15 Facts About The Denver Airport Conspiracy

If you've never been to Denver, then there's a good chance you probably aren't too aware of the city's international airport... I mean, unless you're an avid plane spotter, why would you be? Well, as it turns out, DIA has developed something of a cult interest in recent years, due to the conspiracy theories that surround it - or rather - how it's being used.

Denver Airport was commissioned in 1989, with a budget of 1.7 billion dollars. However, after finally being completed in 1995 - two years later than planned - the project had completely blown that original figure out of the water (keep reading for the real cost!). Since then, visitors to the gigantic airport have noticed a number of strange things about it; things that seem to point towards an ulterior motive for its construction.

With bizarre artwork, creepy stories and plenty of talk about a secret society, even most sceptics would probably agree that there is something a bit off about this airport. Though it does seem strange that those behind some kind of conspiracy surrounding the building would leave hints that seem to draw attention to it, the truth is it's hard to explain all of these details away.

Take a look at the evidence below and see if you agree with the conspiracy theorists about this seriously creepy airport. One thing's for sure; you probably won't be in a hurry to spend a long layover here anytime soon...

15 Why Was It Built?

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One of the first points to consider is the reasoning behind the decision to build the airport in the first place. There was actually a fully functioning airport nearby, Stapleton, and this one was closer to downtown. Why undertake such a time-consuming and expensive building project, when really there was no need for it at all?

Many people have pointed out that such a large-scale construction site like the one for Denver airport would be the perfect way to cover up an even larger project, one that might be hidden under the airport itself. Sounds like a pretty outlandish theory, right? Maybe on its own there wouldn't be much of a base for a conspiracy, but the seemingly pointless construction of the DIA is just the tip of the iceberg...

14 Why So Big?

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It's definitely not an understatement to say that Denver airport is enormous. Set on 35,000 acres, it's twice the size of Manhattan, almost twice as big as the next largest U.S. airport, and is the third largest in the world. Its construction was the second largest public works project in the world - second only to the Channel Tunnel that links England and France. The project ended up going over budget by an eye-watering $2 billion by the time it was finished.

So why did it need to be so huge? It's not even in the top five busiest airports in the US, and despite its size, it actually has fewer runways than Stapleton, the airport it replaced. Again, could this point to something shady going on below? It's noted that a total of 110 million cubic yards of earth were moved during the airport's construction - was it to prepare for something other than an airport?

13 Creepy Artwork

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One of the weirdest things about the airport has to be the amount of seriously bizarre artwork it has on display. Some of the more controversial pieces have actually been taken down, but thankfully there are still photos to show just how strange they were.

Take a look at this kind of disturbing mural, for example. It seems to show a Nazi-like figure brandishing a rifle and decked out in a gas mask, killing a dove - a bird often used to represent peace and unity. Meanwhile, children sleep in what seems to be a destroyed city, while other people are sucked into a gray wave.

Some people have theorized that this painting represents biological warfare; it makes sense considering the figure is wearing a gas mask, the city has been left in ruins, and the people on the left seem to have fallen victim to some kind of epidemic. The fact that it hints so strongly at biological weapons is important - keep that in mind for now!

12 Who Built It?

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Strangely for a construction project of this size, there is a lot of mystery around who built it. There are plaques in the airport, like the one above, that state it was funded by "The New World Airport Commission". The problem? No such group exists. Some people have suggested that it could hint at the New World Order being involved; which perhaps isn't too much of a stretch given the wording of the airport commission.

You can also see the Masonic symbol displayed on the plaque; the compass with a capital G inside. Given that Freemasons have remained one of the most secretive groups, possibly since the middle ages, their involvement with the construction of Denver airport has made things even stranger. The Freemasons society has had plenty of extremely powerful members throughout its history; could it be linked to a New World Order seeking to establish complete control of the planet?

