15 Facts About Anders Breivik - The Cruelest Terrorist Of The 21st Century

Bob Jones once said: "An opinion is like an a-hole. Everyone has one." It might be one of the best quotes ever. It is spot on, a little depressing, and yet brilliant. You know what? The world can live just fine as long as people don’t shove their a-holes to everyone's face. Sadly, that is rarely the case. Sometimes people go radical just to prove their silly point, and then, bad things happen.

Do you remember the terrorist attack in Norway on July 22, 2011? Anders Breivik went berserk that day and inscribed his name in the history books as one of the cruelest men ever to walk the earth. He singlehandedly killed dozens of people without hesitating, marking the worst tragedy in Norway since WWII. Till this day the Norwegians think of July 22 as the Americans think of 9/11. Yes, it was that bad.

There are plenty of terrifying facts about the coldblooded terrorist Anders Behring Breivik that will send chills down your spine. The way he acted, after he killed innocent children in the summer camp, was just incomprehensible. Actually, Anders Breivik is still fighting for his rights in court, so you can never know when he will walk free again. So, if you are sensitive and fragile, better leave now; if not, keep on reading and learn the dark secrets about the life of Anders Breivik. But remember - I warned you!

15 Breivik Attacked The Government First

Don't get me wrong, Anders Breivik is a psycho killer and needs to spend the rest of his life locked up as far from the society as it is possible BUT... he is also a mastermind. Before attacking the island, Anders Breivik first bombed Regjeringskvartalet (don't even bother to read that name), the executive government quarter of Norway, killing first 8 of his 77 victims. This bombing was a replica of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Why the hell did Anders Breivik do it in the first place?

Well, he knew that after he attacked the executive government quarter, all the police forces would head right there. That was exactly what happened, and Anders Breivik was free to go to the island of Utøya, where the real massacre had to start. He bought a fare ticket to the island as an honest citizen, and 20 minutes later, the Utøya Island was all his.

14 Anders Behring Breivik Slaughtered 77 People

Anders Behring Breivik will remain the deadliest terrorist in Norway's history forever (hopefully). He is responsible for the deaths of 77 innocent people. If that is not cruel enough, most of Breivik's victims were teenagers. I cannot imagine how he is supposed to live his life after such an evil act, but well, Anders Breivik feels no remorse whatsoever. I always try not to call people by names, but he is one ugly f*cker.

To put Breivik's crime into perspective, Ted Bundy killed 35 people; John Wayne Gacy is guilty of killing 33 people. Yes, Bundy and Gacy did not kill as many people as Breivik did alone. Actually, Breivik would be the third deadliest serial killer in history. However, we are living in times when terrorist attacks are becoming an everyday thing (yet unjustifiable by any means). I give my condolences to all who suffered from his terror and malice.

13 It Took The Police One Hour Before They Came To The Rescue

Yes, Anders Breivik's plan to bomb Regjeringskvartalet worked perfectly. While the police officers were busy trying to figure out what the hell just happened, Anders Breivik was one step ahead, freely shooting innocent teenagers at the summer camp of the Norwegian Labour Party (the AUF) on the Utøya Island. There were about 400 people on the island when Breivik came. He killed 69 and severely injured dozens more. I can only imagine how terrified those poor people must have felt, especially, when there was no one to help.

So, Anders Breivik had one hour all for himself. After that, the first police officers came and rescued the remaining people. With all due respect to the professional police officers of Norway, we must agree that Anders Breivik had them by the strings that time. He did what he intended to do. In Anders Breivik's eyes, he walked away from the Utøya Island as a winner.

12 Anders Breivik Was Saving Norway From Muslims

Anders Breivik is not ashamed of his actions till this day. In contrary, Breivik believes that he made a point on July 22, when he killed those 77 people. What was his point? Well, Anders Breivik is and extreme Christian and nationalist, so he tried to show the world that Norway does not want any immigrants, especially Muslims, to come to the country. I know, it is pretty delusional to think that a massive murder can prove any point rather than show personal insanity.

The AUF was openly expressing their thoughts towards equal and accepting society, where people from all over the world could live in. Anders Breivik could not handle this idea. Sadly, innocent kids had to suffer because one delusional freak could not accept that people with different views can live under one roof. Yes, Anders Breivik did not kill the influential people of the AUF. He mostly butchered the youth, who just came to have fun in the summer camp.

