15 Epic Selfie Fails You Won't Believe

Do you know when the first camera was made or the first picture taken? Nicéphore Niépce made the first partly successful camera in approximately 1816 and produced the first almost clear and permanent

Do you know when the first camera was made or the first picture taken? Nicéphore Niépce made the first partly successful camera in approximately 1816 and produced the first almost clear and permanent photographic images in around 1820, one of which still exists even today.

Until the invention of Smartphones and digital cameras, taking photos without the need of producing their hard copy was unthinkable and impractical. However, since the early 19th Century, photography and the equipment involved have changed so much. Photography has advanced so much that it is hard to imagine what aspect of photography has room for improvement since it seems as if we are at its peak. However, such are the thoughts of limited minds because this and future generations will surely take photography to another level.

A selfie is a photograph that an individual takes of him or herself using a Webcam or a Smartphone, primarily to share with friends and strangers on social media. Therefore, selfies lack the professionalism that photographers apply in their craft since almost anyone with a Smartphone can take such an image.

The lack of seriousness and professionalism of selfies have led to people taking funny, dangerous, crazy, and even terrible photos, all of which end up being accepted by the masses because they do achieve their intended purpose. This is a list of some epic selfie fails that you will not believe were taken by normal human beings who went ahead to circulate them on social media. Have you ever taken a selfie that would make it on this list?

15 Background Check

Strong Mind, Brave Heart

Wow, look at this beautiful and innocent looking face. This lady looks like those ladies you would not help but say hello to because of her friendly face, and how polite and respectful her response must be. Furthermore, you would expect that this lady sings in the choir at church, responds swiftly to the needs of the poor, and is probably a preacher's daughter, judging by her friendly smile, neat hair, decent dressing, and perceived nature. However, when you look closely at this image, you will discover an object on the extreme right of the photo that might just change your perspective of this "preacher's daughter." Everything about this photo was just right, but that small (not really small) detail is enough to make us re-evaluate our assessment of who this lady truly is. This image in no way means that she is a bad person or does not fit the description here; it just shows us that she might not be as innocent as we thought.

14 When You Must Take That Selfie

Via Huffington Post UK

Everyone is aware of a popular Spanish practice or event called Encierro, which is translated into English to mean "running of the bulls". Here is where a small group of cattle is set loose in the streets of a particular town, and young men run in front on the cows as they lead them to the bullring at a designated place out of town. This activity was traditionally meant to transport Toro bravo bulls, bulls known for their exceptional energy, aggression, stamina, and strength, from their breeding grounds to the bullring, to entertain people in a Bullfight later that evening. The objective of this event was and still is to run in front of the bulls without being overtaken and not get killed since these bulls angrily charge at anyone on the streets with force. Since in order to participate in this activity you would have to be crazy, taking a selfie as you run from the bull is a different category of crazy that needs special attention.

13 This Should Never Happen 

Via This Is England

Some reasons for people taking selfies wearing nothing but their underwear include showing just how sexy they are or getting a chance at trending on any social media platform. This woman must have thought that this picture of her "good side" will go very far but she had no idea of just how far, or the reason for it going viral. Whenever you get the temptation of sending out a selfie or posting it on your profile, please spend a few seconds looking at anything that might not be right in the photo. This lady must have felt the need to do a "number 2" before taking a selfie that would show the world her curves, but it seems like the toilet flush did not get rid of all her "contents." This picture is, to say the least, the most embarrassing thing anyone can post online, and people hardly look at the woman owing to the huge distraction she left behind.

12 Terrible Friend Selfie Fail

Via Viralitytoday

Do you know the different categories of friends that exist out there? Just to mention a few, there are friends in our lives who are there for us for a season, others are there for a reason, and others are there for a lifetime. These different categories of friends in no way begin to cover the guy here taking this selfie. Of course, this guy wants to show off his new t-shirt, but sadly nothing about him attracts our attention. Even before we address how much of a fail this photo is, the first question we should be asking is, "Why on earth are these two dudes using the bathroom at the same time?" This picture is so bad because one of them is naked and busy doing a "number 2" and his friend sees this as the opportune time to take a selfie. No guy should share a room with another guy taking a dump except if the two are locked in a prison cage where there is no hope of either of them getting out at least for a few months or so.

