15 Evil Moms Who Are Worse Than Casey Anthony

For some reason, people have a fascination with tearing apart bad moms. If you breastfeed too long, you’re a bad mom. If you don’t breastfeed, you’re a bad mom. If you feed your kids a vegan diet, you’re a bad mom. If you feed your kids too much meat, you’re a bad mom. No matter what the case is, women trying to take care of their own babies can’t catch a break! There’s no definition of what makes a good mom. What makes a woman bad at mothering is a little clearer and can be defined partially by this list.

Casey Anthony is known as the most-hated mom in America. She was charged with the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, but unfortunately was never convicted. She’s living life as a free woman now, but because of how much hate she’s received for what people still accuse her of, she can’t live a normal life.

When it comes to Casey Anthony, many would say it’s obvious she killed her child. She still has a few defenders, but for the most part, it seems like a clear case. Unfortunately, she isn’t the only evil mom out there in the world. We’ve put together a list for you of moms who are just as bad as, if not worse than Casey Anthony. Next time someone tries to shame you or someone you know for parenting choices, remember that parenting is hard. As long as you aren’t doing anything the women on this list have done, you’re probably doing an OK job. Here are 15 Evil Moms Who Are Worse Than Casey Anthony:

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15 Sarah Lynn Krueger Stuffed Her Daughter In A Freezer

The adorable little girl in the photograph above is Kayleigh Slusher, the daughter of Sara Krueger. Unfortunately, Sara had a pretty bad meth addiction that caused her to neglect her innocent child. She also allowed her abusive boyfriend to move in and parent Kayleigh, an evil man who often used physical punishment on Kayleigh. Unfortunately, they both took it too far one day and ended up completely destroying Kayleigh’s intestine. This caused her to die a very slow and painful death. Not sure what to do with the body, they stuffed it inside their own freezer. In a panic, Sara called a friend, who ended up reporting her to authorities the next day. When police arrived at Kayleigh’s home, they found her tucked into her bed, face and body bruised and partially frozen. This is a horrific tragedy that Kayleigh should never have had to endure. Fortunately, her mother will suffer in prison for the crime she committed.

14 This Mom Drove Her Baby To The ER When He Was Already Decomposing

Lovily Kristine-Antwonette Johnson is the woman in the mugshot above. She was a terrible mother who didn’t feed her son. She kept him locked in a car seat in her hot apartment while she used drugs with friends. Unfortunately, her innocent son, Noah, ended up starving to death. This still wasn’t enough for Lovily to do anything about and ended up waiting until his body was partially decomposed to take him to the hospital. It was there she was arrested and charged with negligence. It’s insane that this mother didn’t think to just feed her child even a little bit. You really have to go a long time without food to starve to death. She didn’t beat or physically abuse him, but she kept him from eating. How can someone be so careless to let a baby starve like that?

13 Ashley Denise Attson Left Her Baby To Die In A Desert

Ashley Attson is the evil mother in the photograph above. As if finding meth in her baby’s blood when it was born wasn’t enough to make her worst mother of the year, she's also charged with murdering her innocent daughter. One day, she decided to drive her daughter to the middle of the desert and push her stroller into the sand, leaving her to die. She left her daughter there for four days. Those four days she spent getting ice cream with friends and posting pictures on social media. She decided to go back to check on her daughter, who, of course, was dead. It was then that she put her body in a plastic bag and buried her. Fortunately, Ashley was eventually caught and charged for her crimes. She had only recently gotten custody of her daughter as well. There’s no one in the world who deserves a death like that, let alone an innocent child.

12 Brandy Worley Killed Her Kids So Her Ex Wouldn't Get Them In A Custody Battle

Brandi Worley is any man’s worst nightmare. After being caught in the act of cheating on her husband, she found herself in a bitter separation. The two who suffered the most, however, was her seven-year-old son, Tyler and her three-year-old-daughter, Charlee. Seemingly a perfect family, the couple found themselves having custody issues. Brandi decided to take matters into her own hands by stabbing both of her children to death and then herself. She told 911 operators that she did this so that her husband wouldn't get custody of the children. And she was the one who cheated in the first place! It’s not even like she’s seeking revenge! The poor man had to deal with the loss of his children and the demise of his marriage. Although Brandi was the only survivor, at least, she’ll have to suffer alone in prison the rest of her life.