11 Insider Stories


There have been a number of stories of strange goings on from staff of the airport over the years. These include talks of doors underground that don't seem to lead anywhere, unidentifiable noises, and even mentions of a morgue on site - something that, if true, would be particularly bizarre given that no bodies are ever kept at airports, only transported in and out.

In February 2007, there was a rather mysterious event of 14 planes all ending up with cracked windshields within a two hour time period. After an analysis, air safety investigators stated that the cracks had been caused by "foreign object debris", yet they remained unable to determine exactly what that debris was.

There's also been a lot of talk surrounding government employees who have been mysteriously relocated to the airport, but remain tight-lipped about exactly what their job entails.

10 Biological Weapon?

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Now, back to that mural seemingly depicting some kind of biological warfare. The floor in the airport's 'Great Hall' has a tile with “Au Ag” etched into it. At first glance, this seems perfectly innocent; these are the symbols for gold and silver, so could be a hint at Colorado's mining history. Right?

Well... things got a little shadier when it was noted that one of the biggest donors to the airport was someone who actually discovered a new strain of hepatitis; one so powerful and deadly that it could potentially be used in biological warfare. Its name? Australia Antigen. Otherwise known as AUAG.

As if that wasn't creepy enough, there are plenty of other peculiar tiles, too. For example, one that reads “Mt. Blanca.” Could this be a hint at the fact that Mt. Blanca in France is where the Knights Templar signed their charter; one that mentioned how they "gathered to form a New World Order” ?

9 Underground Bunkers

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Perhaps the main factor in the conspiracy theory for the majority of people centers around the bunkers underneath the airport. The image above is a blueprint showing five buildings that were built during the initial construction of the site, but then officials claimed they had been positioned incorrectly.

Instead of knocking them down, the buildings were ordered to be buried, leaving a large area underneath the airport itself. The existence of these buildings only came to light thanks to a whistleblower on the project, though the identity of this person, and where he or she is now remains unknown. Since the testimony this person provided, the airport officials admitted there are buildings under the airport, but they are just used for 'storage'.

Sounds a bit fishy, doesn't it? There's also the fact that the airport's super expensive underground luggage system mysteriously stopped working in 2005, and despite it costing $192 million to put together, it has never been fixed. This has led some to speculate that it is actually being used as tunnels to connect the airport to the bunkers.

8 Protecting The Elite?

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So, the next question is what exactly are those underground bunkers for? One popular theory is that they're shelters ready to house the elite in the event of natural disasters, or if that biological warfare that has been hinted does ever occur.

One potential piece of evidence to support this idea is the fact that President Obama was in Denver at the same time Comet Elenin passed by the earth back in 2011. This could be significant as there had been talk of the comet colliding with our planet, and causing catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis as a result - it was even nicknamed the 'doomsday' comet. Thankfully, it ended up passing us by with no repercussions, but it does make you wonder if the then-president was taken to Denver for protection.

To add even more fuel to the fire, it's also been reported that the Queen of England has been anonymously buying property close to the airport; could she be looking to protect her royal line?

7 Devil Horse

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This horse statue greets visitors to the airport, and is - let's face it - pretty terrifying. With glowing red eyes and standing at 32 feet tall, it seems like a pretty strange choice of sculpture to have chosen as the 'face' of an international airport. It's even, ahem, anatomically correct.

What makes it even more creepy is the fact that the menacing looking sculpture actually killed its creator. New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez was working on the 9,000 pound beast in 2006 when its head suddenly fell onto him, severing an artery in his leg.

Although the sculpture's official name is Blue Mustang, locals have somewhat affectionately (and appropriately) nicknamed it Blucifer. Some people believe that the horse is meant to represent the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse - the last of which symbolizes death.

6 The End Of Days?

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Here's another happy mural from inside the airport. Oh no wait, it's actually another painting depicting the apocalypse.

This work, titled “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” shows children crying while holding various animals; probably representing their extinction at the hands of humans. Just in case it wasn't morbid enough, there are also three open caskets, and the city appears to be burning to the ground behind them.

