15 Famous People Allegedly Killed By The Illuminati

If you don’t like conspiracy theories then who even are you? You are, quite frankly, in completely the wrong place now, buster. Conspiracy theories are some of the most exciting and interesting though

If you don’t like conspiracy theories then who even are you? You are, quite frankly, in completely the wrong place now, buster. Conspiracy theories are some of the most exciting and interesting thoughts around, and if not for the fact that they could be true, but for the excellent fun they offer. Ever since the beginning of the media, conspiracy has roamed free. People now have the ability to transfer thoughts, feelings and suspicions at the touch of a button, and this means that with every factual story on the internet, there’s another that’s at best a cover-up, and at worst a hoax. But who cares, they’re fun as hell! One of the biggest conspiracy theories of the last 100 years is the existence of the world-running group named the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are, to people who believe, the biggest threat to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom in general. No wonder people dislike them! If you’re a believer, you think that they’re behind, basically, every major disaster on Earth and have a controlling stake in everything that goes on in each country in the world. This also includes the death of celebrities.

As soon as Illuminati conspiracy theories began circulating the web pages of the internet, it was only a matter of time before the death of major celebrities was going to be down to them, too. With that in mind, take a look at some of the most interesting celebrities to be allegedly killed by the Illuminati.

15 John Lennon

Founder of the biggest band ever who professed his group to be “bigger than Jesus” made a few enemies along the way through fame, but he was as much a risk to the establishment as he was to anyone else. What Lennon possessed was the ability to catch an eye or an ear. Something that the powers that be absolutely hate. And fair play, because he could turn a phrase, too. The ideas behind the assassination of John Lennon spray further than Illuminati, with the US Government regularly accused also, but it was Lennon’s anti-establishment personality that leads people to believe that the Illuminati thought he needed silencing. The truth is very much unknown, but what is known is that his words were causing a storm within the media, too. A confident and exciting cultural icon, he’s just what they love to hate. Mark Chapman, his killer, was supposed to have been under mind-control when he carried out the murder of Lennon, too. It all makes perfect sense now.

14 Tupac

Vastly known as one of the greatest rap artists of all time, Tupac Shakur is thought to have been killed by the Illuminati for displaying his true feelings about the way the entertainment media, and the world in general is being run. His attitude is supposed to have pushed the Illuminati chiefs into ordering his death. In another twist, Tupac is thought to have also sold his soul (whatever that’s supposed to look like?) to the Illuminati in exchange for fame and fortune, and it’s only when he starts discussing his displeasure with them that they decide he’s said too much and should be taken down a notch. Of course, this sounds quite far-fetched, if only for the ideas around selling his soul. You would have to be quite a prominent believer in the Illuminati to think this was legit. Or maybe I am wrong? In that case, where do I go to sell my soul for success?

13 Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald is most famous for having been accused of killing John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. This story is probably one of the most famous Illuminati conspiracy theories out there, because the killing of JFK seems nothing like it should. As the story goes, Oswald, a 24-year-old man, was under mind control from the Illuminati while shooting JFK. Following this, he himself was killed to stop any of the truth from coming out. Oswald protested his innocence, not something you would do if you had killed the President of the USA, as one would think you are searching for fame and notoriety by doing that. The circumstances around the JFK death are themselves suspicious, considering the angles the bullet was shot. If Harvey Oswald was indeed part of a wider conspiracy, that would mean he was seen as expendable to the Illuminati, which in itself is a scary and very ruthless way to go about your business.

12 Michael Jackson

The absolute and undisputed King of Pop was loved by millions up right up until his death and is still seen as the greatest pop star to ever grace the Earth. And while he may just be that, his life was tarnished with accusations of child abuse and violence, something which still affects his reputation to this day. While Jackson was alive, he began speaking very negatively about the press, the establishment and those who sought to stain his image with accusations and counter-accusations. Becoming very paranoid until his death in 2009, Jackson used to speak of people “trying to kill him”. Later, it was confirmed that his death was accidental through overdose, fuelling the flames of conspiracy that state someone purposely tried to have him killed. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s physician until his death, was implicated in his murder, having given Jackson a heavy dose of drugs to treat insomnia. Fairly low on the conspiracy chart.