11 Anders Breivik Was Dressed As A Policeman

Let's get back to the master plan of Anders Breivik. We already know that he bombed the government quarter of Norway to lure the police out of the island. However, there is one more detail. Anders Breivik was dressed as a policeman the whole time. That gave him so much more respect in front of the eyes of people in panic. He could do whatever he wanted because of the uniform. That includes having a gun with him.

After Breivik successfully fled the first crime scene, the officials of the summer camp on the Utøya Island welcomed him as a uniformed hero. That was the first mistake. Pretending that he had something important to say, Anders Breivik gathered a lot of teenagers around him. Instead of talking, he started acting, and the massacre began.

10 Soundtrack - Requiem For A Tower

Play the track. You are now listening to the piece that Anders Breivik played on his MP3 while shooting those people. During his interrogation, Anders Breivik commented his passion for Lux Aeterna (also known as Requiem For A Dream or Requiem For A Tower): “I’ve listened to this track several hundred times, and I never seem to get tired of it. It is very inspiring and invokes a type of passionate rage within you <...> Since it has worked for me, it is likely that it will work for you. An invigorating piece of art.” That is downright creepy, folks!

I bet that the authors of Lux Aeterna had some other ideas when making this piece. Sadly, it inspired Anders Breivik to commit one of the cruelest terrorist attacks of the 21st century. This piece will never be the same.

9 Anders Breivik Released A 1,500 Page Manifesto

Anders Breivik's terrorist attack was not a spontaneous action. He planned it all along and even sent a 1,500-page manifesto to 1,000 recipients, moments before the massacre. How crazy is that? The man had those delusional ideas for years, and no one noticed it. The biggest part of the manifesto is devoted to nationalistic ideas and hate towards Muslims, but there are also some strange segments which show us how insane Breivik was.

"Stealing [through online piracy] is bad, I admit, but then again, when you have devoted your entire life to a good cause you can allow yourself some naughtiness especially if it can contribute to conserve your funds, cough;). Yes, yes, no one is perfect:P" Oh my God! Breivik actually thought that he is doing a favor for the humankind.

"I took a year off when I was 25 and played WoW PvE hardcore for a year. ... I’m currently playing Modern Warfare 2 casually." Playing non-stop has some massive side effects, obviously.

8 Criminal Penalty - 21 Years In Prison

If you were a judge what would be Anders Breivik's punishment? Let's not get into the discussion about the death penalty, but it is obvious that people like Anders Breivik should spend their whole life in prison. However, things don't work like that in Norway. The maximum sentence that a person can get is 21 years in jail with a chance to indefinitely extend it if the criminal still looks harmful to the society. Well, I understand the "prison is not to punish but to fix people" idea, but... 21 years, seriously Norway? These are the perks of being a criminal in Scandinavia.

And we are talking about a sociopath here. Anders Breivik is intelligent enough to tell things that judge needs to hear to let him walk free. That is what sociopaths do. I mean, no one suspected that Anders Breivik would kill 77 people, but he did. If I were from Norway, I would be terrified to see Anders Breivik walking free after he served his time in prison.

7 Police Gave Breivik A Soft Drink Moments After The Shooting

Right after the massacre, the police officers took Breivik to the camp's wooden headquarters for an interrogation. Naturally, police wanted to know if Anders Breivik had any accomplices first. However, Anders Breivik had some other problems. He refused to talk before he got something to drink. Breivik told that he had taken ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin before the attack, so he was afraid of dehydration now. That is disgusting. The man did not think about anything else but himself after committing such an evil act of terror. He did not even pretend to care. In his eyes, he was a tired man who helped his country and deserved a drink. The police officers had no other choice but to give him a soft drink before the questioning began. This kind of cold-blooded Anders Breivik's behavior terrifies my sensitive soul.

6 Breivik Sued The Government For Not Upgrading His PlayStation 2 In Prison

Anders Breivik is still fighting against the government for his rights. As crazy as it sounds, Anders Breivik actually sued the government for not upgrading his PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3. Wait a second. What the hell is wrong with Norway's justice system? Criminals like Anders Breivik think that having a PlayStation 2 in prison is a violation of their human rights. I think I have lost my faith in humanity...