11 Brandy Jaynes Starved Her Son And Kept Him Locked In A Bathroom Covered In Feces

Brandy Jaynes is another evil mom, coincidentally named "Brandy," to make the list. She was arrested after her 30-pound twelve-year-old son was rushed to the hospital. He was discovered by his father locked in Brandy’s bathroom. There were several cans of food around the bathroom, and the place was covered in feces. He was severely malnourished, stating that he would get canned food and hot dogs just several times a week. Brandy’s other children stated that he might've been locked in a bathroom for almost a year. Brandy claimed that he was a problem child. After being examined when he was taken to the hospital, it was clear that his only issues stemmed from neglect from his mother. She simply was someone who shouldn't have been allowed to raise children. Luckily, the boy is doing well now, and his mother will serve time in prison. He states that he feels safer away from his mother but would still hope to see her again someday.

10 Christine Cropley Made Her Son Eat Hamster And Dog Food

Christine Copley abused her son for over a decade of his young life. It wasn’t until he was older, however, that he decided to tell authorities and get justice for what was done to him. In his case, they only had his word to go on, but that was enough to charge her with abuse. Apparently, she would starve her son for days at a time, forcing him to eat hamster and dog food. She would send him to school dirty and hungry, causing him to get bullied at school and smelling bad. She would also force him to stand naked outside as a form of punishment. Luckily, she’s serving time for her crimes now, but the emotional damage still weighs heavily on her son. Not only did he have to endure abuse from his mother, but because of his issues from that, he also had to endure bullying from kids at school.

9 Deanna Joseph Let Her 2-Year-Old Die In The Car While She Got High

There’s no denying our country is facing a crisis right now when it comes to drug addiction. Doctors being pressured to prescribe pain medication to please big pharmaceutical companies looking to make a pretty penny have left patients addicted to the feeling the pills give them. Once their prescription is taken away, they look to get a cheap alternative, usually in the form of opioids. Unfortunately, parents aren’t immune to drug addiction, as seen in the case of Deanna Joseph. Her two-year-old daughter died in the backseat of her car while she got high in the front seat. It wasn’t clear what the exact cause of death from the seat was, just that she had been strapped in too tight for an extended period of time. This wasn’t the first time Deanna had gotten in trouble for being a bad mom either. She had also left her infant son alone in the bathtub, but somehow, she still had custody of all her kids.

8 This Mother-Daughter Duo Stuffed Estela's Newborn In A Public Garbage Can

Estela Ruiz Gomez found herself in trouble after giving birth to a healthy baby boy in the bathroom of her work. Not sure what to do, she asked her mom, Lorenza Gomez Rodriguez, what to do. The two are pictured above. They decided the best option would be to put the baby in the trash can and never look back. It wasn’t until another employee was taking the garbage out that it was noticed that something was different about that particular bag. It was heavier than the rest, so he decided to drag it. This caused the bag to break open, and a newborn baby fell out. Unfortunately, the boy did die, but luckily, both women were charged with the murder. No one can blame someone for not being able to take care of a child; it isn’t easy! However, there are plenty of people who would be willing to take a baby in the world, and a trash can is the very last place it belongs.

7 Harriette Hoyt Stuffed Her Daughter In A Bag

Most people would say that teens are unfit to be parents. A lot of times, this is true, but there are certainly some young parents out there doing a great job. Unfortunately, Harriette Hoyt was not one of them. This Pennsylvania resident was arrested after her daughter was found in a plastic bag in a neighboring house. Harriette was only 17 when she was arrested, meaning, she was around 15 or 16 when she gave birth to her adorable daughter. Unfortunately, motherhood was too much for the young teen, and she decided to take drastic measures to get rid of a responsibility she wasn’t ready for. The woman who found the little girl thought it was a dog or cat at first. Luckily, when she found the child, she was still alive. She called an ambulance and gave the girl some water since she was severely dehydrated. She’s doing great now, and Harriette is sitting behind bars.