11 Kurt Cobain

One of the greatest rock names of all time, and huge in the counter-culture scene, Kurt Cobain was supposedly wanted by the Illuminati to transfer their thoughts and messages to a widespread new world through his music and press work. As anyone who knows Kurt will know, he was very taken aback by fame and wanted nothing to do with it outside of his music work. Which angered the Illuminati somewhat. Famous for being the front man of seminal grunge trio Nirvana, Kurt would have been the perfect tool to allow the Illuminati to spread their message through to new audiences of young, hip teens. As you probably know, Kurt Cobain ended his life in 1994, with a shotgun bullet to the head. The records of drug dosage in his blood fuel the fire that all is not as it seems in his death and conspiracy is rife in connection to his passing.

10 David Bowie

Probably the most unusual, exciting and unique pop star up until his death almost a year ago was David Bowie. The pop star, famous from the 60s onwards died of cancer. This is where things begin to get strange, though. Friends of the star claim they had never ever heard of him having this illness before, stating they knew him to be well. Before his death, he has released his critically acclaimed album Blackstar and seemed to be back to his excellent best, which is another reason to be sad about his death. One aspect of the Illuminati is the sacrificial murder of celebrities, and the talk is that he was used for just this. Bowie, also known as Ziggy Stardust, was one of Britain’s most cherished musicians, and his music is still famous around the world. It would, however, be typical Bowie to hide his illness from everyone to spring one, last surprise one the world.

9 Princess Diana

At the time of her death, Princess Diana was one of the most popular, famous and loved women in the whole of the world. Her charitable funds and work across the globe was seen as a hugely important part of her appeal and something that kept the British Monarchy in high regard. Her work against landmines overseas had made her some enemies within the military. As her marriage to Prince Charles started to crumble, she often complained to her closest friends that she believed some of the elite were trying to kill her. Theories state that it was the Royal Family who had her killed, but also that she was used as an Illuminati sacrifice like so many others before her. The details around her death are extremely suspicious and it makes for excellent reading no matter which theories— if any— you believe. There were some strange goings on.

8 Abraham Lincoln

One of the most famous of all American Presidents was Abraham Lincoln. The leader of the Republican party was, however, very unpopular within the Southern states of the US, which in turn lead to the US Civil War. The Illuminati are said to have taken a dislike to Lincoln because of his less than positive views on big business, corruption, and control. Lincoln wanted to tackle these issues to make things better for the American people. Sounds really great, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately for him the Illuminati didn’t really think so and ordered his assassination in 1865. Other theories spread as far as money creation, with Lincoln creating his own money for the US, while the Illuminati see this as a vital part of their control over the world. It is said this action from Lincoln was enough to have him killed, which seems a little bit harsh to me.

7 Whitney Houston

One of the most famous female singers of all time could not fail to be involved in the Illuminati conspiracy, and here she is. Famous for her film The Bodyguard and the soundtrack, too, Whitney was apparently killed by the Illuminati as a blood sacrifice. As the story goes, water is a big symbol within Illuminati culture, and it is not a coincidence that Houston was found dead in her own bathwater. To me, it does sound a bit like a coincidence and nothing more should be thought of it. People who believe, though, state that Whitney had offered herself as a sacrifice to save other members of her family from being taken as other blood sacrifices. Nobody knows if Houston really took these steps, but it is known she had a drug problem, so death via overdose is hardly the most insane cause of death on this list. Probably not a sacrifice in my opinion.

6 John F. Kennedy

It seems like absolutely everybody knows about the pretty dodgy circumstances of the death and assassination of JFK, and because of that, there are many, many theories behind exactly who killed him on November 22, 1963. The facts behind the angle of the gunshot, the reasons behind his assassination and even his murderer, Lee Harvey Oswald, are all under contention as, well, fairly ropey-looking ‘facts’. The reasons for his assassination, or as are told, are because of the heavy resistance he was putting up to the Illuminati once he became President. Having previously worked with the undercover group, Kennedy started working against them when he became sworn into power, which was, quite clearly a bad thing to do. There are plenty of other theories behind his assassination, and it’s quite a hot topic amongst those who believe there are higher powers, Illuminati or otherwise. One of the more believable theories.

