15 Facts About The Life Of Max Spiers

On a summer day this past July, Max Spiers, a UK ufologist, wrote a text message to his mother from Poland, a place where he was about to deliver a lecture. The message said this: “Your boy’s in trouble. If something happens to me, investigate.”

A few days later, before the lecture was given, Spiers was found dead on a sofa in an apartment, not far from where he was scheduled to speak. While the initial autopsy has ruled that his death was the result of natural causes, Spiers’ own mother has disputed this official claim, saying that her son’s final text message validates Spiers’ allegation that a nefarious group was out to get her son. The most odd and suspicious part of his death being that many sources are saying that he died not long after having vomited some sort of black liquid. More information on the autopsy will be forthcoming in the months to come, but family and friends of Spiers are convinced he was murdered by one of the groups he was condemning. These groups included ETs, the New World Order (a group which many UFO believers believe is behind the UFO coverup), as well as certain Satanist groups, some of which, according to some, may be intertwined.

All of this, of course, in the meantime has only served to fuel X-File-type conspiracy theories about what is happening in the UFO conspiracy movement. Regardless, any sort of strange death of key figures in the UFO movement in itself will cause those theories to deepen, as they are further fuelled by a persistent belief in the so-called New World Order. But it’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first unusual death among ufologists. In total, there’s been a total of 137 UFO researchers who have died suspiciously since 1960. Based on this stat, many of these theorists as well are also concerned that the New World Order is willing to murder in the name of keeping its nefarious conspiracy under wraps.

While we can’t leap to conclusions too easily, especially when it relates to murder investigations, it’s worthwhile to look into the past to determine what might have prompted a culprit to act. Here’s a look at 15 facts about Max Spiers’ life.

15 He Claimed To Be A Former MILAB Soldier


MILAB soldiers are said to be specially gifted people chosen from birth to work in secret government military projects. Some reports say that MILAB soldiers are abducted by government back-engineered UFOs from an early age to serve as psychics in the military. These psychics, according to some ufologists, can tell the  government many things going on in other galaxies with ET civilizations and with more mundane events happening on earth. Spiers didn’t claim that he had psychic abilities, but he did claim to have an ability called remote viewing, which enabled him to see events from a distance using his internal viewing ability (this ability is sometimes also called third-eye vision). It was this ability that Max said he used to acquire his knowledge about the New World Order, ETs, as well as other powerful interest groups in US and world governments.

14 Spiers Believed In A Fourth Reich


In a recent TV interview before he died, Spiers told the viewership that he believed in the existence of a new, very powerful Nazi group, called the Fourth Reich. He also stated in this interview that he believed this new Reich possessed back-engineered UFO technology. His belief appeared to be an extension of a belief among UFO conspiracy theorists that the Third Reich was in possession of UFOs and had formed a secret alliance with aliens known as the Reptilians. Spiers alleged that the Fourth Reich had a huge interstellar craft that resembled in many ways the Death Star in Star Wars. He also claimed that this new Nazi regime already had sole possession and control of the Moon with its interstellar fleet of spacecraft.

13 Spiers Was Into Numerology


In his last TV interview, during which he sounded like he had strep throat and had trouble speaking, Spiers continually talked about numerical values and how they had significance. This practice is related perhaps to numerology and the study of divining the future through research on numerical sequences. A familiar numerological value is 666, which is the number of the Beast in the Bible. Spiers noted, for example, that the taxi service in Canterbury had the number 666-666, its business phone number, painted on the side of every taxi, a sign, he believed, that there was some strange demonic connections in this pastoral British town (Canterbury incidentally happens to be Spiers’ own hometown). Spiers in the interview also drew some interesting numerological links between the time when the Dallas police shootings began, 8:58 p.m., and the date 9/11/2001.