6 Hope Ybarra Made Her Daughter Sick For Attention

There are some strange people out there who do some messed up things all for the sake of getting attention. Hope Ybarra took that idea to the next level by faking her own cancer just to get attention. She started a blog about her sicknesses and struggles that got a lot of praise. When the attention from this wasn’t enough, she decided to begin poisoning her children as well! These made-up illnesses got her plenty of donations and gifts from strangers online who felt bad for her and her family. Doctors soon discovered that she was faking many of the illnesses she was stating that she and her children had, and signs of poison were detected in the children. Luckily, she’s serving time now, and the children are fine. It’s crazy how people would go to those lengths just to get some attention.

5 Kathryn Smith Stomped Her Child To Death

Raising kids is hard. Every parent has a moment that they just want to lash out in frustration. You’re tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Kathryn Smith ended up acting on those impulses when she grew tired of caring for her innocent daughter, Ayeeshia. She pushed the girl to the ground and stomped her to death in her own bedroom. The little girl was in a place she was supposed to feel safe in, toys surrounding her. Her step-dad just stood there and watched as Kathryn kicked her daughter repeatedly. Both stated that Ayeeshia simply had a seizure and that they might've accidentally killed her when they tried to give her CPR. Forensics easily prove otherwise, and both will serve time for what they did. Kids can be frustrating, but what pathetic adult feels the need to use physical violence against someone so innocent and trusting? She brought this beautiful life into the world, and unfortunately, she took it out as well.

4 Keri Harwood Sold Videos Of Herself Molesting Children

Keri Harwood is a disgusting mother different from the rest on the list. After a man offered to pay her to masturbate on Snapchat and send him the videos, she decided to take up a new and easier career to care for herself and her children. Plenty of parents do sex work in order to care for their children. However, Keri ended up including children in her videos, molesting them and sending them to the man as well. It wasn’t until a friend borrowed her password to use her Pokémon Go account that the videos were discovered. Luckily, the friend was smart enough to contact authorities, and Keri was caught. The children are recovering now, but the emotional damage they’ll carry cannot be measured. What kind of disgusting person does that to a child? Hopefully, she gets what she deserves in prison.

3 Marybeth Tinning Killed All Nine Of Her Children For Attention

Marybeth Tinning gave an interview from prison where she stated that she probably wasn’t fit to be a mom in the first place. That statement is certainly true after it was discovered that she was responsible for the death of all nine of her children. Each of them died under mysterious circumstances at a very young age, but it wasn’t until she murdered her last child that she was actually caught. It was discovered that they had been suffocated with a pillow. There are some women who can’t have children in the world, but Marybeth was able to have nine of her own. She was also able to murder every single one of them without anyone knowing at first. Luckily, she'll probably die behind bars; however, it’s not fair that all of those children had to go through that in the first place. What kind of mother does that?

2 One Mom Cut Off Her Son's Penis For Revenge Against His Father

Unfortunately, many children find themselves in the middle of their parents' ugly fights. Whether it’s the welfare of the child, who gets to keep them, or an unrelated parenting issue, oftentimes, parents drag their children into their own fights. It’s unfair and can be very damaging to children, but it happens all the time. One mom, who can’t be named because of her location, took it to the extreme when she found herself wanting to take revenge on the father of her child. She did so by snipping her own son’s penis off with a pair of household scissors. Luckily, the boy will be able to recover and will likely be able to have kids one day as well. It’s still an extremely unfortunate circumstance nonetheless and will cause the child great trauma in years to come. His mother is in trouble for her crimes, but that she still did it in the first place is horrendous.

1 This Mom Threw Her Daughter Off Of A Terrace

Swathi Sarkar is the woman tied to a pole in the photograph above. Residents did this to her as they waited for authorities to arrive. They called police after Swathi was seen throwing her daughter from the window of her apartment. After her daughter was thrown, she landed on someone else’s roof and wasn’t dead yet. Swathi climbed the building to throw her daughter again! She claimed she had the right to do so since she was her mother and couldn’t care for the girl anymore. After apartment residents saw what happened, they tied her to a pole and took turns beating her until police arrived. Good for the residents in coming together to stop her, but unfortunately, her daughter still died. Who do you think was the evilest mom on the list? What causes someone to be such a horrifying parent?

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