11 What Is This? 

Via Lolbook

Are there words to describe what is happening here?

Have you ever felt as if there was an over-emphasis on taking weird selfies thanks to the selfie stick, to the point that you think there is no way anyone can surprise you only to be proven wrong? That is exactly what I feel when I look at this photo. Most of the time people take selfies in which we will be able to recognize them in the photo, that is the point, right? However, judging by how unique this new way of taking a selfie is, and probably what we think the image will look like, it is hard to tell why these ladies are doing this. To make it worse, these ladies do not look like teenagers because we expect teenagers to invent and use such "selfie taking" methods, they look like they have children at least in their teenage or slightly older. At least we hope that they are having fun, but that does not disqualify this from being a selfie fail.

10 Mr. President's Fish Gape?

Via The Sun

These days, trends sweep across the globe in an instant, thanks to social media and the celebrities who push them. As opposed to just smiling when taking a selfie, a common trend that was there a while back was the "duck face", where people would try making their lips look like a duck's beak by pressing their lips together and sucking in their cheeks. The duck face was apparently meant to make the subject appear alluring, although in some circles it was associated with stupidity, friendliness, or even sympathy. After the duck face, the world quickly moved to another look called the "fish gape", probably what Mr. President elect Donald Trump and this guy right here were attempting to pull off. We understand the fish gape to have originated from fish and other underwater creatures attempting to gape for air. To pull off this look you have to relax, show a bit of teeth, and look straight at the camera, do you think these two have pulled it off or is this selfie a fail that rightfully belongs here?

9 Celebrity Photoshop Selfie

Via One time everydays

When you look at these two ladies, it is hard to imagine why they would need to use Photoshop to "improve" their appearance when they are already fine just the way they are. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and other celebrities who use Photoshop to make themselves look "perfect", ladies all over the world are obsessing with having the "perfect body", not knowing that they are already perfect. The beauty in how we were all created is in the way each one is different from the next, and the eye of the beholder truly testifies that beauty does not lie in the size of any body part. These ladies and so many out there forget that their enhancements affected other parts of the image, exposing their intentions of wanting to appear to be what they are not. This, together with numerous other photos out there, is a sure fail and it sends the wrong message; that someone has to use any means possible to look in a certain way.

8 Hospital Selfie Fail

Via One time everydays

If we can live our lives without having to go to the hospital for treatment or to visit a sick friend or relative, probably our lives would be much happier. When even one of our friends or family members is sick and is in the hospital, it is as if we are also sick because we have to keep going for visits and we are never really at peace. The situation is worse when our loved one is suffering from a terminal condition or when there is no money to pay the huge treatment bill. Therefore, the hospital is hardly the place for celebration unless it is during times when a patient is recovering fast. This is the reason we have this selfie on this list because the old man looks as if he has nothing to smile about, making this young woman look as if she chose the wrong place, time, and reason to take this selfie.

7 Terrible Place For A Selfie

Via Totallychaos

If you and your family found your way to the game show Family Feud, and Steve Harvey asked you, "Who should you never take a selfie with?" what would you answer be? Chances are that the correct answer with the most points would be, "a dead person in an open casket" exactly as it appears in this photo. Probably it is this generation that has a problem or just this guy, because since as far back as history has revealed to us, people have always shown respect to the dead. Chances that this photo is staged are very high, but even that is no excuse for taking or uploading such a selfie online. Apart from actors or wannabe actors staging such a scene, the only other people who would be excused for taking such a photo are crazy people with questionable morals. One cannot help but ask him or herself who the old lady is and why this mean guy is doing what he is doing to her and her family.