12 He Thought Names Had Deeper Meanings 


An interesting feature of Spiers' research is that he believed certain names were significant in themselves and had deeper meanings. In his last interview, he detailed how certain celebrity names, for example, bear certain resemblances. For example, the name 'Christian Bale', he thought, was etymologically linked to the word 'Baal', a god of the ancient Canaanites who was specifically condemned by God in the Bible. Bale also played Batman in the series of recent Batman movies, which also bears the same root syllable, Ba. Spiers also talked about the names of bands as well, such as the Stone Temple Pilots, which he believed had some sort of deeper occult significance. He believed the 'temple' could also relate to the temple in a person’s head. This would imply the band is perhaps piloting or controlling people’s minds with its music.

11 He Condemned Michael Aquino


Michael Aquino is a famous Temple of Set member, who, over the years, has received much publicity for being a dark occult practitioner and being a member of the US army. For some conspiracy theorists, his dual role in both capacities has highlighted the government’s willingness and involvement in dark occult practices and Satanism, the last of which Temple of Set is sometimes tied to (the Temple of Set uses the same pentagram symbol as Satanists). Aquino has also had his house raided by police during a pedophilia investigation, but the courts ended up clearing him of any wrongdoing. Aquino is also alleged by some to have been hired by the government to provide advice on military psychological operations (aka “psy-ops”). In his last TV interview, Spiers spoke out strongly against the high priest of Set.

10 He Linked NWO To The Vatican And The House Of Tudor


Like many conspiracy theorists, Spiers was also an avid researcher into the New World Order, and he added new information into the theory on the global elite theory, which is believed by some to be intent on creating a single, overruling world government. According to Spiers, Henry VIII was of the Merovingian bloodline, which was diametrically opposed in its interests to those of the Vatican. This was seen ostensibly in history by Henry’s support of the Church of England over Catholicism. However, these two parties in the modern era have dropped their historic feud, according to Spiers, and the two organizations have come together to form what’s commonly known as the New World Order. Rarely has the New World Order been linked to the Vatican, but Spiers contends the connection is present there in a merging of political and religious institutions.

9 Spiers Comes From A Wiccan Family


While Spiers denounced Satanism and the Temple of Set, he said in a different interview that his family was Wiccan. It’s not clear from his interviews exactly what he believed about God and spirits, but he stated on one occasion that he did not think there was any one person who had attained enlightenment, or an advanced state above human being. That is, he did not believe in Jesus as a superior being who was sent down to rule humans in any way. Rather, Spiers believed Jesus was simply a messenger or transmitter of information to humans, not an incarnation of supreme intelligence and knowledge. One feature of Wicca is the prominent use of spells, incantations, and magic to achieve certain results. Spiers stated in some interviews that he was involved in magic to turn back dark spiritual forces attacking his body.

8 Spiers Said The Aliens Were Using His Own Clones


In one interview, Spiers said that aliens were capable of cloning any human or animal on this earth. He said his proof of this was several encounters he had with his own clone in various areas of the world. This he perceived as a clear sign that he was being intimidated by the aliens known as Reptilians, which some UFO experts believe are adept at DNA manipulation with their advanced technology. Spiers said his girlfriend on several occasions thought she saw him walk out of a hotel or shop. When he met her later, he told her he hadn’t been anywhere in that area of that city or town anytime recently. On one occasion, Spiers said he had had a face-to-face encounter with his own clone, which stared directly into his eyes for a moment menacingly and then walked off.

7 He Thought There Were Secret Underground Bases For Mind Control


In his last interview, Spiers also talked about the existence of underground military facilities beneath certain areas of the world that are used to control the minds of society. Some of these bases, or even cities in some cases, reside in the areas of Los Angeles and in London. Spiers believed there was a connection between the earth, one’s self and psychology. By manipulating the earth beneath, it enabled governments and ETs to mass control the minds of the populations living above earth. This notion also intersects with another existing theory about subterranean alien civilizations, an idea that Hitler was enchanted with and one that has been been prevalent among some ufologists. These ufologists believe that ETs have been dwelling underneath the earth for many centuries.