5 Jim Morrison

One of the most famous people who believed in the Illuminati and a higher controlling power, Jim Morrison even spent time writing about them in his songs, poetry, and writings. He was absolutely in awe of the idea that there could be more than meets the eye in regards to the powers that be. What is exciting is that some people believe Morrison knew too much, hence why he was killed by the Illuminati, but others believe that he’s actually still alive and well, and that the Illuminati helped him fake his death to continue a life outside of the limelight and away from media. There are many theories as to how The Doors' music and imagery have common Illuminati symbols within them, and there are a fair few that offer some pretty convincing arguments. There is too much discussion amongst fans that it was not merely Jim who was the only Doors member to believe in the Illuminati.

4 Frank Zappa

Not the most well known on the list, but he is one of the best, most talented and looked up to musicians of the last decade. Frank Zappa was a rock, blues and jazz composer who was very much against the powers that be. For starters, Zappa loved to talk about Illuminati-style controlling Governments within his art, and any time he made TV appearances he seemed to love to wax lyrical on the subject, which of course made him a prime enemy of the Illuminati. Is it possible that they killed him? Well, according to his family, he died next to them peacefully from cancer, so the Illuminati theory could be debunked from the start, but if they do exist, and they do assassinate people, someone of Zappa’s liking would be one of their prime targets. Although, this smells of a simple case of a guy who dislikes the media and Government dying, and the internet adding 2+2 to make 5.

3 Ryan Dunn

When the news came through to me that star of Jackass, Ryan Dunn, had died back in 2011, I was as shocked as anyone else. This was someone I really liked. It was only upon researching this topic that I came across this theory. And this is interesting. The death of Dunn was supposedly on the same late night/early morning as the prime Illuminati sacrificial day, and at 3am, the witching hour, a commonly thought of hour for sacrificing throughout folklore. Whereas Dunn wasn’t killed for reasons such as dislike or distaste for the powers that be (a la Frank Zappa), Dunn’s life was supposedly given up as part of the yearly group sacrifice. It makes for interesting reading, even if there’s only a couple of smaller theories to go off. Dunn was one of the most popular members of the group Jackass, and died from drunk driving, with a blood/alcohol level two times over the legal limit.

2 Brittany Murphy

The worldwide movie star who first shot to stardom in the 1995 classic Clueless was said to have died in 2009 through intoxication and pneumonia while she was living in her home. Although the postmortem came back with these results, Murphy’s father decided to have a separate test done on his daughter, as he himself was suspicious of the way she died. This test, done privately, was said to have contained results that prove rat poison could have in fact been the reason Murphy had died, which leads to the question— who would do that? Things take a further suspicious turn as her husband would die exactly five months later under equally suspicious circumstances. This could easily be a weak link put together by over-excited conspiracy theorists, but the private medical test and the suspicious death of Murphy’s husband does lend itself to foul play somewhere along the line.

1 Heath Ledger

One of the undisputed actors of his generation, Heath Ledger was, and still is, a hero to many. This is to be labeled under the umbrella as ‘tenuous’ to suggest Ledger was sacrificed by the Illuminati, yet some people do believe his death, which was officially stated as an overdose on prescription medication, was done to appease higher powers at work. Ledger has previously been known to be unhappy and while he may not have been attempting to take his life as such, this theory looks nothing more than just that, shrouded merely in faux mystery than actual Illuminati foul play. Heath was found in his apartment by his housekeeper who initially called 911 and was told to administer CPR. Unfortunately, this did not revive Ledger, and he was pronounced dead once the medical team arrived. Ledger was famous for his performance of The Joker in The Dark Knight, part of the Batman Trilogy.


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15 Famous People Allegedly Killed By The Illuminati