15 Examples Of Extraterrestrial Life: Are They Real Or Fake?

The debate that trumps whether or not climate change exists is whether or not aliens exist.

People go back and forth. While there has been the occasional sighting of a UFO or crop circle, just how reliable are people's findings? The great debacle wages onward. With mounting evidence either for or against the phenomenon, Hollywood's popularized the question with sci-fi movies aplenty. Just how sci-fi are they, though?

According to scientist Boyd Bushman, aliens are not just alive, they're here. "Bushman said there is a special flight path from space to Area 51, a mysterious base in Nevada where it is believed that aliens and their spacecrafts were stored," an article states.

Bushman passed away in 2014. But before his death, he was interviewed about his info on extraterrestrial life. His answers were very detailed, and he gave the specifics. "According to Bushman, there are two different groups of aliens. The creatures are inhabitants of a planet called Quintumnia. It is located 68 light-years away from Earth, yet it takes them only 45 minutes to travel to our planet," the article continues.

At the very least, Bushman was highly creative. However, his credibility fell short when a Canadian news outlet called Bushman out on his bull. "The alien seen in Bushman's photographs is actually available to buy at Walmart," the article reveals.

The man himself was a Lockheed Martian senior scientist, and his wild claims of alien life and Area 51 were shocking. However, his photos of Walmart specials were disappointing. Until other scientists can confirm, the mystery continues. What do you think?

15 The Math Fails To Add Up

Solar System
Courtesy of NASA

When you're thinking about how the universe is so vast, you're probably also thinking about the little green Martian men that you've seen on your televisions. After all, how could you think that your planet is the only one to sustain life? There's just too much out there. However, the calculations would say otherwise.

"Imagine taking all the planets that satisfy one of the properties to sustain life—say, having the right amount of rock—and for the sake of argument, imagine that describes one in 10 planets. If this argument is carried 12 general properties a planet needs to be habitable, assuming that at each cut we keep one in 10 planets, we end up with only one planet in a trillion," according to The New York Post.

14 The Earth's Special

Courtesy of YouTube

When you're donning your winter coat or when you're putting on extra Deodorant, you can thank the Earth's orbit. The planet's unique relation with the sun and the moon have important consequences on you and everybody else. From the oxygen levels to the tides of the oceans, the planet's living conditions would be difficult to repeat.

Earth's just the universe's Oprah. "The major factor that makes Earth so hospitable to life is its long period of stable climatic conditions, which is due to the planet's unique orbit and position. Without our precise distance from the Sun and Moon, the planet would likely be too hot or cold, have too little oxygen, and be too unstable to support any life beyond bacteria," a Listverse article states.

13 Humans Drool, Aliens Rule

Toy Story
Courtesy of Disney

You and your friends may disagree about the subject of aliens, but you guys probably agree that, if aliens exist, they're much smarter than humans. Hell, they'd probably be laughing at human struggles in the same sense humans laugh at animal behaviors. The thought's a fright, right? However, people have little to worry. If aliens lived, they left a long time ago.

"According to futurist John Smart's Transcension Hypothesis, intelligent alien life once existed in our universe, yet it became so advanced that it moved on to greener pastures. More specifically, aliens became so evolved that they stopped looking at outer space and instead focused on inner space," the Listverse article continues. Technically, aliens don't exist (in what the humans know to be the universe).

12 Unlike Thomas Edison, Today's Lightbulb's Failed to Appear

Thomas Edison
Courtesy of Share America

While the general consensus among scientists is "yay" and not "nay," a writer for The Federalist has a good point. If aliens truly exist, then why have people yet to discover them? Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on just the Thirty Meter Telescope alone, yet programs like NASA have just discovered new planets, not new life. (Sigh) Maybe people should just give up.

"Astronomers are building ever more powerful and expensive telescopes to peer deeper into space. Hawaii will soon host the Thirty Meter Telescope. The cost on that particular piece of hardware, even before construction has begun, is already $141 million. NASA is set to launch the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit by 2018, at a projected cost of $8.8 billion," the online source states.

11 Aliens Are Imaginative Byproducts Of Atheism

Courtesy of Parade

Aliens could just be a foreign concept designed by Hollywood's belief (or lack thereof) in a god. After all, how could religious people make up such a concept? The Federalist's Peter Burfeind argues that an atheist's belief in aliens is paradoxical. Why would they believe in the Martian men, but not in a god? He's just confused by the entire situation. He's also an angry skeptic too. However, his thoughts do mirror millions of Americans.

"Meanwhile, the aliens arising from the imagination of modern science fiction, because they have no affiliation whatsoever with the evidence at hand, have a little more than the whiff of blind faith associated with them. Unlike say, Christian faith, where powerful objective evidence creates an ongoing intellectual crisis calling one to abandon subjective thinking, blind faith in something lacking any objective basis leaves only the subject’s imagination as the focus of query." he states.

10 If Aliens Are Real, People Would Know

Richard Nixon
Courtesy of The Washington Post

A conspiracy theory that people believe is that the government is keeping extraterrestrial life-form a secret from the public. However, other people argue against the paranoia of the theory. Instead, they trust the United States government...specifically, to be honest, open, and forthright. They think that aliens would be too big a secret for U.S. officials to handle. Are they right? Just ask Network World.

"You say the space junk exists but it's being kept hidden by governments including our own? Phooey! First of all, our leaders would never do such a thing. Moreover and much more seriously, people who cling to this belief simply do not understand how lousy the governments are at keeping secrets," the online source explains.