6 The Masses Are Controlled By Propaganda


Spiers believed that the masses across the world are subjected to a wide degree of propaganda via TV, media, and government propaganda, all of which gives everyone a false view of what’s happening in the world. A typical example was the 9/11 terrorist acts, which, he believed, were actually government-sponsored events that were not done by terrorists. The death of Princess Diana and the assassination of JFK were other examples of events that were entirely spun around in the public consciousness to form false political opinions in the public, Spiers alleged. He also believed that about two million US citizens had been involved in the 1950s with the CIA’s illegal program called Project MKUltra, in which the CIA used US citizens to conduct studies on mind control.

5 Max Claimed He Had Two Hearts


During his time as a UFO researcher, Spiers claimed that his heart had undergone tremendous stress from a variety of attack methods used by his opponents. As a result of this, he had a “friend,” who he did not name or specify, surgically implant in him a second heart, which enabled him to keep plugging as a UFO/paranormal researcher. Spiers stated this in an interview earlier in the year (it was not in his last interview), but the pronouncement might suggest that his health was at least somewhat in jeopardy all along. By the looks of it, he, at 39 years of age, appeared healthy and fit in that interview. His mother also described him as healthy during the time right before his passing this summer.

4 He Said He Had An Alien Computer Chip In His Throat


During his last interview on TV, Max sounded like he might be drugged or sick. This made it difficult to discern exactly what he was talking about sometimes, but in the interview, he talked about having an ET computer chip in his throat, which was giving him trouble talking on the show. While it’s unclear from the interview what the objects, if real, were doing in his throat or what Max thought they were intended to do, we do know from alien abduction reports that implants like this sometimes are reported and found beneath abductees' skin by physicians from time to time. Some believe the implants are a type of tagging device, enabling the ETs to locate the abductees wherever they may wander off to.

3 He Thought Many Politicians Were Reptilians


Similar to David Icke, a widely read alien conspiracy theorist, Spiers held to the belief that many of the leading politicons in the world were Reptilian aliens, a type of alien that can shape-shift with its technology into any form he or she wants. It must be clarified here that Spiers also thought that every person on the planet also had some Reptilian DNA. However, the problem occurs when the Reptilian DNA is greater than 50 percent in a person, a level of Reptilian blood that enables them to shape-shift into any form if desired. By its nature, this DNA could also make a person more aggressive than usual. Spiers thought this shapeshifting ability and high Reptilian DNA was possessed by many politicians, including members of the Bush family, Prince Charles, and Jimmy Savile.

2 Spiers Said He Had Been Part Of The IBIS Project


The IBIS project was supposedly a post-Nazi German program in 1972 that was aimed at creating the perfect and most genetically refined human ever created. Allegedly ending in 1980, the program supposedly used some methods, similar to some commonly used on plants and crops, to produce better warriors who excel in war and combat. Mothers supposedly ingested drugs and chemicals while pregnant that enhanced the DNA and overall strength of the child they bore. Max Spiers told the media he was a child and product of this program. For this reason, some in the UFO media sometimes refer to him as “super soldier,” a term sometimes applied to kids that came out of the IBIS project. Interestingly, there are scant mentions of this program online, so it hasn’t gotten much publicity.

1 Spiers Said He Had Been Brainwashed


Later on in life, Spiers said he became inducted into a secret underground Nazi program, where he became brainwashed into thinking things like, “Pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.” When he was 31— that is, about eight years ago in 2008— he said he broke his programming and emerged from the hidden base. This is a time when he began divulging many of the secrets he learned while in secret underground bases. It is believed by some ufologists that many of these Nazis were ones that had escaped imprisonment and death after World War II. Spiers says these Nazis also aligned with US and British groups that agreed with the Nazi agenda of mind control. Spiers also alleged the program implanted memories and images that he believed were real but actually weren’t.

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