15 Female Celebs Who Beat Their Man

When thinking of domestic violence issues, people always think of men on women violence. And it's pretty common to stereotype. There are news stories all the time about a different male celebrity or athlete committing horrible abuses upon women. It is something we have become almost numb about. In fact, not that long ago, domestic abuse wasn't a reason why a famous celebrity or athlete got put in jail. Often times, their crimes were excused with slaps on the wrists. It was almost allowable and court-issued therapy was the number one punishment for these abusers. Think back to OJ Simpson and the many times the police came out to investigate crimes at his home. To say this is a serious issue would be an understatement.

What's even crazier is for society to wrap their heads around the fact that women can be just as violent as men. Certainly, there is a big size difference in many relationships. Men are generally much larger in size and weight than their female counterparts. But it doesn't mean a woman can't throw a punch. There have been many instances in which men and women fought with one another. Then, there are a number of instances in which a female celebrity initiated contact with her significant other, inflicting the kind of damage consistent with domestic violence. Make no mistake about it, it doesn't take a dong to commit an act of violence. Anybody can be a terrible person and hurt someone else physically. And these female celebrities allegedly had just the tempers to go Code Red on the opposite sex. Anger problems are not simply a male issue and these stories prove that. These are 15 Female Celebrities With Serious Anger Management Issues.

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15 Taryn Nicole Terrell

via: hawtcelebs.com

A second hot wrestling beauty hits the list, and this one has the goods. Taryn Nicole Terrell is a dynamic wrestler. She also is a referee, stunt woman, model and an actress. There doesn't seem to be a limitation to what Taryn is capable of! The Tampa, Florida native wrestled under the name "Tiffany." Terrell had small roles in both television shows and movies. She also has been a fearless stuntwoman on the big screen. In addition to all that, Terrell has managed to get herself kicked out of the WWE along the way. Why you ask? In an infamous incident, Terrell and her WWE husband, Drew McIntyre, had a little marital issue at a hotel. Domestic violence incidents are normally found to be husband on wife issue. But this one had Terrell putting an epic beat down on McIntyre to the point where she got kicked out of the WWE for the incident. Playboy and Maxim were landing points for this busty blonde. As exciting as that is for viewers, Terrell got divorced after her incident with her husband. Terrell has since moved on and got remarried with kids. Terrell blamed her reckless behaviors on the wrestling world. Without it, she seems like a fire-hot MILF on the noble path. We also like looking at her.

14 Emma Roberts

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Cute and fiery would be two words to describe Emma Roberts. She is an attractive young star who we absolutely loved in the 2013 comedy We're the Millers. Emma Roberts is the niece of superstar Julia Roberts and daughter to actor Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts was known to have a temper on sets. In fact, he and his sister didn't get along so well in the past. On sets, production staff was warned that if they even whispered the name "Julia Roberts" they would be fired and Eric Roberts would lock himself in his trailer in a fit of rage. The apple didn't fall from the tree. Emma was arrested for a domestic violence incident in Canada when she put a beat-down on her boyfriend, Evan Peters. Peters had a bloody nose and a bit mark. Despite the drama, they got married 6 months later.

13 Hilary Clinton

via: nbcnews.com

Don't ring the "shocker" bell on this one. Hillary Clinton isn't exactly known for having a fantastic sense of humor. In fact, she can be downright bland and looks more like an angry Catholic nun about to smack you on the wrist than a presidential candidate. Chatty secret service agents and house staff have noted epic arguments in which Hillary has dawned some pretty hefty pants and tore apart her husband, Bill. She would get so furious that Hilary tossed nearby objects like ashtrays and books at Bill's face during their intense exchanges. They also noted on occasion where Hillary slapped Bill so hard across the face that it left a lasting impression that the secret service not only heard, but visibly saw. It can't be a big surprise. Hillary has always had quite the strong personality.

12 Whitney Houston

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Her untimely death certainly draws a bit of a pall over this submission, but Whitney Houston had far more going on in her life than the public was ever aware of. It wouldn't be until near the end that we learned of the tumultuous relationship she had with her husband, Bobby Brown and her addictions to a variety of drugs. Houston's career was filled with glitz, beauty and a voice so perfect, she sang one of the greatest Star Spangled Banners of all time before the Super Bowl. She was America's Princess, a gorgeous young woman with the voice of an angel. She appeared with Kevin Costner is the wildly successful film The Bodyguard and seemed to be on a path to be one of the greatest stars of her generation. But her relationship with Bobby Brown was chaotic at best. The two would fight violently with one another and they did various drugs, from crack to cocaine. Houston's temper was undeniable, especially when she did drugs and drank. She was a hot mess that got worse and worse over time, where America's Sweetheart quickly degraded to a trashy shell of her former self with a nasty mouth and fists of fury. The end was sad but we will always have her shining moments. The moral of the story is: crack is bad...and so is Bobby Brown.