9 UFOs Are Just Sprites

Courtesy of YouTube

If you or your loved ones have ever witnessed a UFO, then your unique experience may not be so unique. According to a Relatively Interesting article, sprites can be mistaken for the UFOs people see. Even though the thought of aliens driving the pancakesque machines is too cute to ignore, they're more likely to make an appearance in people's dreams than their realities.

"Sprites are large electrical discharges that occur above thunderstorm clouds. They can be in various shapes and are sometimes even preceded by a sprite halo, which is pancake-shaped. Sprites are visible from the ground but have also been reported by pilots and seen from space," the article explains.

8 Crop Circles Are Human Art

Crop Circles
Courtesy of YouTube

According to the same article, crop circles have more to do with human creativity than alien expression. They're usually crafted in countryside fields, so the intricate drawings have plenty of room to be drawn...and seen. As the creators can admire their artwork from a close distance, other people can ogle at the masterpiece of an alien. However, the only thing alien about a crop circle is the artwork's purported meaning.

"Despite countless admissions from pranksters, people continue to believe that crop circles are a message from aliens," the Relatively Interesting article continues.

7 Mars Has An Underground SeaWorld Of Sorts

Courtesy of NASA

Despite what the critics say, life probably exists outside of planet Earth. After all, people should know of the limitless possibilities and recent discoveries. For example, one finding was discovered on one of Earth's neighboring planets—Mars. According to scientists, the planet was once a home to a body of water. And if there's water, there's usually life.

"Earlier this year, a team of scientists estimated that about 4.5 billion years ago, at least one-fifth of Mars was covered in an ocean more than 450 feet deep. Any signs of life that swam in these waters could therefore be hidden in the Martian soil," a Business Insider article states.

6 Jupiter's Bluer Than The Moon

Courtesy of NASA

The recent revelation of water in other planets have pleasantly surprised people across the globe. However, the discovery has just caused more of a stir. Now that scientists have really found a hint of life, they're diving deeper and deeper into their quest. They're thirsty for answers, and Jupiter has their mouthwatering drink. According to Business Insider's same article, the planet's moon is serving the beverage.

"Jupiter's tiny moon, Europa, is scarred with brown veins that are suspected to show where warmer, dirtier liquid water in the moon's mantle seeped through its crust. Europa could harbor more water than the Earth, which is why both America and Europe are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into designs for future missions that would search for life beneath its surface," the article reports.

5 'Earth 2.0'

Earth 2.0
Courtesy of NASA

Remember how Earth's orbit was so unique that no planet could be as sustainable? Well, Earth may no longer be the Oprah of the universe. According to another Business Insider article, NASA found Kepler 452b. The agency had been searching for "Earth 2.0" for two decades before their discovery. As they celebrate their groundbreaking finding, let's toast to Kepler 452b.

"Here's what we know so far about this Earth 2.0. It's 60% larger than Earth. It's most likely rocky, meaning it has a solid surface. It's about 1,400 light-years from Earth. It orbits its star every 385 days, very similar to Earth's orbital length. The planet and star it's orbiting are about 6 billion years old—1.5 billion years older than our sun," according to the article.

4 Ridley Scott Is A Believer

Ridley Scott
Courtesy of Toronto Star

Ridley Scott, a sci-fi director, believes that aliens are real. Case closed. He just has a feeling that extraterrestrials are in existence, and he believes that they have the capacity to kill puny earthlings. With his newest blockbuster, Alien: Covenant, the multimillionaire has put in his time, effort, energy, and resources into more than just Hollywood hits. He's talked with NASA agents about the possibility of aliens, too. He still remains convinced.

"I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely. The experts have put a number on it, having assessed what is out there. They say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to us right now. So when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it," he exclaims.

3 Stephen Hawking Is Also A Believer

Stephen Hawking
Courtesy of YouTube

Stephen Hawking shares Scott's sentiment. He also believes that aliens are both real and dangerous. They could demolish Earth in the same way people demolish mole-hills or buildings. Even though extraterrestrial lifeforms would possibly harm humans, Hawking still has the desire to further explore the galaxies. Apparently, he's unafraid of what the aliens could do. Has he not seen Alien: Covenant!?

He says, "Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach. If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for material to build more spaceships so they could move on. Who knows what the limits would be?"

2 Twin Sisters Were Abducted...By Aliens

Audrey and Debbie
Courtesy of Sun Journal

Sisters Audrey and Debbie had a very abnormal childhood. They were kidnapped by aliens. According to them, they were taken by the extraterrestrials at night. While they failed to remember most of their experience, they could recall bits and pieces of their story.

"We have been together on abductions. We have been up in crafts and seen our house from above. So we realized they are not from here. They are very good at mind erasing. They'll leave you with bits and pieces of things you can remember. So we do remember certain things of being there together," Audrey says.

1 Strength In Numbers

Courtesy of IMDb

If you do believe in aliens, then you may find that most of your friends do too. The belief's widely accepted in the United States, which is understandable. After all, science can only explain so much. But even most scientists are believers. Their opinion, combined with a heavy presence of faith, makes for one strong concoction. No wonder Americans feel like they're not alone. Maybe they're not.

"Somewhere around, half the people in the U.S. believe that aliens have already visited us. To back their claims, witnesses have presented snapshots of flying saucers and debris from crash landings," an NBC News article states.

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