6 Four Girls And A Stranger

Via 4allfails

Men always wonder what women do when they go to the bathroom because they always like to go in groups and they usually spend so much time there. Thanks to this photo, the myths that usually go round that women spend time powdering their noses and reapplying their makeup afresh have been dispelled, and the truth is out in the open. It is evident that these ladies are taking this selfie with their backs to the mirror for us to see just how blessed their back sides are, and we can all agree that they are. However, these ladies thought that they were just the four of them in this photo, and they probably realized that there was another woman in the photo after sending this photo out to all their other girlfriends. The fifth woman is clearly not amused because she probably came to use the bathroom for what it was traditionally used for.

5 Poor Abused Cat

Via Funny Hole

It is very hard to come up with a compilation list of any kind of fails and not include a cat anywhere. We love cats because these animals are often very cute and cuddly, they know how to love their masters, and they have a way of making us laugh that no other pets can. When we look at this photo, we cannot help but feel sorry for the cat, and if it were possible, we would apologize on the owner's behalf because of the shame that he is bringing to it. It is evident that this cat is not comfortable with the selfie, and its complaints seem to be falling on deaf ears. One of the reasons this cat is complaining is that no one, and probably even animals, feels comfortable having someone all over their private business without their consent. However, before we propose that this cat owner goes for a short online course in cat biology, we can assume that he is covering up his pet's private business in order that this photo might remain decent.

4 Perfectly Timed Selfie

Via Keep My Mobile Number

Some of the most epic selfies are those that are impossible to replicate, and this right here belongs at the top of the list. A very small percentage of people will ever get the opportunity to catch a baseball when a player hits a homerun, making it a very big deal if you ever catch one. This beautiful woman is innocently taking a selfie to prove to everyone that she actually made it to the baseball game and was there to witness her home team beat the visitors. Probably, the last thing that this woman expected was to capture the ball that her favorite player hit a home run with, in her selfie, let alone get struck by it at the back of her head. We can only hope that this woman did not sustain serious injuries from this hit and that she continued to be an even bigger fan of the sport.

3 The Perfect Camel Selfie

Via Huffington Post

One amazing thing about a selfie is that it has a way of saying, "I was here" or "I was with this celebrity," that no one can deny. However, when it comes to animals, you need to be very patient before you get the right picture because animals do not understand what you are trying to do. Some people have managed to capture amazing selfies with the cutest or even the most dangerous animals on the planet, pictures that look amazing. This woman, on the other hand, took this selfie at the right time, right when the camel was almost biting off her head. This picture belongs somewhere in a selfie fails hall of fame, since it is hilarious, perfectly timed, and her reaction is priceless. The next time this woman takes a selfie with any other animal, she will likely make sure that the animal is behind an impenetrable cage, something all you selfie lovers need to consider also.

2 Selfie By Train

Via Youtube

When we hear of accidents where trains are involved, most of the time we fear the worst. Unlike cars, trains cannot brake instantly to avoid a collision and they carry so many people, meaning that numerous lives are at stake every time something goes wrong. Some of the most common train accidents involve trains hitting trucks at railway crossings, trains derailing owing to obstacles on the tracks, and even trains colliding into one another in extremely poor weather conditions. Instances of trains hitting people walking along the railway tracks are common all over the world, a very sad situation that ought not to happen in the first place. Most people ignore the fact that it is illegal to walk along train tracks, and they end up losing their lives on the tracks. This guy attempting to take a selfie with a speeding train is putting his life in danger, and his lack of wisdom is beyond description. We can only hope that the boot on his face knocked some sense into him.

1 Dangerous Tornado Selfie

Via Keep My Mobile Number

You must have heard and probably even witnessed (on TV) some people making it their business to chase extreme weather conditions such as storms and tornados. Those people who do this professionally have the right gear for this job, but even then, it is still a very dangerous line of work to be in. Believe it or not but this image is real, and this crazy guy actually drove his car towards this Tornado, got out of his car and took this selfie without any protective or safety gear. I would never encourage anyone to try this crazy stunt regardless of what is at stake because anything can go wrong and chances of someone losing his or her life are so high. Since this tornado has the ability to demolish a house and even lift a vehicle from the ground, imagine what it can do to a human being. However, since this guy managed to get out of the tornado's path at just the right moment, this makes this selfie the most daring of all not just on this list but anywhere.

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15 Epic Selfie Fails You Won't Believe