15 Facts About The Future That Are Absolutely Terrifying

The Earth is a pretty terrifying place. There are countless miles of land and surface area that we still have yet to fully explore. Besides just what’s around us, there’s also plenty of space above us

The Earth is a pretty terrifying place. There are countless miles of land and surface area that we still have yet to fully explore. Besides just what’s around us, there’s also plenty of space above us and ground below us that we don’t even have the technology yet to explore. You know what’s even more terrifying than the Earth itself? Try the future of the Earth.

You might think that the future doesn’t really matter all that much because you've only got a few decades left. But there’s a lot happening around us now that could seriously mess up the way we live within the next couple of decades. And if you have kids to worry about, that’s an entirely new worry to carry! There’s so much that’s already written into our history that hasn’t even happened yet, but there’s no way for us to even try and reverse it! Think about all of the animals we’ve lost for good over the years. Sorry, but a Jurassic Park-like scenario is not likely for any extinct animals.

Our only responsibility here on this planet as humans is to create a livable environment for the future generations. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, aren’t you a little interested in saving the dolphins? Or whales? Or at least the coffee! That’s right, you run the risk of losing out on your morning Joe within the next couple of decades! Check out the 15 most terrifying things about the future of our world. And if you’re too busy to care to change, the least you could do is share with your friends so they’re all aware of our impending doom!

15 We're Having Too Many Babies

Many people feel as though our only purpose on the planet is to reproduce and provide a good environment for the future of our world. Maybe that’s true, we might never know, but one thing we do know is we should probably try to stop having so many babies. Before you sell your sex organs, don’t panic too much, but overpopulation is a problem that we face.

The reality is, it doesn’t really matter how many people there are in numbers, what matters is how many people versus resources there are. And even in our most developed countries, resources are running out. But we’ll get to that later. The good news is, many American families aren’t having as many babies as they used to. Both men and women are more focused on building careers than they are in building families. As we become more conscious, we become more aware of the impending dangers the future holds, so hopefully the future holds fewer babies and more resources.

14 The Air Is Going To Kill Us


Our ozone layer is a super-important layer in our Earth that helps protect us from UV Rays from the sun and poisonous gasses. Because of our world, that’s obsessed with cars that emit dangerous poisons, the favoritism of nuclear energy over solar power, and not caring about what toxic products we use, we’re pretty much destroying that ozone layer. You might think that it’s not a big deal, but it’s reported that close to %50 of cities in the United States now have air that is dangerous to breathe.

If food is poisonous, you can find food from somewhere else. If water is poisonous, you can boil it. What are we supposed to do if the air around us is poisonous? Sure, we could wear gas masks all the time, but from the picture above, it’s apparent that would be a pretty terrifying world to live in.

13 The Earth Is One Big Toilet

The Earth is home to some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see. We have beautiful lakes, countrysides, forests, and of course animals. Who doesn’t spend a huge portion of their time looking at animals? But the unfortunate truth behind the place that holds so much beauty is that we’re also filling it to the brim with garbage. In our country, there are currently over 3,000 active landfills. Which means there’s about 60 in every state.

And scarier than that, there are 10,000 inactive landfills in the country right now. Which means there are 200 massive piles of garbage in every state that serve no purpose anymore other than to just hold garbage. Now obviously, states like California and Texas have more than Rhode Island or Connecticut probably do, but still, that’s a lot of landfills. Luckily, numbers are going down and people are recycling more and more. Even big companies are doing their part to create recyclable materials that aren’t harmful to our planet. But is it going to be enough?

12 We're Running Out Of Food

Just like we talked about already, we’re having too many babies. Obviously, we have plenty of space for people to live, but the threat is in not having enough food for people. The problem is, is that we just aren’t growing enough food for people anymore. Our population is just growing at a more rapid rate than our agriculture population. The solution is to get more productivity out of farmlands, but due to our diminishing ozone layer, it’s harder to grow sustainable crops.

We’re already cutting down rainforests to make room for more cattle, but the solution is to not raise more meat. The meat industry actually has a huge impact on both the ozone layer and the agriculture industry. The reason for the huge demand for meat? All the fast food we like. That’s right, your cheesy-gordita-crunchy-stuffed-chalupa burrito is ruining the ozone layer! Ok, not really, and that’s not even a real thing. And if it was, we’d definitely try it! But still, we need to put our efforts into creating a better environment to grow more sustainable crops in.

