15 Extremely Beautiful People You Won’t Believe Underwent Gender Transformation

Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself, but felt as if it was too much trouble and decided to continue with things as they were? Whoever came up with the idiom "a change is as good as a rest" understood the power that change had to the productivity of a human being and the overall great feeling that it results in. However, should we change everything we think is not working for us, or are there some things that are best left the way they are?

A few decades back, talking about sex change was not only a taboo in most communities, it was also impossible, since there are some distinct features separating the male and the female genders that cannot be wished away. However, the advancement in technology has eliminated the impossibilities that existed a few years back. Many people have gone through gender reassignment surgeries, which seem to be producing favourable results - especially on the surface.

The women on this list look amazing, and all of them have one thing in common; they all used to be men. It is important for us to fully understand that, just like any other procedure, whether medical or cosmetic, there are risks involved. In addition, the sex reassignment surgeries are not cheap, and neither are all the follow-up procedure or anything else necessary to help maintain the new gender physically and keep it intact.

However, the women on this list have learned to live with the consequences of their transformation and are undoubtedly looking great. It is still hard to believe that they used to be men, but there is no denying that they are now very beautiful women.

Are there other women you know who are deserving of being on this list?


15 Rose Venkatesan

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In India, Rose Venkatesan is one of the most influential TV and Radio personalities. She is directing and featuring in her first movie Cricket Scandal, which is yet to hit the big screens. Although she does a great job in the media, one of her defining qualities is that she used to be a man, but she is now the beautiful woman that we can see here. She claims to have been aware of her femininity at the age of five, but had to live as a boy until she was in her twenties. Her birth name was Ramesh Venkatesan, but it had to change with her gender transformation. As is the case with most of the women on this list, her family did not understand why she wanted to change and even suggested marriage as a way of dealing with the problem. Although a few members eventually accepted, some are still to accept her for who she currently is.

14 Amelia Maltepe

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It is hard to imagine that this beautiful woman from Bangladesh went through gender transformation, owing to how beautiful and feminine she is. It seems as if there is no visible trace of her former masculine self on her body. Gender transformations are not welcome in Islam, but even her strict Muslim family could not prevent her from making the change. Her wish is for people to respect her and the decision that she made, since going through with the transformation was not easy. Amelia is a transgender glamor model who hopes to become one of the best models in the world since she has everything it takes to become Miss World. As she was growing up as a boy, she claimed to feel trapped in the wrong body. The approximately £10,000 she has already spent on breast implants and laser hair removal has contributed greatly to making her the beauty she is today.

13 Thalita Zampirolli

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If you are one of those people thinking that these entries are too good to be true, you are not alone. Were it not for Zampirolli sharing her story and the people who saw her growing up, no one would ever have known that this beautiful woman was ever a man. This Brazilian beauty is a model, and she enjoys showing off her curves with every opportunity she gets. Like all other beautiful women on this list, Zampirolli claims to have known that she was a woman growing inside a man's body. Zampirolli got the courage and the right to undergo a sex change surgery and breast augmentation upon reaching 18 years, a decision that she seems to be very happy with. Apart from being a beautiful and successful model, Zampirolli had a relationship with Romario; the football legend, and she has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers; we can all see why.

12 Helen Wong

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Helen Wong, who is better known as Allenina, owing to her onscreen career, is a famous actress, dancer, model, and director currently living in the United States. Helen was born in Guizhou, China, and spent several years in Hong Kong, before moving to Los Angeles when she was 17 years old. While in the United States, she studied Fine Arts at the University of Southern California and graduated. Since she is on this list, she used to be a boy, but chose to transform into a very beautiful girl, who is proud of who she is. Wong used to be an adult industry performer, but is now retired from that and is focusing on writing and other forms of acting. One of her most popular TV appearances includes a show called He Said, She Said, where male contestants try to win a woman's heart, a concept similar to that of The Bachelorette.

