15 Embarrassing Things Rihanna Wants Her Fans To Forget

Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Saint Michael but was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados. She rose to fame in 2005 with a quick follow-up album that was also quite popular in 2006. At this point,

Rihanna was born Robyn Rihanna Fenty in Saint Michael but was raised in Bridgetown, Barbados. She rose to fame in 2005 with a quick follow-up album that was also quite popular in 2006. At this point, she was famous but once she took over her own creative and began making music that she wanted to make she blew up. Rihanna sets the bar for pop stars alongside heavy hitters like Beyonce and Madonna while also killing it with her personal style. With such immense professional success, it is no wonder that Rihanna has had some embarrassing mishaps in the public eye.

Although most people would probably want to hide these embarrassing facts about themselves something tells us that RiRi just doesn’t give a f*ck. Her demeanor and personality suggest that she’s very much fine with the world seeing her just how she is, whether she is hammered drunk or not. Rihanna has had weird stuff said about her in the media and has also started strange feuds on social media, whatever trouble she’s getting into the paparazzi are right there to let the world in on it. The star is staying relevant whether she wants to or not, but we’re quite sure that she wants to.

15 Chris Brown Called Her a S***


In 2013 Chris Brown had a couple of lines on DJ Khaled’s track “I’m Still” that completely ripped Rihanna apart. Aside from the general subject of slut shaming Brown also reports that everyone in the hip-hop has slept with her. This was about six months after the pair broke up and Rihanna was still not completely over the rowdy rapper, dancer, and singer. This isn’t the first time that Chris Brown spoke out calling Rihanna a sl*t. At the time she had reported relations with Drake, Wale, and Meek Mill. In fact, Rihanna and Brown actually broke up because of her rumored affair with A$AP Rocky during her Diamonds tour. It doesn’t really matter, though, because Rihanna was simply being a human being and Chris Brown has no right to shame her in such a way. This is especially true since it is another tactic of abuse albeit different from when he just directly beat her up.

14 Leaked Topless Photos


Rihanna was only 21-years-old when someone leaked nude photos of her to the press. She later went on a radio show with popular icon Ryan Seacrest and told the world that the incident was embarrassing and humiliating. The photos were taken and sent to her then-boyfriend and Rihanna was upset that they were shared with the world. She still admitted that she’d keep taking photos for boyfriends despite the leak, as she’s not phased by the lack of privacy. After this incident, Rihanna came out with increasingly more sexual songs, videos, and fashion choices. It begs the question that perhaps society helped dictate her career by sexualizing her after these photos were leaked to the press. The leaking of these topless photos was one way that Rihanna learned that with being a celebrity, she must accept that people are dying to learn about every minuscule aspect of her life. Since these moments Rihanna has learned to appreciate the press, although she still has embarrassing moments every now and again.

13 The 777 Flight


The 777 tour seemed like the perfect idea to promote Rihanna’s new album "Unapologetic" but the whole thing turned out to be exceptionally embarrassing. As a premise 150 members of the media were to go on tour with RiRi for 7 days where they would go to 7 countries for 7 shows, and, get this, they would go everywhere on a Boeing 777. On the first day, the journalists were excited as a visibly impaired Rihanna poured them all champagne that prompted cheers and partying.

Little did the members of the media know that was all they would see of the famous pop star. They actually spent almost the entire time trapped on a plane, a bus, or in a hotel room for a ‘day stay’ which is a glorified way to say that they spent the day napping. Rihanna was out of her head either on tequila or the hard stuff and apparently barely sang any of her songs on stage.

12 Embarrassing Tidal Album Sales


In its first week on Jay Z’s subscription-only streaming service Rihanna’s 2016 album ANTI sold an exceptionally weak 460 copies. Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo also flopped when released on Tidal causing many to ask whether or not this platform is relevant enough to continue the legacies that these stars have built.

Subscriptions over at Tidal have almost completely flat lined and the company has gone through multiple CEOs, a sign that the ship is sinking. ANTI was originally supposed to be released for 20 minutes exclusively through Tidal for a short period of time, but it's clear it went live without enough notice!

After this botched ‘exclusive window’ period Tidal released the album and gave a free code to subscribers, even with these services the album sales were still meager leading us to wonder how long Tidal has left. Her usually record-setting album sales lead us to believe that Tidal isn’t going to make it much longer.

