15 Facts About The Most Messed Up Country In The World - Yemen

There are 25 million people in Yemen, who are doing their best to survive all the nasty things that are happening in this country. Sadly, Yemen has become a huge war zone in the Middle East, where all the strongest forces in the world try to show their powers. It is too hard to understand who is fighting who because things are changing too quickly. The government, terrorists, "peacemakers," and rebels are brutally killing each other and innocent civilians. Oh yes, nobody has time to protect civilians in Yemen as everyone is busy trying to achieve their sick goals. On top of that, no one is brave enough to apologize and face the consequences of their atrocities. In contrary, both sides of the war are happy to see more catastrophes because they can blame it on the opposition. So, the situation in Yemen is only getting worse (if that's possible).

To put it into perspective, Yemen is like a candy and all the forces that fight are like little children. Sadly, there is only one candy and way too many children to share it peacefully. Officially, the Houthi fighters are trying to take over Yemen from Hadi government. However, what kind of war would it be if the Russian Federation and the USA wouldn't pay attention to it? On top of that, all the Islamic terrorist groups, such as ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also play a big role in the Yemeni Civil War. I feel so sorry for all the people in Yemen, who have to live in constant fear.

15 "God Is Great, Death To America, Death To Israel, Curse On The Jews, Victory To Islam"

The Houthis, also known as Ansar Allah (Supporters of God), is a religious and political movement established in 1994 in Yemen. From the first look at the group, you might think that they are peaceful followers of God. However, their slogan sends an entirely different message:

"God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam."

The members of the Houthis are bloodthirsty radical Islamists, who claim that Yemen belongs to them. On top of that, they openly wish death to everyone who is not part of their group. Oh yes, the Houthis are no better than ISIS or any other radical Islamist terrorist organization. Sadly, the Houthis took control of Sana, the capital of Yemen, back in 2014 with some help from the Russians, North Koreans, and al-Qaeda. Naturally, civilians in the capital cannot expect any peace as long as terrorists who shout "Death to America, Death to Israel," are in control of the country.

14 Child Soldiers In Yemen

Some nasty things are happening in Yemen. During the last couple of years, the Houthis couldn't recruit enough people to fight the war for them, so they started abducting children and putting them in front-lines to die. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than making innocent children fight in the war. However, the Houthis don't care about any moral norms. According to the UN, there are at least 1,500 of children soldiers in Yemen. Sadly, those poor kids have no other choice than to join the war.

“They’re just excited to shoot Kalashnikovs and guns and wear military uniforms. The Houthis have been saying that there are so few fighters at the front line, they are going around taking one recruit from each family. If the son dies at the front line, a monthly salary and a gun are given to the father to keep them quiet.” It is what Yemen civilian, whose 16-year-old brother was recruited by the Houthis, said.

13 Americans Killed 14 Civilians In Yemen Raid Approved By Donald Trump

The U.S. Army is probably present in every single war in the world. Of course, in the most cases they are trying to ensure peace; however, sometimes even the U.S. military forces fail. Donald Trump authorized an anti-terror raid against the Houthis earlier this year. I know, it sounds like a noble mission, but in reality, the U.S. troops only killed 14 innocent civilians, including an 8-year-old American girl. This raid damaged already low Donald Trump's reputation as people believe that it was not an accident. I mean, Donald Trump openly claimed that: "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families." Yeah, Donald Trump supports one of the most brutal war crimes.

However, Col John Thomas' comment on behalf of central command shows that the U.S. Army might have had no idea about the civilians: “Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula has a horrifying history of hiding women and children within militant operating areas and terrorist camps."

12 Holocaust No.2

It is not a big surprise that Islamist radicals do not like the Jews. The members of the Houthi organization are not an exception to this rule as well. I mean, there is a line on their flag which reads "Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews." So, when the Houthis took over Sana, they also made sure to destroy every living Jewish person they met.

The Jewish community in Yemen had a long 2,000-year history, but it is all over now. There are less than 50 Jews left in Yemen. The entire community is either dead or had fled to Isreal. “We have nothing left from our homes in Yemen,” said Dahari, one of the lucky Jews who escaped the atrocities in Yemen. The worst part is that nobody could stop the Houthis from committing the second Holocaust and wiping out one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world.

