15 Fictional Characters More Suitable For Presidency Than Donald Trump

The idea of billionaire businessman Donald Trump running for president of the United States seemed like fiction once upon a time. I mean, he owns rights to 17 golf courses, hundreds of hotels across the world, casinos, talent management, the Miss America pageant, the list really goes on... and yet Trump has made a successful run for presidency - despite his MANY set backs. Whether you’re a Trump hater or “Make America Great Again!” fan, you have to admit, he isn’t the first person to come to mind when you think of America’s president.

Donald Trump would be giant leap from America’s current president, Barack Obama, who ran a successful 8 years with little backlash (well in comparison to his predecessor that is). However, the thought of Donald Trump becoming president has upset some Americans enough to consider immigration to their country's northern neighbour, Canada. So step back Trump supporters, because you might not like this one, as we announce 15 fictitious characters better fit for presidency than Donald Trump:

16 Dexter Morgan - Dexter

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15 Ned Flanders - The Simpsons

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14 Diana Prince - Wonder Woman

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13 Brian Griffin - Family Guy

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12 Elsa - Frozen

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This snow Queen may have had a rebellious year but she has nowhere near as many controversies to her name - even though she runs an entire Kingdom - than the competitor, Donald Trump. So what makes Elsa better fit for the job than Trump? She’s selfless. Whereas Donald Trump is the polar opposite, in what he calls “business” (which to be fair, is the name of the game). Donald Trump might make a great businessman but when it comes to putting others first Elsa takes the cake. The Queen of Arendelle spent years locked in a tower, isolating herself from her only kin, to protect her Kingdom from the possible backlash one could receive with such powers as she. It was through time and correction that Elsa learned to control her powers to better serve her people.

11 Jack Dawson - Titanic

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10 Elle Woods - Legally Blonde

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9 Michael Scofield - Prison Break

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8 Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes

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7 Francis Underwood - House of Cards

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6 McGruff - The Crime Dog

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5 Shrek - Shrek

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4 Gandalf the Grey/White - The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

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3 Professor Charles Xavier - X-Men

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2 Bruce Wayne - Batman

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1 Buddy the Elf - Elf

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Will Ferrell’s representation of a cheery, upbeat, super social Elf on a quest to find his forgotten father left us with the Christmas classic we’ll never to forget: Elf. Buddy the Elf pretty much doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. In fact, Buddy's whole world revolves around Christmas day, spreading Holiday cheer and maple syrup! Buddy’s most deviant moment? Exposing the truth about a fake Santa Claus in a New York shopping centre (which he took full responsibility for via his termination *cough cough*). While Donald Trump is battling law suit after law suit, along with damaging video footage of his lewd behaviour, it would take years to find dirt on Buddy the Elf. In fact, we challenge you to even try!

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15 Fictional Characters More Suitable For Presidency Than Donald Trump