Anyway, the list of Anders Breivik's requirements is endless. He even asked for a better pen, because he is a devoted writer and having a dysfunctional pen is "almost indescribable manifestation of sadism," according to him. Well, in my eyes, shooting innocent teenagers was "indescribable manifestation of sadism." The worst part, Anders Breivik won the trial in the lower court of Norway last year. Gladly, the upper court overruled it in 2017, and Anders Breivik still suffers, playing with PlayStation 2.

5 The Court Ruled That Breivik Was Not Psychotic

It is natural to think that only a psycho would do something as cruel as Anders Breivik did. That is why the first thing that the court ordered was to check if Breivik was sane enough to stand the trial. One group of experts stated that Breivik has paranoid schizophrenia, which makes him a true psycho who must be treated but not punished. However, another group decided that Breivik only has a dissocial personality disorder. After a lot of discussions, the court ruled that Breivik was not psychotic and the terrorist attack was a well-though decision of his.

It did not look like Breivik cared too much about his fate as he stayed calm throughout his whole trial. Many people believe that Breivik thinks that he had finished his mission already, and nothing in the world can hurt him.

4 The Only Breivik's Friends Were Video Games

Anders Breivik suffered from depression and loneliness all his life. He grew up in a very dysfunctional family, where he did not get enough attention and warmth. Anders Breivik felt unseen all his life. Once, he even locked himself up in a room for a year, refusing to see anyone from the outside. Anders Breivik only played computer games all that year, and it is very likely that he became so obsessed with the fantasy world that it even distorted his reality. I mean, it is perfectly okay to go on and kill your enemies in World Of Warcraft. That is how Anders Breivik felt in the real world as well. He was completely alone. All the surrounding people were enemies to him. What do you do with your enemies in the computer games? You shoot them. That is terrible how loneliness mixed with delusion can make a human being act so viciously.

3 Anders Breivik Killed Most Of His Victims Eye To Eye

The fact that Anders Breivik killed 77 people is horrible on its own. However, when we take into account the way that Breivik killed those people, it gets much worse. According to the officials, most of the victims had to face Breivik one on one and look straight into his eyes, while he shot them. Reports show that one girl had an open mouth and Breivik shot straight into the mouth from a close distance. The girl was probably screaming for help or begging for mercy, but Anders Breivik did not care at that time. He also could not hear anyone's scream because he was listening to The Requiem For A Tower at full volume.

I get sick even thinking about how inhuman those deadly scenes on the Utøya Island must have looked like. It proves us once again that Anders Breivik had no compassion or empathy towards other living creatures. He just wanted to prove his delusional nationalistic point. Why is it always innocent people who have to suffer, though?

2 Anders Breivik's Video On YouTube And Clan Of Supporters

We already know how sick and disgusting Anders Breivik is. However, you would be surprised that there are a lot of people who actually support his ideas. As you could have guessed, Breivik's video on YouTube is about Muslims and how they will soon destroy Europe. It is full of propaganda, utopic ideas, and populism. However, it still fooled many people from all over the world.

Anders Breivik video is full of comments such as "We need Breivik to lead us!" or "European Brothers.....let's finish this war." To be honest, I am terrified. I am usually against "social justice warriors," but this time, the police should trace all the people who left supporting comments and treat them as potential criminals. To be completely honest, Anders Breivik reminds me of Hitler a lot. He is in jail, has his army of nationalist supporters, and published one delusional manifesto.

1 Breivik Only Minded About His Bleeding Finger Minutes After The Attack

Everyone thought they are going to see Anders Breivik all sad and lost after the terrorist attack. I mean, usually, people, who commit such evil crimes, wake up from their delusions and feel sorry for what they did. However, it is not the case for Anders Breivik. We already know that he asked for a drink after his "work-out." What came next? He saw a cut on his finger and said: "Look, I’m hurt. This will have to be bandaged up. I’ve already lost a lot of blood." How funny is that? The man who cold-bloodedly killed 77 people was commanding the police officers to bandage his cut. Ander Breivik only cared about himself. I bet he was happy to see himself on TV.

Anyway, after a couple of minutes, people were working on Breivik's wound. Breivik himself told a story how he got that wound. He shot a victim from close range, and a piece of victim's skull hit his finger. Anders Breivik said it in a calm voice as if he was talking about a football game he saw the other night. People like him are better off in highest security jails.

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