15 Famous Hollywood Rumors Finally Put To Rest

We've talked a lot about our celebrity-obsessed culture. Even people who don't read anything about celebrity news have a ton of information in their ol' noggins about the stars and their personal live

We've talked a lot about our celebrity-obsessed culture. Even people who don't read anything about celebrity news have a ton of information in their ol' noggins about the stars and their personal lives. But it's not all from personal research. There is information that has been passed down throughout the years about celebrities that has become ingrained in our mental fabrics. We have these tidbits of information, call them nuggets of trivia, about celebrities, half of which we don't even know where we heard it from. There are certain facts about celebrities that almost everyone knows. The weirdest part is that some of the best-known information isn't even true. These well-known "facts" have become like urban legends, passed down and exaggerated over the years.

As you'll see by this list, some of the celebrity facts that we all know are a little silly. They might even be obviously untrue, but they've lingered for so long that everyone still recites them. Some people might even keep some of these facts in their bags of mental trivia, busting them out at opportune times to impress their friends. Oh no, my friends, please no. We need to stop these lies from spreading. We must work together to banish these rumors back to the depths of hell they came from. Let's right the wrongs of humankind together and set the record straight, once and for all. Here are 15 shocking facts about celebrities that everyone's had wrong all along.

15 The Olsen Twins Are NOT Identical!?

14 The Horse Face Of Sarah Jessica Parker

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13 Maria Carey's Awful Africa Quote

12 Ryan Reynolds Is Weapon XI

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11 The Missing Rib Of Marilyn Manson

10 Marissa Tomei Mistakenly Won Her Oscar

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Marissa Tomei did well in My Cousin Vinny, but everyone knows that she was accidentally given an Oscar. Right? The year was 1993. Jack Palance was awarding the first Oscar of the night at the 65th Academy Awards. He was drunk, of course, and his reading was subpar. He rambled on for a bit, announced the nominees, made some quip about foreign women and then struggled with the envelope. Inside, Palance found he either couldn't read the writing or didn't care to, so he just blurted out Tomei's name. That's the legend.

9 Marilyn Monroe Was Plus Sized

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8 Jayne Mansfield Was Decapitated


7 Brandon Lee Died On Film

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6 Humphrey Bogart Is The Gerber Baby


5 The Billy Bob And Angelina Blood Vials


4 Mr. Rogers, The Vietnam Sniper

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3 Harrison Ford's Poor Blade Runner Voiceover

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2 The First Fart Of Movie History


1 The Hurricane Was Guilty?!


You've know the story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. You've heard Bob Dylan sing about his wrongful conviction in the protest song, "Hurricane," and you saw Denzel Washington portray him in The Hurricane. The huge problem with this all is that you've heard only half truths. Rubin Carter was wrongly convicted, but he was never innocent. His rights and the trials were botched and mismanaged, but, by all legal accounts, they had the right man. Start with his boxing career. There's been some talk about Carter having been screwed over by white judges, but that's all Hollywood. The fights he lost were lost because he was beaten, badly. The murders that were committed had eye witnesses that knew intimate details about the getaway car and the men involved. The weapons used were found in the car that the men were found in, and witnesses who vouched for Carter at the first trial, later admitted that they were bribed. Carter himself admitted to being a thug and a criminal. The only reason his third trial was thrown out and Carter was released was because the procedures in the earlier trials were all messed up. He wasn't "exonerated" and he was never found innocent. He was convicted of a triple homicide, twice, and he reformed into a good citizen in his later life. Let's not get these two things mixed up like Hollywood did.

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15 Famous Hollywood Rumors Finally Put To Rest