11 Robots Are Stealing Our Jobs

Republican politicians like to tell you that the immigrants are stealing our jobs. You can believe this all you want, but it’s only a distraction from the reality that our jobs are being stolen, but not by who you think. Now more than ever are humans being replaced by computers. It’s a truth that isn’t really that hard to see. When’s the last time you even had to go into a bank? You can do most of the important things at the ATM. We send and receive mail on the internet.

You can check yourself out at the grocery store, and even big chain restaurants like Olive Garden and Applebee’s offer self-paying screens right at your table. It’s estimated that 50% of employed Americans are at risk of losing their jobs within the next few decades. While this is a terrifying statistic, many people find comfort in it. They believe not having to work as much will allow humans to pursue more creative aspects of life and partake in positions that only humans can do and no computer can replace.

10 Religious And Political Extremism Is On The Rise

It doesn’t take an expert to know that political tension is high right now. Even in 2016, our country is facing a race war. Both people on the extreme left and extreme right are guilty of partaking in politics that create tensions and boundaries. It’s definitely good for people to be educated about their country and the issues surrounding it, but many people take it way too far. What are Trump fans going to do when Hillary fans win? And what is everyone else in the world going to do if Trump actually becomes our president?

We already know how divided things can get when a white police officer shoots an innocent black man; what might happen when a person gets elected that half the country hates? It’s always good to be involved in politics, but it’s not OK to make things violent when things don’t go exactly your way. And it’s not just our country either, as other lands have their own divisive issues, like Brexit. As time goes on, we only seem to get more dangerously divided.

9 A Lot Of Important Animals Are Dying

Any animal going extinct is devastating. The fact that there are entire species that just doesn’t exist anymore due to our climate change and our lifestyle is heartbreaking. But let’s be honest, some animals weren’t that important to our own survival, which is why we might not have cared about them going extinct in the first place. While it’s devastating that we’ll never be able to meet a real life Tasmanian Tiger, I’m not losing sleep.

But we definitely won’t be able to sleep if the bees are gone! You might not think they’re that great, but honey bees are super-important to our survival. Ever heard about the birds and the bees? The bees play a vital role in pollination. It’s estimated that a third of every bite of food we have is there because of bee pollination. And if you’ve been paying attention so far, you know that our food is running out! Save the bees!

8 It's Getting Easier To Spy On People


If you look around you right now, there’s a good chance that there’s at least one camera around you. Maybe your webcam, your cellphone camera, and any other electronics with built-in cameras. The terrifying truth is that anyone is capable of breaking into that camera and controlling it without you knowing it. Everyone made fun of Mark Zuckerberg for having tape over his webcam in the picture above, but he was on to something!

Someone could be watching you read this right now and you wouldn’t even know. Not only can people spy on you, but if they really wanted to, they could control your computer monitor without you even being connected to the internet. For every person who comes up with a new state of the art way to protect us from viruses and secret spies, there’s a computer geek out there who even more quickly came up with a way to break through that.

7 RoboCops Might Be A Real Thing Soon


Ever seen the movie Chopping Mall? Well if not, it’s basically about a mall that has robotic cops monitor the mall at night after closing. Some teens decide to break in and party in the empty mall, only to later be viciously attacked by the robot cops that malfunctioned due to a lightning storm. While the likelihood of this happening is low, robot cops are becoming a real thing! Now, you’re not going to get pulled over by a cop who’s actually a robot anytime soon, but people are developing robots right now who can police for regular crimes, like parking violations.

We also kind of already have police robots in various forms. When you’re at the checkout, the computer rats you out if you don’t put an item on the belt, preventing you from stealing things when no one is looking. If you drive too fast or run a red light, you might have gotten your picture taken and will be getting a speeding ticket in the mail shortly after. While Paul Weller won’t be attacking you anytime soon, we still have to worry about what the future holds for robots policing our actions. and who knows who might be able to hack into the robots and spy on us.

6 Parts Of The Earth Are Disappearing

We’ve already learned that the ozone layer is diminishing at an alarming rate. We’re shoving trash into every corner of the planet and clearing out rainforests to make room for beef. But those aren’t the only parts of our planet that are disappearing at terrifying rates. California is currently shrinking right before our eyes. The state and surrounding areas have been sinking for the past four years.

