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15 Famous Hollywood Rumors Finally Put To Rest

15 Famous Hollywood Rumors Finally Put To Rest


We’ve talked a lot about our celebrity-obsessed culture. Even people who don’t read anything about celebrity news have a ton of information in their ol’ noggins about the stars and their personal lives. But it’s not all from personal research. There is information that has been passed down throughout the years about celebrities that has become ingrained in our mental fabrics. We have these tidbits of information, call them nuggets of trivia, about celebrities, half of which we don’t even know where we heard it from. There are certain facts about celebrities that almost everyone knows. The weirdest part is that some of the best-known information isn’t even true. These well-known “facts” have become like urban legends, passed down and exaggerated over the years.

As you’ll see by this list, some of the celebrity facts that we all know are a little silly. They might even be obviously untrue, but they’ve lingered for so long that everyone still recites them. Some people might even keep some of these facts in their bags of mental trivia, busting them out at opportune times to impress their friends. Oh no, my friends, please no. We need to stop these lies from spreading. We must work together to banish these rumors back to the depths of hell they came from. Let’s right the wrongs of humankind together and set the record straight, once and for all. Here are 15 shocking facts about celebrities that everyone’s had wrong all along.

15. The Olsen Twins Are NOT Identical!?


There’s a good chance that at some point in your life, you’ve heard the truth of this. There’s also a good chance that, over time, the assumed truth, the rumor or the mistruth has taken over your brain and kicked the real truth out of your memory. You think, obviously, the Olsen Twins are identical. But they’re not. They’re fraternal twins or sororal twins to be accurate. They always have been. Perhaps it’s because of how much they looked alike as children. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been out of the spotlight so long that no one cares anymore. Who knows why? Most people, however, continue to believe that these once-super-famous twins are identical. Ashley is the older one, older by two minutes, and Mary-Kate is taller. There was this whole thing about one of them having a mole that the other didn’t, but it disappeared. Just goes to show you what counts as “news” in celebrity lands.

14. The Horse Face Of Sarah Jessica Parker


via Movie

You’ve heard it said. Hell, you’ve probably said it yourself. Sarah Jessica Parker has a face like a beautiful horse. It’s long and angular. It’s very horse-like. It makes sense that people say that about her and that there are countless memes about the comparison, but, the truth is, that’s not why the saying exists. It didn’t just start by some hilarious joke. It all started from the 1994 film, Ed Wood. In it, Parker plays Dolores Fuller, actress and Ed Wood’s wife. In the scene in question, all the cast and Wood himself (Johnny Depp), read a scathing review of their latest film to themselves. After they finish, Fuller/Sarah Jessica Parker says out loud, “Do I really have a face like a horse?” So, technically, it’s Fuller who has the horse face.

13. Maria Carey’s Awful Africa Quote


Maybe the best and most humiliating quote ever spoken was uttered by the one and only Mariah Carey. It’s one that has followed her for many years and has done quite a bit to damage her once-sterling reputation. When discussing Africa, the star reportedly said, “When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” As much as it pains us to say this, that unbelievable quote was never spoken. The faux-quote appeared on a website called Cupcake in 1996, and from there, it blew up. People latched onto it because we want to have a reason to hate celebrities, even if we pretend that’s not true. Carey is not all that bad of a person in reality. On the contrary, she has been known to run quite a few different philanthropic efforts to help out where and when she can.

12. Ryan Reynolds Is Weapon XI

weapon c

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Not as much of a “fact” as it is an unknown, but we will include it here as escape clause for all the Deadpool fanatics out there. You know who you are. When X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out, Deadpool fans everywhere were so excited to see their best friend Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) turn into Deadpool. It was going to be amazing. Not only would we see the origin of Wolverine, but Deadpool too? This has gotta be Christmas, but it wasn’t to be. Instead of giving fans Deadpool, the film gave Weapon XI, a Frankenstein-monster of a superhero who looked—and sounded—nothing like the real Deadpool, even if they called him that. But wait. Before you go back to that dark period in your lives, consider this. The actor behind Weapon XI isn’t even Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds only played Wade Wilson. The man with the sewn shut mouth is Scott Adkins. So, we can all stop saying that Reynolds played Deadpool twice because he technically didn’t. He played Wade Wilson twice and Adkins played Weapon XI. Problem solved.