11 Elin Nordegren

via: pagesix.com

This one has to get categorized under the heading: "Can you really blame her?" It all started during one memorable holiday season in which Tiger Woods' greatest secret came to light. His wife, the beautiful Swede, Elin Nordegren, found out that Woods had been cheating on her. And we're not just talking a little side-piece action, we're talking like a regular baker's dozen of side-pieces. They were strippers all the way to businesswomen. Woods remarkable secret sent his wife into overdrive, as in, she is getting Tiger's gold driver and using his head as a ball. And overdrive as in, she wanted to literally drive over him. The wordplay aside, Nordegren went nuclear on Woods, whacking his car with his own golf club before nearly killing him in the street on Thanksgiving night. The incident prompted Woods to clarify to the world that he is a sex addict and likes to have sex with hot women (FYI to Woods...that's called being a dude, man.). We haven't seen Nordegren go off the reservation since, so maybe this was just a one-time explosion. But it sure was epic and entertaining.

10 Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is a gorgeous British model. And we all know models can have some level of temper. But Brook has taken her temper to new levels in her relationships. Let's start at the beginning. Brook is an exceptionally beautiful brunette who has dabbled on both the small and big screens. The Rochester, Kent native topped FHM's sexiest women's poll in 2005. Her beauty credentials are legit. Let's start talking about the temper. While dating actor Jason Statham, Brook got upset with Statham because he reportedly embarrassed her at Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding, so she socked him. Then there was another alleged incident with Danny Cipriani, another one of her boyfriend's. He supposedly gave his phone number to a stripper after a lap dance (How very Tiger Woods of you, Danny) and Cipriani got Brook's fist. She isn't afraid to let'em fly! Beautiful and unpredictable...we'll take it!

9 Tonya Harding

via: wsj.com

It's the age old story of a young aspiring Olympic figure skater wanting to be successful in the sport she has trained all her life for. So she has a couple of goons knee-cap and much more attractive and talented figure skater (Nancy Kerrigan) in order to gain favor. Okay, so maybe this doesn't happen every day, but the infamous Tonya Harding had an extraordinary run-in with darkness when her inner-competitive desire collided with jealousy and yielded a surreal outcome. Trying to have Kerrigan's knee caps broken were just the tip of the iceberg. Harding also added to her rap sheet, striking her boyfriend, throwing a hubcap at her boyfriend's head and pummeling her boyfriend to the point where he was bloodied in the face. It appears Harding's temper needed some curtailing.

8 Chyna

Chyna's story is odd at best. She was a cult favorite, a wrestler, an adult actress and everything in between. She had a body that was built for both destruction and sin. Chyna first made an impact by being a professional wrestler. In 1997, she broke into the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was a hot physical machine. After wrestling, things got weird. Chyna posed for Playboy twice and appeared in numerous adult films from 2004-2013. When you appear in the film entitled "Backdoor to Chyna," you know things aren't going well with your career. Addiction rumors also ran rampant. In addition to the chaos surrounding Chyna, she had some issues with her boyfriend, Sean Waltman. During a trip to Marina Del Rey, the two got into a fight and we're both thrown into jail. Waltman got the worst of the encounter ending up with a black eye. They broke up shortly after. Sadly, Chyna's addictions got the best of her.

7 Mary Todd


By celebrity standards, Mary Todd may not burn up the pages of magazines these days. But back during her turn, she was extremely influential. She has been the source of numerous films along with her famous President husband, Abraham Lincoln. In an extraordinary twist of fate, President Lincoln apparently was on the wrong side of his wife's infamous temper. "The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln," a book written by Michael Burlingame, chronicled the events that took place many moons ago. According to the book, "Mary Todd used to beat the hell out of him." Todd used to apparently smack Lincoln across the face and draw blood. Make no mistake about it, by all historical accounts, Todd was an extremely strong-willed woman.

6 Stormy Daniels

via: barelist.com

With a name like, Stormy, we are pretty excited to dive into her career and life. When you are stripping at the age of 17 down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you better be able to defend yourself. Stormy Daniels started at a young age, learning how to survive in the underbelly of society. She moved on from stripping on poles to stripping on camera. She moved into the adult film industry and then began writing and directing. Daniels is a fighter who has tried to punch her own ticket again and again, using her scintillating body as her primary weapon. Daniels even had hopes of running for senator in Louisiana until she put a big time beat down on her husband. She was arrested for domestic violence in the midst of being interested in running for senate and quitting the porn industry. A crazy car bomb incident may have added some stress in which Daniels reportedly threw a potted plant into a sink, destroyed candles and went off on her husband. She supposedly "accidentally" hit her husband in the tirade and got arrested. Temper, temper Stormy.