The sinking has been accelerated due to the drought they’ve been living with. If we lose an entire state, what could happen once it’s gone? Will our continent keep disappearing until we get to the east coast? And once the people who don’t have any more room to live in California have to move, what will that mean for further overpopulation of already overpopulated areas? We would also lose an alarming rate of farm and agriculture land that we already have very little of.

5 The Earth Is Getting Too Hot

As we already know, the ozone layer is disappearing alarmingly. The less of the ozone layer we have, the more dangerous a threat the sun is to us. Exposure to sunlight causes a high risk of skin cancer as well as a threat to our crops. It’s bad enough as it is for us right now, but the planet is getting hotter as well. You may think like Donald Trump and deny the heat by saying that snow is proof that the Earth is not getting hotter, but if you know anything about climate change, you know that extreme cold is just one sign of what is to come.

Humans are adaptable; if it’s too hot for us, we’ll just crank up the AC and jump in the pool. Unfortunately, animals don’t have the same luxury. The extreme heat is dangerous to our animals. Guess which animal is really hurt by the sun? Bees!

4 Some Diseases Are Turning Into Super Diseases


Tinder users beware, STDs and STIs are at an all-time high. Some people are careless about it because fortunately, a lot of common STDs and STIs are treatable. And a lot of people are smart about using protection and having safe sex. But the terrifying truth is, is that STDs are smart. A lot are developing into super diseases. What’s scarier than a disease? Slapping the word “super” in front of it, maybe?

STDs aren’t the only thing that are developing into super diseases. A lot of illnesses we get are becoming even more dangerous than they already are. Having something be called a super disease basically means that it is something that has become resistant to antibiotics or other treatments that would normally be used to cure it. Just when we thought we could wipe out a disease, it becomes resistant and we have to start all over.

3 The Oil Is Drying Up Fast

Oil is a great resource. It powers our homes, cars, and is even found in our food. The scary part about oil? It’s nonrenewable. If you look at anything in your home, there’s a pretty good chance there’s some form of oil in it. Petroleum is possibly one of the biggest resources at risk. There’s petroleum in pretty much anything made out of plastic. Your water bottles, your shampoo bottles, and your Starbucks iced coffee cups. The thing is, is that plastic is recyclable.

The problem is, is that we’re not recycling enough. It takes a lot of oil to go into the product, to run the machines to make it, and to transport all of the plastics around the world. And plastic isn’t the only oil we’re going through. We’re literally in a fight with another country right now over the stuff. The good thing is, is that there are plenty of other resources around us to create the products we need, and plenty of other ways to get energy and transportation. We just have to start caring about it all.

2 Freshwater Is Running Out

On the beautiful planet Earth, there’s more water than there is land. It seems crazy, then, that water is running out! The truth is, however, that the majority of the water on the planet is salt water. Have you ever drunk a glass full of salt water? It’s definitely not possible to sustain your life on salt water alone. The truth is, our resources for freshwater are running dangerously low. We might have a lot of salt water around us if that happens, but we definitely can’t drink it, and the process to separate salt from water is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

The water that we do have is constantly threatened as well. We saw as recently as this year the devastating effects of the Flint water crisis. And a lot of our water is tainted by the microbeads from various face and skin products. Some of this is out of our control, especially if lead pipes are poisoning our water. But it’s important to make sure we’re not using more water than we need and not poisoning it as much as possible.

1 We Get Closer To Singularity Every Day

Technological singularity, at its core, is the idea that one day, technology will develop to become superior to humans. We’ve already talked about robot cops taking over, but what if things as simple as our cell phones take over. Singularity is a threat in that we still don’t know everything about technology. We’re discovering new and intelligent products every day.

How long until the technology starts advancing itself without the aid of humans? What happens when computers are able to sustain themselves and no longer need humans? Will we one day just be slaves to computers? I mean, some already say we are, but the fear of the reality of singularity stems beyond just staring at our smartphones too long. And humans are already becoming bionic beings. We’re developing intelligent artificial limbs and organs that are capable of more than our own human parts. Who knows what the future holds for robot and human crossbreeding. But will our earth sustain itself long enough to see?

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