11. The Missing Rib Of Marilyn Manson


Every generation has one of these people, these fabled rib removers. Cher did it to drop a few dress sizes for the old fogies, Marilyn Manson did it to give himself fellat*o for 80s and 90s kids and Bieber will probably have the procedure done soon because he heard it would make him look more gangster for the millennium babies. It’s bound to happen. Even though one star from every generation gets a rib removed, Manson’s reasoning was the weirdest. We guess it’s because Manson was the posterchild for weird sh*t, but a rumor started at some point many years ago that Manson wanted to put his own junk in his mouth. To accomplish this great feat, he had two options. Master yoga or have some ribs removed. Since yoga was too feminine for Manson, he decided to get the surgery. This is how the story goes. Amazing, yes, but it’s not true. Sorry.

10. Marissa Tomei Mistakenly Won Her Oscar


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Marissa Tomei did well in My Cousin Vinny, but everyone knows that she was accidentally given an Oscar. Right? The year was 1993. Jack Palance was awarding the first Oscar of the night at the 65th Academy Awards. He was drunk, of course, and his reading was subpar. He rambled on for a bit, announced the nominees, made some quip about foreign women and then struggled with the envelope. Inside, Palance found he either couldn’t read the writing or didn’t care to, so he just blurted out Tomei’s name. That’s the legend.

Now, here’s the truth. Tomei won fair and square. For 82 years, PricewaterhouseCoopers has managed the ballots and the winner envelopes for The Academy Awards. Every year, some idiot (see Travolta) mangles a name or does something stupid, so they make backup plans just in case someone does something Steve Harvey-ish. If ever someone read the wrong name, the PwC people would come out and quickly rectify the situation. Tomei won. She was amazing. Let’s move on.

9. Marilyn Monroe Was Plus Sized


via The Atlas

Unrealistic beauty standards of today! Amirite? Often, when people are comparing the standards of today with those of yesteryear, Marilyn Monroe‘s name (and figure) gets dragged into the conversation and, truthfully, through the mud. She was a size 12, a size 14 a size 16 and maybe even obese. Yet, she was also the world’s biggest sex symbol. So how did we get such unrealistic ideals of beauty today? Well, for starters, we didn’t properly convert Monroe’s size to the altered sizes of today. She wasn’t the spokesperson for plus-size models that some people try to position her as. Her most common measurements were 35-22-35. Since sizes in the 50s started at size 8, Monroe was most often a size 12 (size 16 in the UK). In today’s sizes, however, Monroe would be closer to a size 6-8. She had an extreme hourglass figure as well, so her waist was considered XS, while her bust was medium and her hips were XS-S. She was tiny.

8. Jayne Mansfield Was Decapitated



This one is a pretty gross discussion, but here it is anyways. When Jayne Mansfield died in a car wreck in 1967, her car rode under a semi truck and the three adults in the front were killed instantly. There was a lot of press and coverage of the wreckage and some very graphic photos were released. In one of the most famous shots, the side of the vehicle is visible with Mansfield’s poor dead doggy in the shot; however, the thing that many people latched onto was a clutch of blonde hair. This led to the persistent rumor that Mansfield was decapitated. While the accident could warrant a decapitation, the records say something else entirely. The accident report states, “the upper portion of this white female’s head was severed.” This would seem to indicate something like a scalping, but it’s quite a bit worse than that. The death certificate added, “crushed skull with avulsion (forcible separation or detachment) of cranium and brain.” Gross. The question remains, was the hair a wig or was it Mansfield’s actual hair?

7. Brandon Lee Died On Film


via The

Brandon Lee was shot on the set of The Crow by a prop gun that had a bullet with an intact primer lodged in the barrel. Since the lodged bullet was not noticed, when a blank was added to the gun, set with a real charge but no bullet, the combination set off a chain reaction and the lodged bullet was fired into Lee, killing him. From this spawned a “fact” that misinformed movie fans continue to keep afloat, that Lee’s death was caught on film and can be seen in the final cut (or the deleted scenes, depending on who’s speaking). Neither are true. The shooting scene was taken out and changed altogether. It was changed to a thrown knife to erase all memory of the tragic mishap. So, no, you can’t see him die if you look closely. You can, however, see Lee’s replacement, Chad Stahelski, get a knife thrown at him. This was originally the fatal gunshot, but they changed it out of respect for Lee’s family and memory. Despite what you may have heard, the scene that has Lee, as The Crow, put his hand over the gun and get a hole blown through it is not the scene that he died in.