More curiously, there's a little girl in the back on the right hand side holding what seems to be a Mayan tablet representing Dec. 21, 2012 - the date that was predicted to be the end of the world. You'll also notice some of the animals, such as the penguin, are in cases. This could be because they're now going to be housed in a museum, or it could be a hint at the Mayan prediction of a rebirth. If the latter is the case, it would tie in rather nicely with the theory that the airport houses an underground shelter for elites, wouldn't it?

5 The Time Capsule

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Remember that plaque with the weird Freemason symbolism mentioned earlier? Well, as it turns out, it also references a time capsule that was buried in the airport in March 1994. While the official line on the contents of this capsule are pretty uninspiring; coins, a signed opening-day ball from Coors Field, Mayor Wellington Webb’s sneakers, a few Black hawk casino tokens, and various other items, some conspiracy theorists believe it could be housing something else.

One particularly sinister theory is that it holds a powerful weapon ready to either bring about, or to help in the event of a biological warfare. Could it be something to do with the AUAG mentioned earlier? Well, rather frustratingly the majority of us probably won't get a chance to find out, as it's not set to be opened until 2094. Or then again, maybe that's a good thing...

4 Swastika Runways

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Another strange point is the fact that the airport's runways look rather like a swastika when viewed from above. Although officials at the airport state that they are designed that way in order for them to be used at the same time regardless of what the weather is like, it's still often pointed out that this is a pretty unusual formation for runways anywhere.

A representative for the airport told the U.K.'s The Telegraph, "We think the shape looks like a pinwheel." Hmmm... I guess.

Of course, even if there is a Nazi-esque secret society behind the airport's construction, it would seem strange that they'd want to advertise their sinister ideology in plain sight, but it's still another thing that adds to the already huge list of why this airport is so creepy.

3 Gail's Meteorite

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Another peculiar piece of artwork is this image of a woman standing next to a meteorite. Just to add to the air of strangeness surrounding the portrait, the woman - aka Gail - has her face hidden by white a blur thanks to the placement of the hall's lighting. Spooky!

As well as the art hanging on the walls, the airport also houses a rather macabre selection of statues. Probably the most well known is a piece titled 'Notre Denver'; a creepy looking gargoyle jumping out of a suitcase... because why wouldn't you want to be welcomed to an airport with a menacing horned demon?

Also, just in case you want to start your holiday with a reminder of your own mortality, the airport also houses a statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death. You'd probably be willing to fly anywhere by this point...

2 The Mysterious Boom

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There have been strange goings on around the airport as recently as last month. A huge boom shook Lochbuie, a town close to the Denver airport, over Thanksgiving. Residents said that it shook their homes, knocking items off of walls and feeling as though a vehicle had crashed into the building.

It wasn't an earthquake and the nearby Buckley Air Force Base stated that they had finished their drills by the time the noise sounded, so what could it have been? Some conspiracy theorists have since stated that they believe the explosion-like boom is evidence that the DIA is expanding their network of underground bunkers. I guess we may never know...

Another mysterious event occurred in 2008, when a number of passengers were injured as the result of a plane suddenly bursting into flames. Officials stated it was caused by a cracked fuselage, but many people have since pointed out that if this was true it would've been evident in a pre-flight check.

1 Post-Apocalyptic Peace

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In one of the final instalments in the sequence of murals that line the airport's walls, children from all over the world come together to hand over their weapons and celebrate the defeat of the scary gas mask man - his lifeless body can be seen at the bottom with a pair of doves perched on him.

Some people have theorized that this piece represents America submitting to Germany, as the children seem to be handing their weapons to a boy in traditional Bavarian clothing. Though this may be something of a stretch, it is clear that the sequence of murals is depicting some kind of apocalypse, and a subsequent 'rebirth'.

Whether or not the art at the airport is a clue to a shady New World Order behind the overall project I guess we may never know for sure. It does seem a little strange that none of the officials who reviewed all of it didn't expect people to be a little suspicious about what it represents, though...

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