11 Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

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In 2011, Sirapassorn Atthayakorn won the Miss International Queen Beauty pageant, the most prestigious and most recognized beauty pageant organized for transgender women. Although the contest is held in Pattaya City, Thailand, contestants come from all over the world. The women who compete in this pageant look so amazing, that no one can even get an opportunity to think that any of them were born male. This pageant's mission is to try raise awareness on the issues facing transgender people in society and contribute towards bringing equality even in the workplace. The profits that the show generates are forwarded to the Royal Charity AIDS Foundation of Thailand, a very worthy cause. Apart from noticing her beauty just by looking at her, Atthayakorn's win in 2011 is a sure indication that she is exceptionally beautiful. Atthayakorn continues to model and pose for the camera with every opportunity, because her images are outstanding.

10 Florencia De La V

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You have probably heard of Florencia De La V, who is one of the most famous Argentine actresses we have today. Florencia's birth name used to be Roberto Carlos Trinidad, confirming that she is not on this list by mistake. This beautiful TV personality and comedian started appearing in small TV roles in the late 90's, but has since become a big name in Argentina. Her gender transformation automatically converted her into an advocate for equality movements in Argentina and around the world, with her celebrity status contributing greatly to her success. Florencia was the first person in Argentina to have her name and gender changed on her government-issued Identity card, a change that came two years prior to the establishment of the national Gender Identity Law. Florencia is a woman and she is proud of it. Her courage has contributed to encouraging many people to follow her example.

9 Chamila Asanka

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This attractive girl goes by the name Chamila Asanka, one of the most beautiful transgender models we have in the world. Looking at her today you would never imagine that a few years ago she was not a woman since, like all others on this list, she was born male. One of the defining moments of her modeling career was back in 2011 when she represented Sri Lanka in the Miss International Queen Beauty pageant. Although she did not win the competition, her participation contributed greatly in making her the popular model she is today. She continues to spread her beauty out there through her photos, because each one of them is just perfect. Growing up as a child was difficult, having the body of a boy and yet she felt like a girl. The transformation into a woman eventually turned out to be a great thing for her, because she feels good about it.


8 Kelly van der Veer

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Kelly van der Veer is one of the most popular women on Dutch TV. She rose to fame following her participation in the Dutch version of Big Brother where she was a finalist, making her a national celebrity. Like most of the women on this list, Kelly hated her teenage years, because people often mistook her for a girl, a scenario that led to unwelcome ridicule. Wanting so bad to run away from the ridicule, she got an opportunity to participate in a show called De Travestiet Show, which in English stands for "The Transvestite Show". Soon after, Kelly underwent a sex reassignment surgery when she got to 19 years, a transition that she loved making. Kelly has appeared on numerous TV shows in the last few years and has a comedy talk show. Most of the success she has acquired is as a result of her efforts and her gender transformation, of course.

7 Alicia Liu

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It is easy to believe that Alicia Liu is a model, because you would just need to look at her to know that. However, claiming that she was born male will seem unbelievable, because she is such a beautiful woman. Alicia, who people love calling Xiao Ai, was born in what is now Taoyuan City, Taiwan, with her birth name being Zi-hua. She lived as a boy until she got to 18 years, the age at which she underwent a sex reassignment surgery. Since becoming a woman, she is now one of the most famous models and TV personalities in Taiwan. In January 2010, one of her former schoolmates posted a photo taken during her graduation online, a photo that showed that she used to be a boy. Alicia responded by claiming that she was happy with who she was and later confirmed in an interview that she was a transsexual.

6 Kristian Ruscitti

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What is your definition of a beautiful woman's body? Chances are that the body you are thinking about looks like the one that belongs to Kristian Ruscitti. Kristian's beauty is unquestionable, in addition to the fact that she has been modeling all over the world. However, she is on this list, because her earlier years were more masculine than they were feminine, because she was born a boy. Like most other women on this list, the people who were close to her when she was growing up did not think that she would go to the lengths of transforming into a woman. Not most people have accepted her for who she has become, but she is proud of her decision to change. Everything from her figure, her beautiful brown hair, her face, and her eyes confirm that her transformation was a success and it left no evidence of who she used to be.