6. Humphrey Bogart Is The Gerber Baby



The Gerber baby is not Humphrey Bogart like many believe. Just like Jodie Foster isn’t the Coppertone baby. The real Gerber baby is Ann Turner Cook. The Bogart rumor started because Bogart’s mother, Maud Humphrey (Maud Humphrey married Belmont Bogart, hence the name Humphrey Bogart) was an outstanding watercolorist and illustrator. Maud would use Humphrey’s likeness in many of her illustrations, including those for Mellin baby foods. She just never did anything for Gerber. In fact, Bogart would have been about 30-years old when the Gerber baby was created. He’s also a male and that baby is female. Turner Cook’s image was used by her neighbor, Dorothy Hope Smith, who created a charcoal image of the little girl and sent it in to Gerber to be used for the next 80+ years.

5. The Billy Bob And Angelina Blood Vials



Over the years, the weird vials of blood that Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie wore around their necks for a little while have taken on a life of their own. Thornton recounted the escalation of the rumor with a little humor, saying “She thought it would be interesting and romantic if we took a little razorblade and sliced our fingers, smeared a little blood on these lockets and you wear it around your neck just like you wear your son or daughter’s baby hair in one, same thing. From that, we were wearing quart jars of blood around our necks… and we were vampires and we lived in a dungeon.” In reality, the blood was not even a drop, let alone a vial. They just dabbed their fingers and that was it. Nothing too creepy about that. Or is it?

4. Mr. Rogers, The Vietnam Sniper


via The Morning

Some people heard it was 25 kills, others 50. There are some who swear he had 100 confirmed kills and the odd ones claim he had the most kills ever recorded in Vietnam. The only thing that everyone can agree on is that the lovable Mr. Rogers from the children’s television show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, was a deadly sniper in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately, while it does make a pretty neat “you’ll never believe it” story, it’s not true at all. The almost-too-nice Mr. Rogers doesn’t fit the typical mould of a U.S. soldier and that’s why the story was so interesting. To most people, he seemed much more like a minister than a soldier. Well, that’s also because he was one. Fred Rogers attended the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Child Development. Later, in 1963, he was ordained as a Presbyterian minister. After that he started a short children’s show on the CBC called MisteRogers, which led to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, the show we all know.

3. Harrison Ford’s Poor Blade Runner Voiceover


via The

There’s always been this story attached to Blade Runner, that in the versions with Harrison Ford‘s voiceover, Ford mailed in his voice-acting performance to sabotage what he felt was an unnecessary addition. That has been long disputed by everyone involved, but there are some half truths in there. Ford, for one, has been very upfront about how much he hated having to do the voiceover because of how stupid he thought it was. Here’s what he said, “I contested it mightily at the time. It was not an organic part of the film.” Later, when asked if he intentionally botched the delivery of the lines, he said, “I delivered it to the best of my ability, given that I had no input. I never thought they’d use it. But I didn’t try and sandbag it. It was simply bad narration.” The result was a dry and monotonous delivery. Ford said he was trying to make them sound as human as possible, but the narration just wouldn’t allow it.

2. The First Fart Of Movie History



This rumor gets brought up all the time. We wish it were true, but it isn’t. Mel Brooks is always credited as the man who gave film audiences the first audible fart and fart joke in a movie. The scene that incorrectly gets the award is in the hilarious 1974 comedy, Blazing Saddles, which has a bunch of cowboys sit around a fire eating beans, belching and farting with each bite. It’s gold, but it’s not the first fart. Even though it’s difficult to say who truly had the first, we know of one for sure which came out before. The film was Cold Turkey, which came out in 1971, three years before Blazing Saddles. The scene has four men in a limousine engaged in a very serious conversation. The mood is tense when Edward Everett Horton lets out a fart. Unfortunately, Horton passed away before the movie was even released, so he never even got to see his famous fart on the big screen.

1. The Hurricane Was Guilty?!



You’ve know the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. You’ve heard Bob Dylan sing about his wrongful conviction in the protest song, “Hurricane,” and you saw Denzel Washington portray him in The Hurricane. The huge problem with this all is that you’ve heard only half truths. Rubin Carter was wrongly convicted, but he was never innocent. His rights and the trials were botched and mismanaged, but, by all legal accounts, they had the right man. Start with his boxing career. There’s been some talk about Carter having been screwed over by white judges, but that’s all Hollywood. The fights he lost were lost because he was beaten, badly. The murders that were committed had eye witnesses that knew intimate details about the getaway car and the men involved. The weapons used were found in the car that the men were found in, and witnesses who vouched for Carter at the first trial, later admitted that they were bribed. Carter himself admitted to being a thug and a criminal. The only reason his third trial was thrown out and Carter was released was because the procedures in the earlier trials were all messed up. He wasn’t “exonerated” and he was never found innocent. He was convicted of a triple homicide, twice, and he reformed into a good citizen in his later life. Let’s not get these two things mixed up like Hollywood did.

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