15 Famous & Shocking Media Stories Predicted Ahead of Time

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When bad things happen, they often strike right out of the blue. There’s no warning sign and no time to prepare. That’s why they hit us so hard. Whether it’s the sinking of a ship or the untimely, accidental death of a beloved celebrity, we are left reeling, trying to understand what happened. There’s no way to know that these freak accidents and random happenings are about to hit us until they do.

Or is there?

You probably don’t believe in psychic abilities or in the hands of fate. But after reading through these entries, you might just have to change your mind. Because when each of these events came to pass, observers were able to look back and discover that they had already been predicted ahead of time. The way in which they were predicted is usually something that would be passed off as mere coincidence, but when you see them all lined up together like this, it’s easy to wonder if there is another force at work.

A lot of the warnings that were given in these cases were the kinds of things you would normally ignore and call delusion or craziness. After all, a dream is always just a dream, right? You can’t predict the future in your sleep, right? And anyone who sees ghosts must just be crazy or hallucinating for some reason, right? Well, be prepared to have that view challenged, as we discover 15 times when the predictions of shocking events actually turned out to be true.

15 Bill Clinton’s Controversies

14 Jack Nicholson’s Secret

13 Flight 191

12 9/11

11 Christopher Reeve’s Paralysis


10 Sharon Tate’s Murder


This next example is a case where you would definitely ignore the so-called premonitions as nothing more than hallucinations. In 1966, the actress Sharon Tate was staying at her ex-boyfriend’s house when she got a sense of foreboding that just would not go away. She tried to get some sleep one night, but before she could get any rest, a man came into the room. She recognised him immediately: he was Paul Bern, the man who had owned the house before. This was the same Paul Bern who had committed suicide years previously. She tried to go to the kitchen to calm herself down, but saw a figure with its throat cut lying on the stairs. Passing by it again, she started to believe she had seen her own dead body. She told plenty of people about the event, but three years later she was just a mile away from that same house when the Charles Manson cult attacked her. They murdered her and her unborn child, stabbing her to death.

9 Hurricane Katrina

8 Heather O’Rourke’s Death


7 Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Plane Crash


6 The Sandy Hook Shooting

5 Brandon Lee’s Death


4 World War I

3 Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

2 Richard Parker’s Shipwreck

1 The Sinking of the Titanic

Morgan Robertson was the author of a book called Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan. It was about an ocean liner called the Titan, which was hailed as unsinkable, right up until it sank. It was described as "the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men” in the text. It’s fairly clear that this is a thinly veiled retelling of the Titanic story, right? Well, no, because Robertson published the book in 1898, which was 14 years before the ship was even finished being built. The similarities were massive: both were 800-foot long ships, both were equipped with too few lifeboats, both hit an iceberg in the Atlantic and sunk, both were 400 miles from Newfoundland, and both did so around midnight on an April night. One of the biggest errors in the comparison is that the Titan did so at 25 knots while the Titanic did so at 22.5 knots, and if that’s the biggest change we can pick out, you know it was scarily accurate.

Sources:  <strong>The Sun</strong>

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15 Famous & Shocking Media Stories Predicted Ahead of Time