5 Roberta Close

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Roberta Close might be one of the older women on this list, but she is still one of the most beautiful women out there. One of the reasons Roberta is so famous is the fact that she was the first transgender model to pose for Brazil's Playboy and has appeared on different editorials in Vogue. Owing to her successful transition and winning the Miss Gay Brazil beauty pageant, the newspapers dubbed her the most beautiful model in the World, a description that the papers have used on very few women in history. Furthermore, her photo spread in, Sexy, a Brazilian men's magazine led her to receive the title of the "Most Beautiful Woman in Brazil" as voted for by the readers. Over the years, Roberta has had the opportunity to model for Guy Laroche, Thierry Mugler, and Jean Paul Gaultier among other fashion houses. Roberta is married to Roland Granacher, a marriage in its 24th year.

4 Isis King

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This beautiful woman is called Isis King. She is not the King of the terrorist organization called Isis and has absolutely nothing to do with it, just in case you might be wondering. Formerly called Darrell Wall King and hailing from Annapolis, she was born male, but she felt that everything about her including her mind was female. Although she never got too far, she was the first transgender contestant on America’s Next Top Model, a show that she competed in two different seasons. Since her appearance on the show, she became one of the most famous transgender people anywhere, a title she continues to hold even today. King will be forever grateful to Tyra Banks, who together with Marci Bowers gave her the all-expenses-paid surgery that she needed to transform her anatomy to female. King is the first transgender person to work with American Apparel and has appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful on multiple occasions.

3 Trixie Maristela

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Trixie Maristela is the immediate former Miss International Queen, the largest and most prestigious transgender beauty pageant in the world, after winning the beauty pageant in 2015. In addition to being a beautiful model, this transgender woman is a thriving actress who has made numerous appearances on TV shows, starred in TV programs, participated in several beauty pageants, and so much more. In 2014, Trixie was the first Runner-Up in Eat Bulaga's Super Sireyna Worldwide, the Philippines' most prominent transgender beauty pageant, and won the Miss International Queen and became the first ever Miss Gay Manila beauty pageants in 2015. Trixie studied European languages in school, majoring in Spanish and minoring in French. Like all the other women on this list, her earlier years living as a boy were not her easiest, and making the decision to change into a girl was not welcome by many people in her life.

2 Nong Poy


Most people recognize this beautiful lady by her popular name Nong Poy, although her real Thai name is Treechada Petcharat. Poy is a successful model, winning both Miss Tiffany's and Miss International Queen in 2004. She is also a successful actress appearing in movies such as The White Storm, From Vegas to Macau II, Insomnia Lover, and Witch Doctor among others. As beautiful and feminine as she looks today, 30 years ago Poy was born a boy and given the name Saknarin Marnyaporn. Facing pressure from her parents and community, she grew up as a boy, although within she felt that she was a girl. When she got to the age of 19, she underwent a sexual reassignment surgery that transformed her into the woman we can see here. Her disgust with the male genitalia she used to have contributed to her desire to change, and when the transformation was complete, she claimed to feel like a person who had been reborn.

1 Claudia Charriez

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Claudia Charriez is one of the hottest women on this list, as well as out there in the public. Her amazing looks make it very hard for us to think or even believe that there was a time that she was a man. Claudia is one of the most successful transsexual models in the world, with a bit of her success coming from her period in America's Next Top Model. Despite being kicked out of America’s Next Top Model and the Janice Dickson Modeling Agency shows, Claudia did win the America’s Next Top Transsexual model contest, which was and still is a big deal for her and all the women involved. Claudia was in the news in 2012 following an abuse by her former lover, but all that is behind her now. Claudia has amazing pictures of the numerous shoots she has been involved in, evidence of just how amazing she looks.


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