11 Civilians Serve The Houthis As Human Shields

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is an international non-governmental organization. It conducts research on human rights and tries to punish the ones who are failing to comply. However, the Houthi troops don't care about things like human rights, and it doesn't look like things are about to change. Recent HRW reports show that the Houthi militants used civilians as human shields to invade schools, hospitals, and other buildings of high value all over Yemen. According to HRW, the Houthis even used blind children to achieve their goals. I understand that "there are no rules in war," but this is way too much.

UN investigators also found some evidence of the Houthis crimes against humanity: "Houthi-Saleh forces more than once housed African migrants and refugees as human shields in unused buildings in Aden previously targeted by air strikes, or where weapons caches were claimed to be stored."

10 North Korea Has Also Joined The ‘Party’

It would be a shame if North Korea and Kim Jong-un missed all the fun in Yemen. That is why North Korea sent 20 missiles, which were used to bomb Saudi Arabia in 2015, to the Houthis. Yeah, it is obvious that North Korea supports insurgent groups in the Middle East. What's the point for Kim Jong-un to have business with Islamist radicals? First of all, nobody wants to have any business relations with Kim Jong-un. Second, North Korea needs to have at least some foreign capital, because the country is in deep economic crisis. On the other side, Yemen rebel groups, like the Houthis, get what they need the most - arms, guns, and other war equipment. This kind of win-win relationship between North Korea and Yemen rebels is terrifying, but the UN, NATO, and other organizations cannot do a thing because both parties are not following any international regulations.

9 Al-Qaeda And Osama Bin Laden in Yemen

Al-Quaeda has a strong presence in Yemen. First of all, Osama bin Laden's family used to live there before they had to move to Saudi Arabia. Second, Muslim jihadists who fought in Afghanistan moved to Yemen after the war. Those little details led to an establishment of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in 2009. Yemen became the home of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. This terrorist organization plans all their attacks in the Middle East region from Yemen. Needless to say, AQAP also supports the Houthis in the Yemen Civil War. Well, to be completely honest, AQAP encourages chaos in Yemen, and they do everything that's in their will, including killing civilians, sabotaging the allies, and spreading the fear. On top of that, AQAP troops recruit children by force and make them commit suicide bombings all around Yemen. Oh yes, somehow the leaders of AQAP never blow up themselves to "prove the point." Innocent and delusional people, who are influenced by AQAP, are always the criminals (and victims on the same time).

8 The U.S. Abandoned Americans In Yemen

There are no innocent sides when it comes to war. Of course, some groups, like the Houthis, commit more crimes compared to others, but the fact remains - everyone is guilty of something. The U.S. government should feel guilty for abandoning its American citizens, who live in Yemen. First, the U.S. closed its embassy in Sana and left all the American citizens on their own. "We have to make a decision based on the security situation and what is feasible to do," said Marie Harf, a spokesperson for State Department.

Well, if you ask me, it is a b*tch move to leave thousands of American citizens in Yemen without any legal help. On top of that, the U.S. government refused to evacuate the Yemen-Americans from the war zone. "The situation is quite dangerous and unpredictable. Doing something like sending in military assets, even for an evacuation, could put US citizen lives at greater risk," added Marie Harf. Well, it sounds more like "We are sorry, but you will have to die out there because the U.S. government doesn't want to sacrifice its image to save American citizens."

7 There Was Only One Candidate In 2012 Yemen Presidential Election

This might be the best example of how corrupt Yemen is. In 2012 there was only one candidate, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, to become the president of Yemen. Surprisingly, he had won the elections. 6,621,921 people voted for Hadi, 13,271 people ruined their blanks. Of course, this presidential election is not as cool as the one in Russia, when President Vladimir Putin received 141 percent of votes, but still, it blows my mind how these kinds of things are still happening in the world.

I am also impressed how 6,635,192 people showed up to the presidential election in 2012. It is roughly 65 percent of eligible voters in Yemen. I mean, did they actually think that if they hadn't shown up at the ballot box that day, the nation would pick the wrong candidate? On top of that, Hadi later re-elected himself without any official elections. I think I understand why some radicals in Yemen started the civil war.

6 Civilians Have No Drinking Water

The civilians in Yemen are living under the worst possible conditions. Not only they have to survive in a war zone every day, but there is also not enough drinking water. On top of that, the population of Yemen is growing rapidly, with 43 percent of 24 million people being under 15 years of age. It means that locals will face deadly problems even after the civil war is over. Specialists believe that the capital of Yemen will run completely dry in the upcoming seven years and to make matters worse, some people are illegally drilling new wells and waste the remaining water to irrigate the crops. I can only imagine how desperate must the Yemeni people feel, seeing how their relatives die of poverty, war, dehydration, and hunger. Sadly, the government of Yemen refuses to help its nation because it's busy fighting against the Houthis. International humanitarian organizations also have a hard time entering Yemen as Saudi Arabia blocks all the roads to the areas, controlled by the Houthis.