11 Drake Declares His Love at 2016 MTV VMAs


It is a well-known fact in the general public that Drake loves R&B singer Rihanna, he’s made this fact quite clear on multiple occasions. The 2016 VMAs asked Drake to present RiRi with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for their August 28 awards show. He not only used her birth name, Robyn Fenty, but he admits to having been in love with her for years, since the day he met her. He praised the singer in the most heartfelt speech for being original and talented, he goes on for awhile before introducing her to come out on stage.

When she came out on stage she gave Drake a huge hug and what might be construed as a small kiss. As is custom Rihanna took the microphone and gave a beautiful speech in which she didn’t mention Drake one time. His absolute thirst for her is unquenchable, and we are pretty sure that she’s a little embarrassed but also kind of likes the attention.

10 Apparent Wardrobe Malfunction


While out on the town in June 2016 Rihanna seemed to have a pretty unheard of wardrobe malfunction. Paparazzi captured what appears as a huge hole in the crotch of Rihanna's jeans, but she is actually showing us her new Manolo Blahnik line. The denim knee high boots actually take from cowboy culture, though we definitely are not the biggest fan. This is the newest trend from the pop star who is often on the precipice of the latest fashion trends.

The line of shoes, called RIHANNAxMANOLO and features lots of denim, rhinestones, and boots (both ankle and knee-high). Both Manolo and Rihanna were excited to work together and Rihanna has been wearing the line exclusively as she promoted her new album in the 2016 ANTI tour. The pair will actually team up again for a Winter boot line after success with the 9 to 5 line from the unlikely duo.

9 Online Feud with Karrueche Tran


It was March 2016 when Rihanna picked an online fight with Chris Brown’s then-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Before the online feud in 2012 RiRi and Brown had been rumored as secretly dating, there were even rumors that the pair were planning a secret wedding. This might be why Rihanna picked a fight with Tran in March 2012 for seemingly no reason. The first lash out was the text “Ima make u my bitch” with a possibly racist photo that was perceived as a thinly veiled hack on Tran. Tran wrote back on her Facebook page saying “I’m Angeline [sic], you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at. Let me clear the air, if you have fenty at the end of ya name or your default Is Rihanna you have a better chance of winning the lottery than ending up on my friends list.” There were a few more comments but neither have ever admitted or denied that there was beef.

8 Calling Chris Brown a ‘Beast’


Anyone who knows about the history between Chris Brown and Rihanna knows that they don’t have a normal, fairy tale romance. Instead, theirs is a story of abuse, both physical and mental. For years after their final break up Brown would bash Rihanna in the press and she would remain silent, but now she’s starting to speak out about dating the R&B singer and dancer. It was an interview with Time magazine promoting her movie Home when the reporter asked her about movies that she had fallen in love with as a child. RiRi used the question as an opportunity to finally take a dig at her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Rihanna said that her favorite dream was Beauty &The Beast and she told the reporter that her dating record was actually pretty ‘Beast’ oriented. Instead of expressing outrage to the media about Brown she takes on the questions with a sense of humor, an admirable trait.

7 Empty Stadium in Wembley


The day after her crying performance in June 2016 during her ANTI Tour that you'll see below, Rihanna played a gig at Wembley. Tons of photos of the arena were shared via social media and showed an almost completely empty set of seats. The gig was advertised as sold out which is why so many fans questioned the star on her claims, wondering why she would lie. The same thing happened with Beyonce for both shows that she played in July and many believe that ticket scalpers are to blame.

Some of these seats weren’t sold because they would hinder the ability to see the act, but that doesn’t explain the half empty arena. Apparently, scalpers will buy up huge blocks of tickets and then sell them at astronomically inflated prices, causing real fans to miss out altogether. Scalpers aren’t outside anymore either, they are online using various third party websites to maintain their racket.

6 The Andrew Lloyd Webber Incident


In a December 2016 interview, Andrew Lloyd Webber made some derogatory and kind of gross statements about Rihanna before she hit it big. He claims that he was vacationing in Barbados about 12 years ago. As the Phantom of the Opera and Cats composer tells it, she was singing in a karaoke style band at a hotel that he was staying at called Sandy Lane in Barbados. He and his musical partner even spoke about whether or not they would want to “bring her back” to the United States. He not so eloquently reported to Piers Morgan that they did not decide to pursue the matter any further. She was actually discovered in 2003 while performing with an all-girl band in a female music showcase. Music producer Evan Rogers encouraged her to record a solo demo, a demo which eventually landed in the hands of Def Jam records straight to the hands of Jay Z.

