15Founder Fred Phelps Was Originally Focused On Civil Rights

It seems impossible (and even laughable) to consider that the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, was once an advocate for the civil rights movement in America! After getting his law degree in 1964, Phelps apparently set up his own law firm with a focus on fighting racial

discrimination. He took on mainly African-American clients, which saw him receive various awards in the 1980s for his efforts in the Civil Rights Movement.

One award in particular was from his local Kansas branch of the NAACP, which put Phelps in the same company as Rosa Parks and JFK! Phelps’ views on racism and civil rights may be the only redeeming thing about the WBC, since the Church still upholds the belief that “the Scripture doesn’t support physical violence or racism.” Still, the hypocrisy in fighting one form of intolerance while basing your entire philosophy on other is idiotic and just confirms how batshit crazy the WBC really are.

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