5 Kelly Bensimon

via: zimbio.com

Kelly Bensimon is a model, author and socialite. She is the cream of the crop on the surface. Bensimon is an elegant woman with exceptional taste. She was even an editor for Elle Accessories. So Bensimon looking like a domestic abuser seemed pretty farfetched. The Real Housewife of New York star was arrested on March 5th at 9:10am. She apparently punched her fiancé on the face. In the fight, Bensimon socked Stefanov giving him a black eye and a significant gash across his face. Bensimon claimed it was an accident due to stress and still loved Stefanov. Despite the incident and what happened, Bensimon was under the impression that her and Stefanov were meant to be. Stefanov had a different opinion of the altercation, alleging that he had been hit numerous times before by the fiery Bensimon. Ouch.

4 Tawny Kitaen

via: cheesecakeslice.blogspot.com

If you aren't familiar with Tawny Kitaen's work, then you aren't familiar with 1980s music video trivia. Known as one of the hottest video girls back in the day, this gorgeous model/actress went spread-eagle on the hood of a car during Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again." To say that her appearance was anything less than legendary, would be an understatement. The music video made her a sensation. She was going out with the lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale. They ended up marrying but he got out lucky. Her second on the other hand, California Angels and Cleveland Indians hurler Chuck Finley, wasn't so fortunate. In 2002, Kitaen was charged with domestic violence for attacking Finley in a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. First off, you never make a scene at Ruth's Chris! Secondly, she was charged with kicking, hitting and scratching the pitcher. He filed for divorce 3 days later. She was forced to take a plea deal. Nice.

3 Brenda Harvey

via: tuningpp.com

One of the most infamous domestic violence cases of all time. First off, Lionel Richie was one of the greatest love song crooners of his time. He sang with beauty and grace, songs to the likes of  "You Are" and "My Love." He married Brenda Harvey in 1975. The two were college sweethearts and enjoyed a very successful marriage until things got a little hairy. Being a successful singer of love songs, there was no lacking of women at Richie's feet. And that's when his wife, Brenda Harvey, caught him in bed with Diane Alexander, a much younger woman, in Alexander's apartment. That's when Harvey went Hulk and beat on both Richie and Alexander. Harvey couldn't stop the beat down and got arrested. Richie and Harvey got divorced and then Richie went on to marry his mistress, Alexander. It wasn't all bad for Harvey as Alexander also didn't last forever-after with Richie as they got divorced as well.

2 Brynn Hartman

via: nydailynews.com

Phil Hartman was a funny man who dazzled on the small and big screen. He was part of a highly successful group of actors on Saturday Night Live who helped propel the show to some of its most epic sketches of all time. Hartman then hit a homerun with the hit television show News Radio. I have to add a little personal injection into this particular story, because I actually delivered pizzas to the Hartman household during this time period. They lived in Encino, California at the time and Phil's wife, Brynn, was always kind. She was even a great tipper. Phil on the other hand was extremely cheap when it came to tipping. But there were many things going on behind the scenes. I did hear them arguing once when I delivered them a pie. Phil was in a bad mood that day. It was about 3 months after the last time I had been to the home when the world learned that Brynn Hartman had killed her famous husband, Phil, and then sadly, herself. Under Phil's incredible talent, his wife felt dwarfed and was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. She was jealous of his relationships with others.

1 Hope Solo

via: people.com

It's rare that you mix uncanny athleticism with incredible looks. That is where worlds collide with Hope Solo. She is the shining example of an extraordinary female athlete. She has anchored the United States soccer team as one of the greatest goalies in the world. She has showcased immense talent on the soccer field. Off the soccer field, she has made far worse choices. Solo never attacked her husband, but rather, her half-sister and nephew. In a strange domestic violence case, Solo allegedly had a few too many to drink and then went into a rage, striking both her half-sister and 17-year-old nephew. Her half-sister alleges that Solo took her 200+ pound nephew to the ground and bashed his head in repeatedly. When her half-sister (and his mother) came to jump on Solo's back, Solo got her to the ground too and repeatedly punched her in the face. Solo has challenged the charges, claiming they are false. However, the police did have evidence, as in the beaten faces of the two alleged victims. The case hasn't officially come to an end, so we'll see how it all shakes out. Where there's smoke, there's fire. And the moral of the story is, don't piss off a drunk Hope Solo or she will go Terminator on your ass.

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