5 Drake’s On-Stage Boner


While promoting her album ANTI during the Summer of 2016 Rihanna went on tour. She made a stop in Toronto and of course our favorite Canadian rapper Drake stopped by to perform a song with her. The singer and rapper took the stage to perform Work with the pop star and as fans put it, the performance quickly became X-rated. Rihanna twerked up on Drake hard and the pair basically humped on stage in front of all of their fans.

While twerking Rihanna might have noticed that Drake got a little "excited". The photo series of the incident shows Drake with pretty extreme facial expressions that show him trying to hold… something back, which isn't a good look for ANYONE. This occurrence was right in the middle of an on moment of their on-again-off-again romance. Though the pair have never publicly dated they have been rumored to be together multiple times.

4 Her Drunk Friend at the BET Awards


A fan in attendance at the BET Awards afterparty caught Rihanna in a candid video telling her drunk friend exactly how it is. In July 2015 RiRi brought her friend Leandra along for the fun during the after party, but Rihanna thought her friend might have partaken in a bit too much. In the video, Rihanna is shown shuffling through the barrage of paparazzi with Leandra when she tells her that her “drunk a** is being stupid” and goes on to push the young woman and tell her to “handle it”.

With all the tales of Rihanna getting hammered, partaking in recreational drugs, and renting out entire floors of hotels so that she can smoke; we’re surprised that she’s so harsh on her drunk friends. But it seems that if we want to be a part of RiRi’s crew we have to know how to handle their sh*t.

3 Drunken Facebook Interview

For 30 minutes in 2012 Rihanna did an interview with Facebook where she said some not so flattering things, but frankly, they weren’t the most controversial things she’s ever said. At one point she claims that by the time she is a 50-year-old woman she wants to be skinny with perky tits. She also said that Beyonce is a stab at her self-esteem but she’s good at being Rihanna, a valid point from drunken RiRi. It was in this same interview that she says Chris Brown is “alright” and denies that they have gotten back together. She actually states in the interview that she is “too drunk for this”, but handles her composure than most people that had been drinking before a major media outlet asks them probing questions. The interview was embarrassing but it’s just another thing that is helping her go down in history as the most DGAF celebrity to date.

2 Crying On Stage in Dublin


Rihanna spent the Summer months of 2016 touring to promote her new album ANTI, in June she was performing in Dublin, Ireland. During a performance of her hit classic "Love the Way You Lie" with Eminem the singer broke down crying, which was clearly visible on the jumbo screen. This all happened during the first show of the Ireland, UK leg of her ANTI Tour, leading some to think that she was just overwhelmed with the show. Tons of fans posted videos asking the star if she was OK and claiming that something must have happened before the show, but she never directly addressed any rumors. Instead, she took to Instagram to tell her fans, “What a night!!!! Such an emotional show for me! I feel so lucky to have a team like the #Navy man! I'm blessed!! No matter what I'm on you always snatch me out of it! I'm so grateful to have y'all! ⚓⚓⚓ #DUBLIN#ANTIWORLDTOUR”. She was also reported to have told concert goers that only in Ireland do people scream so loudly that she can understand them as one voice.

1 The Chris Brown Assault


Chris Brown and Rihanna were the poster children of young love for Hollywood before the Spring 2009 assault that forever changed the outcome of both their lives. After Brown received a text message from an ex-girlfriend the pair fought immensely before leaving an awards show in Brown’s rented Lamborghini. They stopped in a nearby neighborhood and began to argue, eventually, things got physical. Brown punched and bit Rihanna before choking her to the point that she bruised. Although Rihanna later reported that she kicked him back she stated this was not a fight, it was very one sided. The scariest part is that she reported that Brown was not all there, he was dead behind his eyes with rage. In a 20/20 interview about the situation, Rihanna tells stories of abuse in her family, watching her father beat her mother. Although the story made national headlines out of a young woman’s trauma it also helped other young women feel powerful enough to stand up for themselves against abuse, which is at least a small win.


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15 Embarrassing Things Rihanna Wants Her Fans To Forget