earth At 70 Miles Per Hour


But just because someone is a skydiving instructor it doesn’t mean that they are immune to accidents. Just ask Michael Holmes.

Michael, an instructor from New Zealand, found himself in a desperate situation when, during a jump in 2009, both his main parachute and his backup chute failed to open. Freefalling at 70 miles an hour should have killed him, but luckily a blackberry bush broke his fall. He broke his ankle and suffered a collapsed lung, but it should have been so much worse.

5 Accidentally Shot In The Face

In 1997 Richard was handling a shotgun and when he put it down on the table in front of him it discharged – shooting him in the face. Although he managed to survive the gruesome accident, his life was forever changed. He lost his nose, the movement of his mouth, his lips, and his sense of taste. He was so badly disfigured that he became a recluse because strangers said hurtful things to him and behind his back.

But 15 years later Richard was granted another chance when a doctor offered to help him with a face transplant. During the surgery, they also repaired his jaws, gave him a new set of teeth and a new tongue. Now Richard has no problem going out into the world and has even fallen in love.

4 Car Accident Left Him With Half A Head


Carlos was 14 years old when he was involved in a serious car accident which he says was caused by drinking and drugs. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and got ejected when the vehicle crashed. You can just imagine the injuries he sustained. How he survived is not clear, but the point is that he did, even with a good part of his skull missing.

He has some advice for young people: “And this is how the old boy has come out. That is why it is not good, drinking and driving or drugness (sic) and driving. It is no good kids.”

3 Solo Pilot Survives Plane Crash In The African Bush

Greg Rasmussen is a wildlife conservationist who has dedicated his life to studying the African Wild Dog. While out tracking animals in a small aircraft in 2003 strong winds pummelled his plane and caused him to go into a spin. He crashed into the African bush – all alone.

Greg broke both his legs and his pelvis in the crash and had to crawl using just his arms to get away from the plane wreckage that was leaking fuel. He quickly became dehydrated in the sweltering heat and when the sun set a lioness began to stalk him.

Miraculously Greg managed to survive the night and was rescued the following day. Doctors feared that they would not be able to save his legs, but after numerous operations, Rasmussen was able to return to the work he loves.

2 Horrifying Power Drill Vs. Skull Accident


In 2003 Ron was working on a construction job in California. He was up a ladder working with an industrial power drill when suddenly the ladder gave way and he fell to the ground. Following standard safety procedures, he tried to throw the drill away from himself, but it didn’t work and he landed on top of it. The massive drill bit went through his eye and out the back of his skull.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors were astounded that the drill bit had caused no damage to Ron’s brain. Somehow it had moved his brain tissue to the side instead of going through it. His eye was quite badly damaged, but other than that he was able to make a full recovery.

1 Struck By Lightning – Twice!

When a sudden storm blew in, Casey and his friends made a fateful decision – they took shelter under a tree, which we don’t recommend during a storm. Moments later he heard a loud boom as the tree was struck by lightning and the force dropped Casey down onto his knees. But it wasn’t over yet. Before he could even register what had happened, he was struck again. Astonishingly Casey had no major injuries, only some soreness, and numbness. We don’t know what is more impressive – being a rodeo clown or being struck by lightning twice and living to see another day.

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