5 Saudi Arabia Is Bombing Yemen

Saudi Arabia, the biggest country in the Middle East, also has its say in Yemen conflict. The official position of Saudi Arabia is to destroy the Houthis and everyone who is supporting them. You see, the reason behind it is that Iran supports the Houthis, and Saudi Arabia is afraid that Iran's influence might spread in the Middle East. Naturally, the government of Iran denied helping the Houthis in any form. We, the people, cannot know the exact truth, but we are aware of one thing for sure - Saudi Arabia is bombing parts of Yemen, where the Houthis are in control, including the biggest cities with millions of civilians. Yeah, Saudi Arabians don't mind sacrificing a couple of thousand Yemeni civilians to accomplish their goals. Of course, it goes against all the international agreements, but the world turns a blind eye to the atrocities as long as Saudi Arabia supports the Hadi government's side.

4 Al-Qaeda And ISIS Are The Real Winners Of The Chaos

The funniest part about the chaos in Yemen is that nobody except al-Qaeda and ISIS is winning. It is obvious that Yemen itself is the biggest victim of the ongoing civil war. The USA is also not happy to see Yemen burning in chaos because the U.S. government established a base in Yemen to fight terrorists in the Middle East. Obviously, Saudi Arabia gets nothing but losses from the war as well. So, who is winning in this chaos of Yemen?

Al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, and other Islamic terrorist groups are the ones who are happy with the chaos. It is easier for them to convince innocent civilians to join the radical movements when those civilians are starving. Oh yes, terrorists are using chaos as a weapon of propaganda. Many people in Yemen already hate and blame the U.S. for starting the war in Yemen, which is absolute rubbish.

3 Civilian Deaths

The ugliest part of the war is the statistics. Some people might think that one or two deaths of innocent civilians are not that much compared to the victory in the long run. However, those numbers add up really fast. Today, it is impossible to say which side had killed more civilians in Yemen, but one thing is for sure - all the troops which are present in Yemen also has the blood of innocent people on their hands. Estimations show that 16,200 people died in Yemen because of war in the last couple of years. 10,000 of those people were civilians. I find it hard to understand how come everyone condemns killing civilians in Yemen, but yet, the numbers show that it is civilians who die most often. Why cannot those brutal animals just go to some empty desert and fight there?

2 Entire Cities Are Destroyed In Yemen

Let's get back to the living conditions in Yemen. Sana is the capital of Yemen, and around two million people are living there. However, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the U.S., the Houthis, and everyone else who is fighting in Yemen bombed the hell out of Sana. The capital is now barely livable, and two million people have to find a new shelter.

Al Hudaydah is the fourth largest city in Yemen, located not that far from Saudi Arabia's borders. It has an important port, and that is why the Houthis invaded Al Hudaydah in the first place. Naturally, Saudi Arabians didn't like the idea of Houthis controlling the port city, so they bombed the city with all the 400,000 civilians in it. Not only the bombings killed innocent people, but it also blocked many international humanitarian aid organizations from delivering their packages to the ones in need. And it doesn't look like Saudi Arabia, or any other country is about to stop the bombings. In contrary, the number of missiles landing in Yemen is increasing rapidly.

1 Landmines In Taizz

On August 9, 2016, a landmine in Taizz, the third largest city in Yemen, claimed 11 innocent lives, including seven children. And this accident is not an exception but rather a rule. The Houthis control Taizz, and they placed thousands of landmines all around the city as traps for their opponents. However, in most of the cases, those landmines only kill innocent civilians. On top of that, many people cannot go back to their homes because it is too dangerous. So, 1.6 million people saw how their home city became a ticking bomb. Naturally, the bigger part of the Taizz population had to flee the city in order to survive. The rest, who stayed in Taizz, know that they can die whenever they put their feet on the ground.

Steve Goose, arms director at HRW said: “Yemen’s warring parties should immediately stop laying mines, destroy mines in their possession and ensure that demining teams can work unimpeded so that families can safely return home.” Sadly, it looks like nobody cares.

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